Patch Notes 2020

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Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:16 pm

PATCH NOTES 6th Jan 2020

Yak Track
‘These changes were implemented as hotfixes during the Yak Track event - we’re just putting them here to keep you guys up to date.’

Fixed an issue causing ore boxes to not count towards Yak Track smithing tasks.
Upgraded items now count towards Yak Track progress.
Toadflax has now been added to the Yak Track task list and Ranarr has been removed.
Prayer Yak Track in F2P now allows Dragon Bones to count towards the task.
Fixed an issue stopping Blurberry's Bar from counting towards Yak Track task 29.
Fixed an issue causing Yak Track to show an incorrect number of remaining days.

Seasonal Events
Players will no longer receive the incorrect item from Evey when skilling at the Bonfire Festival.
You can now deactivate the festive Aura with a full inventory.
During Firework Festival, players will no longer be able to get different fireworks by closing and reopening Treasure Hunter. Fireworks will remain the same until one is claimed.

Farming & Herblore
Farming Requests requiring animals with the "big boned" trait will now correctly accept those animals.
Animals whose shiny variants are a subspecies in their own right (Araxyte spider & royal dragon) could not be handed in for farming requests. Now night spiders and black dragons are requested in their place.
Players can no longer boost their Herblore levels to access the leveling benefits of Powerbursts, Bombs, or Primal Pulp. You can, however, still boost your levels to create the original potion.
Corrected the name of the Igneous Jadinko.
Primal fruit will now prioritize the initial fruit crushed when making primal pulp.
Players can no longer see other players inside pens on Anachronia dinosaur farm.
Fixed the description for Supreme Growth Potion (Sundry).
The EXP awarded for creating Elder Overload Salves has been adjusted slightly so that either method of making them will award the same EXP regardless of which path was chosen.
Updated the name of the venomous dinosaur egg to better reflect the different breeds.
Antipoison has been changed to Antipoison+ for the Yak Track task.
Fixed an issue with Quickchat not recognizing levels above 99 for Farming and Herblore.
Master Farmer and Patch Bomb issues have now been fixed.
The Elder Overload Potion now correctly appears in the combination section of the skill guide.
All the Powerburst Potions now appear in the milestone section of the skill guide.
The Farming daily challenge now states all of its requirements correctly.
​ ​

Fixed an issue that was blocking the "Tap to Skip Cutscene" option on in-game cutscenes on mobile.
Made a minor performance improvement, the game world is now not rendered when the full screen main menu is opened on mobile.
Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering spellbook spells Create Gatestone 2 and Gatestone 2 Teleport that was causing the icon to be split in half.
Changed the position of the G.E map icon so it's no longer overlapped by the bank icon and G.E label.
Main menu side panel has been made bigger to prevent text clipping when the game is played in French.
Fixed an issue with the River of Blood quest in which players' could get stuck when talking with Vanescula Drakan.
​ ​

Ground Wyvern Bones can now be stored inside a Beast of Burden.
Fixed an issue with a "complete the action" master clue that couldn't be advanced.
Mining with Porters or Stone Spirits will now correctly count towards a Mining daily challenge. However, this will still only count as 1 towards the progress of the challenge.
Corresponding action bar keybindings no longer trigger when they have been immediately been entered in as chat.
Updated the reward value for relics within the elite dungeon chests to correctly show as the items high alchemy value.
Using an Explosive Potion on a burning barricade in Castle Wars will no longer crash the client.
Absorbing memories into empty divine charges via the Divine-o-Matic Vacuum now counts towards the Daily Divination Challenge.
Having a Divination Cache Boost active and depositing all memories in your inventory will now count all deposited memories towards a Divination Daily Challenge.
Creatures of Daemonheim Slayer task now include all creatures.
The Burthorpe/Taverley slayer master has apparently been missing from the Slayer skill guide for at least 7 years. They’re back now.
Completing a Sliske's Endgame replay no longer awards Treasure Hunter keys.
Bronze Pickaxes can no longer be duplicated via the toolbelt.
All Palm Trees near Plover Birds can be chopped down.
Sweet Potatoes can now be banked by Sign of the Porter.
Event notice boards are no longer Yak Track themed, as the event has now ended.
Ducks' movement no longer randomly gets stuck.
Fixed an issue causing players to equip lower-tier variants of the Globetrotter outfit.
Gargoyles now count towards "demon" cluster tasks.
Chronicle Fragment placeholders no longer get removed from the bank once they are converted.
Fixed an issue causing unfavourited currencies to still appear in favourite slots.
Players are now able to collect Red Mist from multiple mist clouds in New Varrock if the player defeats multiple armoured zombies at the same time.
Players can no longer receive Spirit Shards when they already have a full stack in their inventory.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:00 am

PATCH NOTES 13th January 2020

Runefest 2019
The winners of the 2019 Golden Gnome Awards have been awarded their Golden Gnome pets and Golden Gnome hats to their accounts. Congratulations on your wins!

Farming & Herblore
White lily now instantly grows when using the Supreme Growth Potion(leafy) on it.
Updated Meg's dialogue to say green salamanders instead of swamp lizards.
Selecting gather produce with right-click in player owned farm will now correctly update the button state.
It is now possible to cancel pathing after clicking on the mystical tree on manor farm.
There is no longer a confirmation message when travelling from manor farm using the mystical tree.
The Powerburst potion interface will no longer open when mixing some 3 dose potions.
You are now awarded token XP for climbing over the stiles at the Ranch Out of Time.
Pickle the Cat has returned to Manor Farm.

The "Arc - Flippers" achievement can no longer be triggered over and over.
The Medium Lumbridge achievement "Everybody Loves Coal" now has the correct level requirement on the achievement.
The "Friends with Max" achievement can no longer trigger without 99 Constitution.

Fixed repeating audio in the Wilderness.

Nex: Angel of Death
A second, golden, 'of the Praesul' title can now be earned by completing the Nex: Angel of Death drop log including the four intricate chests.

Clue Scrolls
Track colours and intersection graphics were updated on Celtic knots to improve colourblind accessibility.

The mannequins outside of the GE have been updated to show a more snowy version of the Sleigher Armour.
Fixed a clipping issue in the gnome maze.
Fire model graphics have been updated by Islwyn/Eluned.
Teleport animation overrides that have quick versions will now play in place of many more standard teleport animations while activated.
The Makeover Mage took a day trip to Anachronia Farm and decided to give General Bentnoze a makeover. Bentnoze no longer uses his Old School model, and has been replaced with a more up to date model.

When hovering over Hooded QPC, it now says Hooded quest point cape.
Antipoison, super antipoison, energy and super energy flasks can now be consumed from the inventory within the bank interface.
An information popup now appears when attempting to get the results of a Player Owned Ports story voyage via the Captain's Log, to point players back to their port to claim it.
The bank in the Elf Camp will now show on the mini-map after the completion of deadliest catch.
The bounty hunter weapons now display in the skill guides as before they were not there - you will find these weapons in their respective skill guides at level 87.
You can now eat cooked bacon from within the bank interface.
Click area for the world map exit button has been adjusted.
There are now no options present when examining a zygomite that is in the ground.
Hovering over favourite items in currency pouch now shows tooltip.
Right clicking the search box on Diango's interface now comes up with "search" instead of "enter personal message".
A warning now appears when using the Carallanger teleport spell.
Equipping Slayer helmet from the bank now has wear in the options.
When the Wilderness Sword 4 is equipped the Right-click teleport option to the Warband Camp will now appear (previously you had to unequip it first).

Premier Club Vault is no longer showing locked in the minigames tab for premier club 2019 members.
Updated some information on the Premier Club Vault minigames interface.

Fixed mobile safe zones when examining objects, spells and prayers.
Improved pinpoint accuracy of markers on world map.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the region information section from changing when tapping on an island to view more information about it on the Player-Owned Ports Archipelago map.
On Mobile longer names for items on tooltips are now being spread out across two lines instead of just one.
Player Examine interface now takes into consideration mobile notches and safe areas.
Fixed an issue with world map panels being partially cutoff by the notch safe area.
Modernised the checkboxes in the treasure hunter interface on mobile.

Blue triangle key gained from Salt in Wound quest is now centred in the inventory slots.
Quest journal now states that the high priest of Sophanem can be found in the southern part of town.

Monsters killed in Turael/Spria's special slayer assignment without initially tagging them (such as via Corruption Shot/Blast) now count towards task completion.
Tortles now count towards Hunter Daily Challenges.
Cooking potions can be created via the use option.
Players can no longer complete the Farming Daily Challenge early by gathering from an ill animal.
Disassembling recoloured Ranger Boots now correctly awards Fortunate Components.

Fixed a typo when using an equipment separator on a non-augmented item.
A full stop has been added when examining Ysondria.
Removed duplicate messaging in the spring cleaner tutorial.
Some of the messaging displayed when interacting with charming moths no longer refers to them as butterflies.
Typo when extending daily hunter challenge has been corrected.
Typo in examine text for the Hangar table seen in the Gnome glider hangar has been corrected.
Typo in dialogue box when destroying Jerrod's cape has been corrected.
Untradeable is now spelt correctly in the Wealth Evaluator interface.

Using a World Event 1 token will no longer teleport players inside a rock during the Bonfire Festival.
Players who had skilling items left over from the Wintumber Warmer event will no longer be able to use them and continue to claim XP. Once they have been used up, the XP gain will stop.
Crystal Geodes now have a chance to give Crystal Triskelion Fragments both before and after completing the Roving Elves Quest.
Rainbow aura/gaze token can now be searched/bought on the Grand exchange.
Users will now receive an alert when trying to edit ribbons in combat.
Player no longer disconnects from game when releasing skillchompas from the worn equipment tab in the bank interface.
The Ship's Biscuit is no longer tradeable.
Component bag tutorial messages have been updated.
Can no longer Escape/Surge while wearing the Goebie mask.
Fixed a pair of floor tiles north of Draynor causing the player to move unexpectedly.
Corrupted magic logs will no longer need to be manually used on a portable fletcher.
The charming imp can now collect or gather all variations of spirit gem when they are dropped as loot.
It's no longer possible to get multiple scrolls from the dying knight at the entrance to God Wars Dungeon.
Oddments store will now have enchanted note paper instead of magic notepaper.
Crossbow limbs no longer get equipped in the shield slot when equipping them from the bank.
Adjusted clan member anniversary messaging to better account for calendar months and years as well as adding a new 1 month anniversary message.

Rainbow's End
A bug in the ‘Firework Festival’ Treasure Hunter promotion allowed some players to re-roll prizes indefinitely. Upon investigation, we discovered that there was an increased injection of GP into the game during the period the bug was live (approximately double that seen on a typical day). This is not a significant amount in terms of the overall game economy. You can read the full post here.
Fixed an issue with Rainbow's End that prevented players from claiming a 1x multiplier unlock if they already had x7 multiplier unlocked.
Back to Top

Twitch Prime
On Tuesday, some players were unable to receive their Twitch Prime rewards. We then applied a hotfix to resolve this which accidentally allowed everyone to receive the rewards - which we then hotfixed. Sorry for the confusion!
Players that were supposed to receive the Twitch Prime Cosmetic Outfit will now correctly receive this on login.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:32 am

PATCH NOTES 20th January 2020

Intercept can now be refreshed on a target already affected by the spell.

Clue Scrolls
Clues will now automatically go into the Charos Clue Carrier if the players inventory is full.
Clue Scroll NPC's will now remind you that you also need the original clue when handing in a puzzle.

Content creators, rejoice! You can now get up close and personal to those absolute units in Anachronia before they get camera shy and disappear.

You can now get closer to an object before it will fade out when in free camera mode and cutscenes.

Fixed the issue greying out gather buttons in player owned farms.
Modernized the look of the banking perk interface on legendary pets.
Clan event notice board information dropdowns now populate upon first selection.
Fixed bug where the "Monster Examine" spell gave the wrong life points total when dealing with certain modified versions of Monsters.
The freecam option has been moved to the Compass menu.

We’ve added descriptive text to the following items to better explain their new teleport functions:

The Arc Journal
The Menaphos Journal
Globetrotter Arm Guards

Fixed Stronghold of Security interface/dialogue window overlap on mobile.
Resolved a problem with the ordering of options when long-pressing on the Summoning Globe from the mobile HUD.

We have moved extra options from the world map top-level interface into some others:

Open World Select - Moved onto Home Teleport menu.
Freecam - Removed (as unavailable on mobile).
Skybox/Filters - Moved onto Mini-Map toggle menu.

"Demons" cluster slayer assignment now counts imps as demons.
Doing damage through recoils can now be utilised to progress a variety of slayer tasks that previously could not be progressed in this manner.
Fixed an issue stopping Death from allowing players to reroll Reaper tasks.
Can now continue to pick Phoenix Feathers with the skillcape perk active whilst having a noted feather and no remaining free inventory slots.

Text no longer overflows into the next dialogue box when investigating QBD entrance.
Almas’ examine text typo has been corrected.
Examine text has been changed on Tier 1 Spa in Anachronia.

Can no longer equip broken Cinderbane gloves from the bank.
Used Cinderbane gloves will now drop in PvP.
The mushroom patch in Tirannwn/Isafdar now takes players to the correct skill guide location.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 27, 2020 3:02 pm

Patch Notes 27th January 2020

Keybinds for the action button trigger (such as the one used to place a Blessing of Nature or to phase into the mind of Solak) no longer triggers while chat is in focus.

The Cleaners have swept up the Remnants of the Yak Track area in Burthorpe.
Player no longer disappears halfway through the Hefin rope slide animation.

A number of abilities and items were causing player movement to visually stall on use. These have now been fixed. These changes should make combat feel smoother.
Dominion Gloves no longer visually stall your movement when they activate.
The Disruption shield spell animation is no longer cancelled if you move whilst using it.
The Staff of Sliske special attack will no longer stall your movement when cast.
Ranged abilities will no longer visually stall you in place when used.
Special attacks from the God Staves will no longer visually stall you when moving after casting.
When sharing damage via Soul Link you will no longer be visually stalled if moving around.

Using Bladed dive on an NPC no longer changes their name to "Tap to Find a Target" or change their combat level to N/A.
A kill timer is now available at Kalphite Queen and the Corporeal Beast.
Closing certain chat-based input dialogues no longer causes clicks to sometimes be ignored where the dialogue used to be.
Spirit gems can no longer be equipped via the bank.
Freecam's help menu is now moved to the right side of the screen.
Ice spells in the Ancient Spellbook now have descriptions that match their effects.
Expanded drop-down menus in the world-hop interface now hide correctly when settings are closed.
Retrieving runes from the large yellow rune pouch no longer equips the item from within the bank interface.
The boss portal ‘attune’ interface has been updated.
Legacy combat users will no longer be able to see creatures walking about with 0 hit points.

Fixed a bug that let the Soul Wars shop steal Zeal if you didn't have the requirements for one of its pets.

Updated the World Wakes boulder puzzle to have improved tapping accuracy, added a top-down camera view, and remade the info interface to be mobile-friendly.
2D cut scenes are now being presented correctly on mobile devices.

During 'the great brain robbery' quest, Dr Frankenstrain will no longer take all of your hammers, he will now correctly take 1 hammer.
Ironmen will now return to the entrance of the Kalphite Queen's lair upon exiting the Do No Evil cutscene located in the same area instead of joining an open instance.

Frost dragons will now consistently work towards both Dragons cluster tasks and Creatures of Daemonheim cluster tasks assigned from Laniakea.
An issue has been fixed where players would sometimes be able to re-check the health of Cacti immediately after already doing so.

Free To Play Players retrieving Members items from death will not be told to partially empty their bank.
Adamant Dragons were incorrectly giving too many inert Adrenaline Crystals. This has now been reduced to its intended amount.
Merchant will no longer always catch you stealing from the wine stall in Lumbridge.
Spinolyps seen in Dagannoth King fight will no longer drop items that are unreachable to the player.
An issue where logging into F2P would sometimes switch your currently selected action bar has been fixed.
The door on the right of Rashiliyia's tomb can now be used to enter the tomb.
Brawling gloves are no longer shown on items saved on the death list when entering the wilderness.
The charming imp can now place collected spirit gems directly into the spirit gem bag.

Previously, there was an issue where players who lost their eggs would not be able to prestige their aquarium. Those who have experienced this bug will find the fish in their tank and do not need to reacquire the fish egg.
Fixed an issue where players could lose POH aquarium eggs and not be able to prestige the aquarium.
POH aquarium eggs will no longer be lost on death.

F2P Players can no longer use the Large and Huge Celebration Lamps when they select the "Use All" option.
Fixed an issue where the prize pool for Gone Yak Tracking would not be refreshed from the previous promo.
Hotfix: Further improved checks to Powerburst Potions’ cooldown and activation - this will prevent gaining double effects triggering by spam clicking.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:47 pm

PATCH NOTES 3rd February 2020

To meet the aims of improving the value of ore, as well as to further increase the value of stone spirits, we’ve made some changes to player stamina while Mining.
Damage dealt to rock’s HP now scales with the player's current mining stamina. With no stamina remaining, swings provide only 20% of the damage that is dealt at full stamina (outside random damage variation and critical hits). Rocks that don't reduce stamina (like red sandstone and Arc crablets) aren't affected by these changes. As before, you can restore stamina by clicking/tapping on a rock again.
Modifiers from pickaxe tier, rock hardness, strength level, and critical hit damage are unchanged and work as before.
Stamina is restored automatically when stone spirits are consumed while under the effect of a perfect juju mining potion.
Stamina no longer depletes while mining Seren Stones, as such Seren stones have had their HP increased from 1500 to 2000.
Updated the mining skill guide to include Anachronia mining locations for various ores.

To meet the aims of improving the availability of invention components that were more easily obtained before the M&S rework via weapons & armour we’ve made some changes. We’ve buffed the chances of obtaining components rather than parts from Elder Rune equipment. Due to these large increases in available parts & components, the breakdown perk's activation chance has been adjusted to compensate.
All smithable items now disassemble into 4 Invention parts or components per bar used in their creation.

For example, a 2h sword with no upgrades, which requires 4 bars to create, breaks down into 16 parts or components. An elder rune platebody + 5, which requires 160 bars to create from scratch, breaks into 640 parts or components.

Elder rune equipment now has a higher chance of breaking into components rather than parts, compared to other tiers of equipment. Component 1 increased from 3% to 9% per roll. Component 2 increased from 2% to 6% per roll.
Breakdown Perk Activation Chance from 0.8% per rank per bar, down to a flat 0.8% per rank.

Winter Chill Off
Empowered Blight Staff and Sword are now available as rewards from the Winter Chill Off.
Hotfix: Fixed Norm in the Winter Chill Off event to allow you to correctly purchase the Currency Doubler through the dialogue options if you have the Blightreaver unlocked
Hotfix: Some skilling stations have been adjusted in Winter Chill Off as they were changing states quicker than anticipated.
Hotfix: The Winter Chill-Off interface will now correctly display how much increased experience a player will earn from the event.

A recent patch caused some issues with sound effects in the game. This week we are launching a fix that should resolve the issue on desktop. A fix for mobile is in the works.
Resolved an issue preventing specific sound effects from playing on desktop.
Audio for attuning the Shadow Reef portal and Liberation of Mazcab have been fixed to play the correct sounds.

God Wars Dungeon
The War’s Retreat Reaper Portal now checks for all normal access requirements when pointed at a God Wars Dungeon boss.
Hotfix: Ancient Ceremonial will once again bypass the kill count requirement when trying to enter the Nex boss area.

Resolved an issue preventing the client from launching on some Intel HD Integrated Graphics.
Fixed an issue preventing the launcher installer from working on older versions of OSX.

Graphics issues with NPCs at longer draw distances while using the free cam has been fixed.

Boss pets will now show the correct player’s killcount when examined.

Non-direct combat methods can now be utilized to progress a variety of slayer tasks that previously could not be progressed in this manner.

Various Mining & Smithing typos have been fixed and corrected.
The description of the Balancing Wand has been cut down in order to fix an issue where the text was overlapping.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:01 am

PATCH NOTES 10th February 2020

War’s Retreat
A few more updates to our new PvM Hub. The dev team are still scouring our socials for feedback to make it the best it can possibly be for your PvM needs, so your input is much appreciated!
Adrenaline urns can now be filled via the Adrenaline crystals in War's Retreat.
Boss Timers now vanish properly if the player flees the fight.
A tooltip has been added to Marks of War currency.
The entrance to War's Retreat in Draynor has been renamed to be more thematic.
The unlock hint for the music track "Dare to Die" now mentions War's Retreat.
Added some blocking to gravestones in War's Retreat to prevent player models clipping through in some situations.
The PvM Hub Reaper portal now checks for all normal access requirements when pointed at a God Wars Dungeon boss.
Added a message for people burning logs on War's Campfire.
Boss portals can now be interacted with from a longer range.
Teleporting to War's Retreat via the spellbook teleport will now clear active combat effects such as bleeds.
The option on War for checking 'Mark of War' cooldown has been renamed to be more obvious.
Entering Wars retreat now turns the camera.

Based on player feedback, we have made the following changes to Araxxor to bring path 3 more inline with the other paths.
The damage Araxxor does when charging the wall in path 3 has been increased. A successful dodge will now do 100% wall damage and an unsuccessful attempt will do 50%.
The time before Araxxor's first charge attack has been reduced slightly.
The time between Araxxor's charges after a failed dodge has been reduced.
The Barrows
Players can no longer deploy dreadnips when fighting brothers at The Barrows.

Auras are no longer deactivated on death in dangerous PvP scenarios.

Fixed an issue with the four face buttons not animating when stood on during the canal puzzle section in the Liberation of Mazcab raid.
There are no longer old ground tiles used in Draynor Village near the wheat field.
Tool decor attached to a wall in the Lumbridge smithing area has been moved forward so the tools no longer clip through the wall.

Saws, snow globes, and arctic pine logs can no longer be equipped via the bank interface.
Fixed an issue in which destroying golden fish eggs from the bank wouldn't allow you to reobtain them.
Vampyric blood essence will now only message the player once when dropping below 500 charges.
When making offhand darts, the interface will now remember that you want the offhand version and will not try to make you create regular darts.
Players are now correctly navigated to the relevant menu when attempting to create a baked potato when other possible recipes are seen in the inventory.
Hotfix:Updated the interface for Gone Yak Tracking when refreshing prizes to show the correct amount of oddments needed.

Fixed a minor issue with a misaligned highlighting on the Magic Book interface.
Fixed an issue blocking the custom controls for the Baron Von Hattenkrapper bombing sequences in the Pirate quest series.
All reward store buttons that display "Locked" now return a tooltip on mobile which explains the requirements to unlock.

Once Upon a Slime is released this week, go help King Slime find true love in this new permanent novice quest!
The Purple Cat miniquest and Fremennik sagas no longer appear as started in the Runemetrics quest log when you have completed them.
Fremennik sagas now appear as started when you have finished the abridged saga, and completed when you have finished the unabridged saga.
Players can now advance the Spirit of Summer quest when using a supreme growth potion to grow the limpwurt root.

When fighting moss golems, social slayer partners can now deal with each other's mossy rock NPC spawn-prevention as well as their own.
Smelting gauntlets now count towards blacksmiths outfit set bonus.
The remote farming machine now updates the status of a fully grown calquat tree.
Daily fishing challenge can now be completed when setting the Fury Shark outfit to "consume fish".
The price of the supreme growth potion (sundry) has been increased from 400 to 1000 beans.
Hotfix:Living Rock creatures' souls can once again be captured in ushabtis without being on a Slayer task to kill them.

Fixed an issue which led to players being unable to access their inventory after dying.
Reporting a player for bug abuse no longer links you to a non-existent web page.
Fixed an issue where rune pouches wouldn't fill with rune or pure essence as well as changing rune essence into pure essence.
Player is no longer forced to walk one step north on a tile near the river next to the pet shop in Taverley.
The camera will no longer bob up and down when cancelling a trip into the water during "Recipe for disaster".
Fixed some overlapping safety checks causing forced teleports along the east cliff side of Prifddinas in the Tirannwn woods near the Arandar pass.
The "Friends Trail" option is now only listed once in the gameplay settings under social.
Friend and clan chat announcements now correctly trigger upon elite task set completion.
You can now cancel your action when jumping over the strange floor in Taverly dungeon.
Fixed an error with clanniversary broadcasts for players that joined clans before early April 2011.
Clicking the compass in the Seagull sections of a Clockwork Syringe and Pieces of Hate will face the player north.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:00 am

PATCH NOTES 17th February 2020

Once Upon a Slime

Have you helped King Slime find love yet? It's not too late!
King Slime's Top Hat now appears at the start of the newest list within the player wardrobe.
Fixed a typo that occurs in the Once Upon A Slime quest.
Completing the quest will now allow players to re-equip their Comp Capes without having to log back in.


Death can be difficult to work with, even at the best of times.
Players can no longer receive the first two bosses from Elite Dungeons as Reaper assignments.
Fixed a bug that allowed players' to walk inside the portals.

Semi-active miners were unintentionally impacted by a change to AFK mining rates. To remedy this we have adjusted the rates as follows:
*100% stamina = 100% damage
*1-99% stamina = 90% damage
*0% stamina = 20% damage
Players only chasing rockertunities should now find their rates similar to before

Pushed a number of server-side optimisations and futureproofing measures for Diango's item storage.
The Winter Chill off has now been removed from the Lumbridge Crater.
The uncompressed textures setting has been re-enabled.

Bug Fixes
No one likes encounter bugs when they play, so each week we do our best to squash as many as we can!

Fixes labelled Hotfix were addressed between weekly releases.
Action bar keybinds are no longer slightly delayed after exiting various interfaces. The short delay still remains after committing to a chat message.
Fixed an issue with clan noticeboard 'thread ID paste' causing a crash/loss of functionality on mobile.
The broadcast for a HSR drop will now be displayed in areas where this was previously missed.
Fixed a bug that made enemies in GWD2 impossible to kill.
Can now pick up a stackable relic from the ground with a full inventory containing the stackable item.
Fixed an issue that stopped players completing The Mighty Fall.
Mixing a Harralander potion with only swordfish in your inventory will now make a cooking potion without opening the interface.
Fixed an issue with dinosaur leather not being recognized as usable against a portable crafter.
Removed [ph] item from the GE.
Corrected an issue where the Content Recommendation System could display a blank Latest Quest.
Players are no longer able to use the lockers in Rimmington if they haven't been unlocked via partial completion of the Rocking Out quest.
Hatchets now correctly give four components per bar used in the making of them when disassembled.
A worn Zamorak insignia will now stop Zamorak's forces attacking you within God Wars Dungeon 1.
Fixed an issue that allowed a large number of broken/degraded items to be equipped via the bank.
The Prosper perk from the Invention skill now states which level of clue you obtain when it activates.

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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Oobz » Tue Feb 18, 2020 10:00 am

Thanks Cally :)
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Re: Patch Notes 2020

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:55 pm

PATCH NOTES 24th February 2020

Quality Of Life Improvements
ScreenHunter 404.png
ScreenHunter 404.png (576.79 KiB) Viewed 10 times

The Skills Necklace has been updated to include teleports to the Invention, Runecrafting and Farming guilds.
The "You have been poisoned!" message displayed when fighting Gregorovic in God Wars Dungeon 2 can now be filtered in the chat box.
The "Helwyr's continued attacks cause you to lose even more blood!" message displayed when fighting Helwyr in God Wars Dungeon 2 can now be filtered in the chat box.
The "Collect all to" buttons on the Collection Box interface have been switched around to match the ordering of the buttons on the Grand Exchange interface.
An Ancient Seed has been added to the Herby Werby Reward Shop. When planted using the Inventory option, the Ancient Seed will teleport you to Herby Werby on Anachronia.
Faction seals in God Wars Dungeon 2 will no longer drop from bosses if you have reached the max reputation for a faction.
Apoterrasaurs now follow the correct tier ordering in the Animal Breeding Log.
The Invention Make-X interface has been given some TLC.
Items are now categorised based on their functionality, such as "Core Invention Items" and "Combat Support". This can be accessed via the dropdown on the interface.
All items are now ordered by Invention level where appropriate except in the "Core Invention Items" category. This was an exception to ensure that similar types of items stayed next to each other on the list and that familiarity with this was not lost.
Augmented combat equipment has also been re-ordered, starting with Body, then Legs. It's also sorted by tier.
The Tower of Life altars can now unnote the first ingredient of a creature's recipe by using the noted item on the altar, or by right clicking/long pressing the altar. This will unnote one item at a time, and will not work with the swordchick altar as the swordchick does not drop noted raw swordfish.
Buy 1, 5, 10, All, and X options have been added to Angof's Crystal Armour Shop on Tarddiad.

Diversity Improvements
ScreenHunter 405.png
ScreenHunter 405.png (634.16 KiB) Viewed 10 times

The word ‘Gypsy’ has been removed from Aris’ name and examine text as this word could be interpreted as a racial slur.
Various NPCs in Karamja have been given more appropriate titles.
Various NPCs in the Kharidian Desert have had their name changed from 'Ali' to better reflect the diverse variety of names we see in real life.
Some dialogue in the Kindred Spirits quest has been altered to remove unintended offense.

120 Farming and Herblore
ScreenHunter 406.png
ScreenHunter 406.png (563.57 KiB) Viewed 10 times
Updated the examine text of the Harvest Potion so all the different doses are now consistent.
You now gain Farming Reputation from harvesting calquat fruits.
Messaging is now displayed telling players why using Growth Potions or Patch Bombs on money trees at Manor Farm will not work.
Salamanders have received a nudge of 'encouragement' from Prehistoric Potterington, and will now breed at faster rates.
Flies are now stackable.
Players can now reliably decant potions without opening a crafting menu.
Player can now fill up plant pots from the bloodwood tree and money tree patch at Manor Farm.
Harvesting from bush patches while using the wolpertinger familiar will now correctly award Farming Reputation.
Cave nightshade is now far less frustrating to harvest from inside the skavid caves. Players will now find more spots to harvest them from and will receive token Farming XP for doing so, but must wear gloves to avoid getting poisoned. Picking cave nightshade now also works with Signs of the Porter.
Wolpertinger familiars now correctly fill Farming urns when harvesting bushes.
After struggling to say Green Salamanders, Meg has gone back to calling them Swamp Lizards. The text shown now matches her VO.
A 'Sell All' option has been added to Baby Shakes.

Modified Farmer's Hat and Amulet of Bountiful Harvest now message in green when seeds are saved in the sowing process.
Improved the visibility of messages generated for users when interacting with the Slayer Rewards shop on mobile.
The Beast of Burden Inventory icons have been updated to use circular slots that match the main backpack Inventory.
Fixed a typo on a Treasure Hunter popup on mobile.
Fixed an issue that was blocking scrolling on mobile when browsing Invention blueprints on the discovery side of the workbench.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Member's Founder Pack interface to be displayed too soon for new users on the mobile client.
The bank placement indicators should now appear on mobile.
Removed PC terminology from the lodestone teleport interface on mobile.

The Mining Stamina Bar is now on by default for players that have a mining level of 15 or greater. You can turn this off by going to your gameplay settings > skills > Mining.
If a player has one of Turael's Burthorpe Introductory Paths selected when they level up to become an "experienced" player, their Path will now be cleared since all the items in the selected Path will appear as complete.
Lady Deathknell has closed down the Combat Academy and the Lumbridge Market has noticed the free real estate and moved in. The nearby Bank chest remains intact. Some of the combat training dummies have been moved to Burthorpe's training camp.

No one likes encounter bugs when they play, so each week we do our best to squash as many as we can!
Fixes labelled Hotfix were addressed between weekly releases.
Hotfix: The hard farming requester now correctly hands out a random Barrows item.
Activated auras are no longer sent to inventory when the player is killed in PvP zones.
The quest marker for Once Upon a Slime is now removed from the minimap and worldmap upon completion.
The "Dibs on the First Batch" Achievement on the Farming path can now be finished as intended.
Fixed an issue with Crafting menus highlighting the wrong items.
Fixed a client crash that was caused by equipping specific uncharged augmented gear.
Wendy will now correctly dye your cat when asked after completing Purple Cat (Miniquest).
Incense buffs are no longer removed when leaving the Fight Kiln.
The "Steel Yourself for Combat" Achievement now works for upgraded steel items.
Fixed an issue in which the contents of an ore box was being deposited into a player's Inventory if the box had previously been placed into a full Bank upon death.
When trying to equip a Completionist Cape from the Bank without the requirements the cape will no longer visually remain in the Back slot.
The Death of Chivalry quest now correctly accounts for players who have chosen V as their god.
Can no longer check POF animals in other locations if the action is performed while Teleporting.
Restored full reclaim functionality for Sentinel and Trapper outfits to Diango's storage system.
Fixed an issue preventing some Body and Leg pieces from skilling outfits from being reclaimed.
Prevented the ability to claim multiple skilling outfit pieces via Diango's storage system.
A bug that was causing an issue with some people's Player Owned House has been fixed. If you were affected by this issue you can visit your designated portal to remove the extra rooms and have the materials refunded.
A bug that was causing players to lose ownership of their cannon if another player logs out with an active cannon has been fixed. There might still be the odd occurrence here or there, so be sure to use the feedback form linked above if you still encounter this issue..

Phew, made it through! We said it was long, didn't we!
Lots of useful changes this week, particularly focusing on improving day to day gameplay. What was your favourite change? Let us know using the feedback links at the top of the page.
Catch you next time!

~ Mod Kari and The RuneScape Team

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