Patch Notes 2019

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:10 pm

PATCH NOTES 29th July 2019

The materials required to tan Dinosaur hide incorrectly stated 250 coins - this has been adjusted to the correct amount of 25 coins.

Added missing blocking to rocks near the Corbicula Rex on Anachronia.

Added blocking to the Land Out of Time event noticeboards.

Blocking has been added around a mushroom on Anachronia that was presenting clipping.

The Anachronia Agility Course has been added to the quick chat options.

When on a slayer task for dinosaurs, the final kill will now give the correct amount of loot.

The Anachronia Teleport spell can no longer be used on free-to-play worlds.

Added some blocking on one of the agility obstacles on Anachronia.

The extended super antifire is now affected by Lantadyme incense sticks.

Winter storage scroll will now work on the herb bag, unlocked from the Herby Werby reward store on Anachronia.

Laceration boots and Blast diffusion boots now better attach to your characters feet when in combat.

Pavosaurus Rex animations have been cleaned up and his tongue no longer clips with his throat when eating bait.

A typo has been fixed for when obtaining rare resources on Anachronia.

More information for the player lodge and storehouse building upgrades has been added to the base camp management interface on Anachronia.

Updated the dialogue when asking Laniakea for tips on fighting Elves.

Laniakea, the new level 90 slayer master on Anachronia, will now reward the correct amount of co-op slayer points when completing a task.

Fixed a typo in Laniakea's dialogue when speaking about Kerapac.

Covered some holes in the base camp floor.

Staff of darkness will now degrade correctly.

Eldritch crossbow is now included in the ranged skill guide.

The Oldak coil will no longer heal you if you have a Blood spell selected.

An interface oddity with the main hand stein when overriding weapons has been resolved.

It is no longer possible to use The Heart teleport tablets in an instance shard.

Added a lootbeam to revenant drop enhancers.

The augmented version of Korasi's sword now does the same damage with its special attack as the non augmented version.

The Tzhaar-Hur found during and after the Brink of Extinction quest will now count towards Tzhaar slayer tasks.

The Wizard Tower's trapped Lesser demon now has its missing death animation restored.


Corrected smithing level type for the "Belter of a Smelter" achievement in the achievements interface.

Reaching level 8 with Mining will now properly show that you have increased critical hit chance with copper and tin instead of just copper in the skill guide.

If you have the Menaphos lodestone unlocked the daily challenge for Luminous Memories will now take you to Menaphos if you accept the prompt to go to the nearest lodestone.

Removed a line in the skill guide for Luminous Memories about needing desert heat protection since this colony is now inside the walls of Sophanem and the player is not affected by the heat effect inside the cities.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from fletching when standing next to the Bloodwood tree in Darkmeyer.

The Master Slayer cape perk, when attached to the Max or Comp capes, will now proc correctly when getting new tasks from Slayer Masters

An issue allowing players to access the Tears of Guthix D&D without having completed the quest has been fixed.

A grammatical issue during Sliske's Endgame in regards to Saradomin's examine text has been resolved.

Changed the colour of the message that appears when you don't meet puzzle requirement to make it more readable.

It is no longer possible to tie a rope to a shortcut tree near the 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat' site by exploiting a 'Children of Mah' quest instance.

The Fremennik Isles mine no longer refers to Runite Ore. This has been updated to Drakolith ore.

The Wanted! quest now requires the Abyss miniquest, since Wanted! requires you to talk the Monk of Zamorak after they move to Varrock.

An issue preventing a cutscene from playing when the player has a familiar summoned during the Do No Evil quest has been fixed.

An issue preventing the player from starting Hopespear's Will whilst in goblin form has been fixed. x

Other Patches

A issue related to the Basket of Oranges has been fixed.

Fixed Silverhawk boots level 1 being destroyed after destroying the nimble outfit.

Fixed Super adrenaline potion decanting using NPCs such as Bob Barter

Fixed inconsistency with kg capitalization for weights in Movario's Base.

One of the mushroom clusters on the 'Islands That Once Were Turtles' was missing a farming icon. This has now been added.

A grammatical issue in the examine text for a barricade in Nemi forest has been resolved.

Kara-Meir chat head no longer disappears after reviewing Tuska cutscene.

The examine texts not showing for various items such as the Tainted Shard have been fixed

The familiar free zone for the Mage Training Arena no longer extends outside of the walls of the arena.

You will no longer see a message saying your Charos Clue Carrier has taken out -1 of a Clue when completing a clue.

Players should now find that they consistently unlock, and are able to wear, the Comp capes & hoods after completing all required achievements.

Teleporting to certain areas with a Portable fairy ring will now correctly prevent you from doing so in various areas.

Teleporting with a Portable fairy ring will now correctly run side effects.

Bone crusher auto pickup toggle does now visibly change when selected.

Umbral Akh pet no longer references 2018 on it's unlock hint.

Switching familiar override to another override no longer causes major graphical stretching.

Jadinkos in herblore habitat will no longer respawn attracted to a trap that is already occupied.

When running and laying a box trap, players will no longer run past the trap and the animation will display as intended.

Ironman players can no longer pick up resources that are dropped from other players using the Butterfingers invention perk.

A number of shiny animals that should never have been available for search on the GE have been tidied up.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:35 am

PATCH NOTES 5th August 2019


A broken square of water has been fixed on Anachronia.

Overgrown idols will now correctly state that they are obtainable on Anachronia within the woodcutting skill guide.

Typo fixed when trying to bury a Carnillean treasure chest on Anachronia.

Some black triangle have been removed from the firepit in the Hunter Lodge on Anachronia.

The flags on Anachronia buildings will now wiggle in the wind.

Join friend lodestone teleport will now work for the Anachronia lodestone.

You can now start a Big Game Hunter encounter with bait in your beast of burden.

Fixed an issue that was causing the 'Dinosaur Hunter' achievement to be completed multiple times.

Irwinssons memory has been polished and he will no longer continually ask about the broken compass in your inventory. If you have one. If you don't have a broken compass, he's still very forgetful.

A missing ground texture has been re-added in one of the Big Game Hunter instances.

Selected music will now continue to play after skinning a Big Game Hunter creature.

Big Game Hunter - The amount of traps being destroyed is now consistent when choosing to skip or watch the cutscene in multi-spawn encounters.


The ring of death upgrade can once again be purchased from Death

Completing the fight kiln now states the correctly stats for the capes.

The Inert black stone crystal now appears as a special reward for the Black stone dragon in the beasts tab.

Fixed an issue where ability cooldowns on action bar were not cleared correctly when adding object to the slot.

You can no longer use Double Surge/Escape in F2P

Completing the Temple of Aminishi on story mode will no longer state you completed the Shadow Reef.

Items that are not valid to be affected by the effect of the Lucky hazemere's signet ring will no longer display a chat message saying they were affected.

Removed a comma from the "Seiryu the Azure Serpent" in the reaper task interface and dialogue.

Acolyte of Seiryu - Arhat now shows the correct level in the skill guide

Tarn Razorlor can no longer be fought in Dominion Tower without having completed the miniquest.

An unattackable dog spawn has been removed from personal slayer dungeons.

Jogre bones will now display correctly in the drop log whilst the bone crusher is active.

The damage from Eldritch crossbow's special attack now works against the pillars in the Nex, Angel of Death encounter.

The Boss collection log is now accessible in the instanced area of Death's office.

Sacrifice, Devotion and transfigure abilities no longer appear on the beast tab as drops from K'ril Tsutsaroth and Commander Zilyana.

Attuned crystal armour body and legs price has been reduced by 50 Tarddian Crystals in Angof's crystal armour shop.

Vyres in a personal slayer dungeon will no longer be able to spawn as vampyre juvinates.

Updated tooltip to show the correct requirements for concentrated blast.

Updated the icon for GWD1 bosses entry requirement within the Beasts interface.


Oddments will now be correctly given for free-to-play players

Slayer, hunter and agility skill training dummies now show correct icon.

Trapper fragments can now be obtained from Grenwalls.

Updated the bank clean-up filter to include more free to reclaim items.

Incorrect messaging has been removed when entering a dungeon in Daemonheim.

Super compost will no longer be made instantly when using tomatoes on the compost bin.

The Breaking the storm buff that was retained for some users has now been removed

Celestial lanterns will no longer count 200m XP in a skill as 'highest'. As such, these will not be highlighted on the interface. As with other XP giving items though, you can still use them on a skill in 200m if you wished.

Tooltips have been added to the Treasure Hunter floater to state what promotion is currently running on hover

Fixed the skill requirements for the Roake Kal achievement.

Barrel puzzle in Daemonheim dungeoneering will no longer block players from completing floor under certain conditions.

Correct message now appears when items are placed on scales in Brink of Extinction.

A blocked Daeyalt vein in the Meiyerditch mine can now be reached.

Moved the grouping system entry for Deathmatch into the Safe PvP filter

The description for Harmony aura in aura management now visually matches Salvation & Corruption auras.

Removed a double 'the' when receiving the TokHaar-Kal-Ket from Kiln

Fixed an error that occurred when selecting the 'One Final Ride' achievement in a F2P world.

Corrected tree seedling alch prices and added seedlings to Coeden's seed store in Prifddinas.

Added transportation icon for Maczab Ranger in Kanatah to world map

Crossbow make-x now displays XP values.

Fixed a typo in the Gnomeball's kick counter

Updated the tooltip of a suit of armour inside the Legends' guild.

Dark beasts are now bored of imitating Ganodermic Beasts and once again sound as expected.

All runecrafting pouches now show a consistent capacity format

Miraculous treatment will now work on dead goutweed.

Added blocking to some mushrooms near the Elf Camp.

Fixed a typo with rock slugs.

Remora's necklace will now teleport to White Knight Camp in F2P.

Fixed an issue where prayer brawling gloves were giving incorrect xp under certain conditions.

Don't Bury This One achievement path now states the correct price of an iron hatchet

The cancel button in the Vinesweeper store now functions as expected.

Added blocking to a bridge in the Underground Pass.

Item tooltip will no longer visually transfer stats to items/objects in the background

Advisor Ghrim will no longer talk about noted furniture when offered other items.

Fixed an issue with the Crystal hatchet clipping outside of the worn inventory slot.

Updated the message that appears when attempting to sell an animal while already having the maximum number of beans.

A couple of rocks within the Empty Throne Room were missing blocking. This has now been added.

Players who have Sliske stuck standing next to Vorago can now correctly interact with him.

Player owned farm extreme skilling potions/flasks can now be used with the Potion Reservoir.

Players that already own Mackers in their pet interface can no longer reclaim a duplicate pet from the Pet shop owner in Taverley.

Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete clue scroll if another player was already fighting wizard NPC triggered by the clue scroll.


Unfiltered a message in Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete.

An issue preventing players from starting the Tears of Guthix quest has been fixed.

Master quest cape's teleport to the Legends' Guild now respects the location toggle option chosen from the cape of legends.

Fixed a map issue in a cave during the Royal troubles quest.

Can now use a Fugu on Laniakea to trigger the end of Helping Laniakea (miniquest).

You can no longer start the Evil Dave's big day out before completing the RFD: Freeing Evil Dave quest.

The Bar Crawl miniquest is now listed before Scorpion Catcher in the Timeline sort of quests, since it requires completion of the bar crawl.

Fixed a typo in witch's house quest journal.

Completing the One small favour quest now correctly states you receive an adamantite stone spirit instead of an adamantite ore.

Fixed an issue where Elemental Workshop 3 had the wrong amount of reward xp displayed in the quest journal.

Fixed the click boxes on the Pernicious Parrots and Tenacious Toucans.

Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in Barbarian Assault waiting room under certain conditions.

Fixed a typo within the auto disassembler info window.

Cannibal jadinko's correctly named in the Jadinko Warding interface.

System broadcasts will now correctly allow you to open any links attached to them while in the lobby.

The Treasure Hunter out of keys screen has been graphically updated.

Smoothed out the animation when mining in the Clan citadel

Capitalised The World Wakes in the requirements message for Mask of the Automatons

A line of text shown when opening a coffin in The Branches of Darkmeyer is no longer dismissed immediately.


Strykewyrm should no longer be partially blocked by the profanity filter.

Werby should no longer be partially blocked by the profanity filter.

A grammatical error has been corrected in the "Got To Go Around It" achievement.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:22 pm

PATCH NOTES 12th August 2019


Changed 'dino island' to 'Anachronia' on the Summer Escape interface within the Anachronia tab.

The following Anachronia quickchat options have been added!

I have completed "laps" on the Anachronia Agility Course, my fastest lap was "time"

I have "num" "base camp resources"

I have built "tier" "base camp building"

I have "num" Hunter Tokens

I have successfully tracked and hunted "num" big game dinosaurs.

The 'Leave no zygomite buried' achievement has been updated to include the names of every zygomite. These will become highlighted when the zygomite has been found.


Fixed an issue where the Helm of the Parched Wyrm would give a Vyrewatch slayer task at Laniakea.

Updated clue scroll map to better reference the updated mining site to the mine south east of Varrock.

Devil's snare's special attack will no longer continue after the NPC has died.

Armour spikes will no longer damage targets that cannot be attacked by normal means.

The Brine Sabre special attack will now work in the Shadow Reef.

The ranged skillcape now shows the correct skillcape perk in the ranged skill guide.

Fixed an issue where the Dark Core would continue damaging players after the Corporeal Beast had died.

Fixed an issue where the Trophy Taker perk could decrease the number of slayer points a player received from a slayer task.

Corrected the drop table for the troll 'Pee hat' to drop adamant salvage.

Monsters in the collapsing cave during TokTz-Ket-Dill will now hit the player more often.

Fixed an issue where co-op slayer kill count was decreasing too much for one partner when both players killed the same creature.

Fixed an issue where completing a co-op slayer task could show your slayer task streak as a negative number.

Mandrith co-op slayer tasks will now award 8 co-op points when completed.

Tuska's Wrath now works with the Elves in GWD2 whilst on task.

Fixed an issue where Slayer kill count was decreasing twice if a tagged target was killed by another player.

Kalphite Queen will now despawn her Kalphite Guardians when killed in an instance.

Updated the Slice ability description to let players know it works on stunned or bound opponents

The Elven Ritual Shard will now be dropped rather than destroyed if killed when skulled in the wilderness.

Fixed an issue with Dragon Trinkets awarding double slayer kill count.

A safe-spot while fighting Moss Golems has been removed.

Ironmen can now complete slayer tasks within the Dragonkin Laboratory

Gorvek's spine attack will now only hit the main target and players in close proximity to that target.

Tuska's Wrath now works correctly with Lava Strykewyrms and Dragons when on task inside ED2

Poison damage no longer reduces your Invention charge kit

Inconsistencies when using Spellbook Swap from the Lunar and Ancient spellbooks have been resolved.


Added the clue scroll bonus to the Summer Escape interface. This can be found in the 'Double Up Weekends' tab.

Fixed an issue preventing memory shards from being stacked when the player had no free inventory spaces.

Hunter training icons can now correctly toggle visibility via the world map.

Locked Laniakea in NPC contact's interface now blends in with the rest of the locked NPC's

The Illumination aura can now be unequipped.

The music track "Beyond Time's Reach" had a rendering error which has been resolved.

Changed some of Jex's dialogue to now correctly refer to Siamun as a female.

The Spectacular Summer Skill Off is now over! As such, Morn has now packed up and moved on.

Obsolete ship parts will now be hidden correctly when upgrades aren't bought in order.

Players whom have already got a Cat Training Medal from Gertrude previously can now complete the achievement by talking to Gertrude.

You can now choose a skillcape emote correctly when wearing a Completionist cape.

Checks have been added to make sure transmogrified states get removed when leaving the Brimhaven Adamant Dungeon.

Receiving a Nihil damage enhancer from the Motherload Maw will no longer refer to it as an unused enhancer.

The Enhancers interface has been cleaned up

Ports enhancers have have options to use 5, 10 and All on the enhancer toggle menu.

The ordinary willow blackjack can now correctly be used to complete the K'rilow achievement

The 'tarromin' and 'marrentill' herbs were the wrong way around in the herb cleaning interface. This has now been fixed.

The Azdaran birthright achievement will now show a popup on completion.

Fixed an issue where players could cause a movement stall by alternating digging with a spade and reading a book.

Fixed an issue where a teleport sound effect was looping during Enakhra's Lament.

The TokHaar-Mok achievement has been updated to refer to the correct Smithing level requirement

Fixed the music in Death's realm from not playing upon using the hourglass.

Several clue scrolls now refer to the correct helms.

An Assist System message will no longer appear for Ironman accounts when checking to build a paddock in Player Owned Farm

Rat Pits are no longer mentioned on RuneMetrics after completing Rat Catchers quest.

Stopped a floating issue while inside the nechryael area of the slayer tower.

Replaced combined, but incomplete, godsword blade shards with their component shards.

All elegant shirts, blouses, legs and skirts can now be added to PoH.

The Shattered Worlds max world reach count has been prevented from increasing before actually reaching the next world.

There are no longer two "charges remaining" lines displayed in the tooltip for the TokKul-Zo (Charged)

Untradeable items will now show their item value when inside loot interfaces.

Examining items in a beast of burden now correctly shows item price.

A quick chat option stating how many players in your friends chat are on your world now correctly references this.

Unlock hint for HonkyTonky Parade now refers to the correct location.

Casting High Level Alchemy on noted Elite Dungeon relics will no longer show a high value warning.

Red sandstone will no longer be marked as complete for the 'I Love Dailyscape' achievement if the player does not have access to the rock.

The Statue of Rhiannon will now consistently display for players who have fully completed it.


Dealing with Scabaras will now correctly state that you will need 36 bronze bars in the quest requirements.

Updated The World Wakes Quest overview notes

Helping Laniakea (miniquest) is now placed in the correct order under 'Release Date' in the quest list.

Dr Nabanik now directs players to the correct winch during The Temple at Senntisten

Xenia during The Blood Pact will now give the player a bronze sword, even if the player has another (lesser) weapon equipped or in their inventory

Fixed an issue where a player's swimming animation would stop after using the ladder on the sunken ship in Rocking Out.

Titans and Familiars can no longer damage the tentacles of Zogoth during the Pieces of Hate.

Players can no long reclaim the Gilded Cabbage from May's quest caravan without retrieving it from the Death of Chivalry quest area first.

Combat familiars commanded to attack Ekahi and his cyclopean minions during the Head of the Family miniquest no longer continue to attack the cyclopes after you have defeated them.

F2P players can no longer access the Elemental Workshop II accept interface via the bookcase

Hint arrows used for the Mining sites map are now pointing to correct locations in What's Mine is Yours quest.

Dragon Slayer Quest is no longer listed as requirement on Defence skill guide to wear mystic armour and blue dragonhide.

Grand Tree rock scrabble shortcut will now correctly show The Grand Tree quest requirement in the Agility skillguide.

Fixed an issue where players could not search the Muspah statue in Tale of the Muspah.

The Light Creature familiar now correctly acts as a blue charm familiar during the Summers End quest.

Movement abilities such as Surge can no longer be used to bypass the core mechanics of the animal pen puzzle of Swept Away.

The quest complete screen for 'One Small Favour' will no longer have the log icon misaligned.

The Lost Toys miniquest now requires Lord of Vampyrium, as it unlocks areas containing the last of the lost toys, so is required to complete the miniquest.


Mining Guild hidden mine in the dungeoneering skill guide now shows the correct ore type

Fixed an issue with cooking via the Clay oven in Neitiznot

Fixed an issue where fire spirits found when burning driftwood, would state their host log was Willow.

Added skill level to Dungeoneering skill door examine messages.

The east-most coal rock at the south-west mining site in Lumbridge Swamp now glows better when under the effect of a rockertunity.

Crafting skillcape perk now works when fixing the torn robe top and bottoms of Elidinis

Golden Rocks can now be re-obtained from smithing any item that requires heat/re-heating. Previously only Strange rocks would be obtained from smithing, and only smelting would give Golden Rocks.

Free to Play players will once again be able to buy and use the Daemonheim skill door boost.

Stone Slab in TzHaar City is now accessible at 40 mining

The state of an owed sword will now reset correctly when declining a sword via ceremonial smithing

Fixed an issue where crafting jewellery from a Beast of Burden could cause the crafted item to be destroyed.

If you currently have 5 box traps laid and your hunter level falls below 80, the traps will no longer disappear if you try to repair one.

The Crafting skillguide incorrectly stated that the Lapis lazuli ring was a members item, this has been resolved.

Inspecting a herb patch will now correctly state when its being protected by the greenfingers aura or the herb protector.


Fixed a typo for the chat mes when fletching arrows with the skillcape equipped.

The tool-tip on Tempest armour no longer states all 5 pieces of the armour are required for the set effect.

Fixed a text issue when opening the aura management interface with "open on favourites" checked.

Fixed capitalisation inconsistencies for some items.

Uncut gems all now have consistent examine text

Talking to a kitten will no longer reference the Ardougne rat pits.

Removed duplicated text dialogue from Sir Amik Varze and replaced with the correct one.

Damage dealt to a Lava geyser is now not shown in chat when the chat is filtered.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:33 pm

PATCH NOTES 19th August 2019


Bean There, Done That achievement now checks the totem count correctly

Updated achievement text for completing 'Benedict's World Tour, part 1'

Fixed a grammatical error in 'Beggars can't be choosers' achievement description

"Birds of the Arc" achievement no longer states access to the task-master emote upon completion.


A stray water sound effect east of castle wars has been removed.

Challenge mode Helwyr now has the correct SFX


Fixed an issue where Ice fiends killed on Ice mountain were not counted towards slayer assignments.

Boosting your Slayer level to kill NPCs above your base level now awards the correct amount of Slayer XP while on task.

Metallic Dragon trinkets now correctly note reinforced dragon bones after killing elite rune dragons.

Fixed an issue that stopped some items from being equipped when using presets inside the Shadow Reef elite dungeon.

Grotworms are able to damage the player once again.

Ironmen can no longer obtain another players summoning scrolls by killing their familiar in the wilderness.

Fixed an issue with actions-bars being minimized on login.

Mazcha will now suggest you obtain a task from Laniakea if your slayer and combat level is appropriate to do so.

Fixed the Idle animations for the Lizard and Corrupted lizard in the slayer codex.

Fixed an issue where Heated Tea Flasks were being consumed when used on a Co-op slayer partner.

The Puncture bleed applied when using the Mutated Dazing shot ability is now cleared reliably. This change will effect the likes of the reflect mechanic on phase 2 of the Vorago encounter.

Tuskas wrath will now deal the extra damage to Kal'gerion Demons inside of Elite Dungeon 3 whilst on the correct slayer task.

The Jungle Demon, during the Monkey Madness quest will now deal damage through Protect from magic prayers.

The Manifestations during the Solak encounter should now consistently clear at the end of the fight.

Vorago's DoT melee attack (Destroy tank) now no longer has the Dismember tooltip information. The icon remains and the tooltip has been removed.

Twin Furies will now show debuffs applied to them.

Bound and unbound Argonite arrows now have same damage values.

Reflected damage from armour spikes and deathtouched bracelets is now applied at Nex: Angel of Death

The Corrupted slayer helmet now appears correctly under the Defence skill guide

Corrected the full slayer helmet tier 4 defence requirement in the slayer rewards shop to match its level

A typo in the Vengeance cooldown debuff has been corrected.

Fetcher can now be instructed to automatically reset the Liberation of Mazcab raid lock when the 48 hour timer is up.


Ned will now instantly recognise if you have a clue scroll in your inventory.

A sailor in port sarim will now recognise when you have a clue scroll in your inventory, even when clicking to "pay-fare".

The Mysterious Clue Scroll from A Void Dance can now be used to dig with the player's spade on the their tool belt.

Fixed an issue where players couldn't claim their clue scroll from the Ava's Alerter when clue scrolls were toggled off in settings.

A clue scroll leading to the Desert Quarry has been updated to reflect changes made in the Mining & Smithing rework.

Engine and Client

Improved the way text and models are rendered on mobile devices.

Fixed an issue preventing certain textures from displaying correctly on mobile devices.

Fixed client freezing on mobile devices when network connection is disabled.

Adds the ability for web shop detail to be rendered in game.

Fixed inputs on mobile devices sometimes incorrectly occurring at the previously tapped location.

Fixed shader crash on Nokia Phones.

Packaged previous warm fixes in to mobile client.

Fixed Command key modifier for Mac OS.

A Engine side change has been made to improve puzzle box behaviour.

We've made improvements to font rendering


Players can no longer walk inside a rock in Sophanem slayer dungeon

Smithing with a Golden hammer now shows the hammer being wielded during the animation

Seren during Desperate Times now has the correct graphic icon

A safe spot when fighting Nightmare creatures has been removed.

Blocking missing from the Carpenter's house in Sophanem has been corrected.

Corrected various visual issues in the cutscene played during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

The Artefact in the King Black Dragon's lair was missing blocking. This has now been added.

The Greyscale filter will now correctly change things into greyscale


We have made some changes to the 'Vial my Herbs' reward from Livid Farm:

1. The various juju herbs to will now work correctly when using the reward.

2. The reward will now recognize Arbuck & Bloodweed.

3. Fellstalk will now work correctly when using the reward.


Added more access to the Sextant during The Path of Glouphrie

Fixed a typo on the Blood Runs Deep quest reward interface.

Unlock Hint for The Seat of Power now references it being unlocked in the correct quest: Jack of Spades

Fixed a typo in the rewards section of the quest interface for Blood Runs Deep.

The Supreme Commander will no longer refer to Veldaban as being dead after he steps down as king in Birthright of the Dwarves

Corrected two occurrences of "Kerepac" in the Desperate Times quest journal.

The door now successfully opens when completing the crypt puzzle in Lord of Vampyrium

fixed an issue where some animals in the Purple Cat miniquest had the wrong coloured text.

Ivy Sophista will no longer talk about the events of While Guthix Sleeps if the player has not started the quest.

Fixed an issue that would cause the player to continue performing a channeling animation during Beneath Cursed Tides

Flame fragments from Lost Her Marbles no longer incorrectly state they are kept on death.

During 'The Needle Skips' quest you will now correctly unlock the memory fragment 'A second chance' when using the keyword 'Megan'

Fixed an issue where some chapters of the Needle Skips had their text cut off.

Hassan is no longer visible on the Al Kharid Palace roof whilst you're taking the magic carpets with him to Menaphos, during the Jack of Spades quest.

Fixed a typo within Kerapac's dialogue when speaking to him during the Desperate Times quest.

Updated some of Senliten's dialogue in the Our Man In The North quest.

Corrected some typos in Assistant Librarian Subotai dialogue.

Fixed a typo when talking to Jhallan in The Tale of The Muspah quest.

The empty throne room is no longer listed as a reward from The Dig Site quest, as this is no longer required to access the room.

The quest offered to Philipe is now correctly called Philipe's Big Adventure.


Samid's gloves now activate correctly when training divination and invention.

Jumping over the bridge in Gu'Tanoth will now only ask for coins once!

Can now chop down trees in Miscellania whilst having the Dwarven chainaxe in the players inventory.

The furnace at Tyras Camp can now be used smelt items

Magic essence will now be highlighted in the interface when using vials of water, if the player has a star flower.

You can now add Dungeoneering Pickaxes to your Toolbelt even if you don't have the required Mining level for them.

Fixed an issue where Grace of the Elves would list an un-attuned Max guild portal as the first option when on the action bar.

A second guard has been added to the south side of the Anachronia Base Camp that can deal with all your agility needs.

Arctic Pine Logs will no longer be assigned as a daily task, before you have the ability to reach them.

Updated the examine text for Acadia log fires which will now show the type of logs used.

The Breakdown perk description now uses correct terminology.

Added a toggle in the settings menu to turn strength xp on or off for barbarian bare-hand fishing


Fixed a typo with the Summer Escape interface showing a weekend event during the week.

Thakkrad Sigmundson has finally heard about the Mining and Smithing rework; at the end of the Fremennik Isles quest, he now says that you can mine drakolith beyond the north-east bridge, instead of runite.

Prime Colossus pet now remembers the name you give them.

Upgraded bone blowpipe unlocks correctly in the crafting skill guide

Drying out Troll thistle on a fire now displays the correct message

Crystal teleport seed now displays "1 charge left" instead of "1 charges left".

Fixed an issue with Elen Anterth's dialogue when finishing the Elite Tirannwn tasks with a full inventory.

Thieves' Guild trainer grammar typo has been fixed.

Fixed a typo when speaking to the Natural Historian, in the Varrock Museum.

Fixed an issue where dialogue with Davon suggested he restocked some types of amulets.

Fixed an issue that would cause dialogue to show in the chat log without a player's name when logging in near an Evil tree

A message displayed when draining prayer points from the Spirit Prayer Pig now correctly indicates how many points were drained.

Tweaked Punish tooltip to be more accurate.

Fixed Choc ices naming inconsistencies

Fire spirit/divine fire spirit emerging message now appears correctly when in filtered game messages.

Converting lucky charms with a full inventory now provides an inventory full message

Corrected the message listing the Thok It To 'Em saga reward "Unabridged (requires 100% completion of secondary objectives): 75,765 Dungeoneering XP" to "Strength XP".

Entering Rabid Jack's fight will now tell you to keep an eye on your insanity, as you can imagine that's quite important.

Fixed an issue where dialogue was missing when boarding Lokar Searunner's ship.

Added Sailfish to the Calorie bomb description when discovering it.

Added a full stop to a Burthorpe merchant's examine text.

Quotation marks have been removed from incense examine texts.

Auto-Sanctifier unlock description now correctly displays as holding 50 charges instead of 10.

Added members icon next to pure essence in the Mining skill guide.

Fritz the Glassblower dialogue now directs you to the correct location for seaweed.

A message displayed when combining the warped gorajan outfit no longer states it has to be worn to apply the discount it gives.

Reckless and Maniacal aura descriptions have been changed to reference it cannot be used in the wilderness

The tool-tip on Quake now correctly states that it reduces the defence of all targets hit.

Fixed a typo when speaking to Kaleb Paramaya.

Slayer assignment for Cres's Automatons tip no longer mentions Grotworms.

A typo has been corrected in the Skinweaver familiar chat.

A grammatical inconsistency within the Dungeoneering skill guide has been resolved.

Fixed a typo within the Dominion Tower achievements and rewards interface.

Various typos of "truly" have been fixed in Vorago's chat and messaging on login for the previous removal of the Defeater title.

Fixed inconsistent capitalisation on the word 'Journal' on several items.

Fixed a number formatting issue when setting a new pin on a treasure chest.

Fixed an issue causing D&D notifications to spam the player's chat log.

Fixed a typo on the hover tooltip for attuned crystal Armour in Angof's shop.

Fixed a typo during the banking tutorial that was not displaying the current amount of coins a player has.

Fixed a typo on the island of Tuai Leit.

A grammatical issue during the Family Crest quest has been resolved.

The Stronghold of Security Guard no longer references setting security questions

A grammatical error when a Seren Spirit disappears has been resolved.

Updated Geyser titan dialogue to reference geodes instead of gems.

Updated the quick chat message for the Amulet of the Forsaken.


Shop interfaces no longer close if you have less than 3 inventory spaces left and have never seen the full inventory popup.

Clan Chat Job titles will once again now update the Clan Chat player list when the alphabetical position changes with display name.

The Herb bag gives now shows correct information when examined.

Removed the Player owned port enhancer from the hidden Temple of Aminishi trunk.

Fixed a typo within the Stanley Limelight Traders shop.

Camera shake can now be disabled in the Game Interaction section of gameplay general settings.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:18 pm

PATCH NOTES 27th August 2019


The Mobile perk now correctly lowers the cooldown of the Barge ability.

Fixed an issue where the constitution cape perk was preventing players from being healed in combat whilst in a bank.

Fixed an issue where spirit shields could be made without 90 Prayer.

Erethdor's Grimoire will no longer degrade whilst in Solak's arena.

Damage received when playing Pyramid Plunder has been changed to feel more in-line with EoC.

An issue preventing the use of abilities when the player has Abyssal Dragon Crossbows and Tirannwn Quiver 4 equipped has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where the Superior scrimshaw of aggression took longer to get the aggression of NPC's.

Dyed ascension crossbows can now be equipped via the action bar.

Fixed an issue where the Golems in Spirits of the Elid were not weak to the correct combat styles.

Trimmed Masterwork armour is now correctly dropped to a PKer when holding players are killed in the Wilderness.

There is now a confirmation dialogue when choosing to lose everything in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon reward chest.

The Reprisal ability is no longer inaccessible from the ability book.

Sigils will now be removed and refund given correctly on F2P worlds.

An active ingenuity of the humans effect no longer causes a crash when a ranged bleed is queued up.

Impatient will no longer trigger on sigil abilities.

The Kuradal's Favour and Slayer's Insight Sigil abilities will no longer spam players in the chat box when teleporting regardless of if they were owned or not.

Sigil Abilities will no longer give chat box messages when their effects wear off as there are now buff bar icons to communicate this.

Certain sigils were able to be used and spammed when on cool-down, this has now been fixed and they can't be used when on cool-down.

The examine text for Compressed Anima in the Shattered Worlds Reward shop has been updated to reflect its recent change with the Sigil Removal update.

A disconnection when loggin in to remove sigil objects has been resolved.


Enriched cursed memories now give the correct XP at level 90.

Fixed an issue where players could bypass the mining level requirement of skillchompas.

Sentinel fragments and strange rocks can now be gained from Bloodwood trees.

Cooking Gauntlets now show up as part of the Sous chef Set Bonus tooltip.

Prevented a script crash/error related to the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup gem rocks.

When using the guide option on a farming patch, the skillguide will now show the correct filter within the dropdown menu.

You will now gain herblore XP when using a Divine Herb Patch with the master farmer outfit.

Take A Bow tooltip now directs the player to the correct locations to complete.

Fixed some grammatical errors within the Curse of the Black Stone quest.

Corrected a typo in the Thok Your Block Off quest journal.

Reordered right click options for max guild skilling portals tuned to fairy rings.

Moved crashed star location around the Artisan workshop to reduce clipping.

Rocktail and sailfish soups will now fill cooking urns.

The Master farmer will now play a stunning animation when being caught pick pocketing.


Fixed a typo in a dialogue during Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

Fixed an issue with text that was being cut off in 'a moment's respite' memory in 'The needle skips.

Roundhouse Woodcutting maple tree's in Miscellania now provides the correct mes.

Fixed an issue where 'king worm' was misspelled in the Fairy Tale 1 quest journal.

Fixed a typo in the 'Some old dusty journals' achievement that implied players had to read the journals for the achievement.

Fire spirits will now no longer use the plural 'Logs' when attempting to reward you with extra firemaking XP for a single log.

The Teleport Spell names and descriptions are now more consistent with each other.

Fixed a typo within the minigames tab regarding the location of the Dominion Tower.

Fixed a typo with Will Dee's dialogue.

Updated gender specific text from Sir Lancelot.

Fixed a typo when curing animals at Manor farm.

Corrected typos with the Freezy pet.

Added a quickchat message for player owned farm bean count.

Corrected a typo for the word "Treacherous.

Fixed Typo in a Lumbridge achievement Building Up Strength.

Fixed typo in The Digsite quest.

Typo in accept aid settings fixed.

Fixed typo when trying to deposit into the storm barn without any appropriate items.

Fixed a typo within Wizard Rinsit's Runecrafting shop.

Fixed a typo in Hannibus dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

Giant ent pouch tooltip updated to include bushes.

Fixed typos in the assassination of Bletchley cutscene.

Fixed an issue that was incorrectly naming 'hatchets' as 'axes' within Elof's metal exchange shop.

The capitalisation of animal traits is now consistent.

Fixed American armor to Armour during Curse of the black stone cutscene.

Incorrect message will no longer appear when adding animals to pens under certain conditions.

Fixed a typo in Bosun Higgs dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

Fixed a typo in Hannibus dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

The bar inside Char's training arena has been changed from "Time remaining" to "Time elapsed.

The Nadir saga will now show the correct XP rewards.

The Leave option on the needle will now display a chat message informing the player that they have left the needle alone.

FIxed an issue with some traits appearing on the animal but not actually working.

Corrected the message when handing in sq'irk juice to Emir.

Correctly updated the cooking skill guide to state when green blubber jellyfish will stop burning when using cooking gauntlets.

Quick chat Creatures of the Lost grove is now capitalized correctly.

The make X interface in Daemonheim now correctly states clean instead of mix when cleaning herbs.


The Advanced Mode help button on the character creation screen no longer switches you to the previous mode if you decline choosing an advanced mode before pressing it.

Waterfiend no longer spawns inside a pillar in Ghorrock Fortress Dungeon.

Elegant tops are now shown under the correct treasure chest collection in the Costume room storage.

The Easter music track no longer plays at the Lumbridge crater.

Fixed an issue where Zimberfizz was not charging players to imbue their rings.

Khazard armour can no longer be disassembled or alched.

Failing to teleport Via Bonesack will no longer use up the weekly charge.

Items in an inventory can no longer be incorrectly swapped during animations.

Players will no longer keep the Seagull event overlay open from Pieces of Hate if they happen to teleport away with it open.

The Necklace of Charos can now be correctly reclaimed from Uri if it has been keepsaked.

It is no longer possible to activate overrides in Castle Wars under certain conditions.

The quest overview for The Eyes of Glouphrie quest now displays as accepted at the correct quest state.

Logging in to a free to play world while previously inside a Troll Invasion game will now correctly remove you from the game.

Added a toggle for the Quest point cape in the Retro Skillcapes section of the Gameplay - Miscellaneous of the game settings.

Crystal implings no longer fly through blocked map tiles in Priff (fixing the issues players had near the Crwys farming patch.

Players clicking out of the small cutscenes during Rune Memories quest will now have the runes returned to them rather than staying fixed to the locations they were placed upon to trigger the memory. This will prevent niche cases where some players threw an error when entering another memory while some runes were placed at a previous memory location.

We have updated Young Ralph's model.

Guesting clan members will now correctly display in the clan chat list if you are a member of the clan.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:06 pm

PATCH NOTES 2nd September 2019

This is week is the mobile patch week so here is the link to the page on the RSOF, enjoy
September Mobile Update

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:29 pm

PATCH NOTES 9th September 2019


The Easy Lumbridge achievements 'Artisan Crafting' and 'Morgan The Merrier' can now be completed.

Task rewards can now be handed out once more.

Super Restore potion now has to be made within Brimhaven to complete 'It's a Snap' like it is stated in the achievement description.

Bosses with a challenge / hardmode encounter will no longer popup already complete boss kill achievements.

Elite dungeon boss kill achievements should no longer repeat if you have already completed them.

Completing the Crossing Over achievement(s) will now award RuneScore.


Fixed an issue where Mazchna was assigning slayer tasks from Vannaka.

Rapid restore prayer now restore's stats at its expected rate.

Mahjarrat Aura can now be reset using tier 3 and tier 4 Aura refresh.

"Hey! Eat Power Up" Dominion tower special challenge now correctly lists "Tarn's lair" as a requirement.

Broken Sunspears can now be repaired.

Completionist capes are now more reliably removed when you no longer meet the requirements to wear it on login.

The Death of Chivalry boss is now immune to poison (both in the quest and Dominion Tower) to prevent poison being used to kill her while shielded.

Boss fight skeleton minions in the Death of Chivalry quest now scale to half their previous level, to make them easier to defeat by high-levelled players with inferior equipment.

Players can no longer attack hobgoblins through the locked door below the Tree Gnome Village

The buff timers for Flurry, Destroy and Asphyxiate now countdown reliably

The Burthorpe Rabbits will no longer trigger the Scavenging perk.

Corrected various references to mutated barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot to greater barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot.

The Masterwork Armour buff icon now appears on the debuff bar.

The Buff Bar on Desktop clients can now be clicked through.

The Eat Food ability is now global cooldown agnostic

The Adrenaline Urn buff icon will now display a number inside it.

The Menaphos 5% xp buff will no longer appear on the buff bar as the effect was never active

The Debilitate icon will now appear on the enemy players target bar.

Fortitude and Turmoil can no longer be activated together.

The Zaros Godsword special attack buff icon will now appear consistently on the buff bar.

Item effects are no longer cleared from the buff bar when the Ring of Death activates.

The NopeNopeNope perk no longer appears on the players buff bar. This still shows as a debuff on the enemies bar however.

Natural Instinct will no longer deactivate when transitioning between boss phases.

Mobile: The auto retaliate option will now work more reliably.

Stat reductions will now display a value on your debuff bar.


Interfaces can now be scrolled all the way down

Changed the Herby Werby pet "Sasha" to be a companion pet.

Removed a duplicate cosmetic override for the Ranged Vanquish weapon.

Fixed penguin images on the emote interface that appears when wearing penguin suit.

Snack Yak summoning has become much safer, no longer allowing them to be summoned in 'dangerous' areas.

Fixed issues with some NPC's having an extended thumb

Fixed some labeling issues with the Decimation bow

Coin stack model has been made less shiny to stop in some cases, the coins appearing white.

The amulet of farming no longer appears as a diamond amulet when worn.

An animation issue displaying Bloodwood logs outside of the player's hand whilst fletching has been fixed.

Fish during Beneath Cursed Tides have had their clickboxes adjusted.

An issue with reflections not displaying correctly during the Violet is Blue quest has been fixed.

Removed a cart in Burthorpe which had undesirable interaction.

The monkey bars at the Burthorpe agility course can no longer be manipulated at the opposite end to throw a monkey wrench into the flimsy laws of time, space, reality and good taste.

The Legends Cape and the Castle Wars capes are now consistent across male and female models, now using the female model variant.

The canopy of the Taverley farming patch has been moved to its new location.


The "A Guild of Our Own" miniquest now correctly requires partial completion of The Feud, for blackjacking.

When you haven't started the Shilo Village quest, its quest journal now displays the correct information if you have banked the wampum belt.

Legacy of Seergaze quest can no longer be accepted multiple times

Elemental workshop 2 start point will no longer open the quest accept screen if the requirements are not met.

The Miscellania questline (and affected quests) now gives the player a choice of which partner they wish to marry regardless of their in-game gender.

The Locusts City Quest requirement has been updated so the message references locusts correctly

The Menaphos City Quest to retrieve Copper now directs you to a site which has copper.

The quest point reward displayed for the Elemental Workshop IV quest has been corrected from 1 to 2.

Fixed an issue where players could not steal enough flame fragments to complete 'Lost Her Marbles' after dying.


The Waiko contract interface now displays a sklll icon once again

Players can now close the chat while in Freecam

The Anachronia Slayer Lodge & Spa bonuses now work correctly once more.

Manifested knowledge can now spawn when firing pottery.

Players are now able to purchase or rent the wealth evaluator again.

Fixed an issue that was preventing Alain from looking after the tree patch in Taverley.

Attempting to add a lent pickaxe to the toolbelt will no longer remove the current pickaxe from the toolbelt.

Big Game Hunter - Multispawn encounters will no longer spawn if the previous kill on that dinosaur was not successful.

The anti-poison totem now prevents the user from becoming poisoned whilst in pyramid plunder.

Weaving different divination energies will now go to the correct item category.

Quick chat xp for level 120 invention no longer shows 2.75m.

Players can no longer work on members smithing objects in free to play worlds.

The Dwarven Instinct aura can now spawn chests when hunting butterflies barehanded.

Fixed an issue where net traps & butterflies could not award strange rocks.

The max cape can now be re-coloured in the wardrobe.

Players will no longer receive a message about their Falador Shield if they are not at the Falador farming patch.

Players can no longer stand near the north-eastern pillar to negate any damage received when fighting Nightmares.

Fixed an issue where wood spirits from the Juju woodcutting potion would occasionally refer to logs as 'thatch spars'

An issue preventing you from interacting with the compost mound familiar has been fixed.

Mining Salty crablets for Sea salt will now correctly update the quick chat value.

Pots of flour can now be turned into dough with a full inventory if the player has the 'destroy containers' toggle set to on.

Fixed an issue that allowed the guest clan chat channel requirements to be bypassed.

Joining guest clan chat channels now has a 1-minute anti-spam cooldown should you leave a channel and then try to rejoin, or fail the entry requirements.

Extra unusable fragments for Elite Skilling Outfits that are already completed are now removed.

Fixed an issue where some max level skills were not freezing in treasure hunter.

Can no longer make duplicate divine-o-matic vacuums by storing one in your bank.

Manifested knowledge will now appear as expected when grabbing feathers from the desert phoenix, if wearing the correct equipment.

Cancel report button when reporting a player now works correctly.

Upon dying as a Hardcore Ironman above 1,000 total level a broadcast will now fire out informing all players if the account was lost forever or just downgraded to Ironman status.

Globetrotter outfit teleport to the medium clue in a locked drawer in Gaius' house in Burthorpe has been corrected.

Removed an erroneous message when levelling up.

The Clan avatar buff will once again show buff percentage on the icon.

The Clan avatar buff icon will no longer disappear after logging out.

The Compass now reliably appears.

Made some optimisations to the code that generates recommended paths.

Clue scroll 'Search the drawers of houses in Burthorpe' can now be completed, and has also been corrected to refer to Hild and Penda's house to make it clearer.

Added a one-time teleport of players who logged out in the upper level of moved Burthorpe buildings to the Burthorpe lodestone.

Corrected the colour of the "Cosmetic Appearance" tooltip text when examining another player's overridden equipment.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:38 am

PATCH NOTES 16th September 2019

Troll chuckers, shamans and brutes in the Burthorpe troll cave all now have an equal chance to drop charms, and therefore strange/gold rocks (but only when you have unlocked the Taverley path book, or have a skill level total of 250 or greater).
An issue where some of the curse prayers would stall the player and fail to initiate a Telos encounter has been fixed.
Players can now correctly unlock the Perdita pet after killing Solak 1000 times.
Increased Evil Bob's stat draining effects in Shattered Worlds, so that they're a bit more worth avoiding.
Numerous typos have been fixed across the game.
The click-box for the ogre cook has been adjusted to better fit his model.
Added an mini/worldmap icon to the prayer altar in Burthorpe chapel.
Corrected an issue where Xenia was blocking the doorway through Blood Pact if you left the catacombs earlier than intended.
Environment lighting no longer changes suddenly when climbing up to the All Fired Up beacon east of the Burthorpe imperial guard camp.
Removed a zone of map blocking west of some crates south of the Taverley windmill.
Added map blocking to a crate south of the Taverley wind mill.
Smoothed heightmap in the south-west corner of Hild's house in Burthorpe, to resolve a gap in the flooring.
Added map blocking to the end supports of the bridge in Taverley.
White and shaggy sheep in Edgeville that looked yellow are now white and fluffy.
We've slightly increased the death animation of cows so that they now fade out once dying.
Flared Cocktail rest animation no longer shows a glowing orb when used alongside the Noxious staff.
Visual effects from your weapon will no longer persist while resting with the "Loves me, Loves me not" animation activated.
Removed Duel Arena restriction from a tile outside of Duel Arena.
The Inventory icon of the amulets obtained from the demons in the Underground Pass quest have had their inventory icon adjusted so they are now centre
The water fountain outside of the Legends' Guild now has an updated animation.
Siphoning a manifested knowledge whilst tuning a harp will now stop the tuning animation correctly.
Black crystals surrounding a tree in Draynor Village have been removed.
A graphical issue with the water during the Swan Song quest has been fixed.
Objects dropped on certain spots in gemstone dragon cave by the exit will no longer float.
Fixed some shadows flickering on the 2nd floor of the Stronghold of Security.
Dropping an object on the corner of Cwrys elder tree will no longer cause it to float.
Switching family crest gauntlets from the worn right-click menu no longer deactivates the player's cosmetic overrides.
Corrected an issue in the Tail of Two Cats quest where the player was teleported to the previous position of Unferth's house.
The ram skull helm no longer pops out of its container in the quest complete screen of the Odd Old Man's wish list.
The bonesack no longer pops out of its container in the quest complete screen of the Odd Old Man's wish list.
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to progress past first room during World Wakes. Players who experienced this issue need to investigate any of the artefects to progress through this section.
Active quest marker location for Elemental Workshop II has been corrected.
The Back to the Freezer quest overview interface has been updated to include the required energies.
The quest trail for Back to the Freezer will now lead to Chuck.
Corrected the Audio when completing the "Curse of the Black Stone" quest.
You will now be able to access Jerrod's chest after completing Dishonour among Thieves.
The September Raffle bond item is no longer visible in the bond interface if you are using an ironman account.
The broadcast message for completing the Anachronia base camp will no longer trigger when building bait boxes, as they are not required for the achievement!
Updated the September Raffle bond item description in order to clarify its functionality. It now states that players can claim any missed daily tickets.
Updated Balthazar's dialogue in order to clarify the functionality of the September Raffle bond item.
Players will now be able to claim the Tirannwn quiver 4 from Elen in Prifddinas.
Updated the amount of prizes that can be obtained during the September Raffle.
Added a login check to give players 10 raffle tickets.
Legiones have been added to the slayer skill guide.
Scenery and patrols on the top of Burthorpe castle have been adjusted so that the archers follow patrol routes again.
The NPC Contact lunar spell has updated its address book and can now find Turael.
When checking charges on a Games necklace (c), it will now show the amount of charges left.
Sumona will no longer give information about spiritual rangers for Aviansie slayer tasks.
Fixed an issue that was preventing an Elder tree from being regrown with magic beans.
Adding farm animals to a BoB will no longer revert them to having a default name and traits.
Custom fitting Trimmed masterwork armour will no longer occasionally cause a disconnection.
Dwarven tools with 1 charge left now correctly use the plural 'charge' when checking charges.
The spring cleaner now displays the information for willow bows when highlighted.
Fixed some inconsistency's with mining XP gain on Miscellania.
The giant ent familar now correctly gives a 50% chance to gather an extra item when harvesting trees and patches.
The giant ent familiar ability now triggers when using patch bombs or the farming skillcape perk.
The giant ent familiar now states how many extra resources were obtained when using patch bombs or the farming skillcape perk.
Patch bombs now work with strange rocks, skill pets and farming urns.
Removed a short delay when checking berry bushes.
The perfect juju farming potion now gives harmony moss when using patch bombs or the farming skillcape perk.
Right-clicking on the prefer list within the slayer rewards interface will now show 'Remove preferences' rather than 'Allow this task'.
The ring of coins can no longer be used inside castle wars.
The magic secateur harvesting boost is now consistent for Fellstalk and Bloodweed herbs, resulting in slightly higher quantities of Fellstalk and Bloodweed being harvested from a farming patch when magic secateurs are being used.
Mobile: Fixed an overlap issue observed in the Skills tab when examining another player.
Fixed an issue that had removed the skill icon for Sojobo's contract interface on Waiko.
Fixed an issue with text colours in the achievements window being hard to differentiate.
Corrected a client crash from rapidly selecting and clearing achievement paths.
Prevented advancing the cooking step of the Cooking Meat on a Range path when the Cooking Fish on a Fire Burthorpe path is selected, and vice versa.
Improved performance when advancing states during Tutorial Island.
Corrected an issue that was preventing guidance hint trails, bringing interface panels to front, and interface highlighting on path achievements from occurring simultaneously.
Fixed an issue with the Worn Equipment interface that was causing the slot indicator to be offset when an equipment slot was empty.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:03 am

PATCH NOTES 23rd September 2019

When completing the elite task "It's a snap" an achievement completed prompt now appears.
Removed incorrect hints in the Take a Bow achievement in the New Explorer path that directed to Lowe's Archery Emporium, and renamed this achievement to Triple Bowline to resolve a duplicate achievement name.
The Don't Bury This One achievement in the Lumbridge Explorer path no longer states the number of coins to purchase an iron hatchet (since this varies with GE value).
The achievement "Some Old Dusty Journals" for the Master Quest Cape will now correctly trigger when reading the journals in any order.

Ushabti now displays the correct soul captured when killing small scarabs
The Prayer Filter now stays activated when logging out then back into the game.
Updated the Mahjarrat aura's examine info to better reflect its effects.
Rabbits in Burthorpe no longer drop bones (so that the Prayer path is not unlocked during the first Burthorpe path; earlier than new players are introduced to the concept of choosing paths).

Updated the lambs at Farmer Fred's Farm to use newer lamb models, including the infamous "Black sheep of the family."
Burthorpe clan flag stands now do something interesting, as opposed to nothing interesting.
Chickens at the Falador farm, Miscellania and Etceteria have been graphically updated.
By popular demand, the god statue in Taverley has been rotated.
Totem bases are now correctly centered in your inventory slot.
Corrected some seed icons when adding them to the Player owned farm troughs.
Scroll bars are no longer out of sync with the cursor when clicking-and-dragging
Graphically updated fires made on Tutorial Island to match fire model now created with the Firemaking skill.
Certain wieldable items are now hidden during woodcutting or mining animation.
Using Rover as an override for the War Tortoise will no longer cause the body of Rover to stretch and deform when summoned.

An issue that was causing multispawn encounters in big game hunter to get stuck if the kill was "failed" has been fixed.
Prism of Salvation can no longer be cast while in the Legends guild stopping players from smuggling other players into the guild
The Farming tutor at the Taverley potato patch will now respond to attempts to water the potato patch with a watering can on your toolbelt.
Fixed an issue where pickaxe was converted to tokens under certain conditions.
Corrected the message when making Decorated skilling urns
The text highlighting of keywords in NPC chat on Desktop has been changed from gold to dark blue on Tutorial Island, as it's more legible on its lighter parchment background.
One-button gameplay now stays enabled when logging out and logging back in.
Information about activating quick prayers in EoC mode has been updated.
Corrected a tree canopy near the Hunter tutor south of Burthorpe which wasn't removed when the tree was chopped down.
Spirit onyx now returns to the inventory once converted back to its unused variant
The abyss bonus now correctly refreshes when re-entering an altar with it active.
Pieces of the 'Mask of Dragith' can now be dropped from catacomb creatures if they were previously destroyed, allowing players that require the drops for the Master Quest Cape requirement to obtain them again.
An issue where base camp upgrade items were rolling on an already obtained item and then failing has been fixed - you will now more consistently get the base camp upgrades if the drop table lands on it.
You will no longer stop collecting compost if the last compost gives an extra bucket of compost.
Base camp spa effects will now show the correct duration if it exceeds 60 minutes. Note: The buff icon will still show 1h, there will be a future update which will show specifically how many minutes this effects has remaining.
The T2 player lodge upgrade will now consistently restore prayer and summoning points if you are healed above your max lifepoints.
You can now correctly use the "Make leather" lunar spell on Dinosaur hides.
The colour of the ring in big game hunter that denotes how close you are to being caught now changes more evenly if you have the extension bonus from a Hunter Lodge of tier 2 or above.
The automatic hide tanner in the invention guild will now accept dinosaur hide.
Noted damaged hides (big game hunter) can now be placed in beast of burden inventories.
Quickchat now correctly counts the fish caught in Waiko/Whales maw when using porters or the Imp souled perk.
Removed a duplicate level requirement in the quest journal for Perils of Ice Mountain.
Minigame tracking will now correctly update for the Premier Club Vault.
Light Creature's enlightenment buff now correctly gives xp when it consumes cursed memories.
The deposit box at Whale's Maw will now correctly stop people from using the Deposit-All feature if they have not purchased the unlock from the Waiko rewards shop.
Corrected an issue where interface panels might be unavailable when skipping survival steps on Tutorial Island.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 30, 2019 10:52 am

PATCH NOTES 30th September 2019

As there are a LOT of gifs etc I've posted a link to the page Patch Notes

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:57 am

PATCH NOTES 14th October 2019

Fixed a bug where pets within the POH Pet House where not displayed correctly
Made some invisible spawn controller NPCs in The Heart dungeon even more invisible.
Fixed an issue causing Rings of Kinship to disappear.
Fixed an issue allowing players to walk through a wall in Meiyerditch.
Added a windmill world map icon for the windmill at manor farm.
Legacy interface now displays a close button while inspecting another player from the group interface menu.
By player request, a pair of patrolling Burthorpe guards have been added to the Burthorpe main street.
Gregorovic's Memory cutscene at The Heart of Gielinor is no longer cut short if you have a familiar summoned.
Fixed an issue with the ranged skill guide having a blank space.

A large number of items now have tooltips on mobile! These items include the Clan vexillum, Rune Pouches, Ring of Slaying and more.
Tap and hold on items and let us know if we've missed any!

An issue preventing a small number of players from choosing their spouse during the Throne of Miscellania quest has been fixed.
Fixed an issue causing the Slayer helmet stand to not work as a helmet slot.
Fixed an issue causing massive pouches to empty an incorrect amount of pure essence.
You can no longer repeatedly trigger trimmed completionist cape broadcasts when re-obtaining the cape.
Players no longer erroneously receive a message about having no charges on a fishing rod-o-matic.
Added a reset tab order option when right-clicking the all tab.
Fixed an issue causing Spinal Surgery achievement to be awarded multiple times.
Grim gem will no longer equip when checking kills from the bank.
Grace of the elves buff and debuff icons will no update as expected when depositing and withdrawing from the bank.
Added more options for tab renaming.
Depositing into the last slot in the last tab will no longer move the item to all if the all tab is empty.
Added destroy warning to Shadow gem Virtus when destroying from the clean up filter.
Fixed equip sound effect not playing in banks.
Fixed an issue causing Thorhild & Halla not to animate when fighting.
The cooking cape perk is now correctly applied when you are in the Daemonheim dungeon.
The information for Barrows - Torag's set now displays the correct amount of each item within the set.
The Clean-Up Filter tooltip of the Pyramid Journal, from the 'Missing My Mummy' quest, in the Bank will now be grammatically correct after the quests completion.
When using uncut onyx on Gemstone Armour, the correct amount that is used with be displayed in the resulting message.
It is now possible to buy spare reward items from Elen Anterth and Arianwyn in Prifddinas, without a sudden end to the conversation.
When using the Dairy Churn, you will now gain 1 Empty Bucket only if a Bucket of Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla/Normal Milk is used.
Eluned will now repair damaged crystal weapons after attuning just one crystal weapon, rather than multiple.
Combat dummies can no longer be deployed inside paddocks in PoF.
The "Arc - Mitts and Waders - Tetsu" achievement now uses correct Arc symbol in the achievement list.
Removed the equip options from broken lucky chaotic gear.
Certain music tracks will no longer show unlock message twice.
You can now use Arbuck seeds on the player owned farm food troughs.
Seagulls now have the correct sound.
Fixed how the harps in the Ithell district react when the user opens an item such as the statue collection bag whilst using the harp.
Upgrading a favourited aura will now remove the older version from the favourited mini menu list.
Users will no longer be offered the Paladin armour set in the Premier club store if they already have the Hero variation.
Fixed an issue where the user wasn't able to equip the trimmed completionist capes even if some of the quests were under the grace period.
When completing a Menaphos city task for killing a specific creature, killing any creature that is not part of the current task will no longer produce the message "you have killed enough [Creature killed] for [person]"
Dangerous way music track now automatically play once you enter the barrows.
In the Alchemy game at the mage training arena, values of the items converted will now change when Alchemy Guardian calls the change, no matter if an Explorer's Ring alchemy interface is used.
Fixed an issue causing Giant Mole killcount to be incorrect.
Removed chirping bird sounds from the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
Verac the Defiled's set effect now works correctly in legacy combat.
Daily Challenge to Pickpocket Pompous Merchants can now only be completed by pickpocking Pompous Merchants & Foppish Pierre, not corrupt Men/Women.
Fixed an issue causing off-hand weapons to drop when backpack is full.
Corrected the master clue scroll anagram solution for Brother Tranquillity to QUIT THY BRINE RAT ROLL.
Lovingly crafted achievement no longer continuously pops up in chat box after it has been unlocked, when reading blasphemous journal.
Exchanging more than 69 zeal on any xp with trader Zanik, now works correctly with the player being informed "you may only spend another 69 zeal on XP or charms rewards in Ironman mode" and no zeal being deducted.
Fixed an issue stopping players from redeeming certain noted ores from Ordan.
Fixed an issue causing Ceremonial smithing projects to start with changes already made.
Fixed an issue causing Armour Spikes to be usable in Free-to-Play Worlds.
Fixed buff bar to reset transparency after renewing the same buffs.
The Buff Bar font size scaling has now been tweaked to be a consistent size on desktop.
Updated the QBD warning message to match the combat recommendation on the Beasts interface entry. Updated values for recommended combat levels for each boss on the Beasts interface.
Family Gauntlets can once again be enchanted.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:10 pm

PATCH NOTES 21st October 2019

Ali the trader achievement no longer gets triggered every time player closes the "selection of cloths" interface.

Kayle's Chargebow will no longer reference a sling when you use the weapon past level 10.
Fixed an issue where players in Legacy combat mode were switched into Revolution when gaining a level in a combat skill.
Signature heroes in the Burthorpe troll cave now have a confirmation prompt if choosing the option to set up your action bars if you are in Legacy combat mode.

Rare Bug where Elena could not be found in her house during Mourning's end has been fixed.
The chickens outside Daemonheim have been graphically updated.
Fixed an issue with Barrows: Rise of the six bobble-heads not dancing when all 6 of them meet together.
Fixed an issue with the festive aura not displaying the wings when activated.
Yaktwee storage will now display stored items in full colour and no items as transparent, as well as always display 0 if there are no items in either your Backpack or Storage.
Players can now select the same colour shades as the shades they are wearing and it will no longer be removed.
Plague doctor contagion walk now works correctly with two crossbows equipped.

Swapping between the different enchantments for the gauntlets awarded from the "Family crest" quest, can no longer cause the game to crash.
Hunting God Jadinkos will no longer disconnect players upon checking a trap
Fixed a crash that could occur when repairing banked Runecrafting pouches.
Crashes no longer occur when using a Celtic Knot skip ticket.
Fixed an issue where you could not access and use the bank under certain conditions.
Celtic Knots will now close when skipped with a Celtic Knot Ticket.
Ensured that players who completed Unstable Foundations prior to the Ashdale tutorial are treated as completing the new Tutorial Island, so that they are not trapped in a timey-wimey ball of weirdness where RuneScape thinks they're still on Tutorial Island. Simply logging in should now free the suffering few from this terrible purgatory.
A set of Rings that transformed the player into the barrows brothers now correctly transfer ownership when traded.
The Elder Divination outfit's 'Chronicle Teleport' will now teleport you slightly closer to the Chronicle hand-in locations (May Stormbrewer and the Guthix Monument)
The chat system will now suggest taking a break from the screen after 4 hours of continuous play.
Deactivating an aura, and then clicking on it, will no longer trigger a new aura to replace it.
The Portable Crafter will now tan Dinosaur hides.
Examining the items that create the Terrasaur Maul now say that "dino scales are needed"
The Talent Scout will recognise the Master Agility Skillcape when spoken to.
When completing a quest in a quest series achievement path, the next quest in the series is no longer automatically selected.
The Temple at Senntisten Quest will now correctly state that you need Telekenetic Grab runes under 'Required Items'
Fixed Karamja gloves 4 not giving double tickets during the agility arena, if the user hasn't claimed the medium award.
Shadow Gem Virtus death reclaim costs now matches the normal Virtus death reclaim costs.
The collector's insignia now works with Anachronia agility training, with XP bonuses triggered at the end of each of the seven segments.
Previously if a user was to destroy the Sous chef outfit and was to also have the cooking gauntlets in their backpack, the cooking gauntlets would be destroyed as well. This has now been fixed.
Corrected an issue where achievement path window could draw before stats were transmitted to the client, resulting in some achievements that required skills drawing as if all skills are level 1.
Fixed an issue when checking resources you have gathered for a clan displaying overlaying text.
When the interface is set to legacy mode, if the player has the second action bar active, the original action bar will no longer break the extra action bar if you switch the number. The extra action bar's arrows will also now change the bar being shown.
Updated the examine text of expensive spices to reflect the item effect.
Fixed an issue causing areas of Burthorpe to not play music.
Fixed in an issue with unrelated audio tracks playing when in Turael's house.
Normal Tanners across all of Runescape that make soft leather will no longer tell you it costs 1gp even though they made it for free.
Fixed an issue with the chat where ironman players weren't being informed that they can't pick up certain items.
The tasks in the MQC list are now in the correct alphabetical order.
Fixed an issue with Robin getting stuck thinking during a game of Runedraw.
Fixed the Mahogany pet feeder description, to let players know it can feed 30 pets.
Players who haven't obtained a Fire Cape should no longer be assigned Ice Strykewyrm tasks by slayer masters.
Elite clue scrolls from Treasure Chest in the Aquarium will now be added to clue scroll stack if user has a full inventory, or into the Charos' clue carrier if in inventory or pocket slot.
Cheesecake now works as a food for the "Feed the adventurers" temple trek event.
Runecrafting pouches can now only be destroyed, not dropped, and will now inform the player that, if they contain essence, the contents will also be destroyed along with the pouch before asking for confirmation.
Fixed an issue that allowed legendary pets to unlock a players inventory.
The Gloves of Passage effect, Enduring Ruin, is now applied after using the Smash ability as well as Havoc.
Fixed an issue where the user wasn't being asked for a bank pin while trying to add/remove pickaxe from the tool belt.
The Festive aura now shows the amount of experience left that it will attribute its bonus to when selected in the aura management interface, as well as when the buff icon is hovered over whilst the aura is active.
Achievement favorites can now be added and removed correctly.

Based on player beta feedback we have made it more easier to cycle between hidden, minimised and maximised chat box sizes on mobile by tapping the envelope icon.
On mobile the interaction menu will now appear to the left/right of where you tap so you can see what you tapped
Added tooltip information onto the three icons (total level, combat level, quest points) on mobile.
When Dungeoneering the map is now fixed to the centre of the screen, you're still able to interact with game world with it open.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:02 pm

PATCH NOTES 28th October 2019

Due to the team being hard at work making sure we can release RuneScape Mobile Early Access for Android members on the 29th October the patch notes are relatively light this week!

Do you need something to spice up your life? Are you feeling less spooky? Well do not fear... or do... but The Farmers of Gielinor have been hard at work growing lots of pumpkins ready for this Halloween season, adding decorations to the trees across the world in an effort to make your adventures extra spooky!

When interacting with Jack Oval, The Player will always move in front of them.

Switch buttons tooltip and functionality have been corrected on additional action bars in legacy mode

Fixed an issue causing the Frenzied achievement to be claimed several times.

Required items for the quest Curse of Arrav has been updated correctly.

Islwyn no longer says "It is time we left" when he is travelling alone, instead the message now reads "It is time to leave."

Updated Solo PvM achievements to mention when they require that you are in a solo instance.

When being prompted about out of date graphics drivers - the "dont show again for 90 days" checkbox will no longer be offset.

The quest information for the Making History Quest has been updated to have the correct Age.

After finishing the Tourist Trap Quest, you can now go back and pass through the Mine cave entrance to access the ore on the other side.

Clan vexillums can now be placed without the vex being equipped.

Proper music now plays during the boss fight in the quest "smoking kills"

Fixed Dondakan the Dwarf mentioning he's holding a rune pickaxe, when he in fact holds an adamant one.

Now during the Light Within quest, when you keepsake override exoskeleton pieces, you can ask Arianwyn to reclaim another one for the quest objective.

Updated the mobile currencies pouch to include drop shadow on text.

The clan members list has been visually increased in size on mobile, this includes the buttons on the pop-out menu to prevent accidental taps.

Fixed an issue with the spell and ability book filters that was causing the filters to not be toggled on desktop if they were toggled off on mobile.

Fixed magic book filtering always defaulted to abilities.

Improvements have been made to the Currency Pouch on both clients. These include

Premium currencies are now available in the detailed currency pouch view in their own section.

The small view currency pouch has been removed from the backpack on mobile only as it was too small to be reliably used.

The currency pouch button that was on the backpack has been added to the worn equipment panel on mobile only.

We've added the ability for your phone to receive a notification when your Ports ship returns, to get these notifications send your ships out on your phone!

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:57 am

PATCH NOTES 4th November 2019

With the festivities over, Gielinor's farmers have collected up all of the pumpkins decorating the world's trees.
Menaphos typo has been spelled correctly now when retuning portal to Menaphos VIP area.
Emerald lantern can no longer be equipped through the bank interface.
Livid Farm produce points now shown correctly in the currency pouch.
Implemented a fix to help ease frame rate drops if the buff bar incorrectly displays.
Swapping overrides from Felix will now correctly clear body parts.
Fixed an issue that showed the 'Claim Felix' screen multiple times during the Catwalk promo. This no longer occurs.
Localised Treasure Hunter banner now appears on non english speaking worlds.
Acadia logs are now shown in the firemaking milestones.
Certain music tracks beginning with "The" now appear in their proper places within the music player.
Right clicking on the Dwarven Instinct now says Deactivate instead of remove.
Lol's tooltip now says chosen champion instead of acting champion on round 2 in the tournament board.
Added text detailing damage done in Big Game Hunter.
Implemented a Fletch-3 option in Big Game Hunter to create spears more efficiently.
Glitchy quest-in-progress hintarrows have been removed from Let Them Eat Pie and Druidic Ritual.
When you only have 1 spear and click on a trap, the make-X screen will no longer appear.
Bladed dive can now be used on frogs and it will instantly start to gather poison from them.
There is now a confirmation message that will inform you of the logs/vines/spears you will lose after you skinned the dinosaur and leave.
Having a helmet on the helmet stand on Anachronia now grants extra slayer experience as intended.
Fixed typo in dialogue with Zahur, Bob Barter and Rhobert Dail.
Hidden has been correctly spelled in the YOU ARE IT quest journal.
Apostrophe has now been added to the word I'm.
Fixed an issue where lower level players were crashing upon receiving large amounts of experience.
Typo has been corrected, it now displays "whose" in Charos dialogue.
Removed incorrect dialogue for stronghold of player safety guard.
Whilst using the small furnace in Tyras Camp players are now approaching the furnace at the correct side (in front of the opening) instead of the wrong side.
You will now no longer receive compacted resources when at the Anachronia base camp resource cap.
When activating an enchanted gem to contact Turael/Spria, he/she will now state he/she is in Burthorpe, not Taverley.
Troll chuckers, shamans and brutes in the Burthorpe troll cave now all give golden rocks.
Added a mini/worldmap icon to the kebbit hunter area west of Burthorpe.
You will now receive a clearer message on how to summon Penny once the pet is unlocked.
During "One of a kind", Mr Mordaut can no longer discuss events that have not happened yet.
Fixed an issue with Zaff's skin texture in What Lies Below quest.
Typo for vengeance has been fixed under match information for the boss Lol in the Dominion Tower.
Tuska Gauntlets will now correctly state the level in the hover tool tip.
Fixed a typo during dialogue with a Goebie lost in Nemi forest.
Corrected some grammar when adding notes to the Umbral Diplomacy lore book.
Fixed an issue with Strisath's chathead animation during While Guthrix Sleeps quest.
Player can no longer jump off the wrong side of the platform during Seiryu battle.
Players can now open scroll boxes while on uncharted islands.
Expanded the area which is considered the lobby of the Duel arena for the purposes of an easy clue scroll.
Fixed some dialogue during the needle skips quest.
Destroying Elite farming outfit pieces no longer describes all of them as master farmer pieces despite not being so.
The examine text of portable wells will no longer be cut off in the chat box.
Fixed a typo when talking to Lennissa the spy, during The Curse of Zaros miniquest.
Saying goodbye to Gertrude inside New Varrock now correctly closes the chat.
Players will no longer be able to access the Edgeville Furnace by using items with the furnace on a F2P world.
Attempting to use item on the sink in the Keldagrim warhammer shop opened a dialogue where the NPC's name was displayed as "DWARF_CITY_SHOP_WARHAMMER", rather than Vigr.
Fixed an issue causing Wilderness Slayer buffs to be given to players outside of the wilderness.
Fixed a typo in Preserved Meat examine text.
Original slayer helmet now correctly give any accuracy bonus to melee.
Fixed an issue with Araxxor puzzle toggle op.
Seers Village task diary reward NPC's will now correctly state the amount of coal that Stankers stores relative to each tier of reward (252, 280 and then 308).
Lessened the harshness of warped terrorbird and tortoise in the poison waste dungeon as well as toned down the chime sound a little.
A typo in the "Merlin's Crystal" quest required items section has been fixed.
The option to destroy an entire skilling set after destroying a single piece has been added to: The Artisan's outfit, The Blacksmith's outfit, The Botanist's outfit, The Sous chef's outfit and the Constructor's outfit.
Smithing skillscape perk now has correct description in Smithing Skillguide.
Concentrated coal is now updated and displayed under Level 70 in mining skill-guide.
A typo in the "Death Plateau" quest information describing a level 4 Troll, which is in fact level 2, has been fixed.
Added messaging for attempting to revive dead herbs that were planted before the miraculous treatment invention existed. These herbs cannot be revived and must be discarded.
A typo in Yakaminu's dialogue has been fixed.
It is no longer possible to obtain duplicate Thinker outfit pieces from Motherload Maw.
All Elf style outfits should now be able to be placed in the fancy dress box in the POH.
Updated the message when playing for 4 hours.
Allowed players to escape from Legacy Mode during Burthorpe tutorial.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 11, 2019 11:24 am

PATCH NOTES 11th November 2019

The pink and rainbow unicorn plushies will now be reclaimable from Diango if destroyed.
Disabling guidance system hints (Gameplay -> General -> Optional Interfaces in Settings) now prevents automatically selecting the next available achievement in a path if no path is selected and the activity tracker is empty.
You'll no longer be awarded compacted hides when skin dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter if your base camp storehouse has maxed its hide capacity.
Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to reclaim an engram after destroying it from the bank.
Fixed an issue which stopped a player from jumping on to Seriyu's shackles if rapid clicking them.
Added a list to the 'REV-ENGE!' achievement so that players can more easily track what monsters they still have to kill.
Fixed an issue that was causing the pink and rainbow unicorn plushies to clip inside the player.
Replaced some items dropped by creatures within the Godwars Dungeon with salvage.
Fixed a tile near Champions' Guild that was playing wrong music.
Allowed a player to escape from Legacy Mode during Burthorpe tutorial.
Added a daily popup for Java to inform about the Java client being no longer supported.

Smoothed the appearance of how objects fade out of view, when at the far edge of the view distance or close to the camera.
Fixed graphical issues with some new materials.
Fixed a lighting bug, which prevented certain areas of terrain from being lit correctly.
Animations should behave more consistently over varying distances.
Fixed bug with water reflections not updating correctly.
Fixed a rare crash when compressing assets.
Right clicking while dragging will no longer cancel the drag with NXT client.
Fixed a bug preventing the uncompressed textures option from being available if too many other GPU heavy programs were running.
Fixed a bug causing some housing decorations to appear inside walls.
Tinsel scarf now has an inventory icon.
Fps drops when scrolling through bank on mobile devices have been fixed.
Fixed a crash on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave.
Fixed a crash on Pixel devices.
Fixed a crash which occurred if the active audio device was disabled or disconnected.
Clipping through objects is now smoother.
Fixed bug with minimap properly loading.
Issue with objects not appearing on the minimap fixed.
Graphical issues with specific lighting settings on mobile have been fixed.
Added the same gold circle outline that exists for the Prayer globe to the Summoning globe on the combat HUD on mobile.
The "drag and drop" areas that are part of the Backpack interface on mobile have been improved for user accuracy.
Fixed double cancel op being displayed on player item examine.

Fixed an issue where player appearance would cause a crash.
Tidy up some legacy code on the back end systems
Fixed a typo in Osman's dialogue during Our Man in the North.
Fixed a typo in the Abyssal book.
Fixed a typo in Zilyana's Notes.
Fixed a typo in the Dimension of Disaster quest complete interface.
Fixed a typo when trying to fill the hidey-hole at the Mausoleum.
Corrected messaging when destroying a Master Thief's stethoscope.

Known Client Issues
Minimap assets can take longer than expected to load in.
Chance to crash when switching between mobile detail options.
Game may hang when wifi gets disconnected.
Possible crash on some devices on first boot-up.
during Vindicta boss Vindicta & Gorvek's Dragonfire Wall will flicker but still cause damage.

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