Patch Notes 2020

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Oobz » Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:59 pm

Thanks Cally :)
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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 20, 2020 9:50 am

PATCH NOTES 20th April 2020

With our first player already over the 120 finish line, Archaeology gets even more love this week.
The hint-trail for the Archaeology research tutorial appears more consistently.
Players can enter the Kharid-et praetorium without a Ring of Visibility.
The Imp Souled perk sends appropriate resources to the Metal Bank and the Material Storage.
Both the Pontifex Signet Ring and the Legatus Pendant can be added to the Toolbelt.
The Resourceful aura now works with Archaeology.
The Fortune Ancient Invention perk has an increased chance to activate on level 20 augmented items.
The 'Everlight' music track can be unlocked by entering the base of the lighthouse.
Acquiring Inquisitor Staff pieces, Spear of Annihilation tips and dragon mattocks generates Friends and Clan broadcast messages.
Finding a dragon mattock is an entry in your Adventurer's Log.
The contents of your Material Storage are viewable from the Archaeology Journal via the 'Information' option.
Tetracompass pieces now use the artefact 'Inspect' option displaying the requirements to make a complete tetracompass.
Excavating a tetracompass reward uses the usual blue Archaeology excavation bar.
It is now possible to Surge and Bladed Dive in the forge area inside the Warforge dig site.
The Ironman plaque in Edgeville has been updated with the names of the first Ironman and Hardcore Ironman to reach 99 Archaeology. Congratulations!
Moved a bibliotheke debris excavation spot allows the Time Sprite in this area to be more easily followed.
Archaeology microsites now have a minimum of 3 material caches of each type available at that site.
Archaeology dig sites will now have a minimum of 2 material caches of each material specific to that site.
The Augmented Masterwork Spear of Annihilation no longer loses its masterwork upgrade when players die in the Wilderness or when using an Augmentation Dissolver.
Added an option to deactivate the Auto-screener v1.080.

The "I Need a Hero" Achievement is now completable once more.
On Mobile, an info box will now appear when attempting to freeze an unfreezable category on the Treasure Hunter interface.

Fixed an issue where the 'Caelyn's Spare Hat' override was clipping with a number of different hairstyles.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:02 am

PATCH NOTES 27th April 202


From drop rates to typos, familiars to clipping issues, our focus remains on polishing everyone's favourite new skill.

Multiple changes have been made to the ripper demon ancient familiar:
Special attack has been reduced to 1 hit.
Damage from special attack has changed to 200%-320% of the base attack.
Attack speed has been reduced slightly.
The passive effect on the player has been halved.
Material caches will now appear as depleted inside quest instances.
Combat dummies can once again be placed inside the Angel of Death instance.
The 'Survey' option on the Warforge! barricade no longer incorrectly states it can give artefacts.
The 'Inspect' option on tetracompass pieces will no longer interrupt excavation.
Some pathing in Warforge! has been adjusted slightly when attempting to run to a lower level whilst standing near the forge.
Updated the information about Archaeology tools on the Tool Belt interface.
The message from all item-producing familiars (including the new waterfiend) now states which item they produced.
Glitterbombs can no longer award players Bonus XP in Archaeology.
Seth Minas has remembered what he was going to say about the Digsite Quest before you've started it: nothing, it turns out.
The Tetrarch Journal pages have been renamed to correctly reflect their author.
Players are no longer able to disassemble or alchemise the Auto-screener v1.080.
A 'Retrieve all' option has been added to the Archaeology skilling outfit and elite skilling outfit when reclaiming them from Diango.
Samid Gloves will now work correctly when training Archaeology.
Drakan's Medallion will no longer lose charges if teleporting from within Everlight.
Tweaked the look for ancient gizmos so they are easier to tell apart from standard gizmos.
Archaeology Material Storage now has a 'Configure' option where you can change the left click option.
Corrected a Zarosian insignia material cache in Kharid-et that was floating.
Some clipping debris in Howl's workshop has been moved.
A floating pillar in Stormguard Citadel has been grounded again.
Removed a plant that was clipping with a rock at Stormguard Citadel.
Removed some floating geometry from the Everlight and Warforge! dig sites.
The Yu'biusk clay and vulcanised rubber material caches near the Warforge! are now considered part of the dig site and will award players earthen clay while excavating at them.
Dig site imagery has been updated on the World Map tool-tips as well as their respective Archaeology Research.
Damage dealt under the effect of the Eldritch Crossbow's special attack via Soul Split is now tracked by combat challenge gems.
A landmass inside Infernal Source has been adjusted to only disappear when the camera is moved into it.
A gap in a floorboard in Stormguard Citadel has been fixed.
Added some blocking to a cage and some barrels at the Warforge! dig site.
A floating bibliotheke debris excavation point has been lowered.
Added some missing textures in Stormguard Citadel.
The Archaeology Journal has been updated with painted pictures of artefacts.
Inquisitor Staff pieces, Annihilation Spear tips, and dragon mattocks will now all fire friends and clan broadcast messages.
Your adventurer's log will highlight the first time you find a dragon mattock.
The Hobgoblin Mansticker requirement for Velucia's Bandosian II collection has been swapped with the Dorgeshuun Spear from Velucia's Bandosian III collection.
A Settings category has been added for Archaeology. It can be found under the Skills heading.
Hotfix: Tweaked the drop rates of the Inquisitor Staff pieces and the Spear of Annihilation tip.
Fixed an issue causing the Eldritch Crossbow special attack to deal 0 damage to Nex.
Fixed some clipping issues at Stormguard Citadel.
Fixed some material z-fighting issues at Stormguard Citadel
Fixed multiple texture Z-fighting issues on Stormguard Citadel
Fixed an issue that was causing the blood reaver familiar to take damage from players when stacking multiple instances of healing.
Fixed a disconnect caused by using certain items.
Fixed an issue with Velucia's Bandosian collections displaying in the wrong order.
Fixed a minor lighting issue with the stadio debris excavation spot.
Fixed several minor typos.
Fixed a light in Kharid-et that was causing material caches to appear as two separate colours.
Some clipping with excavation spots has been fixed in the Star Lodge cellar.

Wait, who left this throwing star here....?
The Ninjas have tackled certain Shattered Worlds bosses back into reachable locations. We'll get you next time, Dharok!
The Lily of the Valley has once again blossomed in Gielinor. For one week only you can find them scattered all over the world.
Fixed an issue with large and small sacks of loot from the Easter event being bankable.
The sacks of loot will be removed from the Bank to the Inventory upon log in. This takes into consideration the amount of inventory space needed to open them, so they may be transferred over multiple log in sessions.
Additionally, all sacks of loot will be deleted when logging in on the May 11th, 2020.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Lawidget » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:04 pm

Thank you!


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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 04, 2020 10:01 am

PATCH NOTES 4th May 2020

Ninja Strike #4
This week sees our talented Ninjas launch their fourth strike. This time they've used the ancient scattershot technique, hitting smaller targets across the game instead of focusing on one big challenge.
Grace of the Elves
The Grace of the Elves necklace has had several improvements made to it.
Two new options have been added while wearing the item, which means you can recharge the necklace while skilling.
'Charge porter' will add one Sign of the Porter to the necklace.
'Charge all porters' will add all Signs of the Porter in the Inventory until full or near full charge.
Three new settings have been added to the necklace:
'Always warn' will continue to warn the player before charging Signs of the Porter.
'Always consume' will cause Grace of the Elves to automatically consume Signs of the Porter until full.
'Never consume' will prevent Grace of the Elves from consuming Signs of the Porter, and will also not prompt a warning when charging manually.
The Buff Bar icon is now removed when the necklace reaches 0 charges.
The necklace will now prioritise activated Signs of the Porter instead of inactive ones.
When the porter functionality is disabled, the number of charges remaining will show on the Debuff Bar icon.
A filterable chat message has been added to notify the player when their Grace of the Elves reaches 0 charges.
When adding just one porter to the necklace, players will no longer be asked for confirmation.

Stone Spirits Rebalancing
Various bosses and Slayer monsters have had their stone spirit drops re-balanced. Higher-level creatures will now drop appropriately high-level stone spirits.
ScreenHunter 463.png
ScreenHunter 463.png (53.43 KiB) Viewed 6751 times
ScreenHunter 464.png
ScreenHunter 464.png (37.1 KiB) Viewed 6751 times

The Ranch Out of Time
Great-Granny Potterington enlisted the help of the Ninjas for some Construction work on The Ranch Out of Time. Now she has a lovely new home with space for a few more features.
The animal buyers and Bank chest are now more accessible.
The Seasonaliser has been removed as it had no functionality for the Ranch animals.
There is now space for a Storm Barn to be built on The Ranch Out of Time.
The building permit can be purchased for 7,500 beans.
You'll need 15,000 wood, hides, and leaves from the Anachronia Base Camp to build the Storm Barn.
The Storm Barn is a requirement for the "Bean There, Done That, Got The Post Card" achievement for the Completionist Cape.
Teleporting to The Ranch Out of Time will now land players directly where Great-Granny Potterington and the dinosaur buyers are situated. The first teleport after today's update will still land players at the previous location on the beach.
Players can now teleport to The Ranch Out of Time via the Max Guild garden portal. The ability to attune the portal there can be bought from the 'Misc. Rewards' section of the Farmer's Market for 5,000 beans.
Raptor Chest & Outfit - Rebalancing and QoL
Raptor's Chest
Raptor's Chest has been renamed 'The Raptor's Chest of Slaying' to be more informative.
The chest has been moved from Burthorpe to War's Retreat.
The order in which drops are rewarded has been reorganised.
The chest now uses a Reward interface similar to those found on other reward chests. The new interface shows the total value of the rewards and also allows them to be banked from the interface.
When claiming VIP Slayer tickets a chat message will appear to show how many you've received and how many you have in total.
The chat message for receiving Slayer points now shows how many you have in total.
A new Slayer point icon has been created so that it can be displayed in the Reward interface.
Upon using a Raptor's Slayer lamp you will now be asked for confirmation before receiving Slayer XP.
A 'Combine' option has been added to key parts for ease of use on desktop and mobile.
An 'Observe" option has been added to the full key to guide players to the chest's location.
When combining a key, a message will appear that guides players to the chest's location.
Adjusted messaging when opening the chest without a key, to inform players of where to find key pieces.
Raptor Chest Drops
Pieces of Raptor's Basic Outfit are now a guaranteed drop from the chest.
The unlock text for Raptor's Basic Outfit in the wardrobe has been adjusted to reflect the above.
The chance to receive a Raptor weapon has been increased from 1/200 to 1/50.

General drops have been rebalanced and include more up to date rewards:
ScreenHunter 465.png
ScreenHunter 465.png (39.43 KiB) Viewed 6751 times

Raptor Outfit improvements
The Raptor's Advanced Outfit cosmetic override no longer degrades at all, and has become a permanent unlock.
As such, the kills required for the upgrade have been increased from 30 to 50.
The unlock text for Raptor's Advanced Outfit in the wardrobe has been adjusted to reflect the new amount of kills required.
The info-box displayed when the upgrade is obtained is now green to highlight the unlock.

Some of the meats in the Oo'glog Meat Shop have been turned in to packs of meat for easier purchase.
Various meats that always had zero stock have been removed from this shop to reduce clutter.
The shop display has been reshuffled.
Some of these items, namely the packs, now restock on daily reset instead of on a 24-hour timer.
Yak hides in the Jatizso shop have been turned into yak hide packs to allow for easier purchase.
When the Herbicide option to auto-collect herbs is turned on, they'll go straight to the Herb Bag instead of the Backpack.

A new month means new fixes and improvement for RuneScape's latest skill! Let's see what our favourite shovelbums have been up to this week!
Textures on the Spear of Annihilation and Masterwork Spear of Annihilation have been improved.
The 'Ruthless' Invention perk now appears with the correct icon on the Buff Bar.
Fixed some instances of material caches clipping into the floor at Kharid-et and the Infernal Source.
Players will now be placed into the same instance in the Warforge! forge area after completing the 'Into the Forge' mystery.
It is now possible to contribute a single item to a collection via a menu option on the item inside the Collectors interface.
Players can now discover pylon batteries while excavating in the Kharid-et prison block.
The Spear of Annihilation and Masterwork Spear of Annihilation are now treated as Bandos items in the God Wars Dungeon.
The forge doors inside Warforge! will now list the keys you are missing to open it, as long as you've found at least one already.
Fixed minor clipping issues in the Infernal Source.
Bad luck mitigation for artefacts has been increased. It will now take the players last five received artefacts into account when awarding a new one.
A missing cadmium red material cache has been returned to its rightful place in Star Lodge cellar.
Fixed an issue that was allowing players to see through quintessence material caches.
An additional perk has been added to the Archaeology skillcapes. Whilst worn, the player receives an additional 1% sprite focus when excavating at a spot with a time sprite.
Fixed an issue that was causing empty charge pack messages to appear whilst excavating without an augmented item.
Fixed an issue where certain islands in the Infernal Source were being removed if you had the Remove Roofs setting set to selective.
Flowing lava in the Infernal Source will no longer disappear when you stand close to it.
Fixed an issue at the Infernal Source where a lava faucet was not being removed when the camera was moved inside it.
The Master Archaeologist's outfit will now grant access to the 'Fixate' ability.
Fixate can be activated on Archaeology excavations to guarantee the type of artefact that will be gathered from that spot.
Fixate can be activated 3 times per day.
A researcher that was causing misclicks by standing too close to the Archaeology research table has been moved south.
Added a confirmation message when leaving the Praetorium in Kharid-et to help prevent players accidentally leaving the area.
Chronotes can now be added to, and used from, the Currency Pouch.

Hotfix: Transmog rings (e.g. Ring of Stone) can no longer be activated whilst in PvP zones. Additionally, Transmog rings can no longer be reclaimed from the Emotes interface whilst in the duel arena.
The Ancient Legionary Outfit has been adjusted to fit female characters better.
Textures on the Ancient Legionary Armour, Shield and Sword have been improved.
Added a Bank icon onto the maps for the Burthorpe Training Camp chest.
Updated the description of coin prizes on Treasure Hunter (5,000,000-200,000,000) to show that these prizes are members-only.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the Dwarven Army Axe from being used as a pickaxe.
Fixed an easy clue scroll hint referencing the Combat Academy so it no longer references content that is out of date.
Fixed an issue that caused mobile users to crash after killing the Angel of Death.
Corrected the start point for the Sheep Shearer miniquest in the Quest Journal.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 11, 2020 12:58 pm

PATCH NOTES 11th May 2020

ScreenHunter 475.png
ScreenHunter 475.png (621.08 KiB) Viewed 6609 times
Added the ability to sheathe and unsheathe weapons on mobile with a long-press on the Combat Mode Toggle button.
Removed the scrollbar from the minimised Chat view on mobile.
Updated the Constitution Skill Guide to remove references to PC terminology on mobile.
Removed PC terminology from the Wardrobe UI on mobile.
Improved clan invite flow for mobile.
Updated mobile checkboxes on the Skill Guide to be visually and functionally consistent.
Mobile users will now be able to see the previous display name of a friend who has changed their name. Pressing and holding on their name in the Friends List will show a tooltip and open more options.
Mobile players can now see the animals' traits by long pressing them in the Trade menu.
Added a check to make the 'Worn Equipment Stats' button on the Worn Equipment UI only affect the top level version, and not the Hero Loadout.
Further minor tweaks to the layout of the Clan Citadel Minigames UI on mobile.
Padded the sizing for longer tooltips on mobile.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the in-combat border from appearing while viewing the Home Screen.
Further improvements have been made to the the way object tooltips and Options menus are drawn. This prevents clipping issues with longer lines of text.
Users can now tap on the icon for a handicap to see its effect in the 'Decide Your Handicap' UI inside the Dominion Tower.
While using the Home Teleport spell on mobile, pressing and holding on any lodestone will reveal a tooltip with the name of the destination.

Fixed an issue which caused the buttons on the Friends Chat List to overlap.
Fixed an issue where the Friends List was sorted incorrectly, resulting in clipped text.
Fixed an issue with Friends and Ignore list name sorting. Both lists can now be sorted independently from one another.
Resolved a minor issue that caused the filter button to be removed when swapping between resized Friends and Ignore list windows.
Fixed an issue that was showing the Invention Materials Pouch button on the Backpack prior to unlocking it during the Invention tutorial.
Fixed an issue on mobile which caused previously selected graphical settings to be highlighted.
Fixed an issue with the Currencies overlay on the Backpack that was causing currency to appear in a different order on each.
Resolved a problem with player choice options sometimes rendering at an incorrect size.
Fixed a performance issue which caused a significant FPS drop after adjusting specific settings on the Graphics interface.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Chat Window Settings list to remain open if a user selected 'My Examine Settings'.

ScreenHunter 476.png
ScreenHunter 476.png (470.82 KiB) Viewed 6609 times
The 'Bank All' option on tetracompass ancient caskets will now prioritise adding items to Material Storage above the player's Bank.
An ancient casket has been added to the Archaeology Guild office. The casket will temporarily store items from tetracompass reward caskets that the player did not have room for.
Removed a message which erroneously informed some players that they have Gold Premier Club 2018 rewards left to claim.
Hid the Clan Cup button on the Clan Chat List, as the event is long since over.
Updated the tooltip for the Dragon Battleaxe special attack to more accurately reflect its effect.
Removed the chisel from the room in Daemonheim where the player must carve a weapon for one of three statues.
The Varrock Museum Curator will no longer talk about the expedition to Anachronia as though it is currently happening.
When using a fire, the option to cook food was showing logs as the icon. This has been updated to a piece of meat instead.
Increased the value of certain upgraded items to ensure they're more valuable than their pre-upgrade counterparts.
Updated the congratulations message for the 'Blast and Hellfire' achievement to no longer reference outdated content.
Removed references to outdated content from the Sparky skilling pet.
The Ability Bar tutorial during the Burthorpe FTUE now better accounts for players who have unbound their Secondary Action Bar.
Added the numerical percentage onto the 'Corrupted' debuff icon in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
At the request of clue hunters, a teleport to Turael's previous location in Taverley has been added to the spell book. It currently uses the Trollheim Teleport icon.
A pile of rubble that can be found during the Enakhra's Lament quest was allowing players to acquire a large amount of extra fine sand at a much faster rate. A delay has now been added to put this in line with existing methods of obtaining sandstone.
Added examine text to the Raptor's outfits in the Chest interface.
The 'Slayer Points' dummy item has been removed from Grand Exchange search results.
Moved the old Bank area on the Ranch out of Time to the new Bank Chest location.
The Energised Meteorite Shard can now only be bought once until it is used. You can also refund the shard by talking to Ezreal with the shard in your Inventory.

Summoning a spirit graahk with a pet override will no longer cause stretching.
Scrimshaws of Aggression will now work on vile blooms.
A script error that occurred when using Felix as an override for the granite crab and smoke devil familiars has been fixed.
An error that appeared when certain members-only items were appearing on Treasure Hunter for free-to-play players has been fixed.
Attempting to read the Yak Track task list after the Yak Track event is over will no longer disconnect the player.
Fixed an issue where Archaeology Skill Guide information was populating other Skill Guides.
Fixed an issue which caused the red combat vignette to not appear if the user opened an interface while in combat.
Fixed an issue which caused the level up icon to be partially cropped when opening a full-screen interface.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 18, 2020 12:48 pm

PATCH NOTES 18th May 2020


This week our talented teams have dug up a cache of changes for Archaeology. From fast travel options to upgraded dragon tools, we've uncovered something for everyone!

Lady Ithell is now able to upgrade augmented dragon tools, carrying across the augment and perks.
The Mattock of Time and Space can now be created using augmented mattocks. Players will be able to carry across the augment and perks from one of the mattocks used in creation.
The missing images in the Archaeology Journal have been added for Armadylean, Zamorakian and Saradominist collections.
Strong winds at Stormguard Citadel have knocked down pillars and dislodged a tree that was obstructing players' views of excavation spots.
The augmented Inquisitor Staff can now be keepsaked.
Velucia and Isaura realised they'd misplaced items from the Zamorakian III collection into Zamorakian IV and vice versa. The mistake has been corrected:
The Virius Trophy and the Chaos Elemental Trophy have been moved to Zamorakian IV.
The 'Possession' metal sculpture, the Trishula and the Tsutsaroth Piercing have been moved to Zamorakian III.
Some quick-travel options have been added to the entrances of the Infernal Source and Everlight dig sites.
Activating all eight Kharid-et shadow anchors will now grant players a fast travel option to the praetorium from the Kharid-et entrance.
A waste-paper basket that Movario accidentally left at the Archaeology Guild has been removed.
The orientation of the Stormguard Citadel skybox has been flipped to better reflect the World Map.
Players that have partially completed Sliske's Endgame will now see Armadyl present in his tower if they meet the following criteria:
The player has yet to receive the Ring of Solomon relic from Armadyl.
The player has the required Archaeology level to receive the Ring of Solomon relic.
The Kal'gerion demon familiar has been shrunk to be less obstructive.
Fixed an issue causing white lines to appear throughout the Uncharted Isles.
Fixed an issue that was preventing Honed 6 from activating while Mining.
Fixed an issue causing Material Storage information to display incorrectly on Free-to-play worlds.

Combat XP is now rewarded when an enemy's HP reaches zero, rather than at the end of their death animation.
Improved the way the Buff Bar prioritises buffs. The new order is as follows:
Boss specific effects
Defensive abilities
Offensives abilities
Status effects
Boosts (like life or prayer overheals)
Overhead prayers
Utility prayers
Invention perks
Item effects
Skilling bonuses
Pet effects
Aura activation
Effects that are due to expire no longer shuffle to the front of the bar, but will continue to flash until they either expire or are refreshed.
A 'walk marker' toggle has been added to Desktop Settings. This will enable the walk marker that appears on RuneScape mobile.
Removed the Easter event hub and the Easter eggs around the world.
The keg of beer and Sextant will no longer stall your movement when used.
Players will no longer be able to remove items with combat stats from their tool-belts while on Entrana.
Ice Drygore Longswords will no longer stretch and attach to 120 capes on a female character while in combat.
Improved server performance by changing how faction invasions work within The Heart of Gielinor.
Fixed a presentation issue on mobile which caused buffs with a timer/stacking value to clip.
Fixed an issue that could cause Tutorial boxes to appear cropped off screen when transitioning from the game view to a full screen UI on mobile.
Fixed an issue that could cause NPC chat to open over a full screen UI causing it to appear cropped on mobile.
Fixed an issue which caused the examine text on Raptor's Chest Of Slaying to be cropped on mobile.
Fixed a potential client error that occured when a new player opened the Wardrobe UI for the first time on mobile.
Fixed an issue where that caused disconnects when attacking the black golem during the Spirits of the Elid quest using melee armour/weapons with armour spikes.
Fixed an issue that was causing a cutscene in Cabin Fever to be obstructed if the 'Remove Roofs' setting was turned off.
Fixed an issue in the Legends Quest that was causing Nezikchened to stretch when using magic attacks.
Fixed an issue where the Ring of Wealth message was displaying on rare drops at Nex without the player meeting the Tier 3 and higher luck needed to affect drop chance.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Tue May 26, 2020 9:50 am

PATCH NOTES 26th May 2020

Ninja Strike #5
Boss Instances
'Join' and 'Rejoin last instance' options have been added to the right-click/long-press menus on boss instance entrances.
'Custom encounter' and 'Enter encounter' options have also been added to various bosses.
Resolved an issue where players could rejoin a Nex: Angel of Death instance which had already ended and were forced to log out in order to leave.
Search bars have been added to the Animations, Titles, Appearances and Pets tabs of the Customisations interface.
A new 'All' category has been added to the Customisations interface which will list all items.
This new category will now be the default.
14 previously discontinued titles have been hidden on the 'Titles' interface for players who did not own them previously.
The quest list can now be sorted from both 'A-Z' and 'Z-A'.
Resolved a bug that required players to click twice on the Grand Exchange interface after selecting an item from a search.
The Desert Phoenix can now be continuously auto-pickpocketed as a reward for completing the Hard Desert Achievements.
The Doomsayer will now issue a warning about the Araxxor boss fight.
The 'Ranch Out of Time' music track now unlocks properly when the player enters the area.
Fixes an issue where text regarding anima gained in Shattered Worlds wasn't showing the correct translation on non-English worlds.

You wouldn't believe how many mattocks you can burn through digging up a changelog around here. While we harden up our tools for more digging, why not check out what's new in Archaeology this week?

Material caches with quest requirements have had these requirements clarified in the Archaeology Skill Guide.
Removed the 'Check findings' option from the Archaeology research table as the 'Manage research notes' option rendered it redundant.
The Fortune perk will now prioritize sending Archaeology materials to the Material Storage over the Bank.
A wandering NPC took a wrong turn at Lumbridge market and found himself at Stormguard Citadel. He has been "dealt with".
Fixed an issue where the perks Refined 4, Tinker 4 and Rapid 4 were not activating as often as they should.
Fixed an incorrect message that displayed when withdrawing from Archaeology Material Storage with a full Inventory.
Fixed an issue where an NPC was repeating the wrong dialogue after completing the Vault of Shadows mystery.
Fixed an issue that caused the Spear of Annihilation to be held incorrectly if it fully degraded whilst equipped.

While the Ninja Team dash about and the archaeologists brush up on their findings, the Mobile Team have also been pretty... well, mobile!

You can now toggle proximity entity highlighting on mobile on and off via the Gameplay Settings menu.
Updated the wording of multiple settings and added checkboxes to improve user flow.
Options on the Gameplay Settings menu have been divided into more refined sub-categories for easier navigation.
Improved the Revolution combat icon on the Revolution Action bar in the Powers UI:
The icon (which was previously non-interactive) can now be tapped to toggle between Revolution combat and Full Manual combat.
Pressing and holding the icon will provide more information.
Fixed an issue where the bottom row of the Backpack could be cut off on certain mobile devices.
Fixed multiple text overlaps on the Skills interface in several languages.

Our charity partner representatives will be leaving Gielinor on May 30th to continue their good work elsewhere. We're grateful for their support and hope to welcome them back for future events!
The Spooky Blindfold head override will now appear correctly on the chathead.
Starting Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen will now set the quest to 'In progress' as expected.
The Drops window will no longer open when using the area loot keybind.
While attacking other NPCs, NPC melee damage was appearing with black font rather than white. This has been changed and should be easier to read.

Fixed some scrolling issues on Player owned Ports interfaces.
Players are no longer able to attack through a wall in the ravenous ghoul area.
We've resolved an issue that was causing crashes when opening the Anvil interface while Dungeoneering on a free-to-play world.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Jun 02, 2020 7:21 am

PATCH NOTES 1st June 2020

Players are now able to start filling a singular urn while their Inventory is full.
Added an item charge tooltip to the B.A.N.K Stander Invention item.
The passive effects of the Hexhunter Bow, Terrasaur Maul and Inquisitor's Staff will now behave as expected when fighting the Kalphite King.
Added Quickchat options for Marks of War.
You will now receive five portions of fruity mush during the Player Owned Farm tutorial.
Beads of the dead are no longer always lost on death.
You can now open the Bank chest at the Lumbridge market from any direction.
You can no longer schedule clan events for the past.
Players can now Surge and Escape in the Clan Citadel.
The goebie that initiates the Beastmaster Durzag raid will now correctly walk to alert their companions of their imminent rescue (or more likely death).
Firemaking XP is now added to the Pyro-matic when creating incense sticks.
Legacy Fairy Ring Map icons no longer require active transportation icons in order to appear.
The Mental Health Awareness Week event has been fully packed away, and the Lumbridge crater has returned to normal.
The Bisdi boss pet now counts as a slightly larger NPC to reduce clipping with the player.
Animica rocks have rockertunities appear on them in Anachronia
You will now be notified upon receiving a Totem Piece from Slayer in Anachronia.
The flame sword enchantment is now disabled on all ceremonial swords.
When wearing the Cerberus armour override set, the shoulders will now glow, just like the helmet.
The outline of the Bank now disappears when changing interface and pressing F1 to load preset.
You can now withdraw multiple unstackable items from your Bank via the Worn Equipment tab.
A floating platform in the Warforge! dig site has been reattached to the ceiling. Please do not look directly at the ceiling.
The first stage of a planted papaya tree now has a more reasonable clickbox.
Melee, Ranged, and Magic training dummies can no longer be placed in Elite Dungeons, except within close range of a Bank chest.

Fixed an issue where the Regenerate ability could be queued even when the player had 0 adrenaline, which caused it to remain in the queue indefinitely.
Fixed a hole that was present in Ariane's Robe (legs) during some animations.
Fixed an issue that was causing Jessika to stretch during a cutscene in The Void Stares Back.
Fixed a floating tile in the Artisans' Workshop.
Fixed an issue that caused various tiers of Culinaromancer's Gloves to stretch when wielding a Lucky Coin.
Fixed labelling issues with the retro plain trousers and the blurite crossbow.
Fixed an issue that caused the black and white Chic Scarf to appear transparent in the Wardrobe Preview display.
Fixed some stretching issues with the Bastion of Fortitude armour set.
Fixed a presentation issue on 4:3 mobile devices, which caused ribbon windows to be inconsistently sized.
Fixed an issue where the World Map lodestone teleports were not functioning when selected.
Fixed an issue in the Divination Cache D&D that was preventing the boost timer from counting down.
Fixed a tree on Anachronia that appeared to have a floating canopy.
Fixed an issue where the player character would appear to climb the wrong side of the ladder in the Temple of Ikov.
Fixed an issue where the blood reaver familiar would stretch when overridden by a pet.
Fixed an issue where the description for orikalkum bars was not appearing while playing Treasure Hunter on free-to-play worlds.
Reattached a dislodged bank roof in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat prologue.
Nature esshounds no longer go transparent during their idle animation.

Hotfix - Resolved an issue that prevented new clans from being created.
Hotfix - Resolved an issue which prevented the ‘Invite Players to Clan’ option from working when the potential recruit’s privacy status was not set to ‘Online’ or ‘Friends Only’.
The 'Invite' option, which sends an invite to somebody anywhere on your world, still requires the recipient’s privacy status to be set to 'Online’ or 'Friends Only'.
Hotfix - Barrows: Rise of the Six instance owners are once again able to enter the instance they created.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:40 pm

PATCH NOTES 8th June 2020

What's this? More freshly unearthed Archaeology patches? Don't mind if we do!

The Divine-O-Matic Vacuum was over-performing when siphoning energy, and has therefore been adjusted. From now on it has a 50% chance to destroy memories both when siphoning just energy and also when siphoning both energy and memories together.
The blood reaver familiar will now apply its passive ability to lifepoint boosting effects such as Saradomin Brews and rocktail.
Fixed an issue where some material cache frames could be temporarily hidden.
Fixed a graphical issue with the wingsuit found at Stormguard Citadel.
Some missing sides have been added to certain planks in Howl's workshop.
Fixed an issue that would cause the player's weapons to briefly disappear when activating Stormguard Citadel portals.
The cloud effect on the Dis overspill excavation spot no longer appears completely static.
Items will no longer float when dropped on top of portals in the Infernal Source.

Archaeology isn't the only focus this week. We've made fixes and changes to everything from evil trees, to spirit trees, to the Giant Mole. Let's take a look!

Players no longer need to have completed 'Throne of Miscellania' to travel to the spirit tree on the island.
Giant Mole minions now despawn on boss death.
Information about the Achievement 'A String and a Flare' has been updated.
Invention, Farming and Runecrafting teleports will now appear as options for the skills necklace.
The Fayre Venturer outfit no longer leaves a hole in the players back whilst Smithing.
Facial hair is no longer hidden while wearing the Hati Hood.
The magic shieldbow (sighted) can now be keepsaked.
Fixed an issue where rejoining an instance after logging out would reset the spawn speed setting.
Darkmeyer's anvil is now marked with the appropriate icon on the Map.
Cows and sheep will no longer become horribly deformed in the Add/Remove Animal interface.

Other Fixes
Fixed an issue that was preventing evil trees from being interacted with.
A grammar mistake in the Mini Morn Pet's dialogue has been corrected.
The Solak quickchat option that announces your kill time will no longer include Duo Mode.
Fixed a graphical issue with the Acolyte of Seiryu jacket override.
Egil was persistent but he has had another talking to: an issue where newly obtained ceremonial sword plans would retain previous progress has been fixed.
Resolved an issue which would cause the incorrect poison colour to be applied to a player during the Verak Lith boss fight.
NPCs in The Heart of Gielinor will no longer be able to attack through the entrances of the boss waiting areas.
Fixed some minor text clipping with the Turkey Book Thanksgiving event item.
Fixed an issue causing duplicate Prayer icons on altars in Daemonheim.
Familiars will no longer be able to attack Slayer creatures in Kuradal's dungeon after their summoner's task has been completed.
Fixed an issue that caused female characters' torsos to detach from their legs while wearing the Raider Chainbody or the Slave Shirt.
Fixed a problem that caused Infinity Ethereal Legs to stretch when worn with a Small Delivery Parcel.
Fixed an issue where the leaf trap east of the northernmost Hunter training area in Tirannwn could sometimes jump you back west when jumping eastwards across it.
Fixed an issue where Skillcape hoods wouldn't display their retro counterpart when toggled to do so.
Corrected a typo in the examine text of a Raven from Prifddinas.
Corrected a typo that appears when cleaning a specimen rock at the Varrock Museum.
Corrected a typo in the Construction daily challenge.
Fixed an issue with Blood, Third Age, and Shadow dyed off-hand Drygore Longswords where spikes were attached to the inner half of the sword rather than the outside. Ouch!
Fixed an issue where planting a fruit tree sapling would mysteriously give one more XP point than was indicated on the Seedicide interface.
Fixed a problem that was causing the Blood Amulet of Fury to appear the wrong colour if compressed textures were turned on.
Fixed an issue where Dodgy Derek's model didn't match his chat head.
Fixed a floating well south of Ardougne.
Fixed a minor stretching glitch that occurred if the Shadow Dragoon Legplates were worn with a Staff of Sliske.
Fixed the augmented Zamorakian Spear's Inventory icon.
Fixed a hole in the Helm of Foulness.
Added text to a blank examine box for falling rocks in the goblin mine.
Fixed an issue that caused characters' necks to stretch whilst wearing the Sunglass Monocles override.
Fixed an issue where a potion reservoir was being turned off if a Sign of the Porter, Sign of Life, or Defence Skillcape perk was used.
Removed a bug that was causing the Black Necronium Axe to appear twice in the Wardrobe.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:48 am

PATCH NOTES 15th June 2020

Ninja Strike #6: Grand Exchange
Oh yes, it's clear the Ninjas came through here. There's dozens of empty ramen packets and more shurikens than we can count. Oh, and what's this? Why, it's a whole bunch of improvements! Let's take a closer look...

Core Improvements
Client side prediction has been added to the Grand Exchange interface.
This will result in a more responsive and smooth experience while using the interface, all of the various buttons, and the search function.
A 'Favourites' tab has been added to the Grand Exchange.
Items can be favourited by searching for an item in the tab, or by using the star icon when buying or selling an item.
Favourited items will show their guide price.
Items can be selected from here to take you directly to a buy offer.
Keybinds have been added to favourite an item when in the Buy or Sell interface.
Members can favourite 18 items, while free-to-play players can favourite six.
Players can now edit existing offers.
There is now an 'edit' button on the Overview page and within In-progress offers.
If you change your mind whilst editing an offer, you can cancel the edit and come back where you left off.
An 'edit' keybind has also been added, and can be accessed when viewing a live offer.
Note that editing an offer will reset your place in the offer queue.
+ and - 20% buttons for editing the buy/sell price have been added next to the current + and - 5% buttons.
The Overview interface has been adjusted for increased usability and readability.
There is now an Abort Offer option.
The wording for slots has been changed from 'Empty' to 'Slot X' and the words 'buy' and 'sell' have been added to the buttons for better usability.
Existing offers will show a number next to their buy or sell wording.
Current offers will now show their progress with a number.
The drop-shadow in the Current Offers box has been removed.
The Search Results window has been extended to show more results.
The selected item will now be highlighted with a yellow outline.
Any items you have in your favourites will also be marked with a yellow star icon.
Clicking outside of the Search Bar will no longer clear your results. They can be cleared with the 'X' button or the ESC key.
Additional Improvements
The 'Sets' right-click/long-press option on Grand Exchange clerks has been changed to 'Favourites'.
Sets can still be accessed via the interface or by talking to the clerks.
There have been various text changes and font size increases for better description and increased readability, especially on mobile.
The Inventory displayed on mobile when using the Grand Exchange has been changed to a 4x7 view.
Long item names, especially for translated languages, are now truncated with an ellipsis on the overview page to stop them breaking out of their boxes.
The Quantity, Price and Total Value boxes have been increased in size to better accommodate for translated languages.
The log in message which tells you about items in your collection box now has a 10 minute cooldown to reduce chat spam when hopping worlds.

While working on this update, the Ninjas also fixed some live issues:

Clicking or tapping out of the Quantity and Price input boxes will now deselect them.
Dragging untradeable items to the Buy/Sell box on the Overview interface will no longer initiate an empty offer.
Right click options on the Overview interface that remained on-screen after using keybinds to buy/sell will no longer change the selected offer type.
On mobile, selecting the Price or Quantity boxes no longer moves the Search box, so you can now see what you're typing more clearly.

While the Ninja Team haggled up a storm over in the Grand Exchange, our other teams have been hard at work too. This week they're focusing on RuneScape Mobile. From better indicators to text and interface fixes, the portable client is looking sharper than ever!

Added a UI indicator if the Action Bar is locked on the Action Bar Settings cog.
Added location information when long-pressing a lodestone in the Home Teleport UI.
A Device Status panel has been added to the UI near the Compass and Minimap. This panel displays device status information to the user, including battery charge levels and connection status.
Added an additional setting in the Audio section on mobile that provides an independent toggle for audio streaming when using mobile data.
Further improvements have been made to improve the display of the Bank on mobile devices.
Fixed an issue with text being cut off in the Music Player.
Fixed an issue with the UI overlays during the 'Song from the Depths' quest that caused them to overlap permanent parts of the top-level UI.
Fixed some issues with the Dungeoneering UI Party Member Inspect feature on the mobile client.
Fixed some issues on the Summoning Trade-in UI where large numbers of sprites would appear at once, causing FPS drops.
Fixed a small visual issue with the Notes interface when re-arranging notes on mobile.

But that's not all we've got for you this week, oh no. Here are all the other tweaks and fixes coming your way!

The messaging for damage dealt from each poison in Big Game Hunter now appears regardless of whether or not you skipped the cutscene.
The amount of damage dealt by each poison is now explained in the message, and each poison has a different text colour.
Protection prayers now have descriptions that match the effect they have when used by NPCs.
Char's training cave is now mentioned in the Skill Guide when reaching level 91 Firemaking.
Rainbow fish can now be used to feed animals in the Player Owned Farm - as long as they eat fish, that is.
The Ironman symbol will now correctly show up on world/global broadcast if you have your online status set to off.
The 'Eat Food' ability will now consume bandages within the Soul Wars minigame.
Updated banker dialogue to refer to their employers as a branch of the Bank of Gielinor instead of the Bank of RuneScape.
Improved the wording on the 'Armadylean Expert' and similar Archaeology Achievements.
Updated the museum guard's dialogue at the Archaeology Guild to better clarify the reduced rate of chronotes they offer compared to collectors.
Fixed an issue that would cause the 'Inspect' option on ore boxes to cut off words if the chat character limit was reached.
Fixed the spacing within the Journal of Perjour in order to make the text more readable.
Fixed an issue where Zanik's body might not appear during Death to the Dorgeshuun if the player lost Dead Zanik and returned to it in Lumbridge.
Crafting molten glass will no longer state the wrong skill name in the Make-x progress window.
When setting 'Boric's Task I' to active via the Quest Guide, the breadcrumb trail will now lead to Boric.
Fixed an issue where the upgrade material for the Hunter Lodge at the Anachronia Base Camp could not be obtained when the pelt resources were maxed.
Quick chat will now correctly display Slayer prestige for vile blooms.
Fixed an issue with making bombs at a portable well.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:50 am

PATCH NOTES 22nd June 2020

Let's dig back in to Archaeology. This week there's a bunch of changes to RuneScape's newest skill!

Players can now swap Inquisitor staff pieces with Soran for 10 million coins each. Use the piece you wish to trade on Soran to begin the exchange.
To help reduce misclicks on mobile, a 'Makeshift Pie Oven' archaeology excavation in the Warforge has been moved away from the furnaces in the area.
Fixed an issue that allowed the spear of annihilation to be donated to the Museum donation bin, if the player hadn't used it.
The special move of the Kal'gerion demon now lasts 15 seconds, up from 9.6 second.
The slayer introspection relic power will now correctly work with the slayer master cape as well as slayer masks.
Players who have destroyed or lost a charged shadow engrammeter can now reclaim one that is already charged (from Dr Nabanik at Kharid-et), though will need to destroy any depleted shadow engrammeters they may have previously reclaimed.

Let's not forget the rest of the teams, who've also been working hard on the following improvements!

Confirmation warnings now appear when attempting to teleport into the wilderness with Dareeyak, Annarkarl, Ghorrock,ice plateau and and tele-group ice plateau teleport spells, in-line with other wilderness entry teleports.
Removed a force walk tile from a tent in Al Kharid.
Added blocking to Gowers farm gate so you can no longer walk through it.
Pillar in ruins nearby to Pavosaurus rex can no longer be walked through.
The new version of Masuta's warspear has been changed from a slashing weapon to a stabbing weapon to better match its used counterpart.
Igneous Jadinkos near Laniakiea will no longer spawn behind a tree root and get stuck.

The worst part about summertime is all the bugs. Luckily for us, our talented devs are squashing as many as they can!

Resolved an issue that was causing the players client to crash and displaying the error "One or more arguments are invalid (2147483651)". Users may still experience this error or the error "The instructions at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s. (c0000005)". This is a separate issue and will be fixed in an upcoming client update.
Fixed an issue that was preventing players from changing their login screen background.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the currency pouch from re-opening on login if the player had the pouch open before logging out.
Fixed height map issue between Ardougne Monastery and Tower of life.
Fixed graphical issues with Manhole near Varrock.
Fixed sunken tile in the Underground pass area.
Fixed an issue that would prevent players from ending dungeoneering floors from some tiles near the dungeon end gate.
Fixed an issue with the Off-hand drygore longsword (blood) that was causing the item to appear pink rather than red.
Fixed the size of monocle worn by Aubury.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:58 pm

PATCH NOTES 29th June 2020

Ninja Strike #7 - Tier 92 Armour
Cheaper armour repairs? Easier upgrades? The Ninjas have really gone to town this week!

Tier 92 Elite Sirenic & Tectonic Armour
Tier 92 Elite Armours can now be repaired at much cheaper rates.

Players can now create a 'Repair Patch' that will partially repair their T92 Sirenic and Tectonic armours.
The following materials are required for an Elite Sirenic repair patch:
7x ancient scales
1x sirenic scale
2x winterwold wool
2x black stone hearts
The following materials are required for an Elite Tectonic repair patch:
7x draconic energy
1x tectonic energy
2x summerdown wool
2x black stone hearts
Fully repairing armour will require:
2x repair patches for a helm
6x repair patches for a body
4x repair patches for legs
Additionally, if an armour piece is augmented, each repair patch will require 6x divine charges.
Following the repair changes, the creation of T92 Elite armours now includes new 'praesulic essences' similar to those required for Masterwork armour.
Praesulic essence has been split into praesulic essence (melee), praesulic essence (ranged) and praesulic essence (magic).
10x praesulic essence (ranged) will be required for a full set of Elite Sirenic.
10x praesulic essence (magic) will be required for a full set of Elite Tectonic.
These praesulic essences can be acquired by breaking down Pernix, Virtus and Torva gear at the Dragonkin Forge for Ranged, Magic and Melee essence respectively.
It's now possible to upgrade augmented T90 Sirenic and Tectonic armour to T92 as long as they are at 95% degradation or above. This includes dyed armour.
To upgrade augmented armours, right-click/long-press on ancient scales or draconic energy and 'use' them on the armours.
Degrade-to-dust armours (T90 & T92) will now drop the correct amount of their primary ingredient, relative to charge remaining, when you are killed in the Wilderness.
A tooltip has been added to the Elite Armours explaining their set effect, which negates degradation in Elite Dungeons.
When repairing armours, the degradation state is now shown at two decimal places for accuracy.
Messaging when attempting to use an Augmentor on degrade-to-dust armours is now more descriptive.
Using a repair patch on fully-charged, but previously worn, T92 armour pieces can 'overcharge' them back to a new tradeable state.
When making T90 and T92 Ranged or Magic armour, the Make-x screen will now default to a quantity of one, to avoid accidentally making too many copies of one equipment piece.
Fixed various inconsistencies with using T90/92 ingredients on each other. All of them should now prompt a Make-x interface if they are used to create the same item.

Grand Exchange - Further Improvements
Un-favouriting a favourite item in the Grand Exchange interface will no longer completely hide the Favourites interface.
In the Grand Exchange interface, the 'buy' and 'sell' text will no longer show on slots on that are unavailable in free-to-play.
Tooltips will once again be shown for the elements on the Collection Box interface.
A '+Lim' button has been added to the quantity section of buy offers on the Grand Exchange. Each press of this button will add the 4-hour limit quantity to the current offer quantity.
Players will no longer encounter mysterious Dwarf Remains when collecting items and placing further buy offers in the Grand Exchange.

Other Improvements
The Wicked Hood has had several improvements that also affect the Ethereal outfit.
The amount of teleport charges has been increased from 30 to 250.
The first option on the Wicked Hood can now be configured so to either 'Activate' or 'Previous teleport', which allows for teleportation via the Action Bar.
The 'Previous teleport' option now states which altar you'll be taken to.
Withdrawing essences is now faster.
Withdrawing runes now prompts the player with an input box where they can use all their charges at once.
Info-boxes have been added in various places for better and more descriptive messaging.
The Runecrafting Guild teleport is now more appropriately named.
All Skillcapes, Master Skillcapes, and Expert Capes now have a right-click/long press 'Emote' option when the item is worn. This includes the Max Cape but not the Completionist Capes due to lack of space for menu options.
Super Prayer potions are now tradeable.
1 to 4 dose vials and 6 dose flasks can now be traded on the Grand Exchange.
Players can also request-assist to create them.
The Skeletal Horror teleport can now be used an unlimited number of times, instead of just weekly.
Buff and Debuff Bar icons now have less of a delay in showing their tooltips.

It's not just the Ninja Team who've been keeping busy this week...

Augmented Masterwork armour and Augmented Trimmed Masterwork armour will now drop the corresponding broken piece of armour upon death in the Wilderness instead of dropping nothing.
Luminite Injectors cannot be dropped and must be destroyed.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:53 am

PATCH NOTES 6th July 2020

The dust might might be starting to settle on RuneScape's newest skill, but there's still some divine work to be done!

When completely filling an empty divine charge using the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum, excess energy will now flow into the next empty divine charge, instead of being wasted.
Players using an uncharged Divine-O-Matic Vacuum with an active Divine Conversion relic power will now receive the correct amount of energy when converting memories at an energy rift.
Additional messaging has been added when completing Art Critic Jacques' collections to indicate that replica pieces of art can be displayed in the Guild Office.
Some Archaeology materials have been added to Archaeology Research and Tetracompass loot tables for better distribution.
Fixed an issue where the 'Ruthless' perk was remaining on the Buff Bar after being cleared.

The rest of this week's improvements span the length and breadth of Gielinor. Read on to find out more!

Arc berry bushes will now give 5% Farming reputation when harvested, in line with other bushes.
Replaced outdated spell icons in the Magic skillguide with the up to date ones found in the Magic ability book.
Updated spell names in the Magic Skill Guide to match the Magic Spell Book.
Players will no longer continue the mining animation indefinitely when mining the ancient rock in the 'Mountain Daughter' quest.
The alphabetical order of the Music Player tracklist has been updated.
The examine text for ice arrow now reads "An ice arrow".
The tooltip for the Tirannwn Hard Task Rewards on the Achievement interface now mentions the Mushroom Patch teleport.
Blue and green blubber jellyfish have been added to the "I'm cooking..." options in the Quick Chat menu.
Crystal has now been added to the "I'm using a hatchet made of..." option in the Quick Chat menu.
Updated the information for 'Mace Invaders' on the Achievement path.
A colon has now been added to the hover text when mousing over Reaper Points.
Misleading info that Max Capes could be taken into Daemonheim has been removed for the Dungeoneering Perk.
The POH kalphite soldier model has been updated.
Telegrabbing on monster death will no longer cause the Spring Cleaner to malfunction.
Added a new marker to direct players to Lumbridge Castle kitchen.
Added a tutorial for legendary pets.
Players no longer require level 75 Ranged to unlock the Mechanised Chinchompa blueprint, as this requirement is not necessary to produce the item.
Removed a reference to 'virtual levels' upon levelling up in skills that reach level 120 without virtual levels.
An A/B test for 50% of self-selected new players has ended. All players that choose "I have never played before" will once again start on Tutorial Island. Note that players can skip the tutorial in the Settings menu or bypass sections of Tutorial Island with chapter exits.
On Mobile:
The Buff and Debuff Bars have been relocated from the top of the interface layout to the bottom, above the Combat HUD. They have also been made marginally smaller.
The 'Extra Action' button (currently used for the Solak encounter) has been repositioned to sit above the combat HUD. It will now move to account for the toggling of combat mode action bars.
The Ribbon Settings/Setup UI has been moved and tied to the game's main Settings interface as its own tab (users can still access the interface from the existing button located on the Custom Ribbon itself).

Fixes, get yer fixes here!

Hotfixed: Repairing uncharged augmented T92 equipment with repair patches will now correctly repair them to a charged state the first time.
The Equuis Archer helm no longer returns any script errors and will now load properly.
Corrected multiple spelling errors in the 'Broken Home' quest and Quest Rewards screen.
Grammatical issues in the Castle Wars manual have been resolved.
Fixed an animation issue when reading through The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict.
Corrected grammatical and spelling issues in the Rewards text for 'Fate of the Gods'.
Corrected a typo in buyers' dialogue at the Player Owned Farm.
Corrected a typo in the 'Love Story' Quest Log.
The 'One Foot in the Grave' miniquest is no longer shown as complete after handing the body parts to Zavistic Rarve.
Corrected the start point information for 'Dealing with Scabaras'.
A full stop has been added to the end of the examine text for coconut milk.
Fixed multiple typos in The Big Book of Bangs.
Tackled a rogue apostrophe in the examine text for the young Goebie at the entrance to Otot.
Tips for the frog Slayer task are now correct.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the 'Kookookachat' achievement from triggering on free-to-play worlds.
Attempting to decant an Ogre Flask (thermal) into a potion flask will no longer force a log-out.
Fixed a typo in Miner's Journal #2.
Fixed an issue where text was being cut off in the opening cutscene of 'Desperate Times'.
Corrected a desyncronisation error that could occur between Daily Challenges and their titles when linked from the Featured tab.
Fixed an issue where inspecting another player with specific achievements would cause them to disconnect.
The quest marker for 'Another Slice of H.A.M.' now leads a player to Ambassador Alvijar's actual location.
The message received when creating a 4-dose potion no longer states that it is a 3-dose potion.
Powerburst potions are no longer dropped to the floor when the Wasteless Herblore ability triggers.
Players can no longer kill the shapeshifter at the end of the 'Witch's House' quest more than once.
Using a Blessed Flask on various items now works as expected.
The Player Owned House Build Mode checkbox now consistently reflects the Build Mode's actual status.
The Twin Furies no longer display their health value on their individual health bars.
The Dragon Breath ability will now animate correctly even when the Asphyxiate animation is appearing.
The bell in Citharede Abbey no longer disappears after the cutscene with Sister Anna.
Audio will no longer cut out after changing draw distance.
Augmenting masterwork armour now correctly states which version of the armour you have augmented.
The Examine popup now appears in the correct location when the Game View Window is set to small.
There is now an Inventory space check for the Moonlight Mead gift at the end of the 'Curse of the Black Stone' quest.
The requirements to make a Revenant Bane two-handed sword via the Make-x interface are now checked properly.
Added a fade transition to hide the player model when upgrading buildings in a Player Owned Port.
Fixed an issue where the leaf trap east of the northernmost Hunter training area in Tirannwn could sometimes send you back west while jumping east across it.
Fixed an issue which resulted in Entity Highlights being enabled on log-in, despite being disabled in the previous log-in.
Fixed an issue where the Quick Prayers would not update correctly after long pressing the Prayer Globe.
Whew - this was a long post this week!

The sun might be setting on this newspost, but the shadows seem to be gathering around the next one. Who knows, maybe we'll see our favourite mysterious figures returning soon!

Find out next week!

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:51 am

PATCH NOTES 13th July 2020

As mentioned in the previous tab, Hardcore Ironman accounts will automatically be downgraded to Ironman accounts upon death. This will happen regardless of whether the account owns additional life items, such as the Jar of Divine Light.
The game will now recognise that your pet is summoned when you change its tier.
The Accept button in the Pets Customisation panel will now update the pet’s appearance instantly.
Updated numerous log in error messages to reference the game client rather than a web page.
Telos' lesser anima bomb attack will no longer continue to damage players at the start of Phase 5.
The message informing you of an empty Charge Pack will now only appear if the player uses an augmented pickaxe with no Invention charges.
Updated the warning message for uncharged augmented items that do not use the Universal Charge Pack.
You will now receive a golden Castle Wars ticket during the Wanted! Quest, which can be added to your currency pouch.
The ‘Polishing’ perk can now upgrade sea salt to alaea sea salt.
Removed a trigger for the quick-chat tutorial on mobile.
It is now possible to access the Wise Old Man’s Archaeology Collection even while he’s gallivanting about in various quests.
All scrimshaw buffs now list the effects.

‘Destroy’ and ‘Assault’ Strength skills now use their correct animations while following up the ‘Greater Barge’ Attack skill.
Make-x interfaces now correctly navigate to the highest craftable tier of item in the corresponding skill.
Daily challenges that have been generated while on a free-to-play world will now give the correct XP if they are completed on a members’ world.
Players who have left Tutorial Island can no longer have the Tutorial Island path active.
Fixed an issue that blocked keyboard inputs if the player closed the Bug Report system by opening a Bank.
The Duel Arena scoreboard will no longer display errors when players have long account names and high combat levels.
The bronze off-hand battleaxe will no longer stretch while using the rope during ‘Stolen Hearts’.
Harvesting a single Farming patch will no longer produce the message “The patch bomb has no effect on produce in this state.”
You will no longer automatically open a reward casket after digging it up during an Elite Treasure Trail in the Lumbridge Swamp.
The ‘Wushanko: The Arc’ achievement no longer requires the following for completion:
Arc - Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals
Arc – Flippers
Arc – Rewards
Arc - Upgrading All of the Waiko
Arc - Unlocking More Waiko
The Edit Crew button in Player Owned Ports can no longer be used while the ship is on a voyage.
The message "You don't have enough Inventory space to do that” will no longer appear while making flatpacks that take two planks.
The Player Owned Farm Breeding Rabbits tutorial can now actually be completed.
The Auto Setup option will now appear in the Lobby before starting the game.
Fixed an issue which caused the first and second Recommended Challenges to switch links.
The Achievement subcategory is now displayed correctly.
Fixed an issue where it was impossible to use the War’s Retreat teleport at 60 Combat or above on members’ worlds.
Fixed an issue where the Treasure Hunter window would not load correctly in a small sized game window.
Using the Dungeon Home Teleport will no longer silence the music.
Fixed an issue where the red dragons in Elite Dungeons 2 were able to attack through barriers under certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue which prevented a cutscene in ‘Desperate Times’ from ending.
Fixed an issue which prevented subtitles from being displayed in the first cutscene of ‘Desperate Times’.

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