Help a combat/slayer noob

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Red Anomaly
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Help a combat/slayer noob

Post by Red Anomaly » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:36 pm

So I've mostly been a skiller/quester in my time playing RS, but I'm working on getting better at combat. I thought I'd pick yall's brains on some things:

What slayer tasks do you all prefer / block and why?

Why do people use rocktails? They're 3 times the price of sharks and don't heal all that much more (300 extra HP at most). I understand for some low kills per trip bosses like araxxor or ROTS it might help, but in GWD or QBD I don't see much difference using them, especially to justify the cost. And then there's rocktail soup which is even more ridiculous for another 200 HP. Am I missing something?

Any other advice/tips/tricks I might not know to help me transition from skiller to killer?

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Re: Help a combat/slayer noob

Post by Aerumnous » Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:46 am

Wooooo killing!

I prefer airut, dark beasts and abyssal demons because they are fast and I enjoy slaying them.

I've blocked black demons, tzharr, desert and lava strykes, skeletal wyverns and grotworms. I just block things that annoy me, there isn't any strategy involved in my blocks.

I use great white sharks for most things. They heal 2100hp and are about 1k gp.

If you use revolution these bars are pretty handy for dps.

Also if you use overloads holy overloads are cheaper per dose than normal overloads so are definitely worth getting.

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