Patch Notes 2020

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:57 am

PATCH NOTES 20th July 2020

Ninja Team
Powerburst cooldowns now have a unique Debuff Bar icon.
Players can no longer drink Adrenaline Renewal potions when already at 100% Adrenaline.
Wearing the Globetrotter Shorts while completing a Master clue with a costume-skipping ticket will no longer use up extra tickets.

Provoke should now work consistently with 10 players or more.
Removing items or effects which increase your Lifepoints whilst under the effects of a Vitality Powerburst potion will no longer set your Lifepoints to 0.
Lifepoints are now capped at 32,000.
The Transmute Onyx ability has been added to the Divination skill guide.
Empty light orb has added to the Crafting skillguide.
Hard leather gloves now appear in the Crafting skillguide.
You will no longer be able to drink Stamina potions while the saltwater effect is active.
Ice Dye has been added to the items obtained from Elite Clue Scrolls option on Quickchat.
The examine text for the Demonic Skull now includes a reference to Agility.

Hotfixed: Umbral Chests will now contain the expected number of protean items.
Players are no longer able to obtain multiple Zombie Champion scrolls from the Shadow Reef Elite Dungeon when they’ve completed the appropriate Champion Challenge.
The Storm Shards debuff icon will now appear on the enemy player's Target Bar during PVP.
Setting Eugene the Brain as a pet or familiar override no longer causes him to stretch when using a special attack.
The Pets tab in the Oddments Store is now accessible on mobile devices.
Runemetrics no longer displays the ‘Underground Pass’ quest as completed when it was neither started nor in-progress.
The Clan System will now not broadcast a list of banned players on log-in.
Mining a specific coal rock south of the Legends’ Guild no longer pushes the player character under certain circumstances.
The interface now shows the option to return to Port Sarim from any uncharted isle.
Using an emote during Nex: Angel of Death’s icicle attack no longer negates typeless damage.
Getting into the Penguin Suit will no longer make your character invisible until you move.
Equipping the Masquerade Mask will no longer remove the top parts of hairstyles.
After collecting the needed ore, you’ll be directed to Doric instead of the Dwarven Mine as the next step in a particular quest.
NPCs in the Champions’ Guild now won’t appear to talk in chat when they were not in the building.
Tarddiad is now considered a Slayer area for the purpose of co-op Slayer effects.
Profound equipment can now be banked from the Equipped menu without issues.
All shields are now correctly filtered when navigating specific off-hand filters on the Customisations screen.
Fixed Winelda’s patchy skin.
The guards in Movario’s Base during ‘While Guthix Sleeps’ no longer share Turael’s model.
Weaving ancestral energy while having memory shards will no longer open the Memory Shard Interface.
Fixed a minor clipping issue in a wall in Catherby.
The ‘It's Curtains For You’ achievement no longer triggers when making beds in the Player Owned House.
Corrected a typo in the Easy Tirannwn achievement set listing.
You can no longer cut down the oak tree from the wrong side of the fence in the Lumbridge cow field.
King Narnode’s second set of orders are now typo-free.
Fixed a small gap in the mid-section of the character when wearing the Golden Mining Top.
Graphical issues with the Tyrannoleather Body have been fixed.
Fixed an issue where particular tiles north of Lumbridge would force players to walk.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:36 am

PATCH NOTES 27th July 2020

Entrana's customs agents have wised up and will now reiterate the rules about auras while entering Entrana via balloon.
Penguins can now be caught using protean traps.
The tooltip for Tier 1 Boots of Trials will now display the set effects.
There is now an achievement for getting halfway to 120 Slayer.
Burying Zogre bones will now count towards your daily Prayer task.
You can no longer use Escape or Surge while transformed into a goblin.
The Emote icon in the Community dropdown will now display as greyed-out when the Emotes interface is open.
The Inventory icon for Splitbark Boots is now centred.
The Protect Item prayer will now appear on the Buff Bar when activated via Quick Prayer.
The information clerk at the Varrock Museum now displays the remaining Kudos you have yet to receive, rather than hiding it away in the Chat Log.
Casting any type of Vengeance spell will now add a cooldown timer to the Debuff Bar. Previously only the original Vengeance spell would do this.

The description for the off hand daggers in Urbi's store has been updated.
Using the Magic Carpet to travel will no longer interrupt scan or compass clues.
The description of the Globetrotter Armbands in Zaida's shop has been updated for their new functionality.
Members' items in reward shops across Gielinor will now correctly display as 'owned' on free-to-play worlds – provided that they've been unlocked, of course.
Fixed some dialogue in one of the Penguin quests.
Corrected some capitalisation errors in the text surrounding fishbowls.
Acadia logs will no longer transform into magic logs when burning.
The outline of the enemy's Health panel will no longer persist if it's moved upon enemy death.
The Ninja button has been deleted from the community 'Vote Now' interface.
Fixed a typo in Evil Dave's Spellbook.
Rat Burgiss' task reward dialogue about Scepter charges has been corrected.
Fixed a typo at the end of the 'Shades of Mort'ton' quest.
Updated some dialogue in 'Fate of the Gods' to match the voiceover.
The Observatory Professor will no longer welcome you back on your first visit.
Fixed an issue where 'Perils of Ice Mountain' was incorrectly shown as complete in the Quest List.
A typo in the warning message that appears when selecting 'Reset Tab Order' in the Bank has been fixed.
Fixed a typo in the Book of H.A.M. seen in 'Zogre Flesh Eaters'.
A typo in a warning message during the 'Salt in the Wound' quest has been corrected.
Fixed a typo in the 'Party Pete vs His Neighbor' court case report text.
Fixed a typo in the examine text of the Pyro-matic.
Fixed typos in Lubufu's dialogue during 'Tai Bwo Wannai Trio'.
Our archaeologists have painstakingly corrected a typo in the Battered Letter found during 'Temple of Senntisten'.
Fixed a typo in the Defence skill guide.
Magic notepaper now works on grapes.
The player model will no longer stretch while clicking the Goebie Mask in the Shipyard interface in Player Owned Ports.
The codes in the Fairy Dossier during 'Fairy Tale III' are now displayed correctly.
Fixed an issue that made the Dress to Impress achievement trigger incorrectly.
Explorer Jack will no longer dispense unlimited magic staves.
Items in the Flash Factory Reward Shop are now priced correctly.
Niles will now tell you the correct location of the Bank Note button in the Bank interface.
The Ladder leading to the Heist mini-game is now capitalised.
The Progress Bar now displays correctly when transmuting charms.
Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being able to note unenchanted jewellery with Magic Notepaper.
The Giant Oyster will no longer claim that it can be opened “tomorrow” two days in a row.
The text on the Barbarian Teleport spell is no longer cut off.
Tooltips for potions that restore health now display the correct stats in Legacy Combat Mode.
Fixed an issue where the Quest Point Cape would not respond correctly to the options checked in the Retro Skillcapes menu.
Defeating any of the bosses in 'The World Wakes' with Lootshare active will now correctly advance you to the appropriate quest state.
Fixed an issue where the Large Shell could stall a player in PvP zones.

Last Week's Hotfixes
Here's a selection of hotfixes that made it into the game over the last week!

The Dungeoneering Hole can now be accessed during Happy Hour even with a full temperature gauge.
Sandy Caskets can now be opened whilst the temperature gauge is at capacity.
The chance of receiving a task skip token from training on The Beach has been reduced.
Sun Cream and Cocktail buffs gained from the Beach should now boost your skills appropriately.
Farming and Dungeoneering experience gained on the Beach will no longer scale down when you're levelling past 99.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:59 pm

3rd August 2020

Desperate Measures
Thok and Hannibus will no longer appear multiple times during a sequence in Desperate Measures.
Charos no longer incorrectly starts dialogue that should only have taken place in the Anachronia base camp.
Selecting a preset in Bank no longer disables the Scarabas Communion Boost granted by the Desert Pantheon Aura.
Dinosaurs have stopped shaking while walking, thankfully.

Elite Dungeons
The Black Hands of Xau-Tak's defence has been slightly reduced during the encounter with the Black Stone Dragon in the Dragon Laboratory Elite Dungeon.
The height of the overhead enemy NPC target panel has been adjusted for the black hands of Xau-Tak, as well as several minibosses, in the Dragonkin Laboratory.
Fire from the Blackstone Dragon fight in Elite Dungeon 3 no longer damages you once the encounter has concluded.
Adding Elite Dungeon lore pages to a partially complete lore book no longer creates a new lore book in your backpack if you already have one in the Bank.
Edward, the wilderness cape seller outside of Dragonkin Laboratory, now allows you to Bank while in combat.
Mopped up some blood in Astellarn's arena that could cause issues with targeted abilities such as Bladed Dive, and changed the blood in the Black Stone Dragon's arena into inactive scenery.
Players can no longer attack the boss from outside of boss arena. Instead, players will now teleport inside the boss arena after the boss boss is activated.
Starting a boss fight will also teleport all players within the boss area to its centre.
Combat dummies can now no longer be placed inside Astellarn's arena in the Dragonkin Laboratory.
Scrimshaw of Corruption no longer loses all its charge if it's activated or removed from the pocket slot with exactly 19 minutes of charge remaining.
Olivia the Chronicler now uses female combat sounds.

A warning message will now show in the Grand Exchange when attempting to sell items that exceed the total amount within the player's inventory.
Mobile players will now get a warning message when attempting to trade items that are untradeable.
Made the world select interface full screen and removed a white-bar blocking the settings button on iOS.
Modernized the presentation and position of the Shades Of Mort'ton minigame interface.
Buffs/debuffs will no longer overlap the directional arrows during the Arraxor boss fight.
Fixed an issue causing a popup to block progression during the augmentation section of the Invention tutorial.
The 'DXP is active' popup and 'DXP daily reward' popups have been temporarily disabled on login, preventing a static black screen.

Farming & Herblore
Updated potion tooltips that reference adrenaline/special attack gain to specify percentage rather than a value, and to match the other adrenaline potions.
It's no longer possible to use a 'bomb' on a banker NPC - instead the player is now asked how many bombs they would like to deposit.
Extreme potion timer can no longer be extended by logging out and back in again.
Ripper dinosaur and corbicula malum colours now appear the same on all graphics settings.
Now when creating "primal extract" via the portable skilling well you receive an extra 10% experience boost.

Disabled the player silhouette that occurs when emoting while obscured.
The 'Upgrade' button no longer overlaps with the 'Report' button while inspecting another player in Legacy UI mode.
Updated a fire on Mazcab that was using an older model.
Clan vexillums are no longer placeable on or next to Archaeology deposit carts.
Wearing Necronium, Bane or Elder Rune equipment as they degrade to a broken state will no longer try to force-remove the items if the backpack and Bank are both full.
It is no longer possible to spawn a duplicate Barrows Brother by clicking on their sarcophagus as they die.
Fixed an issue with virtual levels not providing fanfare (fireworks, popup, jingle etc) when gaining XP.
Zaros Godsword's special attack description now correctly says the 'Blackhole' ability lasts for 20 seconds and not 30.
Fixed a missing tile in the Red Axe base.
Players can no longer surge/escape while wearing bedsheets.
The clickbox on the Varrock Fountain has been reduced to allow players to cross through the fountain without the need to use the right click.
Items manufactured at the workbench will no longer drop to the ground after unequipping a piece of gear to free up the last backpack slot.
Animation is now fixed when climbing the ladder in Benedict's house in Varrock.
The correct icon will now display when selecting an invention machine to build.
The barrels at Manor Farm now all have the correct collision.
When retuning a max guild portal with Grace of the Elves equipped, the teleport will now take the player to the correct location.
The Library of Nex achievement now displays upon completion.
Removed some blocking from the Wizards tower bridge.
Keybinds on the Action Bar should now not be incorrectly used when players destroy an item or set the keybind.
Players can now shear sheep for wool with one empty backpack slot when the 'Have Ewe (Many Wool)' perk is active.
Transmuting items with ancestral energy now gives the proper amount of output.
The Upgrade button no longer obscures the 'Examine Player' window for free-to-play players in legacy interface mode.
Modeled light beams have been removed from the Fremennik Slayer dungeon, as they were casting shadows.
Players can no longer enter the King Black Dragon boss encounter while having the teleport block debuff active.
Fixed the issue causing hotkeys to trigger while typing in chat with the Treasure Hunter interface open.
It is no longer possible to walk through agility obstacles inside a Big Game Hunter encounter.
Corrected an issue requiring you to equip spiked gauntlets for the Turael's Path achievement.
An ancient familiar's special move cast now grants the correct amount of Summoning XP.
Removed the force walk tiles north of Manor Farm that were preventing navigation.
Players will now consistently receive level up popups when gaining a virtual level.
Resolved an issue in which a player could become stuck when clicking out of dialogue whilst interacting with a pylon during the Desperate Measures quest.
Fixed an issue to prevent Fishing Bait from Ashdale being dropped on the floor which allowed players to repeatedly claim free bait.

Typographical Fixes
No typos were ficksd this week

Here's some hotfixes that made it to the game last week.

A certain agility vine on Anachronia can once again be traversed.
All Chat now displays correctly.
Transmuting ancestral energy now gives the expected 10x resources instead of 1x.
Charos now directs players to the Anachronia base camp at a certain point during Desperate Measures, as Charos shouldn't be visible outside of the base camp at that stage of the quest.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:24 am

PATCH NOTES 10th August 2020

Filter icons in the Powers interface will now remain in the same place across all three tabs.
The chatbox will now correctly open when the first message is received.
Players can now place objects into the Aquarium Planning interface on mobile.

Farming & Herblore
Players are now unable to search for dinosaur eggs in the Grand Exchange.
Ripper dinosaur eggs can now be used and converted into dinosaurs.

Yak Track
Ores that were teleported by the 'Imp Souled' Invention perk will now count properly towards the completion of the Mining task in Yak to the Shadows.
4-dose potions created with help of the Botanist's Amulet will now count towards the Herblore task in Yak to the Shadows.
'Yak to the Shadows' event tasks will now display correctly.

Silverhawk feathers can now be used directly on Silverhawk Boots to charge them.
Animation has been added when feathering dart tips.
The door in the Cooking Guild can now be left open when you're standing next to the range.
Congealed blood now drops at the same time as other drops when killing gargoyles.
Kal'Gerion demons slain inside the Shadow Reef now count towards 'Demon' cluster assignments.
The scan interface, opened from the Old Necklace, will now close upon banking the item.
Feral vampyres are now a bit less feral and will no longer attack the player as soon as they arrive after using the Fairy Ring network.
Fixed a formatting issue with the Desperate Measures Quest Journal.
Yor'Ger the Deceiver will now drop infernal ashes instead of bones.
Certain interfaces (including the Smithing interface and Treasure Hunter) now scale properly while resizing the window with Legacy Interface Mode enabled.
Added a missing texture to a roof tile on the Master Chef's house on Tutorial Island.
Fixed an issue where the Demon Slayer quest would appear in blue in the Quest List even after being completed.
Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta's storage will now display the correct number of deposited Enhanced Yaktwee Sticks.
Fixed an issue that caused graphical stretching when combining the Firestorm Blade off-hand override and the Revenant Walk override.
The Heated Tea Flask Heated will no longer remain visible while Smithing.
Kaiga's Journal Pages will no longer act as the Journal itself if picked up by a pet.
Constructing flatpacks with protean planks will now correctly consider how much Inventory space is left.
Fixed graphical stretching on the Eastern Captain Coat.
The Greenman's Ale temporary boost has been changed from +3 to +2/+1.
The Price Box on the Grand Exchange interface will no longer display text from the Search Bar.
Using the Juju Hunter Flask on red vine blossom will no longer require players to relog before spawning draconic jadinkos.
The Vindictive Helmet is now correctly saved in customisation presets.
The 'Fletch and burn' option for protean logs now has updated XP gains in free-to-play worlds.
The Fishing spot in Hemenster where you can catch the whitefish in the 'Land of the Goblins' quest is no longer blocked.
Invention XP lamps can no longer be consumed before the Invention tutorial is complete. They will be converted into prismatic lamps instead.
The ribbon will no longer fail to update and cause a client crash.
It is no longer possible to spawn extra skogres when burying zogre bones in an area with multiple zogres.
You will now receive a message if you fail to manufacture a Dungeoneering outfit piece.
The game will no longer crash when you override your familiars with the Bisdi pet.
Additionally, this option will now remain checked after activating it and relaunching the Pets interface.
The Darklight sword will now correctly play an animation while executing a special attack.
The Strykebow special attack will now deal the full 12.5% of damage stored, instead of ~9%.
An issue that allowed a large amount of RuneScore to be temporarily gained with the Angel of Death lore books has been resolved.

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