Player owned farms

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Player owned farms

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:04 pm

Here's the lowdown and reqs from the RSOF :D

Player Owned Farm
Player Owned Farm!
This week is all about getting your hands dirty. Slaying dragons may be what the fine folk at the Flying Horse Inn are gossiping about, but raising dragons is the calling of the truly bold. So bring not your armour and your sword – it’s time to grab some dirty overalls and a mucking fork and get stuck into the wonderful world of farming!
Player Owned Farm is a brand new way to work on your Farming Skill, and was one of the most sought after requests from the community Build-a-Backlog poll. The update comes courtesy of the Judges team, with frequent help and direction from the RuneScape community who spent many hours nattering away with Mod Raven and Mod Rowley in the RuneScape Player Owned Farm Discord channel.
The community has been so involved in the shaping of such a large chunk of this content drop – so a massive, very horticultural ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to help us shape Player Owned Farm!

Those wishing to brave the world of tillage and animal husbandry will need:
17 Farming
20 Construction
Access to the Ardougne LodeStone
RuneScape Membership
Starting Off
Once you arrive, head over to dear old Granny Potterington and she’ll run you through the basics of getting your farm up and running. Once you have completed the tutorial you'll start by farming rabbits, before working your way up through a range of species… and yes, those who put in the hard toil will indeed be able to farm dragons!
And on that farm I had a...
So you're probably wondering, how do I get animals for my farm? Well, you can get animals from your farm by:
Farming Mushrooms
Killing Animals
(All of the above result in you murdering the parent and stealing their offspring - you utter, cruel, monster.)
However, you can also buy some animals from Granny should you prefer. (Which is most definitely the nicer option... you're a nice person, right?)
Once you have your animals, here’s a few pointers on how the farm operates:
There are four different pens: small, medium, large and the breeding pen - it's here that you can make lots of babies and try and create the perfect breed.
Breeding new animals can result in different perks and traits, and bred animals can even have multiple stackable traits. For example, a bred animal may be less susceptible to disease, or instead return greater than normal XP. Some may have a higher potential to poo gold – yes, you heard us correctly.
As your animal grows, you'll be able to gather XP and farming materials from it.
There’s also the chance of producing an ultra-rare shiny version of an animal! However, because Mod Raven worked on this farm, you may also find yourself birthing an evil animal. Because of course he would make that possible...
Mucking Out - a new way to get compost!
Everybody poos and your new farm animals are no exception. Luckily there's a silver lining to the animals' tendency to distribute their produce far and wide - you can use this as a training method to help you get more farming XP!
With the poo itself you can make standard compost. Plus, if you're lucky enough to have a dragon on your farm, you can use dragon muck to create the all-new Ultra Compost.
Rewards you ask? Of course there are a "shed-load" of rewards, as if owning your own farm wasn't a reward enough?
Standard and Ultra Compost
All new Skilling Potions! (starting from standard, and working up to extremes) - secondary items are gained from gathering from the animals.
The Skilling Potions skills are: Divination, Hunter, Invention and RuneCrafting
There is also the brand new ‘Elite Farmers Outfit’. This is the first Elite Skilling Outfit that is not from Treasure Hunter and is gained in-game. Whoop!
Premier Club Pays
All Gold Premier Club Members can claim a chest from the Grand Exchange, inside which they will find an all new surprise! (and if you’ve been paying attention you may just know what that is…)

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