DXP Experience Limitations

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DXP Experience Limitations

Post by Cally Raven » Wed May 17, 2017 10:15 am

The Invention skill works differently than other skills, in the following ways[1]:

Item experience is gained at 150% of the normal rate (1.5x normal experience)
Creating items on an inventor's workbench gives 150% of the normal experience (1.5x)
Disassembling typical items (not "levellable" equipment, see below) will give 150% of the normal experience (1.5x)
Disassembling and siphoning equipment (augmented equipment, Fishing rod-o-matic, etc.) does not give any bonus experience
The following actions do not provide any bonus experience:

Quest experience rewards
Any experience earned through the Assist System
Items/locations that already give bonus experience, including:
Ancient effigies
Brawling gloves
Chaos Temple
Dragon Rider amulet
Dungeoneering Wildcards
Dwarven tools
Experience lamps
Filled penance horns
Goldsmith gauntlets
Player-owned house altars
Sacred clay items
Summer Beach Party cocktails
Tomes of experience
The Wisdom of Scabaras effect of the desert pantheon aura
Experience rewards from activities including:
All Fired Up
Daily Challenges
Distractions and Diversions
Handing in strange rocks and golden rocks
Jade vine
Anything which allows points to be exchanged for experience, including:
Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets
Dungeoneering tokens
Mrs Winkin's World of Seeds shop from Vinesweeper
Slayer incentives
Ironman Mode players are also disallowed from participating.

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