Patch Notes 2019

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:54 pm

PATCH NOTES 25th March 2019


There is a new camera mode - "Freedom", which allows for more extreme camera angles and zoom levels.


Resolved an issue where defensive abilities were not taken into account when calculating damage as the opponent died.

Tweaked the worn slot action bar update to have a cycle for items

The Legendary Pet scavenge ability will now prioritise the most valuable single item in a stack of loot.

Increased the effective range of the Ricochet ability against additional targets (previously it hit enemies within 4 squares of its attack, this is now 6) this change also affects the Caroming perk.

The Dungeoneering boss Stomp will now immediately advance to his next phase when the crystals are placed.

Divine/Fire Spirits

A sound is now played to the player when a fire spirit spawns.

When catching a fire spirit you are now granted bonus XP for the 1 - 5 logs you're burning on a bonfire.

A timerbar has now been added to a Fire Spirit allowing you to see when it'll vanish.

The five firelighters (blue, green, red, purple & white) now have a 'Strike' option, when clicked a 5 minute buff is added to the player which will automatically consume any fire spirits that spawn (this can stack up to 60 minutes).

You now have a very rare chance of getting a clue scroll from claiming a Fire Spirit's reward.

The fired up ring and gloves now have a chance to stop your Crystal Tinderbox degrading when you get a fire spirit.

Any fire spirits gathered will now become an item in your inventory, allowing you to save up an entire inventory and click on one to open them all at once (should the Firelighter buff be active when gathering a fire spirit this will add a 1.3x boost on the fire spirit drop table).

Grouping System (Raids Practice Mode)

If you are in a group and readied up you can right click the Raid barrier and click 'Choose a boss (practice mode)' from there any of the options will take you to that part of the raids boss fight.

During this time, if the group kills the boss they will get no loot, KC, boss times, etc.

You can't progress through the raid at all and have to leave after each kill.

Nex: Angel of Death

Kill timers have will be wiped on the first login after this update, this is because the kill timer didn't have a player check so a team of 50 could set a fast kill time and still have it tracked.

Kill timers will now only be tracked with 7 people or lower in a kill.

When each of the magic minions die, they will now shout and message in your chatbox a radius to show the order they died in.

Nex is now attackable during her phasing, this allows players to build adrenaline and keep seamless combat. Damage to Nex is reduced by 99% at this point.

The Icicle slam icicle health has been reduced to 20k, down from 100k

The Icicle bleed is applied after 6 seconds of being under the icicle.

Players will be placed in the room instead of the ledge when entering the instance, if the fight has started then players will still be placed on the ledge to spectate.

A quick start option has been added to the Flowing energy.

Shadow orbs have been changed to be NPC's meaning they can stack on top of each other.

The Ice closing in around the edges of the arena in phase 1 has been removed. It was causing major FPS drops when spawning in.

The fog has been reduced in the room.

The banners that the mages use will now also be unlocked when unlocking the outfit. A login check has been added to give players the banner if they already have the outfit.

A quick exit option has been added to the pillar at the end of the fight.

Movement abilities will be taken off cooldown when the icicle is killed or removed, allowing players to get back into the fight

All players can now roll on a unique instead of 1 unique per kill.

Nex will no longer cleave with her Melee hit.

If Nex attacks with magic, she will hit the main tank after 3 cycles, allowing them time to react and switch prayer.

Nex should no longer re-target after any of her attacks or phasing.

While the drop rate per kill hasn't changed, the drop rate per person in groups of less than 7 has been improved.

If a player dies, Nex will no longer re-target onto another player (unless it is the tank that died.)

The off tank drop roll has been removed and replaced with a DPS roll.


Reverted a change to the Glacor Cave Bane mine site to restore it back to the way it was before the update of 11th March 2019.

Hot air balloons now use a charge system to travel. Higher tier logs count for more charges and up to 4000 charges can be stored by giving logs to the balloon assistants.

Balloon travel no longer has a inventory weight limit.


Added the Guthix Temple, deep beneath the Lumbridge caverns to the teleport options on the Sixth-Age circuit. The Max Guild portal teleport to Tormented Demons now places the player closer to them, while still respecting their boundary of aggression.

Removed the limit of one teleport from Remora's necklace and moved it's teleport location from the White Knights' camp to the ominous door that leads into the QBD fight.


The Treasure Hunter floating image has had some graphical changes

Updated Revenant Pet's unlock description on pet interface.

Players can now complete their slayer task if they had previously reset their wilderness task to an easier one.

Made some fixes to Glacor Cave Bane mine site.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:04 am

Patch Notes 1st April 2019


It is no longer possible to use bladed dive to avoid Araxxor's charge attack on the darkness path.


The music track 'Beast of the undercurrents' will no longer play for longer than expected.

The Seren Spirit now has a jingle when it appears, which can be heard if Sound Effects are turned on, making it more noticeable. There's still the existing sound when the spirit is present, located under ambient sounds, but you'll now get a Sound Effect when it spawns as there previously wasn't one.

Removed squeak sound effect from Verak Lith's auto attacks.

Implemented low level Farming skill audio improvements.

Cape of Legends & Obsidian Cape

The Obsidian cape and Cape of Legends have been slightly rebalanced to be more in-line with their difficulty to obtain. The Obsidian cape now provides more armour with slightly reduced offensive stats, whereas the Cape of legends has had an increase in offensive and defensive stats.

The Cape of Legends now has a teleport option to the Legends Guild.


The Challenge Mistresses will no longer take dragonhide boots when turning in daily Crafting challenges for vambraces.

Elite Dungeons

Rare drops such as effigies can now be looted more easily after the Crassian Leviathan encounter.

The Crassian Leviathan will now consistently drop loot if it dies while swapping sides.

Killing Masuta the Ascended while he is stood above the hidden staircase will no longer prevent players from obtaining their loot.

Fire Spirits

An issue causing the host log from a Fire Spirit derived from using Maple logs on a bonfire to read as Acadia logs in the item tooltip has been resolved.


The Join option from a right-click friend will no longer offer a wilderness lodestone teleport when your friend is at the Grand Tree.

New areas like the peninsula for Needle Skips, and The Lost Grove will now point to better lodestone options when using the Join option.


Fixed gold bar textures in Ardougne South bank.

Smoke no longer goes through the floor of the raised building North West of the Fishing Guild.

Fixed a graphical issue that occurred while wearing Scorpion outfit with Proud Walk override activated.

Lots of emotes have had their movement stalls removed.

Particles within the Black stone dragon encounter appear above the ground symbol when playing on the Java Client.

Fixed issues with interfaces being full screen on legacy mode.

The slayer counter will no longer state that you have not obtained a ushabti soul if the creature does have a soul to obtain.

Grouping System (Raids Practice Mode)

Raids practice mode will now consistently provide 20 planks when challenging Yakamaru's mirage phase.

Incense Sticks

Removed the "Change-tool" button on the Make-X interface for untreated and ashy incense sticks.

Prevented incense sticks from being crafted from items stored in a beast of burden.

Noted drops banked by dwarf weed incense will now be converted back to their non-noted forms before hitting the bank.

Crafting logs into incense sticks is now remembered in Make-X when producing from the same types of sticks.

Life Refresh

Life refreshers can now only be activated in a bank area.


The destroy warning message for Crystal trinket has been updated to reflect that it can only be retrieved from the quest storage chest once Plague's End has been completed.

Players no longer need to use the xp lamp reward to complete the One small favour quest.

Fixed an issue where the Quest Progression section of the Summary tab on the Hero interface was counting one less than the total quests in the quest list.

The stairs in the basement of Evil Dave's Big Day Out are now properly handled at certain quest states where previously they wouldn't function as expected.

Corrected an issue where the Rocking Out quest was appearing as complete at its conclusion state.

Fires created throughout The Firemakers' Curse no longer block the player's movement.

Nex: Angel of Death

Hotfix - Angel of Death has had her melee damage reduced to what it was previously.

Hotfix - Reverted Nex: AoD's attack cooldowns to the values pre-update.

Players now face north when they enter the instance.

Re-synced the projectiles that signify the amalgamations' spawns.

Returned Nex's attackrange to 10 tiles in the final phase.

Main tank loot is no longer dropped if they leave the instance.

Players who roll on the participation table at Nex:Angel of Death now correctly receive killcounts in all instances.


Players can no longer exchange stamps for parcels without the necessary inventory space.

You now only require 9 inventory spaces when opening Lost property (bulky) unless holding multiple of them in which case 10 spaces will be required.

Aura refreshers will now correctly cap at 250.

Ring of Death

Death's store now offers an overcharge option for the Ring of Death. Unlocking the option costs 150 reaper points, then rings may be overcharged in Death's dialogue at a cost of 5 cut onyx and 25 black stone hearts.

Overcharged rings take 10 onyx to recharge, but only cost 3% charge per death-teleport.


An issue causing Crafting on Potter's wheels to require an incorrect Crafting level has been resolved.

You can now craft Divine Charges with a full inventory, if a stack is already present.

The rate you receive warning messages for getting reduced rates due to your pickaxe level when mining has been lowered.

The debuff icon for the Grace of the Elves will no longer persist through death.

The "%" character has returned to buff bar icons.

Two new tunnels have appeared in the walls of the Kalphite Lair. These shortcuts require level 55 and 79 in Agility to traverse.

Added a shortcut, accessed south of the entrance to Tarn's Lair, in the Haunted Mine to the crystal mine. Requires completion of the Haunted Mine quest and the Hard Mortyania achievement set.

When the "Destroy empty containers when cooking" option is unticked, the pot will no longer be consumed when mixing a pot of flour with butter to create biscuit dough.

A timerbar will now appear above a Seren Spirit when one spawns.

A message will appear if a Seren Spirit despawns before you could claim its reward.

Orokami masks can now be stored in the POH costume room's fancy dress box.

Players can now again store logs with Auguste for hot air balloon charges.

Slayer Tower

Moved the Slayer Tower hidey-hole to the inside of the building, closer to the spot that you need its items.

Solomon's General Store

Examine typo has been corrected for the Fairy Drake and Shadow Fairy Drake.

Fixed an issue where buying Aztec outfit via solomons store enabled reclaim of Highland outfit and vice versa.


Teleport scrolls earned from treasure trails can now be stored as charges in the globetrotter armguards, up to 1000 of each type.

Arc island teleport tablets can now be stored and used in your Arc journal, up to 1000 charges per location.

The same is true of the Menaphos journal and the Menaphos teleport tablets.

Trimmed Masterwork

Players may now custom-fit normal pieces of Trimmed Masterwork armour without requiring an entirely new set. Previously a player was required to wear an entirely new set of Trimmed Masterwork armour to Custom Fit one piece they may have previously lost or destroyed.


An issue that was causing a crash when checking slayer options via the Ring of slaying whilst having a task from Mandrith has been fixed.

Revenant spirits will no longer try to drop on F2P.

Players can no longer get assigned Mandrith's special assignment without having the correct requirements to get all required kills.

All of the revenant pets can now be used as a familiar override.


Some of the more random events that occur while in Zanaris have been removed.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:03 pm

PATCH NOTES 15th April 2019


There is now a setting to adjust zoom sensitivity in Game Interaction options.

There is a new camera mode - "Freedom Classic" which combines the zoom and angle range of Freedom with the movement of Classic.

Elite Dungeons

Added duo loot tables across all three elite dungeons.

Buffed the base loot of Temple of Aminishi on trio mode.

Buffed the based loot value of all bosses inside the Shadow Reef, most noticeably the Ambassador.

Added several rare high value drops to the non boss creatures and lucky charm in the Shadow Reef.

Buffed the loot slightly of the elite chest and added a 1/15 chance to receive an 'ultra' elite chest that contains addition loot.


Prevented transmogs being used in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza to prevent problems when playing as the gorilla enemies.


Fixed the player not being to teleport to ritual site when speaking to Kharshai during Children of Mah quest.

Players can once again reclaim XP lamps from Sir Tiffy Cashien for the Ritual of Mahjarrat quest if they originally lost or destroyed them.

Doric's Task V is now listed as a members quest as it requires entry into the members section of the game world.

Boni will no longer ask for 0 Driftwood during the Flag Fall miniquest.

Kharshai will now return an empty engrammeter if it has been lost during the Children of Mah quest.

Ring of Death

Overcharged rings of death can now be worn via the action bar.


The Pyromaniac perk will now once again correctly give XP for all logs burned when it triggers.

Prevented bushy magic beans attempting and failing to grow wishing well bushes.


Fixed Hoardstalker ring not teleporting to multiple locations, despite having the required level.

The Arc journal can once again be used to teleport to Port Sarim before unlocking the Arc teletabs.

Updated examine text for globetrotter arm guards.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:31 am

PATCH NOTES 23rd April 2019


Chargebows will now only consume equipped arrows that have an effect, such as bane, broad and blackstone.


Fixed an issue that was causing the Guthix Butterflies to not respawn correctly

Fix swamp snake hitboxes, both dead and alive

High detail reflections have been added for the giant gilded egg in the Lumbridge crater.


Increased the player's Grand Exchange sales history from the last 20 finished transactions to 40.

Leprechaun storage now has remove-5 and remove-15 options for planks.

Added an option in Social settings, under Friend List, to prevent other players from trailing you after adding you to their friends list.

Added a shortcut to Legacy Options in the UI customisation settings.

An aviator, one at the peak of his profession, now gives you his puzzle box when left clicked with the appropriate clue scroll rather than his usual functionality.

Miraculous treament can now be stored with the tool leprechaun (up to 2000), the super and ultracompost's storage cap has also been raised to 2000

The statue bag now has 'fill' and 'empty' options while equipped, allowing easier storage of newly collected strange and golden rocks.

The following equipment can now be saved as keepsake copies;

Beads of the dead, Awusah's shoes, holy cithara (as a magic offhand), Trollweiss flowers and lily of the valley (as melee main-hands)

The chaos altar in New Varrock now allows players to change back to regular magic spellbook.

Added a fill option to various water source locations like sinks, wells, barrels and fountains.

Messaging for the trophy-taker's perk activation is now chat filtered.

Added Liberation of Mazcab to the Max Guild boss portal options.

Adding herbs to incense sticks now check which one to make if you have multiple valid combinations but only one single herb of each type.

Collecting fire and divine fire spirits no longer moves the player or interrupts the continuous action of throwing logs onto bonfires.

Afro wigs can now be stored as a keepsake override.

Corrected Divine herb patch XP drops with the master farmer outfit equipped.

Moved trees near the Falador entrance to Dwarven Mine, near the party room, to prevent the foliage from blocking the view of the door.


Opening times for the chests inside shifting tombs have been improved and you now fail less often.

Some useful icons have been added to the examine info box on relevant items.

The Premier Artefact will now try to be sent to your bank if your inventory is full when you log in after a premier club purchase.


Fixed an issue preventing some players from being able to progress in Doric's Task II.

Easter Egg collection now gives info messaging.

Minor typos corrected for the Avoiding Dental Catastrophe event summary and quest journal.

Added Chat option so Players can progress in Fairy Tale part 1 if they have a tree ready to cut down.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:57 am

PATCH NOTES 29th April 2019


Using Quick-Recharge on a prayer altar built in the starting room within dungeoneering will now trigger the "A Prayer Opportunity" achievement.


Fixed Barge ability animation whilst other abilities are queued.

Make deathtouch bracelet reflect damage not based off the players weapon, giving correct XP.

The upgraded bonecrusher will now correctly loot all bones if more than one is received at a time.


Logout confirmation screen has been updated to use modern builders.

Re-enabled MSAA on mobile after it was previously temporarily disabled.

As part of ongoing work to reduce the size of the game for the mobile project, we have removed about 89 interfaces that are no longer used.

Google login is no longer supported on the Java client.


Fixed an issue where the replica metal override could override the wrong metals in the wilderness.


Wildcards, Dungeoneering tokens and the Shark, Ethereal and Gorajan outfit pieces are now purchasable for F2P via the trader store.

Fixed a typo when speaking to the crafting guild apprentice during the Easter event.

Fixed incorrect character in game message, for catching guthixian butterflies

Compacted jewelery now has right-click teleport ops when worn and on the action bar.

The 2019 Easter event has ended and the Lumbridge crater returned to it's original state.

Updated the spirit impling drop table.

Added colour indicators on skills that are increased or reduced on the skills tab.

Examining items as an Ironman will now show a high alchemy price in the chatbox instead of the Grand Exchange price.

Lily of the valley has returned again for a limited time event. You can find them scattered around the world.

Wilhelm has left Taverley to return to his fabled homeland.


Crafting incense sticks now has a chance of providing event currencies (such as crystalised chocolate).

Players can no longer place specific items designed to grief portable placers at Combat Academy

A perfect juju smithing potion will now reliably grant you a 5% chance of doubling your progress while Smithing.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Tue May 07, 2019 9:51 am

PATCH NOTES 7th May 2019


Fixed an issue which marked 'What's Mine is Also Doric's' as completed without finishing Boric's tasks.


The message "your ammunition will deal less damage than expected" will now only appear after 5 minutes or re-logging.

Skeletal Horror will now always deal the appropriate amount of damage.

Praesul codex drop rate now scales to the amount of players in the fight so that smaller teams are better rewarded, up to the maximum of 7 players.


Upon entering the Combat Academy your pet/follower will now be hidden for other players, once you exit the Combat Academy your pet/follower will then reappear for other players.

Fixed an issue where cure potions in Dungeoneering was extending overload timers.

A number of ports achievement will no longer recomplete on login.

Removed Lillies of the valley from the world.


Completing a Sliske's Endgame replay no longer awards Treasure Hunter keys.


The rewards for the Familiarisation Distraction & Diversion have been reverted to give the summoning ingredients they did before the Mining and Smithing rework.

New divine locations have been added for Mining up to Light & Dark Animica, as a result the level requirements have been readjusted for the current divine rocks in-game.

The ore Divine Locations have been graphically updated.

The Mining & Smithing rewards on Treasure Hunter have been updated with the new ores & bars.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 13, 2019 12:54 pm

PATCH NOTES 13th May 2019


For the oldest clans in the game they'd show a clan creation date of 1st January 1970, we're pretty sure they're not that old so we've fixed this by setting any clans in this state to 12th April 2011 (the day Clan Chat released)

Clan members should no longer trigger a "has been in the clan for 0 years!" broadcast

When a guest fails a guest clan chat PIN check the broadcast to fire to a clan informing them should now work properly

When viewing a Clan's info via Guest Clan Chat it will no longer always mention January as their creation month.

Clan Chat Job titles will now update the Clan Chat player list when alphabetical position changes with display name.

Fixed a disconnection when trying to display a clan's upcoming events with an invalid event sub type selected.

Players who were part way through the Cabin Fever quest at the point where they'd already added 6 plunder to their plunder chest will now once again be able to continue and complete the quest. We made a change some time ago to only use 5 plunder, down from the original 6. Anyone who'd already stored 6 plunder and stopped the quest will have found themselves unable to continue, despite the chest being full. This has been rectified.

Fixed an issue with some achievements and RuneScore.


Fixed the issue causing white outlines to remain around action bar boxes when hovered over.

Fixed a minimenu-related teleport crash

Fixed an issue that infrequently caused crashes whilst teleporting (separately from the minimenu issue).

Fixed an issue where some areas of floor would not load in correctly.

Fixed an issue causing visual artefacts on mobile platforms.

Fixed an issue where gates may appear both open and closed simultaneously.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Tue May 28, 2019 6:07 pm

UPATCH NOTES 28th May 2016


Added two interface slots to the Dungeoneering in-game status interface, these slots will now display a Lockmelter and Dungeoneering Outfit slot.

When the lockmelter is used this will then update to a tick to show it's been used by your party for this floor, same for the Dungeoneering Outfit.

A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses a lockmelter.

A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses a Outfit skip.

An option "Yes, don't ask me again" message has been added to the end of a floor, if you choose this each time you click the end-ladder it'll now try to vote to end immediately insteading of prompting you.

There is now a party messages to show which player has voted to end a floor.

29 out of 30 DG bosses (except Skeletal Horde) will now automatically trigger the end ladder on death, previously 28 of these bosses forced you to wait for their death animation before allowing you to end the dungeon.

Removed chisel spawns in Dungeoneering as these aren't used anymore.

Gatestone 1, Group Gatestone and Gatestone 2 will now appear as the item on top of a loot pile to allow players to easily pick them back up.

Added the ability for solo players to enter large dungeoneering dungeons.

On rare occasions a Dungeoneering puzzle room was acting like a guardian room and players would be unable to pass. This has now been fixed.

It is no longer possible to buy duplicate Advance gold accumulators, Herbicides, Bonecrushers or Charming imps if you have them stored on your toolbelt.

Free players are now blocked from buying most of the items on Bryll's reward shop at Daemonheim, seeing as most of the rewards are useless to free players.

Elite Dungeons

All Elite Dungeon reward shops have now been merged into one shop, accessible at Daemonheim, Aminishi, and Dragonkin Laboratory

Players can now unlock a bank chest upgrade for 750k tokens which allows banking inside Elite Dungeons and automatically grants the 20% double loot chance on bosses. The chest can still be toggled for non-boss drops.

Players can now teleport between Elite Dungeons using the chests outside each dungeon if they have completed the 'Impressing the Locals' quest.

Invention combat dummies can now be placed within a short distance, and in sight of, any dungeon chest inside Elite Dungeons.

Celestial and Gemstone dragons inside Dragonkin Laboratory have had their defence slightly reduced.

Dungeoneering daily challenge criteria now allows the player to complete Shifting Tombs and Elite Dungeons as options instead of completing a Daemonheim floor if they wish.

Messages for getting loot in an Elite Dungeon now more obviously denote whether an item has been stockpiled in your Elite Dungeon chest or not.

Fixed a minor issue with achievement progress spam when halfway through the Griefing the Reef achievement.

Spiky rune salvage drops in Elite Dungeons are now noted.

Corrected some string localisations and added delimiters on large quantity drops from the Elite Dungeon lucky charms.

Prevented a safe spot abuse with Verak Lith.

You can now use the Seasinger and Tetsu sword weapon upgrade kits on their respective augmented weapons in order to upgrade them. All experience and perks will be kept.

Clicking the battle table outside of the Shadow Reef now shows the first 20 players to overcome the Ambassador fight solo.

Enemies in the Temple of Aminishi can no longer use the 'Smash' ability, with the exception of 2 minibosses.

Seasinger weapon upgrade kits, Tetsu weapon upgrade kits and Death Lotus extracts will now return a fair amount of materials per disassembly.

Seiryu's breath attack is now much more accurate.

Elite Dungeon lucky charms are now able to be converted to work in other elite dungeons at the click of a button.

Monster Examine

The Monster Examine spell has been significantly updated, you now only need to cast it once on a monster and it'll update their values throughout the time it is active, additionally the Monster Examine window is now in the minigame window allowing you to actively monitor it during your fights, Monster Examine now contains the following information

Their hitchance vs you (This Value updates per attack)

Your hitchance vs them (This Value updates per attack)

Monster Lifepoints

The Monster's attack, defence, magic and ranged levels

The attack rate of the monster

The Armour of the monster

Your base hit chance against them with different styles (Also known as affinity)

A number representing your accuracy against the monster

Weakness (if any)

If they're immune to Poison/Stun/Reflect

Main attack style

The monster's max standard hit against you

If the monster is a slayer creature


The Memory Spring during the Children of Mah quest can once again be interacted with.

Removed an extra period at the end of the Frozen Anima examine text during the Desperate Times quest.

Players could occasionally come across an edge case issues when fighting Vanstrom Klause (within the Dom Tower or the Quest) where he'd freeze and be un-attackable, avoiding any damage done to him, this has now been fixed.

Chief Thief Robin will now correctly reference the location of the H.A.M hideout during the "Lost Her Marbles" quest.

Doric will now hand out players the required items when choosing option 2 (We should be careful) after accepting the Doric's Task VIII miniquest.

Players who are part way through Curse of the Blackstone quest can now also complete the Jed Hunter miniquest from the Arc if they were part way through that as well.

Players can no longer smuggle quest items in to south-east Varrock by using area loot during the Biohazard quest.


Certain devices were having issues with the loot window interface appearing in the top let corner of the screen, so we have moved it to the center of the screen when opened, the mobile team have plans to improve this in the future

Fixed a bug that was blocking progression through dialogue with NPCs if there were two chat heads displayed simultaneously. This includes places we have seen reports about this in the past including during the cabbage section of the Gower Quest and during some of the memories during Tales from the God Wars.

Fixed an inconsistency with the way 'View info' mode works for the spring cleaner. The Salvage tab was functional on mobile and the Items tab was not, we have corrected this so both function identically.

Converted some PC terminology on the world map help interfaces on mobile.

Fixed an issue on mobile that was preventing the stick traps in Tirannwn being reset when you fail to pass them.


Players that have chosen to disable receiving certain clue scrolls will no longer be spammed with a message saying their clue scroll has been dissolved.

Fixed an issue that was causing training dummies to despawn too soon.

Fixed a number of issues with how Law and Nature staves behave with spellbook spell highlighting.

Players will now never fail to pass stick traps when running over the trap with the Tiranwnn quiver 3 or 4 equipped.

A second action bar has now been added to legacy interface mode.

If you are now the last person remaining in a Clan and have a Citadel you can now reliably leave that clan, thus disbanding it.

Players fighting rune dragons will no longer be warned about using dragon bane weaponry when non weapon damage is dealt.

You can now right-click on the magic skillcape whilst wearing it to change spell books.

Using a summoning pouch whilst the same familiar is active will now renew the familiar.

Players will now receive the correct amount of crafting XP when using the Spin Flax spell.

If both players in a social slayer group have the slayer 120 skillcape, there is a chance the player is allowed to reroll their assignment a number of times.

Reggie, the Fist of Guthix store owner, will now recognise when an item is used on him from an adjacent tile.

Adjusted the "You do not have room in your inventory for that." message in Treasure hunter to an use an infobox.

Nyrikis crates once again have items in them when searched.

An issue where new ports voyages were not appearing after game reset has been fixed.

Players can now either 'listen-to' or 'talk-to' Valerio as part of the Medium Treasure Trails clue scroll to progress, previously only the 'listen-to' option progressed the clue.

Various items that hold charge like the Amulet of Souls and Cinderbane gloves, will no longer give you the 5% degrade warning when they hit 43%.

Fixed Lunite helm's polycolours.

Allowed ice strykewyrms to be fought and killed in Rush of Blood while on an ice strykewyrm task for Mandrith.

Smithing an Elder Rune Burial Set will now complete the 'Elder Rune Equipment' daily challenge.

Fixed an issue that could have disconnected a player when beginning a new unfinished smithing item.

Fixed a blue glow issues with several NPC's who are using a new material system.

Players who have the honed perk active when trying to complete Boric's tasks will now find the extra ores are counted towards the tally. Previously they were ignored.

Patchy skin tones on a couple of NPC's in the newly reworked digsite has been fixed.

Added examines to the newly reworked digsite area so that the world feels more lively.

The clickbox on Zaros during Fate of the Gods is now larger and easily clickable.

Tweaked ancient ceremonial gloves inventory model.


Fixed a RuneMetrics typo after a player completes the Desperate times quest.

Fixed a typo in the Desperate Times quest journal.

Fixed a typo in the Armadyl memory during the Desperate Times quest.

Major Mary Rancour no longer states that dwarven army axe is a members only item.

Fixed slight grammar error when looking at shard pricing for swapping scrolls/pouches.

Fixed a typo in Construction Skilling pet achievement that stated 'baba yaga' instead of 'baby yaga'.

Fixed a typo in Rat Burgiss's dialogue.

Removed duplicate text when talking to banker in 'Evil Dave's Big Day Out'.

Party fever walk override token and Carrying steins resting token now correctly mention that they unlock animation override.

Fixed a typo in a Curse of the black stone quest journal.

Clock tower "QUEST COMPLETE!" text in the quest overview is now line-broken after completion.

The instructions for the Elite Desert diary task 'I'm super' have been updated to show a substep of making antifire rather than antidragon potion.

The continue button on the dual currency intro system at castle wars now correctly states Continue rather than contiue.

Fixed grammatical error when a player owned farm trough has run out of food.

A typo in the Prism of Loyalty's examine text has been fixed.

Fixed a typo in the anagram medium clue ''Im Krom'' dialogue.

Fixed a typo when unlocking the death lotus rest animation.

In the damage-control miniquest, Rosie will now show the word "licence" rather than "license" thanks to diligent players.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:51 am

PATCH NOTES 3rd Jun 2019


You will no longer see a stockpiled message if your chest hits the item limit when 2 more items fill it.

Quickchat message for Sack of effigies and Backstab cape has been corrected.

You can no longer attune to the Avatar Control Stone in another clans citadel.

The Assassin during The Temple at Senntisten quest has been relocated next to the correct winch.

An issue with an additional Legacy TLI action bar appearing when opening the world map has been fixed.

Monster Examine will now give XP and play an animation each time it is casted.

Robust glass once again defaults to crafting potion flasks instead of ogre flasks.

Added a toggle for the colour overlay when skills are boosted or drained on the skills tab.

Allowed the buff bar to display values of zero per cent.

Improved the messaging on Wilderness slayer task streaks to denote when you'll start earning slayer points.

The bank cleanup filter will now display items that can be stored in the quest storage chest.

It's now possible to set the distance of your currently equipped weapon as the maximum target distance.

Boss loot interfaces have been centralised to maintain consistency.

Players now have a significantly improved chance of obtaining the slayer skill pet from squishing scarabs in Menaphos.

The message to say if a drop inside an Elite Dungeon was doubled is no longer filtered.

Having clean marrentill and harralander potion (unf) in your inventory will now default to Guthix rest (3) in the make X screen when you mix them together.

The 'Don't ask me again' option for Kuradels special slayer challenge now correctly checks the appropriate variable when cycling through getting slayer tasks. Off means off now.

Players can now use protean logs on the odd old mans fire to aid polishing bones.

Stopped buckets from being removed when making chocolate or strawberry cream cheese.

Clicking the make option on a vial of Coconut milk will now default to make weapon poison rather than more coconut milk. Effectively, you can now put the lime in the coconut.

Fixed an issue in Rum deal where having an extra bucket of stagnant water would not allow the player to deposit the fever spider body in the hopper.

Fixed an issue with PoF tutorial where some NPC names were incorrect and chatheads were missing.

Removed the members only tag from sinew in the Cooking skillguide.

Added the ability to buy the Barbarian assault reward "Gamble points" 10 and 5 times for both high and low items.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:44 am

PATCH NOTES 10th June 2016


When using the smithing interface, you can now press '1' to deposit materials and '2' to withdraw them.

Players can now upgrade armour spikes with alloy bars. Alloy armour spikes work in the same way but have a 10% chance to increase their damage from 100 to 1000% of your Smithing level. Shields continue to double the effectiveness of both spikes.

The amount of progress gained per swing when smithing on various heat levels has been improved.

You're now able to have multiple unfinished smithing items at once.

Once you finish an item, you start working on an other unfinished item straight away.

You can now get spiked trimmed masterwork armour by talking to Elof.

You can now purchase an upgraded autoheater from Daemonheim (40,000 DG tokens), allowing you to overheat it, when you overheat it, it'll cost 50 coal to use once your item heat hits 0% (heating your item for 60%).


Fixed an issue where loading screens could sometimes get stuck.

Fixed a crash on Nokia 8's that prevented startup of the application

Some shader issues impacting the Google Pixel phones have been resolved.

Fixed some issues with shadows.

Fixed some issues with phones not defaulting to correct settings.

An issue causing particle effects to disappear when swapping focus on a mobile device has been resolved.

An issue causing crashes on mobile devices when logging in has been resolved.

Optimised animation data for mobile devices

Fixed some issues around right-clicking on PC and tap-and-hold actions on mobile.

An issue with strike-through text, where previously misaligned, has now been resolved.

Fixed a long standing issue with swapping items between inventories.

Fixed a potential crash when locations changed states.


The Ultra elite chest awarded for completing all three elite dungeons in a row is now named accordingly.

An issue with free-to-play players gaining members-only items at The Digsite has been fixed.

Digsite workman will now play punching animation after a pickpocket failure.

The secondary action bar can be no longer be accessed in legacy combat mode.

When selecting an additional action bar in legacy interface mode, it will no longer disappear when changing to EoC interface.

Divine Banite Rock Description no longer overlaps the members object text when won on Treasure Hunter.

The Ring of forging now works when smelting using ore stored in an ore box.

Players with older prem club memberships should now get login messages that make sense when they have older items to collect.

PC terminology has been removed from the bonds interface.

Further improvements to loading screens have been made based on player feedback we have received.

Telos drop table changes:

Rune Stone Spirits have been replaced by small bladed rune salvage.

Adamantite stone spirits have been been replaced with Runite stone spirits.

God Wars Dungeon 2 drop table changes:

Lowered frequency of Necrite and Phasmatite stone spirit drops from all GWD2 bosses.

Various existing skilling outfits, including the factory outfit and XP boosting outfits, now have set effect tooltips.

Various combat equipment sets now have set effects listed in tooltips.

Depositing an item in your box with the bank search prompt open will no longer close the search box

Logging out with unclaimed rewards from Rush of Blood will no longer cause a disconnection.

Clue scrolls thieved from HAM members will now be placed directly in Charos' clue carrier.

An issue stopping group members from teleporting to Barrows Rise of The Six has been fixed.

Dungeoneering fragments will now be removed correctly when creating the full dungeoneering outfit.

Reaching Invention level milestones will no longer trigger Divination achievements.

An issue causing the Merethiel's Stave override to appear twice in the player wardrobe has been fixed.

Chicken egg (unchecked) is now members only item.

Fixed a typo in Mandrith's tip for slaying gargoyles.

Activating a slayer gem while on a task for Mandrith now contacts him instead of another slayer master.

Players who had a full toolbelt and wern't having the Get Tooled Up achievement unlocked will now find that they have it unlocked on next login. There was a strange edge case issue related to One Small Favour (which gives the keyring as a reward).

Sparkles and Corgi pets now work correctly in F2P.

The Invention Materials window has now been made into an overlay meaning you can disassemble your items and see the interface update in real time, for mobile players you can now tap on an Invention Material to see a full description of said material.

Camouflage fragments will now be more consistently removed from the player under certain scenarios.

Gemstone fragments will clear correctly when owning all golem outfit pieces.

The Bubble Blower has been made into a two handed item so it will no longer cause some weird animation issues when an off-hand item is equipped.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:47 pm

PATCH NOTES 17th June 2019


Fixed an issue that would cause Summer special purchasers to have the Dragonkin Imperial armour to be removed upon logging in

The hide cogs from augmented armour setting no longer also hides the spikes on spiked augmented masterwork armour.

Rerolling Mazcab raid loot will now show the correct reward

A Flanking icon has now been added to the monster bar, it will appear if you're in the right spot to use the Flanking perk and have a weapon equipped with the Flanking perk on.

You will no longer be skulled if you attempt to cast telegrab on another player within the wilderness.

It is no longer possible to build Player Owned House rooms outside of the maximum range of the house.

A crash no longer occurs when completing a large number of farming urns at once on Manor farm.

You can now fish at Mort Myre Swamp without bait if you have the baitless fishing perk active.

It is now possible to add barbarian fish to player owned farm troughs.

Signs of porter and Grace of the Elves will now successfully send farming produce to bank when your inventory is full.

It is now no longer possible to buy more "Large animal pen kits" if you do not have a place to use them.

When placing objects onto the action bar, the icons will now refresh correctly.

Action bar slots that were previously occupied by an ability and then an object, will no longer flash when the object is removed.

Adding pets to your menagerie in your player owned house will now correctly remove them when toggled.

Various items placed on the action bar, including scrimshaws and jewelry (including passage of the abyss), now correctly provide their primary function when activating the keybind.

A keybinded follower action, now calls the function of your selected leftclick option. As ever, this can be customised for familiars, pets and legendary pets separately and the keybound action will update to match. With no follower it defaults to "Summon Pet"

Fixed issue in which some player-owned house rooms could be duplicated.

Further improved child windows saved locations to prevent unwanted snapping in some rare cases during saves and loads.

The inspect option on herb patches now tells you what type of seed was planted there.

POH storage units in the costume room now display a gold border on sets that you are holding the required items to deposit into.

Added Menaphos and Sophanem underground onto the world map

Converted maw enhancers from objects into variables. You can check remaining charge and toggle the enhancers on and off via Wythien in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas. Revenant damage enhancers have not been converted and must still be held in the inventory.

Barbarian Assault abilities such as 'Shout - Crackers' are no longer affected by the global cooldown.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:36 pm

PATCH NOTES 24th June 2019

Hey everyone, here are this week's patches! We're light this week due to the release of Breaking the Storm plus the Comp Cape Rework, however we do have the actionbar fixes that you requested!


Issues causing action bars to not behave properly when holding a key to do repeat actions has been resolved.

Prevented worn items' keybind functionality from failing to work sometimes.

The pocket slot on the action bar now correctly updates the item name when a new item is equipped there.

When the entire pocket slot is one of your keybound actions activating a worn passage of the abyss no longer unequips it instead of opening the teleport menu.

Newly converted motherlode maw enhancers will no longer be missing a charge.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:28 am

PATCH NOTES 1st July 2019


Removed some PC terminology on mobile when interacting with the help screen for the Customisations / Wardrobe interface.

Android users can now dismiss the mobile controls interface using the back button on their device.

Fixed an issue with the new 2D cutscene system (used in Desperate Times) so it scales correctly on mobile devices.

Updated the Soul Wars reward interface to modernize and standardize it compared to other rewards interfaces.


There was a small case where players who had not purchased the Max cape but were Comped/Trimmed were not able to benefit from the Max Cape perks passive benefit. A check has now been added to the Comp and Trim capes to fix this issue.

Adjusted the name of the Varrock Agent Gloves to ease confusion

We've re-added the missing 100 life bonus if you've unlocked the Reaper title.

Memory of Nomad cape rewards can once again be earned on no-loot runs.

Prevented Solak every encounter triggering music unlock messaging.

Boss kills prestiged to zero now counter towards the Reaper Crew achievement.

Fixed some typos in the Breaking the Storm Event

Unachieved meta-achievement links now work from the Grace filter.

The Profound title can no longer be set without having first unlocked it.

You can no longer remove items from your toolbelt whilst in the duel arena.

Crystal capsules - Resetting prize gems now correctly costs 100 Hearts of Ice.

Repositioned the Araxxor darkness path dodge buttons back to their old location for the desktop client.

The Tokkul-Zo now opens a teleport selection interface when used from the action bar.

You can no longer sell Gatestones to the trader inside a Daemonheim Floor

Remaining charges for unfocused enhancers are now displayed in Wythien's toggle menu.

Toggling maw enhancers now uses the entire option bar instead of just a checkbox on both desktop and mobile.

The following equipment may now be keepsaked:

Spiked masterwork armour

Augmented spiked masterwork

Augmented limitless staves of air, water, fire, earth, lava & steam

Augmented Second Age weapons

Augmented abyssal bane 2h, longswords & shields

Augmented dragon bane 2h, longsword & shields

Augmented revenant bane 2h, longswords & shields

Augmented blightbound crossbows

Eastertime Fete music has been removed from the lumbridge crater.

Fixed two typos on the Dungeoneering overlay.

Handing in more then four gnome platebodies to Commander Montai during Dorics Task V will no longer tell you you've handed in -1 platebodies.

Players can once again receive metal drops from the familarisation supplies reward box.

Damage from squishing Menaphos Corrupted scarabs now shows correct hitsplat.

You can now once again use the clan info buttons if your clan chat interface is too small

You can now look at your Clan Log from outside of the Citadel

Fixed toolbelt scrollbar slider so it now visually appears properly.

The Mining skillcape perk will no longer affect Arc crablets.

Changed dragonbone platebody from tank to power armour, to match the set of this armour set.

It is no longer possible to add duplicate pets to PoH.

Boss instance improvements:

Everyone in a boss instance is now messaged when there's 30/15/5 minutes to go before the instance ends.

There is now a Protection option on the Boss Instance interface that'll allow you to lock your Instance to 'Friends Chat Only'

This means players who join your instance will be prompted to join the Friends Chat you've specified, upon joining they will be forced into turning Lootshare on.

During this time, players who join your instance will not be able to turn Lootshare off or leave your friends chat and must leave your instance if they wish to change those.

If the player joining your instance is unable to join your Friends Chat they will be removed from the instance when they enter

Practice Mode improvements:

If you are in practice mode when you go to climb down and fight Telos it will prompt you with a dialogue box to enter any enrage you like, have fun trying out the 4k enrage!

The chat message which highlights the % Enrage Telos will start with now appears in red.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:19 pm

PATCH NOTES 15th July 2019


Multiple hunter marks can now be obtained from double and triple encounters in Big Game Hunter.

The order at which items drop from Big Game Hunter has been adjusted.

The Malletops now correctly requires level 95 hunter to bait the central pad in Big Game Hunter.

Information for where to unlock the aggroverload potion recipe has been added to the make-x window.

A hunter icon has been added inside Big Game Hunter encounters to show where the bait pad is.

Bonecrusher now works with Big Game Hunter.

The guard NPC to the north side of the base camp can now reset agility lap progress, for those that have lost their place on the agility course.

Agility lap progress will be reset when entering the base camp if you have been logged out for 3 hours, and have not interacted with any agility obstacles beforehand.

The Herby Werby D&D can no longer reset twice on the weekly reset trigger.

Fixed an issue that would teleport the player inside a wall if leaving a Big Game Hunter encounter whilst being caught.

The Terrasaur maul and Hexhunter bow effects will now appear as a debuff on the target being affected by the buff.

Updated Anachronia lodestone examine.

Failing an encounter in Big Game Hunter will no longer reduce the amount of dinosaurs you can hunt in the area. Leaving, teleporting out of area, or killing a dino will still make progress towards the encounter going on cooldown.

Added a new achievement to Anachronia - 'Do you think he saw us?'

Prevented safe spotting from behind the large bone at Venomous dinosaurs.

Big Game Hunter locations will now more accurately be shown on the world map, with extra information included.

Dinosaur name

Bait required


Laniakea still requires her spear to fully explore the Land Out of Time. Due to this she has no interest selling it on the grand exchange at this time.

You can now teleport to Abyssal demons within Kuradal's dungeon via the Abyssal demon slayer mask on a demons cluster task.

Trapper fragments can now be obtained via Big Game Hunter.

Corrected a typo in The Eye of Cythan's dialogue.

Shadow, Diseased & Camouflaged Jadinkos caught on Anachronia now count towards the Jadinko Bingo Achievement.

A "never ask me again" option has been added to the bait pad in Big Game Hunter if less than 3 traps are built.

Frost dragons will now correctly count towards the Dragons cluster task.

Co-op potion share now works with Aggroverload, Extended super antifire and Stamina Potion.

Blocking has been added to a brazier in base camp.

Slayer masks now correctly assign tasks when getting a task from Laniakea.

Players will now get pushed away from Liverworts if they spawn under the player.

Glacytes no longer count towards a Glacors slayer task.

Right-click home teleport button after teleporting to Anachronia will now display the lodestone name instead of "Previous destination".

Moved Stamina potion and Aggroverload potions to be in level order within the potion crafting interface.

Placing and removing creatures now works as intended in the player-owned dungeon.

Attempting to use the quest hub portal will now correctly offer you a destination.

Telling Juna a story of your adventures will no longer cause a disconnection.

The Breaking the storm buffs have been correctly cleared, as the event has now ended.

You can no longer place Anachronia Slayer creatures in a player owned dungeon.

You can no longer place cannons or various other entities inside the base camp on Anachronia.

Demonhorn and Dragontooth necklaces will now work as expected with Dinosaur bones.

Helping Laniakea age now correctly states "Sixth Age.".

Jadinkos can now spawn in Big Game Hunter (details in this post here).

Slayer dinosaurs special attack animations are no longer choppy and are working as expected.

We've now stopped the Base Camp's Tier 2/3 General Store selling Big Game Hunter bait in an attempt to stablise the price and make Tier 1 Bait retain its value. When we first added these in development (back in March!) we didn't expect the price to be as high as it was.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:22 pm

PATCH NOTES 22nd July 2019

Big Game Hunter

Strange rocks can now be obtained when skinning a creature.

Some stones have been removed from around the Scorpion traps.

The aggression circle now better syncs with the dinosaurs position after it has eaten Jadinkos.

Jadinkos will no longer spawn on the lowest tier encounters. (Arcane apoterrasaur, Scimitops, and the Bagrada Rex.)

Once one Jadinko has been eaten the rest will now disappear.

The chance of Jadinkos spawning in an encounter has been halved.

One of the hard paths has been removed from the Arcane Apotterasaur. (lowest level creature.)

The delay for when you can move when joining a Big Game Encounter has been reduced slightly.

Fixed an issue where magic notepaper wouldn't work on some bait items.

A bank pin is now required to access your bait box on Anachronia.

You can now note damaged dinosaur hides

'Got to Go Around It' has been added as an achievement to Anachronia.

'In and Out, Nice and Slow' has been added as an achievement to Anachronia.

If you've purchased the Bait Box upgrade you will now find a bait box in the base camp which also accepts noted bait for Big Game Hunter.

A message will now appear in filtered chat to state when the dinosaur for the current encounter has gone into hiding.

Messaging when skinning a creature inside Big Game Hunter has been tweaked slightly.


The world map view of Anachronia has been tweaked slightly to better represent the terrain.

Totem pieces will now correctly be added to your inventory if you have one space, as opposed to requiring two free spaces before.

Irwinsson will now sell standard hunter items on Anachronia.

Blocking has been added to a rock on Anachronia.

Purchasing totem pieces from the Herby Werby reward shop with a full inventory will no longer consume Spirit points and not award a totem piece.

The tooltip for the plus and minus buttons when assigning workers has been removed as it was obscuring the value already assigned.

Gotta Go Fast will now unlock, as intended, after unlocking both double surge and double escape.

Vile blooms and Dinosaurs have been re-ordered in the beasts tab.

The segment XP bonus for the Anachronia agility course has been redistributed throughout the tiers, as the lower segments were too powerful.

Clean arbuck herbs will now correctly be transported to the bank when harvested in conjunction with a charged Grace of the Elves necklace.

Minor tweaks have been made to resolve issues regarding lighting on newer assets in areas such as Anachronia.

A breadcrumb trail has been added to Giles if you have not yet completed the Base Camp tutorial.

Fixed some typos across Anachronia

Filled in a hole in the terrain by the Herby Werby DnD entrance on Anachronia.

The Hunter trapper outfit now correctly requires a hunter level to manufacture, rather than a dungeoneering level. Whoops!

The Anachronia general store trader now supplies fishing bait and feathers once you have access to him.

Lantadyme incense sticks now correctly work with the new stamina potion.


Drinking an Aggroverload whilst using potion share on a co-op slayer task will now correctly display the Overload buff icon on the buff bar.

The correct level requirement for creating an Aggroverload potion has been added to the Herblore skillguide.

Familiars will attack slayer creatures in Kuradal's dungeon when on an appropriate slayer task.

The Attack, Ranged, and Magic bonuses of the Max, Comp, and Comp (T) capes have been increased from 26 to 31.

The respective Attack, Ranged, and Magic bonuses of the Kiln Capes have been increased from 31 to 33.

We've made further optimisations to the action bar script (please note: This will fix some issues with the on-going 'dead clicks' issue but not all of them, a NXT fix is still ongoing to resolve this.)

Food with portions on an action bar keybind now displays as active while you're still carrying any.

Boss kills prestiged to zero now counter towards the Reaper Crew achievement. For realsies this time.

Revenant killcount is now listed in the slayer codex.

You no longer have to dismiss pets and familiars before entering the ancient cavern via the whirlpool.

Fixed the retaliation function of Anagamis when attacked by a familiar.

Players will no longer get stuck in the fight waves of the "Salt in the Wound" quest.

Mammoth Changes:

Stopped a lot of Mammoth attacks, melee, ranged, charge attacks, overlapping with each other

Mammoths no longer attempt to punish the player for kiting them so early, to prevent the player being stunned while evading single attacks.

Mammoths' ranged attacks now deal damage when the projectile connects, rather than when it is launched, allowing for better use of defensive options.

Other players' ability hitsplats are correctly hidden when set to in hitsplat options.

The bleed received for camping at the top of path 2 whilst Araxxor is on phase 3 is now correctly cleared when transitioning to phase 3.

Scrimshaw of sacrifice can no longer be deactivated immediately after killing a creature to get the bonus XP and also a drop.

Dominion gloves now degrade by the correct amount when looted from the gravestone.

If the game detects you have a flanking weapon in either your backpack or worn equipment it'll now display a flanking icon on the monster bar to inform you that your Flanking perk will work in that position.

Magic protection prayers and other damage reduction/negation abilities will now work against Muspah's magic attacks.

Salt the Wound ability now uses the correct icon inside the skill guide.


A grammatical issue within The Needle Skips has been resolved.

Increased the Grand Exchange buy limit of ancient scales and draconic energy from 200 to 1000.

The Meta-Phos "Sandy" title achievement now checks for separate district reputation as opposed to total City reputation.

Sentinel fragments can now be earned when engaging in the Evil Tree D&D.

The sliders for Freecam's speed/rotations settings now update accordingly.

The speed of Freecam can now go to 1,024.

Added the profound halo to head overrides. This is unlocked when the player earns the Profound title with Lanthas at Castle Wars.

Charos Clue Carrier changes:

A item tooltip is now generated for the Charos Clue Carrier showing your clues/caskets inside it

Messaging has now been added to tell you when a clue has been added to your Charos Clue Carrier

When finishing a clue with Charos' Clue Carrier with you, it'll now try to remove a new tier clue (based on the one you did) from the carrier to allow to start a new clue right away.

Corrected a typo in Beneath Cursed Tides

Skilling and Misc spells, such as High Alchemy, Jewellery enchant, or Loadstone teleports, can no longer be cast in Clan Battlegrounds.

A mismatch between the voice-over and text for a certain line during The Needle Skips has been resolved.

The player-owned farm breeding pen collector now collects both rams and ewes, rather than just ewes.

Removed a message box when using the teleport option on Elite Skilling Outfits allowing you to get to your teleports much more quickly.

Snakes at the drakolith mine south of Tai Bwo Wannai, and those at the light animica mine near Pollnivneach have migrated, and should no longer be a bother to players with a low combat level.

Corrected a typo in Tarn's Diary.

Fixed a typo in the Varrock task set rewards dialogue.

Fixed some stretching on depleted mining crablets.

Corrected a grammatical error in the "Rocking out" quest reward.

Added a toggle option to the legends' cape, allowing the player to choose whether to teleport to the gates or within the guild with ease.

Area loot now accounts for a spirit gem bag.

The Soul Vampyres book found in Goshima after the Curse of the Black Stone quest is now correctly readable in non-English languages. Also corrected a typo.

Players on oldschool worlds 500+ will now have the appropriate flag set next to their name in friends list and friends chat windows.

Fixed an issue that caused the emotes list (text) to sometimes become overlapped when switching between emotes and transmogs.

The ignore list now correctly updates when removing multiple names.

You will no longer be charged to repair the reforged sunspear after it has already been repaired fully at the Player owned house armour stand.

An auto-deploy option has been added to skill training dummies (not combat) so they automatically deploy the next one of the same type that is in your inventory. This is cancelled by any action.

The Ore Box tooltip has been adjusted to stop visual clipping when using a large variety of ores.

You can now move the Caret location with a mouse click on the bug report interface

In addition to the existing Y and N keybinds for confirming item destruction Ctrl+A now triggers the "All" option.

Troll Invasion D&D Morale Boosts interface buttons no longer get cut off when the interface is resized.

The Quest Outfit is now removed from the Lorehound pet if all quests are not complete, after obtaining the outfit previously.

Items with a higher coin conversion value than their Grand Exchange price will now default to the Grand Exchange value rather than the higher conversion.

Coins added/withdrawn to your money pouch is now aligned correctly in Legacy.

You can no longer bank the Jack of Trades aura by dragging it from your player into the bank after finishing your Jack of Trades run - instead now it'll deactivate, allowing you to go claim your reward as normal.

The following auras now have wing overrides which can be found in the customisation interface: Festive, Illumination, Salvation, Corruption and Harmony.

Removed the Illumination aura.

Dedicated Slayer and Mahjarrat auras are now in the Combat aura category, rather than Skilling.

Daemonheim auras will now automatically remove when leaving a dungeon.

All Daemonheim auras now appear in the aura management interface, along with their passive benefits.

You can now open the aura management interface in Daemonheim.

The festive aura can now be activated in Daemonheim again.

There is a new filter category in the aura management interface for auras usable in Dungeoneering.

The Oddball aura can now be found in the aura management interface.

It's now possible to own multiple pairs of fancy and fighting boots, multiples of all three types of mage arena god capes, multiples of achievement set equipment (including previous tiers) and one of each of the family crest gauntlets.

Added a 25%/50%/75%/100% chance to spawn an additional Chompy bird while hunting chompy birds, respectively if Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite Ardougne achievement diaries are completed.

Added Jadinko hunting to the D&D tracker.

Charged and uncharged combat bracelets now have consistent disassembly materials.

Clearing override slots with a lent item in them will now correctly display.

Text in drop down menu's is now left-aligned in Legacy interface mode, as it is in the default interface mode.

Herbs harvested from Vine herb patches will now grant Herblore XP whilst using the Master farmer outfit to clean them on harvest.

Players who have an equipped crossbow and Mithril grapple will find it no longer breaks if they already have an enhanced grappling hook on their toolbelt.

Fixed an issue that was preventing bank presets from working under certain circumstances.

Familiars special moves can now be cast near Obelisks. This in turn, fixes an issue where the Meerkat's Fetch Casket special move couldn't be cast in the Kharidian Desert (south of the Penguin's T.A.R.D.I.S.).

Mineral packs bought in the Void Knight reward shop pay out the correct rewards once again.

The pretty, witty and dead achievement can now be completed using essence stored inside a familiar.

Elder trees in the priff farming patch should no longer last mysteriously longer than 5 minutes while chopping.

If you have max or near max of a certain currency when attempting to receive it from a reward chest it will now no longer allow you to claim it

An issue resulting in trees being chopped down when the player has a lower farming level than required has been fixed.

You will now receive magical thread when crafting combination runes.

Dungeoneering Party Simulator now considers inventory space as intended.

Prevented a disconnection that could occur when unhiding revenant pets.

Players that have somehow managed to find themselves blocked during the in aid of myreque quest should now be able to continue as expected.

Using various spells from specific tabs of the magic window will no longer cause the main magic window to re-open.

Players can now 'use' items on legendary pets, that have been transformed into beasts of burden, to deposit their items in to the beast of burden's inventory.

Prevented characters that got new models in Pieces of Hate from warping during Bard Roberts' sea shanties.

The two music tracks for Angel of Death are now unlocked on entry to the arena.

You can now store superior void knight deflector in PoH.

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