Patch Notes 2019

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:09 am

PATCH NOTES 18th November 2019

Resolved the issues affecting the buff bar. (Last Tuesday)
Fixed an issue stopping action bars from being accessible.
Fixed an issue stopping crushed gemstones from being dropped by the action bar.
Weapon poison buff is now removed once dead.
Reaper buff icon is now removed when unequipping the reaper necklace.
Both superior dragons claws are now equipped when selected from inventory.

Player is now stopped from harvesting from a crystal tree based on how many inventory spaces are required.
Fixed an issue stopping players from adding logs to the pot boiler in Silvarea.
You will now receive a clearer message on how to summon Penny once the pet is unlocked.
Fixed an issue that stopped hotkeys from working if players had not finished editing their settings.
Black Knight captain armour will now count as a fortress disguise if partially keepsaked and activated alongside equipped armour from the set.
Fixed legacy combat auto retaliate in the fight caves after killing Tz-kih.
Fixed an issue causing the First Age Tiara to not teleport players to their player-owned houses.
Fixed an issue causing geode chances in the Mining level benefits section of the skillguide to be incorrectly described.
Anagram and Riddle clue scrolls now provide a message when the players inventory is full and will not drop the puzzle box on the floor.
Mining Guild hidden mine is now listed as f2p.
Fixed an issue in the conquest minigame where Command Points would always display as 1000.
TH button gets updated when receiving a key.
Players can now join their friends at Ooglog via the social menu.
The Black Pearl maximum bonus experience will now visually appear correctly to calculate from non-elite skills.
Bronze pickaxes no longer get added to tool-belt whilst already having on.e
Fixed an issue allowing you to collect additional engrams without first prestiging.
Ring of Kinship will no longer dupe while item is in the bank.
Switching worn objects whilst on agility bikes will now correctly dismount the player from the bike.
Added sound effect to the deep sea fishing notes when redeeming XP.
The x/y tracker for an achievement path in the activity tracker heading now displays the selected achievement in the path, not the completed achievements in the path.
To keep the systems in sync, selecting a locked or completed achievement in the path window now also selects this achievement in the activity tracker.
Content icons in the activity tracker now display a padlock over locked achievements and a tick over completed achievements, in a similar fashion to the achievement path window.
Players will now see that, when taking the form of a Vyre or camel during the minigame, Heist and using the unsheathe option, the Vyre or camel model that they have taken the form of will no longer distort.
Placeholders for golden rocks are no longer removed when building the statue of Rhiannon.
Animate Rock Scroll can no longer be equipped via bank.
Blood amulet of fury (empty) can now be saved in a bank preset.
Displayed requirement to make Relicym's balm has been changed
Diamond in the rough's quest journal no longer skips ahead of the actual quest.
Clicking on the rift will no longer trigger the achievement before starting the quest.
Fixed quest journal location for Oziach during Dragon Slayer quest.
Fixed an issue allowing hidey-holes to be used during Evil Dave's Big Day Out.

Fixed an issue with the on-screen dialogue window where a user was unable to tap on the right side to continue if the dialogue window featured an item on mobile.
Fixed an issue with the mobile founders pack interface loading to soon in certain situations which was causing a blank screen.
To prevent unresponsive behaviour on mobile. The emotes tab has been removed from the Social window on mobile only.
Mobile players can still access all their emotes and transmogs from the right hand side ribbon or by dragging a favourite to an action bar slot.
Added a "Toggle Minimap" option to the minimenu of the toggle button on mobile.
Fixed an issue with Treasure Hunter prize collect screen on mobile that caused part of the background texture to be out of position.
When entering a Player Owned Port in mobile the Visitors section of the Ports HUD is no longer on by default.
Resolved a problem with the Visitors section which caused it to become unresponsive and unable to be reopened if it was open when you began viewing a cutscene.
Resolved an issue which was preventing users from comparing two crew members when editing the crew in the Edit Ship interface. You can now drag units to the compare section.
Fixed an issue that was preventing users from selecting and auto-cast spell if selecting selecting from the Spells tab of the Powers interface on mobile.
Fixed an issue that was causing the right hand ribbon on mobile to be forcibly cleared other than the "Minigames" panel in certain gameplay situations on mobile.
Resolved issue with keyboard not being prompted on clan naming interface (mobile).

Removed map icons for the old lodestone on Tuska.
Added some chat dialogue to clarify why players can't cross the bridge in Temple of Ikov.
Blocking added to Stalagmite in the shadow dungeon.
Fixed an issue allowing pets in the Artisans Workshop.
The flames of the flaming sword effect will now look better on wilderness swords.
Deposit box menus now all refer to as the "bank of Gielinor".

Hyphen has been removed from the item Third age vambraces.
Grammatical error has been corrected when examining Manual Auto-cycle in the empty throne room.
Full-stop has now been added to the text when examining Emir Shah.
Tooltip for Sickle mould now says "Bought from a Crafting shop".
Royal Crossbow examine text is now updated.
A typo in the examine text for empty Ogre Flasks has been fixed.
Fixed an issue in Curse of Arrav where decoder hint text was incorrect.
Fixed a grammatical issue with jade & opal jewellery at different charge levels.
Fixed a typo when constructing the Maul of Omens.
Fixed a typo in head mourner's dialogue in Mourning's End 1.
Fixed a typo in dialogue with Orry.
A typo for enhancers in the Menaphos "The Ominous Sarcophagus Metropolis" has been fixed.
Fixed player title reward in the rewards section for the quest log for "The World Wakes".

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:57 am

PATCH NOTES 25th November 2019

Hey everyone, this week we have a smaller set of fixes due to the big release of Farming & Herblore 120! Here they are:

Players who logged out on the Ashdale boat pier in Taverley prior to its removal will now be teleported to dry land.
The constitution skillcape effect will no longer work when in a fight in the duel arena.
The Bright Inquisitor outfit has been altered slightly to be less intrusive on the cape slot - 99 and 120 capes should now clip a lot less when worn at the same time.
The uncompressed texture setting has been temporarily disabled.
A bug involving the "Rev-enge!" achievement becoming impossible to complete if you left the "Goblin Revenant" until last has been fixed. People who suffered from the bug may need to kill the Revenant dragon in order to complete the achievement.
The View T&Cs option on the Redeem Bonds menu will now correctly navigate the player to the Jagex Terms and Conditions webpage.


An issue that was stopping the progress of tutorial island on mobile has been resolved.
Fixed an issue with quest dialogue on mobile.
Fixed an issue with selling animals at the PoF on mobile.
Fixed a client crash on Mobile when the player is possessed by Mother Mallum during the Salt in the Wound quest.
Fixed a crash when attempting to purify the crystal in the Hefin cathedral during The Light Within.
Players who equipped items required by specific Burthorpe path achievements before reaching that stage in the selected path should now complete the achievement if they currently have the correct melee/ranged/magic/spiked-gauntlets item equipped. The backpack/worn equipment is now only brought to front if an item is currently being highlighted in that inventory.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:59 pm

PATCH NOTES 2nd December 2019

Farming And Herblore 120
It is now possible to add noted insects to the Anachronia dinosaur farm troughs.
Using the Powerburst of Vitality no longer keeps your updated max hp value.
The scroll of cleansing now correctly saves 5 grenwall spikes, rather than 1.
Super Growth potions will now work correctly on flower patches that have been watered.
Primal Feasts and Portions can now be added to Beast of Burden inventories.
Escape no longer puts Surge on cooldown if under the effects of the Powerburst of Movement.
Feedback has been added and will display if a player tries to crush new fruits to create Primal Pulp without the required levels.
The Anachronia build tick message now appears when players visit the Ranch out of Time.
Animal buyers will no longer hang around at the farm once they have all the animals they're after.
A number of changes have been made to do with the Blessed Flask:
- Blessed sand and extra fine sand used for creating the Blessed Flask are now tradeable.
- 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sandstone have had their buy limit on the grand exchange increased to 10,000.
- Left-clicking the extra fine sand will now bless the sand when stood in range of an altar.
- Experience for grinding sandstone and blessing extra fine sand has been increased to 7xp per.
- Blessing extra fine sand now requires level 20 Prayer.
Using the powerburst of vitality no longer keeps your updated max hp value.

Yak Track
Scattering ashes will now correctly add to the progress of the Prayer Tasks in Yak Track.
Updated the Yak Track information buttons to make it easier to differentiate between locked and available tasks.
The Dungeoneering Yak Track tasks will now correctly add progress when doing Occult Floors at high Dungeoneering levels.
A stray select option was removed from the task skip confirmation screen in Yak Track.
A full-stop was added to the fourth slide of the Yak Track tutorial to help break up the sentence.
The Witch's Doll and Abyssal Prowler pets have had the word "pet" added on the Yak Track to help clarify what they are.
Players who have finished a task, but it has not registered as complete will now be able to continue progressing with Yak Track after relogging.
Changed Draynor Village to Draynor Market in the Yak Track.
Count Yakula's position has now been moved to make him more centralized.
Ores that are ported to the metal bank will now correctly add progress to Yak Track Mining tasks.
Particle effects now correctly apply to the flaming skull cosmetic from Yak track.

Drinking an Elder Overload potion and using a Berserker or Maniacal aura will now correctly boost combat stats to 130.
The Shades of Mort'ton now respond when hit with ranged weapons.
Fixed an issue where aggression/corruption scrimshaws could be rapidly activated/deactivated on the action bar to force the aggro of multiple NPCs.
NPCs that have the default option as attack now display the NPC name in the mouseover tooltip.
The Eat Food ability now works when transformed into Gregorovic on challenge mode.
The Eat Food ability now works during the Arraxor's cocoon special attack.

The Barrows amulet can no longer be used for Brothers in Arms.
If you destroy the book "The End of Gara-Dul" and chop the idol in Karamja the achievement no longer triggers and no extra runescore is given.

Players should now be able to world hop into VIP worlds if they have Premier Club access.
Stopped players from being able to use items directly from their Beast of Burden when skilling such as making potions with ingredients from a pack yak.
Creating unfinished potions will no longer provide duplicate vials.
The Escape ability no longer turns the player to face the direction they have moved.
Fixed an issue where the Valentine's Slam buff was being removed from the buff bar on logout.
Lapis lazuli will now function with the Jack of Trades aura.
Food and potions now function from the action bar in Stealing Creation.
Converted error messages when trying to reclaim an item from Diango with insufficient money from a chat message to an error box. This improves visibility on mobile.
Swimming animation is no longer occurring when heading to the top floor of the ship on Harmony Island.
Dogs no longer appear as members only in the Summoning skill guide.
Fixed an issue with the 'Choose A Tool' interface where the buttons would stop working after pressing on the arrow keys.
Telegrabbing gems now correctly places the gems in a players gem bag.
Churns now fill cooking urns as intended.
Fixed a bug where butterflies were not filling hunter urns when caught with a net.
Fixed a script error when adding a log to a bonfire for the first time.
Treasure Hunter probabilities are now available on Desktop via the 'show probabilities' button.
Ingots now take 2 ticks to make.
The Smithing autoheater's message to tell you when your item has been reheated can now be filtered.
The system message when another user is requesting assistance from you has changed from a hard to read dark purple to an easier to read light blue.
Players can now consistently log into an instance shard world.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:45 am

PATCH NOTES 9th December 2019

Farming And Herblore 120
Corrected the naming of the diseased Jadinko when it appears inside a Ranch out of Time pen.
Players may once again give their animals to Baby Shakes so that they may be devoured in exchange for beans.
The Castle Wars tickets obtained from farming requests are now added directly to your currency pouch. An option to add the previously defective castle wars tickets to your currency pouch has been added.
Weapon Poison potions will no longer instantly run out when used in conjunction with Lantadyme Incense sticks.
Tweaked the bean sale values across the board for all the new Ranch out of Time animals.

Yak Track
Monkfish now counts towards the cooking task on the Yak Track.
Yak Track marker is now correctly aligned with prize number 25.
Updated the Arcane Blood Mage Robe Bottoms override to fix an issue with a floating gem. This is now fixed to the outfit as intended.
The Dark Fire and Flame swords have been graphically updated.
Yak Track progression fix - Zogre Bones now count toward progression.
Yak Track tasks will now no longer scale down when a member swaps into a free-to-play world.

Elite Dungeon Teletabs are now able to be used while in combat.
Slaughter is now correctly cleared when using an ability or item that clears debuffs of this sort.
Changed the warning message at the Edgeville artefact to reflect the updated combat level recommendation for King Black Dragon.

Players with more than one Erethdor's Grimoire have had their extra Grimoires turned in to unlock tokens and will have their Torn Pages refunded.
Players with insufficient inventory space can speak to Merethiel at the Lost Grove to re-obtain the token and pages.
A letter from Eluned can now be picked up from Iswyn after being destroyed if the player has done the relevant quest.
Dr Harlow now consistently refers to Vampyres instead of Vampires.
Removed a section of Kaqemeex's voiced dialogue near the start of the Druidic Ritual quest, that referred to the slayer master removed from Taverley.
Fixed an issue where Implings could be found flying through the vine walls seen around Falador.
Celebration Lamp animation no longer plays infinitely.
The favorite button now has a proper description in the Slayer log.
Invasion NPCs the player has engaged with in The Heart of Gielinor no longer award XP & loot etc after the player has disengaged, preventing situations like closing bank interfaces long after leaving the dungeon.
3% bonus is removed from the Perfect plus potion tooltip.
Made it easier to imbue rings at Soul Wars.
Wakizashi added to the chat filter. The k should no longer be blocked.
Zanik is now called Zanik when imbuing rings.
The ability to imbue rings through the Soul Wars shop has been added.
Extra Parasols that the player does not require, are no longer lost when making a Black Parasol.
Player will now be informed if using a mosquito card in Dungeoneering, that will have no effect due to other boosts that are already present.
The Tale of the Muspah now has its item requirements correctly recorded.
Updated the Java client removal messaging.
All clan Vexillums Flags in the inventory will now all get destroyed.
Lamps are now being used after using the 'Use all' feature and then deselecting the options.
Trimmed Masterwork armour now gives a degrade warning when unprotected in a gravestone.
Weapon poison can be applied in the bank interface.
Chick-axe now appears on the axes filter in wardrobe.
Players who have already frozen TH categories will no longer use their Hearts of Ice during promotions that have the 'categories' button disabled.
Checking your kills left from an enchanted gem and grim gem now displays the text in an infobox, instead of only sending the feedback to game messages.

Improvements have been made to the Clan Citadel resource minigames interface, including increased sizing of the panels and text to better fit the space on mobile.
Fixed an issue that was causing certain prayer abilities to display the incorrect prayer when added to the action bar on mobile.
Using spells from the spells book will no longer lock the interface from being used on mobile.
Fixed an issue where some spells and abilities would not activate from the mobile action bar.
Fixed an issue that was affecting "Tap-through chat boxes" setting on mobile. The setting was not being applied correctly meaning users could tap-through when the setting was disabled, this was incorrect behaviour.
Run button is now redrawn after hiding the minimap and then re-logging on mobile.

Typo has been corrected when trying to harvest crop you don't have the level for.
Typo has been fixed, runied now spells ruined.
Typo when speaking with Azzanadra during temple at senntisten quest has been corrected.
Fixed a typo involving adding items to the Tool belt.
Corrected a typo the in Ranch farmers market.

Icons are now the standard 36x32 in the Runecrafting Guild Rewards interface.
Fixed an issue with the Goebie mask stretching.
Ozan now holds his bow in the correct hand for his combat animation while fighting Lady Keli's minions on the shores of Draynor during the Stolen Hearts quest.
Ozan in the Burthorpe troll cave no longer uses the Shadow Ozan bow model.
Adjusted the soil in the Falador tree patch so that it looks consistently level.

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