Patch Notes 2019

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Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:14 pm

PATCH NOTES 7th January 2019
Here are the patch notes and guides for mining and smithing re work links:

Full Documentation

Suity's mining and smithing guide

Mining - Core Skill

Reduced level requirement to mine iron, coal, mithril, adamant and runite to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.

Adamant and runite now use luminite rather than coal as the secondary ingredient for smelting. Luminite can be mined at mining level 40.

Added new tiers of ore to mine. At 60, orichalcite and drakolith. At 70, necrite and phasmatite. At 80, bane ore (existing bane ore counts). At 90, light animica and dark animica.

All mining sites have been rearranged to include the new ores. The world map now shows what rocks are available at each mining site.

Mining rocks no longer deplete.

Every swing now gives XP, but ore is only earned after filling up the progress bar with multiple swings.

Mining using a pick which is lower level than the rock being mined now results in slower XP and ore.

Rockertunities will spawn occasionally which, when clicked, result in a burst of additional XP and ore.

If you let yourself go AFK while mining, you will gradually slow down slightly. If you click frequently, you will stay at maximum mining speed. The difference between fastest and slowest is about 20%.

When mining you have a chance to gain geodes. Regular geodes contain gems, and metamorphic geodes always contain rare prizes.

When levelling mining, you unlock new benefits at every level. Most of these benefits apply only to that tier of rocks.

You can make an ore box using the smithing skill. Depending on its upgrade level, it can store up to 100 of each ore.

Ore and bars can be stored in the new metal bank which is accessible from any furnace, forge or anvil.

Smithing - Core Skill

Reduced level requirement to smith iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.

Added new tiers of metal to smith. At 60, orikalkum. At 70, necronium. At 80, bane. At 90, elder rune.

Adamant and rune now use luminite rather than coal as the secondary ingredient for smelting.

Smithed items now take longer to make, which makes each individual item more valuable.

Within a metal tier, the XP/bar and XP/hour is consistent across all items.

You can speed up the rate at which you smith items by making sure they're heated up. Hotter items smith faster, so you get more XP/hr (although not more XP/bar).

Smithed items can be upgraded. This makes them better in combat, and gives faster XP/hr than just making base items. Higher level metals can be upgraded more times.

From adamant, items which have been upgraded to the maximum for that metal can be taken to the artisan's workshop and made into burial equipment. This destroys the item but gives the fastest possible XP/hr.

You unlock all smithable items when the tier of metal unlocks, but at every smithing level you unlock new benefits for smithing. Most of these only apply to that tier of metal.

Ore and bars can be stored in the new metal bank which is accessible from any furnace, forge or anvil.

Smithing - Special Smithable Items

At level 90, smiths can make untradeable armour spikes to use in combat. These are consumables which go in the ammo slot (or backpack) and deal damage to enemies that hit you from adjacent tiles.

At level 99 smithing, smiths can make masterwork armour. This is level 90 power armour which only requires materials from mining to make.

At level 99 smithing, smiths can upgrade masterwork armour into trimmed masterwork armour. This is level 92 power armour and requires some components that can only be obtained through PVM.

Mining - Tools

Your pickaxe level matters a lot - higher level pickaxes mine faster, and if you're not using a pickaxe at least as high level as the rock you're mining, you get a penalty.

Pickaxes can be smithed as high as level 90, but smithable pickaxes can't be augmented.

You can combine the crystal pickaxe with the imcando pickaxe using a blast fusion hammer to make a level 90 augmentable pickaxe.

You can add and remove any pickaxe (except bronze and augmented) from the toolbelt.

PVM, Drops & Value

The alch value of existing smithable gear has been reduced to accommodate the new smithing level.

All smithable items on drop tables have been replaced with new "salvage" items which alch for what the smithable items used to alch for.

The spring cleaner has two new modes which can auto-alch and auto-dissassemble salvage drops.

All ore and bars have been replaced with consumable "stone spirits" which double ore yields when carried while mining.

All existing smithable gear of at least steel quality is replaced with tokens, which can then be used in the artisan's workshop to purchase your choice of either gear or salvage depending on whether you want to use it or alch it.

Artisan's Workshop

The artisan's workshop basement has been removed, along with most of the alternate training methods.

The artisan's workshop now has regular anvils, and all smithing done there awards respect.

Luminite injector items can be used at the artisan's workshop to give everyone there a 5% smithing bonus.

Ceremonial swords is now a D&D which has a chance to occur on finishing any item while in the artisan's workshop.

Some artisan's workshop respect rewards have been changed.


Smithable items are probably no longer worth disassembling due to the time they take to make.

New salvage drops are intended to be alched or disassembled and will be a source of components.

Breakdown perk no longer disassembles the smithed item - instead it has a chance to award components as if the item were disassembled.

Furnace perk still increases XP gain and reduces ore gain.

Honed perk now increases chance for double ore when mining.

Rapid perk now smiths faster, but causes heat to be lost faster.

Refined perk now increases geode chance when mining.

Tinker perk now increases chance for double progress when smithing.

Other content

Bane melee weapons and armour can be tuned against some targets using special recipes accessible at the anvil. These recipes do not require completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Bane ammunition still requires ROTM to make.

Gem rocks have been split into multiple tiers with different drop tables. Which gems drop at which sites is visible on the world map.

Seren stones are largely unchanged and will remain the best AFK mining method. They still drop corrupted ore. As core ores are now more valuable, Seren stones may be less useful.

The coal bag has been removed and refunded.

The autoheater is a new dungeoneering token reward which consumes coal to automatically reheat your smithing item, allowing for faster AFK rates.

The collector's insignia now increases geode chance and increases the chance for double ore when mining sandstone.

Varrock armour now increases the chance for double bars when smelting, for double ore when mining and for double progress when smithing. Higher levels of the armour work on higher level metals.

New varrock armour doubles the effectiveness of varrock armour, and allows its mining and smithing benefits to work without wearing the armour.

Luck enhancers (ring of wealth, etc) now increase the chance for geodes to upgrade to metamorphic geodes.

Quarrymaster aura now increases the chance to critically swing when mining.

Resourceful aura now increases the chance to find geodes when mining and increases the chance to get double ore when mining sandstone.

Divine location rocks have had their divination requirements lowered to match the new mining requirements. Divine luminite has been added, but higher tier divine locations have not been added at this time.

Strong smelting urns only work up to level 70. A new decorated smelting urn has been added which works up to 99.

Juju mining potions now have a chance to give free stone spirits when mining. (Stone spirits double ore yield.) Perfect juju mining potions make mining faster when using stone spirits.

Perfect juju smithing potions increase the chance for double progress when smithing.

Two new items, iron ingots and steel ingots have been added. These are made at the furnace and are used in place of platebodies when making iron and steel titan summoning pouches.

The mining accumulator now gains charge whenever the player gets a critical swing when mining.

When mining, crystallise now only works on core mining rocks. It prevents ore from dropping, and adds 20% additional mining XP as long as the player is not AFK.

Light form doubles the effect of crystallise from 20% to 40%.

Superheat item, as well as smelting ore, can be cast on smithing items to heat them up.

Superheat form no longer automatically smelts ore when mining. Instead, it reduces the time taken to smelt bars, and increases the amount by which heat speeds up smithing.

Skillchompas can be used in addition to a mining pick, and increase the damage dealt by critical swings.

Rock-crushing scrimshaw now increases chance for a critical swing when mining.

Gem-finding scrimshaw now increases the chance to find geodes when mining.

Mining familiars now increase the damage the player deals to rocks when mining.

Crystal hammer now increases the chance for double progress when smithing.

The nymph in the lava flow mine now spawns more frequently and consistently.

The blast furnace only works up to rune. Ordan no longer sells ore, but no longer charges to unnote ore.

Trahaearn hour causes random level 90 animica rocks to spawn on each world, requiring worlds to be searched for a good pattern. In addition all mining has a higher chance for double ore, and smelting corrupted ore gives more XP.

Ithell hour now gives a chance for soft clay mined to be put straight into the bank.

The empty throne room is now the primary site for dark animica ore. The previous mining activity has been removed. The agility and divination activities are unchanged, except it is no longer necessary to refill the boxes at all.

The gemstone golem outfit now increases the chance to get a critical swing when mining, and the magic outfit makes rockertunities more effective.

The blacksmith's outfit can now be purchased directly from the artisan's workshop respect store.

The modified blacksmith's helmet now increases the chance of getting double ore when smelting. It can be purchased from the artisan's workshop respect store.

Portable forges have been replaced with luminite injectors, which can be used at the artisan's workshop to give a group buff. Your existing portable forges have been turned back into portable packs, so you can choose to gain the new luminite injectors if you want them, or instead choose a different portable.

Protean bars ignore the new smithing mechanics. They give slightly higher XP at high level (to make up for the loss of portable forges) but slightly lower XP at low level.

Starfury armour how increases the chance to get a critical swing when mining Seren stones.

Dragon armour is now power armour.

The mining skillcape now increases the chance to gain double ore, and awards bonus XP whenever double ore is gained.

The smithing skillcape gives a smithing buff whenever the item is reheated. This is especially effective (but expensive) with the superheat item spell.


Added some safety checks to some cutscene script in Violet is Blue. (HOTFIX)

Players should no longer be disconnected when attempting to complete the 'A bit TOO familiar' achievement.

You can now use an Uncharted Isle's resources, should you decide to visit an uncharted isle after visiting a friend's island.

Fixed an issue which disconnected the player from the game when trying to summon a pet which is no longer owned.

The temporary Christmas event content has now been removed.

A limit of how many urns could be teleported away at once was causing players that attempted to teleport more than this amount to disconnect - this has now been resolved.

Mithril Bars will no longer give the "Nothing interesting happens" message when using Enchanted Notepaper on them.

Players with an expired 6 month Summer Special 2018 membership once again have access to the fourth winter rewards chest at the Grand Exchange.

The examine text for the firefly jar in Violet is Blue has been changed to be less confusing.

The holiday portal now directs you to the correct location.

The bonfire in the yeti town will now work when interacting with it from the east side.

The snow imp can now be summoned from the ice amulet in the land of snow Yeti town.

The Snowman building rest animation will now correctly show the snowman in the preview screen within the Customisations interface.

Seren Spirits will now be visible when sharing a tile with other actors.

The legacy map icons toggle will no longer be reverted on logout.

Dying in a PvP scenario with a small rune pouch should no longer cause the dead player to disconnect.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Gridenough » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:11 am

Hmmm. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered: what about the stuff in our banks? How will it affect current armor? current levels? I had thought, from the advance info I looked at that this would pretty much apply to people still gaining levels in smithing and mining, but I see that it sort of seeps through the whole game. A new learning curve here, even if I am not minging/smithing. I never liked them and thought that once I got the 99 I would only need them for JOT. Not so anymore, it seems.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:46 am

Gridenough wrote:
Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:11 am
Hmmm. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered: what about the stuff in our banks? How will it affect current armor? current levels? I had thought, from the advance info I looked at that this would pretty much apply to people still gaining levels in smithing and mining, but I see that it sort of seeps through the whole game. A new learning curve here, even if I am not minging/smithing. I never liked them and thought that once I got the 99 I would only need them for JOT. Not so anymore, it seems.
The wiki is still being worked on, Suity's wiki guide is very informative (link at top of page) anything in your bank that is now obsolete has been replaced by tokens, and premier members got a flyer from the chests in Varrock GE to exchange for various mining stuff to start everyone off. It will take a bit for the GE prices to level off but once you've read the guide etc it's not as complicated as it looks.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Gridenough » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:50 pm

Thanks, Cally

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:34 am

PATCH NOTES 14th January 2019

Mining & Smithing post-release

Fixed typo when Ithell Voice of Seren transports soft clay to a players bank.

Fixed some issues with the previous, now cosmetic, rework armours which can be obtained from Egil.

Solid lava geyser duration has been reduced drastically.

Your progress when mining a solid lava geyser is now reset correctly.

Scroll of Efficiency no longer triggers while repairing armours.

Spring cleaners disassemble mode now works correctly if empty on springs.

Players can once again make Alchemical Onyx Necklaces at furnaces.

Salvage and Stone Spirits are now in the correct category on the website.

Make-x while making arrows is back down to 10 per set instead of 60.

Fixed an issue where F2P players with full banks and inventories had their converted tokens dropped to the ground

There is now a message when your furnace perk activates while mining.

Red sandstone will no longer be marked as complete for the 'I Love Dailyscape' achievement if the player does not have access to the rock.

Certain items were flagged as f2p, they have now been correctly made members items.

Luminite injectors have been fixed to give the correct amount of progress when activated and as such are now working as intended.

Fixed an issue where multiple Liquid Gold Nymphs could be spawned under certain conditions.

Tuned bane ores no longer have a chance to increase amount of bars gained while smelting.

It is now no longer possible to fill ore boxes when you have multiple of them on you.

The achievement "My Sick Four Tick Trick" can no longer be unlocked by stalling the player during a mining operation.

Suity level maximum achievement can no longer be achieved while using a dwarven ramhammer.

Depositing ores and bars using the interface should now let you correctly continue smelting bars.

Hotfix: The furnace in the warhammer shop in kelagrim has been moved over by 1 tile to stop blocking players from progressing through Birthright of the Dwarves.

It is no longer possible to attempt to store pickaxes on your toolbelt in free to play worlds if you have a member's only pickaxe already stored.

When having a high-level members pickaxe on your toolbelt on F2P, when mining, this will now default to runite.

Heat leveling benefits now work as intended.

The Modified Blacksmith's Helmet will no longer allow players to make extra bars while smelting Masterwork Alloy bars

Players can once again complete Doric and Boric's seventh task to fix the Guard Warhammer

All tiers of the Quarrymaster Aura have been doubled in their percentage chance of critical hits while mining

Stone Spirits now have a higher buy limit of 25,000 on the Grand Exchange

Breaking down Torva Platebodies and Platelegs to use for Trimmed Masterwork armour will now give 5 and 3 Praesulic Essences respectively

Fixed a typo with Elder rune bars on the smithing skill guide

Stone Spirits have had their examine texts shortened as they were previously too long.

Shooting stars have been re-enabled.

Players who Custom Fitted their Trimmed Masterwork sets before augmenting them can now repair them at an anvil if they are at 100% charge, and can then augment them again using an invention table

Smelting interface now shows if you have coal in your inventory or not correctly.

Moved some stalagtites in the haunted mine, which blocked access to a portion of drakolith vein.

Spears on drop tables have been replaced with salvage

Players now consistently receive their RuneMetrics free in-game membership. (HOTFIX)

The various Smithing fanatics across Gielinor are now convinced that yes, you have heard about the Mining and Smithing rework, and as such have fallen silent. (HOTFIX)

Players no longer receive a debug message when trying to use armour spikes from a distance. (HOTFIX)

The news post link on the Mining and Smithing rework popup now functions correctly on non-English worlds. (HOTFIX)

Ninja implings once again drop runite throwing axes, darts and knives. (HOTFIX)

The superheat spell on the explorers ring will now give both smithing and magic xp once again.

Punishment rocks found during the Tourist Trap quest have had their hitpoints drastically reduced.

The smithing autoheater is no longer tradeable.

The Spring Cleaner will once again upgrade as it uses charges when high alching salvage

An error that allowed Masterwork to be repairable at an anvil was causing issues, this has now been resolved and can no longer be repaired at an anvil - instead you should repair your used masterwork armour at Bob in Lumbridge or at an armour repair stand in your PoH.

The 'Enough of the Crazy Walking' achievement now correctly unlocked once both lore books are purchased.

The 'very resourceful' achievement will no longer be able to be completed multiple times.


A typo in Violet is Blue has been fixed.

The Fireworks will now display correctly on the interface when you run out of keys and re-open Treasure Hunter during the Fireworks Festival Treasure Hunter promotion.

Fixed some clipping issues with hair styles and the Shadow Gorilla mask.

Players will no longer be prompted to claim a Ring of Quests from the Quest Point Shop if the ring is already in the players bank.

Player owned farm animals can no longer be obtained by Ironman accounts by popping Falador party room balloons.

Getting caught during Chosen Commander will no longer place you in a large pen of Player Owned Farm.

The tree/master farmer outfits now correctly reduce the number of items required to pay protection costs when done via dialogue.

The claim rewards screen for the Quest Point store will no longer open under certain scenarios if there are no rewards to claim.

All the blurite ranged weapons can now be keepsaked.

Over-filling your bank via the fishing trawler catch net is no longer possible.

Ironmen attempting to sell items to an overstocked shop will no longer encounter a broken message.

Reattuning the skilling portals in the max guild garden to the same location will no longer cost GP for the second portal.

Players can, if they so wish, use an empty bucket to gather buckets of slime at the Pool of Slime underneath the Ectofunctus - however, players still do not require buckets to gather slime.

Players can no longer obtain more than one set of the black ibis outfit using a POH.

Players can now access the adventures interface whilst having a monkey greegree equipped.

Players cutting gems into bolt tips with the crystal chisel will now have the animation correctly reflect that the player is using the crystal chisel rather than their toolbelted chisel.

You are no longer required to have a wicked hood in your inventory to redeem Wicked hood teleport tokens.

An unnecessary message was firing when grappling the cliff face in Prifddinas to get to the waterfall fishing area - this has now been resolved.

Compacted silver jewellery will no longer list its charges multiple times on the tool-tip.

The achievement "Shadow Hanging Over Me" will again be awarded when all appropriate chests have been searched, as intended.

Burnt oomlie meat will now stack correctly in your inventory.

Blood essence vial item charge tooltip now displays the correct charge percentage remaining at all times.

The achievement for achieving a score of 1111 at big chinchompa will no longer continuously unlock.

'You make some mage armour' message that appears while crafting mage armour in dungeoneering has been added to spam filter.

Draken's Medallion can now be used to teleport out of the Temple Trekking minigame without consuming a charge.

A graphical issue which made it seem that players could configure the energy rift to select multiple conversion options has now been fixed.

The Extreme sharpshooter potion has had its Herblore level requirement increased to 92, from 91, due to the ingredients being unobtainable until 92 Herblore.

Fairy near Zanaris market no longer has a detached antenna.

Winning a multiple cosmetic prize on Treasure Hunter will now place Oddments into your currency pouch if Oddments are already in it.

A duplicated Karambwan vessel will no longer be dropped to the floor if using the Shark fishing outfits in conjunction with it.

The "Raising The Stakes" achievement is no longer completed when creating Blisterwood sickles.

Swamp Snakes in the Temple Trekking minigame will now give combat EXP when defeated

Fixed a grammatical error on the soul wars grave examines.

Crystal Shapeshifters now appear on the slayer skill guide.

The Agility skillcape perk now prevents failure on the Werewolf Agility arena's teeth-clenching zipline.

Replaced the augmentation dissolver's blueprint image which one that more accurately reflects its model.

Achievement for unlocking all music tracks should now only be completed if all tracks are unlocked.

The amount of music tracks required for the Music Maestro achievement has been correct to show the full amount.

Cabin Fever quest journal has been updated to instruct the player that only five loads of Plunder are required, instead of ten.

Quick-chatting your active Slayer task whilst on Morvan's special challenge will now state you're on a special challenge, rather than needing a new task.

Progress in A Soul's Bane's hopelessness room is now advanced when NPCs are killed without making them your primary target first.

Skillchompas will now appear in the correct category in the Hunter skillguide.

Some incorrect blocking has been removed from infront of the Karambwan spots on Karamja.

Attempting to teleport with the Waterfall teleport token will no longer delete the token if the teleport is unsuccessful.

The Oddments Store no longer says "odd ments" rather than "oddments".

Sign of the porter now correctly list Muspah spines in the 'other' section.

The 'Two in the Bush' achievement will now only unlock once the correct action has been completed.

The compost mound special now correctly works for all compost bins.

Attempting to quickly recolour a previewed pet now works as expected.

The Wilderness Sword will no longer appear under the Wand filter.

The Asylum surgeons ring (i) will now work for the master clue inside the Grand library.

A grammatical oddity when turning manure at Manor Farm has been resolved.

Checkered shirts should no longer cause odd colour differences on the character's wrists.

The "Missing My Mummy" quest will now also show the extra items required for total completion in the quest journal should players wish to go above and beyond with this quest.

If a player was killed by the mushrooms in a Helwyr fight, this would not be recognised as a death at Helwyr. This has now been resolved, along with a similar issue affecting the Twin Furies.

Fixed an issue that caused the minigames interface to appear over the world map when it opened with the minigame interface on screen.

Added missing blocking to the leaning pillar to the south of Sophanem's Divination colony.


Added a tap area to sets in the Grand Exchange. You can now tap on the icon under the Sets tab of the Grand Exchange to see the components of that set.

Fixed some issues with text and button layout in the Challenge Gem interfaces.

Increased the font size for the XP Tracker and Drop Log within the RuneMetrics interfaces.

Fixed some of the minigames interfaces within the circus, specifically the ones for the fire based activities and the magic trick activity.

Fixed an issue that was causing the NXT and mobile clients to have an incorrect setting related to "Water reflections".

Added an indicator on mobile when you are running the graphics auto-setup.

Fixed a PC terminology issue in an error message when spamming a fishing spot.

Added a tap area so users can see the tooltip that shows how many of each type of Treasure Hunter keys you have.

Updated the interface builders on the Black Marketeer and The Trader inside the Player-Owned Ports.

As part of a general cleanup for the game health in preparation for mobile, we have removed any remaining references to the Gielinor Games.

Added an info mode toggle and some information on the piano keys for the piano puzzle in the Rune Mysteries quest.

Update the observatory telescope interface to use a modern style frame. This fixed a bug where this interface did not have a close button and therefore was not able to be closed easily on mobile.

Updated the Lumbridge task ring interfaces to use the modern interface builder style.

Updated the Makeover Mage and the Photo Booth interfaces to use the modern builder style.

Fixed an issue where sometimes PC users could see the mobile version of the graphics settings interface.

Updated the Big Chinchompa interfaces to use the modern builder style.

Updated the Ports Management interfaces (the ones used when monitoring your region and your scroll unlocks) to use the modern builder style.

Updated the Big Chinchompa reward shop to use the modern reward shop interface standard.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:01 am

PATCH NOTES 21st January 2019


An issue causing AoE spells, such as the burst and barrage ancient magicks, to not award adrenaline correctly has been fixed.

Performing abilities whilst moving with revolution enabled will now correctly play attack animations.

Added a small delay when equipping items from the action bar so that they can't accidentally be instantly removed.

The Provoke ability can no longer accidentally be triggered when equipping a Barrows shield.

Should the Mutated Dazing Shot ability or Salt the Wound miss on your enemy, the timer for Puncture will now still extend.

The Mutated Dazing Shot ability puncture effect will no longer cause Nex to heal during the blood siphon phase.

Ability queuing will no longer stop the buff from Needle strike going to the following ability.

Ability queuing will no longer stall the players movement after using an ability.

Ability queuing no longer stops 'on-tick' heals with the Resonance ability.

Seren Godbow special attack changes:

Fixed an issue with some of the damage calculations.

The special attack now ensures damage bonuses are applied correctly, for example Death's Swiftness.

The Bladed dive ability will no longer change the direction the player is facing shortly after using it.

Bladed dive will now award adrenaline when being used to enter combat.

Using a basic ability while running in to combat will now award adrenaline correctly.

Bladed Dive will no longer allow you to click on another player when activating it outside PvP

The damage modifiers from damage enhancing scrimshaws, Berseker auras and the Metamorphosis ability are now calculated earlier. This means that bosses phase correctly when they reach their HP threshold and mechanics that rely on damage to progress (such as Telos' tendrils or Vorago's pushback phases (Phase 5 - Normal Mode, Phase 10/11 - Hard Mode)) will now take the additional damage from the modifiers into the equation.

Boss kill time messages are no longer filtered.

There is no longer a small delay of the character after using the Snipe ability with Nightmare gauntlets equipped.

The damage values of rune throwing axes have been corrected.

The phase transitions for Rune Dragons has been vastly improved and made smoother.

The book of death effect should now correctly work when fighting Rune Dragons.

Removed a delay when activating the Metamorphosis ability.

Aggression potions now correctly affect cockatrices.

We've now added a way to track your highest Telos streak, everyone's will start at 0 and streaks completed from the launch of this update will track your highest streak

You can now quickchat your current Telos killstreak and enrage as well as quickchat your highest killstreak

When viewing Telos in the beast tab it'll now display your highest killstreak

Added a small delay after first activating the Reprisal ability so that its effect cannot be immediately triggered by accident.


Fixed an issue with Solak trying to delay his phase 3 transition whilst doing the Binding Crush attack.

Players that remained in Solak's mind from phase 3 to 4 will no longer get teleported back to the base map after their 10 seconds are up.

Fixed an issue where certain abilities and actions were stopping Solak from awarding loot.

The instakill on the last phase of the Solak fight will no longer consume signs of life/death.

The Ancient Elven Ritual Shard's debuff cooldown timer now accurately displays how much time must pass before it can be used again.

Increased the collection log tracking cap on Erethdor's Grimoire pages from Solak.

Kill count for Solak will no longer be awarded after dying and then standing in a different Solak instance.

The instakill on phase 4 of Solak will no longer hit players that died in that battle and then stood in a different Solak instance.

An issue that could cause players to not be able to properly transition into phase 4 if a member of the team died and created their own Solak instance has been resolved.

Solak duo mode and group mode kill times now display separately in the Beasts tab, and can be broadcasted separately. Duo mode falls under (HM).


Allowed a worn slot to be added to an action bar slot, allowing you to use that slot's options even when switching items.

The Dominion Tower rewards interface has been reworked and now supports buy-x.

Changed the dominion journal's destroy message between its completed and unfinished state.

Dominion Tower climber now rolls for handicap more quickly by skipping the need for the "Stop" button.

Reaching a Shattered Worlds checkpoint now restores lifepoints, prayer points, summoning points, run energy and cures poison.


The Al Kharid hidden mine will no longer show as being a members unlock in the Dungeoneering skill guide as it is now a free to play unlock

Metamorphic geodes now give strange rocks for each one if all are not owned or the statue is not built.

You can no longer mine crablets on another player's uncharted isle.

The description of juju mining potion and perfect juju mining potion reflected an outdated design, and they have been updated to correctly match their current effect.

Strong mining urn now works correctly in F2P.

The mining skillguide now correctly states what the mining skillcape effect is.

The Polishing, Imp-Souled, Butter-Fingers, and Cheapskate invention perks will now work correctly while mining

Players now have the option to turn off Mining hitsplats for Critical Swings and Rockertunities

Known issue: Hitsplats are currently causing players in Safe Mode Java to crash. The ability to turn hitsplats off now allows those players to mine without crashing.

The mine to the south east of Varrock now houses tin ore, as previously stated on the world map icon tooltip.

Updated ores and combat items in NPC guide prices within the grand exchange

Coal trucks now correctly work for the everything is oresome achievement.

Players will no longer be able to remove pickaxes from their toolbelts while in New Varrock

Banite rocks double ore mining no longer mentioned twice on Mining Skill guide.

Liquid Gold Nymph will no longer gild pickaxe in the toolbelt when you pick option 'Give the Nymph a different pickaxe'.

Necrite rocks will now have appropriate colours when seen with the textures disabled.

Some blocking next to a Mithril rock in the Trahaearn district has been removed to allow miners to move around the rock more easily

Strong mining urns now work correctly in F2P.


Pets, familiars and followers are no longer able to enter the Artisans' Workshop.

A forge and anvil in the Yanille workshop have been moved to allow Clue Scroll enthusiasts to once again dig from within the building. Clue Hunters rejoice!

Steel and Iron platebodies can be smelted into ingots

Coal bag has been replaced by the autoheater on the dungeoneering skillguide.

While superheating you won't lose more bars than intended anymore.

Using superheat Item works as expected with Smelting gauntlets

Silvthril chain now also correctly requires mithril bar to be made.

The Smithing Auto-Heater will now consume 5 coal, instead of 1, to reheat in-progress smithing items at zero heat

Players who still have Portable Forges will now find that they can be converted into portable skilling packs when used.

Players can once again use Smelting Gauntlets to make 60 of Masterwork Alloy bars

Accessing any functionality with the metal bank, aside from depositing, will now require a bank pin

Updated Smithing skillguide for Bane heat upgrades.

The smithing skillguide now tells you how much faster you smelt bars.

Mining & Smithing Other

Corrected the answer to the treasure trail challenge "How many rocks can not be used to make bronze in the Rimmington mine?" to reflect changes to the environment with the Mining & Smithing rework.

The layout of the Varrock south-east mining sites has been updated to more closely resemble an easy clue scroll map.

The Varrock south-east mining icon now includes tin ore (but not enough to spawn rockertunities).

Some unobtainable gloves were removed from the grand exchange.

Sheathed bane pickaxes now animate correctly.

Armour spikes will no longer damage invulnerable enemies.

Moved clue location under the Artisans' workshop wall to nearby tile.

Using flatpack depacker allows you to make 60 flatpacks at once again

The Spring Cleaner will now use the appropriate amount of Springs when alching noted salvage, previously it would only use 1 Spring for a stack of multiple salvage

All fanatics have now been given their notice of termination and sent home as their service is no longer required after the Mining and Smithing rework release; this is in part due to numerous noise complaints.

Armour Spikes will now be kept on death.

Armour spikes now works correctly on larger monsters.

Updated the Smithing requirements for POH armour displays to match the Mining & Smithing rework level req changes.

The resourceful aura examine has been updated to correctly match what it does.

The 'Milestones' tab on the Mining and Smithing skillguides no longer displays all levelling benefits

Chat head models for the new Mining & Smithing armours have been slightly adjusted to be more consistent

Daily Mining and Smithing challenges no longer state that you need to hand over any items.

Updated pipe texture when a luminite injector is active in the Artisans' workshop.

'Perfect' jewellery consumes both ingredients as intended.

Attempting to create a perfect gold ring or perfect gold necklace whilst already owning one will no longer cause a disconnection.


The 'Champions. What Champions' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

An issue that caused the food troughs at the player owned farm to only be able to add as much mush to the trough as free inventory spaces you had has been resolved and as such you can add up to 60 Mush into a trough again at once.

Issues that stopped players from being able to create bloodrager pouches in Daemonheim have been resolved and the interface should again correctly identify how many pouches a player can make and of what type - restoring normal functionality.

Rune minotaur pouch now requires 100 spirit shards instead of 1 spirit shard.

Recently completed quest achievements no longer give an error as they have nowhere to link to.

Added some chat to Violet in her quest on the ice puzzle section to mention that you can push her diagonally.

It is no longer possible to repeatedly log out and in to obtain free rewards from opening Treasure Hunter.

It is no longer possible to obtain free rewards/taster rewards from 2CT promotions.

Dungeoneering team card will no longer work on multiple floors.

Fixed an issue when dismissing an inventory based follower pet on a F2P world could cause players to disconnect.

Fixed an issue where some players would receive 'You have items awaiting delivery that you have purchases from the Loyalty Shop or website. Please clear space in your pack to allow for delivery.' message even though no items were awaiting delivery.

There is a new user setting called "Automatically trigger regenerate" which activates when leaving combat. The setting can be found under Gameplay-> Combat-> Action Bar.

This setting is disabled by default for existing users but will be enabled by default for any new users or any returning users that have lapsed for over 3 months.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:18 pm

PATCH NOTES 28th January 2019


The Surge and Escape abilities will now correctly show as locked if the required level is not met.

Familiars cannot attack non-combat NPCs.

Fixed some dead clicks when attempting to move as your character starts an ability animation.

Queuing an ability will no longer be used a cycle earlier when used after the Snipe ability.

Solak's ranged attack projectiles are now correctly sent to each player.

The hitsplat that's used to represent a splash hit, is now shown on the correct player in Solak group fights.

Camel Warrior Mirages and Glacytes will now have the correct slayer helm buffs applied when the summoners are the player's slayer target (though as before the summons will not give slayer xp or reduce slayer count).

An issue has been resolved where Bladed Dive was stopping other game-world interactions on the same action bar from showing minimenu options.

Friends chat owners can now enable the option for lootshare to be enabled for players they do not have added to their friends list.

Disconnecting during troll invasion whilst fighting will now allow you to resume on the wave you left off at.

Players are now provided with some Elemental runes when fighting the Dagannoth Mother (2) in the Dominion Tower.

Players can now open the world map while in combat stance before or after engaging in combat.

Offhand weapons now work correctly when using a mainhand ranged weapon in PvP.

Analyse and Disassemble will no longer put the player into a combat stance and skull them when used on another player.

Optimised some of the aggro scripts used in elite dungeons. (HOTFIX)

Players can now reliably queue abilities while they are currently channeling an ability such as Concentrated Blast


Prospecting a Prifddinas gem rock now correctly shows a level requirement of 75 instead of 20.

A dwarf who appears in Boric's cave after completing Doric's gnome task has changed his medication, and no longer flails madly at the empty space where an anvil used to be.

Renamed "Armour spike" to "Armour spikes".

Centered the inventory icon for adamant armoured boots.

Certain inventory models for some of the new Mining & Smithing armours have been tweaked slightly

Smelting gauntlets no longer work in f2p.

Players may now augment their trimmed and custom-fit masterwork armour at any charge percentage. This can be done at any invention workbench.

Make-x when creating Junk Refiners has been fixed

All players upon login will now have the tong slot on their toolbelt automatically unlocked as it is no longer available from the Artisans Workshop

The default 5% extra XP for creating Burial sets now correctly applies when smithing said sets. This 5% stacks with the Solem Smith unlocks from the Artisans Workshop reward shop

The "You apply a rivet." message now obeys the chat spam filter.

Divine Bronze Rocks will now correctly require 10 tin and 10 copper ore to create

Added a feedback message when attempting to teleport via the lodestone network while busy mining.

Max has heard about the Mining & Smithing rework. He is now using the updated hammer and no longer flails madly at the space where an anvil used to be.

Sea salt and Alaea sea salt are no longer sent to the bank by sign of the porter and sign of the porter effects when mined.

Ysondria now accepts the correct result to her challenge clue scroll when asking about mining rocks in the nearby mine.

Gem mining rocks at Shilo Village have been thinned out (notably to make room for the occasional shooting star rock).

Corrected text on the Fremennik Isles quest complete screen which referred to it unlocking a runite vein.

When mining with porters, if the mined resource can be stored in the metal bank, it'll be deposited into your metal bank instead of your bank.

Since the metal bank and ore box storage is not available in New Varrock, Zemouregal has forbidden the smithing and usage of ore boxes in his domain.

The "Marm's Armoury" medium Dungeoneering achievement now refers to the autoheater instead of the coal bag.

Murderous Orokami no longer drop adamant items.

Signs of the Porter and similar effects will no longer send stardust to the bank when mining crashed stars

Fixed an issue where ores could only be added one at a time to the blast furnace.

Players can no longer mine rocks through the crafting guild walls.

You can now super heat iron ores again.

There is now a warning on Ore Boxes when attempting to alch or disassemble them

Corrected the type of gizmos augmented bane shields accept from weapon to armour. Previously perked shields have had their gizmos removed and placed in the bank.

Fixed an issue where ores could only be added one at a time to the blast furnace.


Increased the Grand Exchange buy limit of ascension keystones and keys to the crossing from 100 to 300.

The Elite Hunter outfit can now teleport to Crystal Skillchompas, if the player has the quest requisite.

Congealed blood can now be used to overcharge Drakan's Medallion, from the previous cap of 10, up to a maximum of 25000 charges.

A worn games necklace now has right-click options for specific teleports.

Added more commonly recognised names of destinations to the pharaoh's sceptre and sceptre of the gods' teleport options.

Portables that save resources will now put them back into the inventory if there is space, otherwise they will put them in the bank as they currently do.

The Grace of the Elves has a new op whilst worn - "Toggle porter" which allows players to disable or enable the porter functionality.

Modified Botanist's Mask will now give correct amount of vials.

Players with the physical items of Sunfury and Lunarfury outfit have had them removed and unlocked in the wardrobe.

No longer able to duplicate the ring of kinship via leaving a dungeon with a full inventory of skill capes.

Teleport options for the traveller's necklace now correctly function from the worn inventory.

Loot Tables

Rune 2h crossbows have been replaced on all droptables by tiny spiked rune salvage.

Queen Black Dragon:

Instead of Runite Stone Spirits QBD will now drop either Orichalcite Stone Spirits or Drakolith Stone Spirits.

Instead of Adamant and Coal Stone Spirits QBD will now drop Luminite and Runite Stone Spirits.

God Wars Dungeon 2:

Instead of Runite Stone Spirits the bosses will now drop either Necrite Stone Spirits or Phasmatite Stone Spirits.

Instead of Coal Stone Spirits the bosses will now drop Luminite Stone Spirits.


Instead of Runite Stone Spirit Solak will now drop either light Animica Stone Spirits or Banite Stone Spirits.

Nex (normal)

Instead of Coal Stone Spirits Nex will now drop Luminite Stone Spirits.


Caving into the Gains achievement will now give a pop-up when completed.

Clarified in the description of the 1001 Kharidian Spikes achievement that should be completed with the cactus patch in Al Kharid.

The 'Phite for your right V' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.


The Chariot Teleport's wings have been retrieved from Valhalla and are no longer in a ghostly form

Your current world will now be more visibly highlighted in the world select interface.

Removed the furnace icon on the furnace in the Tyras camp, as it does not function as a furnace.

Some brown oddities have been removed from behind the walls of the barrows dungeon.

Some missing grass has been re-added to some of Prifddinas' districts, and some leftover Christmas items removed from the Max Guild garden


Players can now reliably queue abilities while they are currently channeling an ability such as Concentrated Blast.

Fixed some PC terminology on mobile in relation to the toolbelt interface.

Resolved an issue where switching between client types would not remember your combat setting (legacy / modern).

In an effort to avoid reducing the size of the backpack and other side panel interfaces the action bars now no longer take priority over them.

A toggle button has been added to swap the left and right actionbar.


Fixed an issue where you could not complete Violet is Blue quest under certain conditions.

Messaging with an incorrect end-date for Vic The Trader has been corrected.

Fixed an issue where the conclusion cutscene of Dimension of Disaster could be ended prematurely by a forced event.

The "Complete" quick-option on Gypsy Aris has been renamed to "Skip" to make it clearer that you are bypassing all remaining steps and forcing the current replay into a completed state (for those that choose to not read the prompts warning that you will skip the quest and not get any rewards).

The Wicked hood can no longer be used in minigames.

Certain messages in Treasure Hunter have been adjusted to an info box

Combining spirit gem charge no longer asks how many you'd like to combine if 1 is the only possible option.

Pick-lock is now the left click option on the Varrock Palace Treasury door.

It is no longer possible attempt to quick world hop to worlds you do not meet the requirements to enter.

Players can now quickchat their Abomination kill count.

Using the Taverley lodestone from the action bar in Dungeoneering will no longer cause a crash, and all lodestones will now inform you that it cannot be cast within Daemonheim.

Clan Overseers can now set/modify a Clan Login message.

Fixed force walk tile next to common gem rock in Al Kharid.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Magdalynn » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:40 pm

GEEZ. That's a LOT of changes. Thanks for posting.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:55 am

PATCH NOTES 4th February 2019

Player Owned Farm

Added an "Old Mc" title for completing the POF breeding log (talk to Sam the sheepdog to unlock it).

Baby shakes at the player owned farm will now buy unwanted farm animals for beans at an amount based on their significance (e.g shiny).

Shiny animals now count as a wildcard for trait requests when selling to player owned farm NPC buyers, on top of the existing breed wildcard.

Added a "Don't ask me again" option to the warning for removing unharvested animals from Player Owned Farm.

Granny Potterington now sells the ability to unlock farm animal indicators to help determine whether something is diseased or has produce to gather.

Elite farmer hats can now be used to teleport or receive items if the player owns the master farmer hat.

Players can now teleport out of the player owned farm pens.

Mining & Smithing

Updated the quickchat phrases for mining and smithing.

Smelting gauntlets count as Blacksmith's gloves when wearing the Blacksmith's outfit.

Mining Red/Crystal Sandstone now has maximum stamina and does not reduce your stamina, so that your mining rate will not steadily reduce while emptying it. It, therefore, does not count toward the "My Sick Four Tick Trick" achievement to maintain nearly maximum stamina.

Mining specific game settings have now been moved from "game interaction" into their own section.

Teleporting multiple decorated smelting urns at once, now works as expected.

A large banite rock built into the west and east cliff faces at the mining site north-east of Rellekka were misbehaving, and have been demoted to empty rocks. A pair of smaller recruits have set vigil over their doomed predecessors.

A couple of banite rocks have been removed from the Jatizso dungeon mine, to better compete with the primary site.

The outer banite rocks in the glacor cavern have depleted, to make it a more attractive proposition compared to the primary banite site.

Multiple dark animica rocks surrounding the Empty Throne have been removed, to cluster rockertunities in the area.

Mining rocks in the mining guild are now less spread out. This also addresses an exploit on one of the orichalcite rocks.

Fixed an issue where rockertunities on 2x2 mining rocks were sometimes at a lower height than intended.

Smithing interface will now show the correct amount of xp given for each item.

The Furnace perk will no longer work when mining with an augmented tool (and relevant perk) equipped that isn't a pickaxe.

The Artisan's Workshop Reward Shop now mentions Egil in the tooltips for Cannons rather than Elof

Making a demonic sigil will now correctly use a silver bar.

Players are no longer able to use the Edgeville furnace by using Mining & Smithing items on it if they haven't completed the 'Easy' Varrock tasks.

Ore boxes no longer autofill noted ores - you can still use the noted ores on the ore box to store them if you wish.

Removed a 2x2 phasmatite rock in the wilderness that was too far south of the other rocks to trigger rockertunities.

Veliaf Hurtz still mentioned that Rune boots could be obtained as drop from nechryaels during 'In Memory of the Myreque'. This has been changed to say that player needs to make rune armoured boots.

The make-X counter banner now correctly updates to "Smithing" when folding masterwork bars.

Soft clay now works with divination porters when mined from the Ithell district in Prifddinas.

Smelting 'perfect' gold has the correct animation.


Fixed an issue with the mobile NPC chat that caused it to be compacted into the middle of the screen sometimes when speaking with an NPC.

Fixed an issue on mobile, when swapping from revolution combat to legacy combat the revolution bar (at the bottom) was not hidden. The main bar (the larger one) remains in legacy combat as you can use it for skilling.

Fixed an issue on mobile when interacting with a diseased plant on the Livid Farm the side panel interface would not open automatically.

Fixed an issue where the first letter of your first word would be omitted if you sent a private message.

Fixed an issue with the clan motto editor and the clan thread ID sections of the clan management and settings interface, the on-screen keyboard was not being called automatically when these interfaces were opened.

Fixed an issue that caused certain parts of the mobile interface to display with the legacy art style (from the legacy interface skin setting).

Removed a blocking layer that was intended to dismiss the keyboard on the login screen as it was causing users to have to double tap parts of the UI (as the first tap dismissed the keyboard). iOS remains unchanged.

Fixed the puzzle box interface on mobile devices so that the puzzle can be completed correctly.

We have also made the following changes to improve interaction with this interface on both clients.

The "Check" button now shows a message box letting the user know how many tiles are correct and which are not, or if you have completed the puzzle.

The "Toggle keyboard invert" has been removed on mobile only.

The "Hint" button is now a toggle so that you are able to view the hint for as long as you need.

The mobile action bar now functions as it did once before, you can now use all of your abilities and swap between each half of the bar without fear it of it breaking.

Please be aware that there are a few minor issues when swapping the bars, we're working hard to fix these


The "For the Love of Mabel" achievement will now show when it has been completed.

The 'Ivan is flailing' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

The 'Last of the summer swine' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

The 'Imping around' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

The 'Famous' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

11 duplicated divination achievements in the skills lists that were awarding bonus runescore have been removed.


Modified botanist's mask will now give the entire 200 vials in one go as intended (when the required number of outfit pieces are owned).

Modified shaman's headdress and diviner's headwear will now give the correct number of items.

Modified first age tiara will no longer check the number of herblore outfit pieces instead of prayer outfit pieces owned.

Moved the wolf hunter in Barbarian Village away from the newly positioned mining rocks.

The Valkyrie's Return event now give a log-in message informing players that the wolves can be killed again each day for more Valkyries feathers.

The Firemaking journal will no longer get stuck on certain pages.

Dragon gauntlets will note as expected with notepaper.

Logging out during certain points of Defender of Varrock will no longer cause Hartwin to get stuck following you until you reset him in the Wilderness

It is no longer possible to build invention machines with too few of the required ingredients.

It is now possible to use a herb protector on a herb patch whilst having a greenfingers aura active.

It is no longer possible to obtain the Stone of Jas boost if unsuccessfully teleporting to the Glacor cave via the portable fairy ring.

Hidey-hole level requirements will now be shown in the construction skill guide under the "other" category.

Ironmen will now be given a reason as to why they cannot access treasure hunter via the calendar. It's because they're an ironman btw.

Login message prompts from wishes can no longer incorrectly message on each login

An easy clue scroll pertaining to East Ardougne is now slightly clearer - but only slightly.

When attempting to clean herbs from the Heblore Habitat, the make-x interface confirm button will now properly read clean rather than mix.

An easy clue scroll pertaining to the Fremennik Province is now slightly clearer - but only slightly.

Defeating the Queen Black Dragon will now appropriately count towards applicable Rampage daily challenges.

Text on the skillcape warning when buying with limited inventory space no longer overlaps.

Corrected monetary values for helmets and shields painted in the POH.

Added the crest's name in brackets to these objects' names.

Players wielding holiday items will no longer 'attack' players when selecting the ranking option in the conquest minigame.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:57 am

PATCH NOTES 11th February 2019


Made some improvements to the interaction for the Archipelago Map in the Player-Owned Port.

We have updated the interfaces in Player-Owned Ports to use the modern interface style.

Updated the Flash Powder Factory reward shop interface to use the modern reward shop style.

Updated the Duel Arena interfaces to use the modern interface frame style.

Further updates to older dungeoneering interfaces have been completed. This includes the Floor Select, Complexity Select, Floor Setting, Boss Select and Ring Customization interfaces.


Switching weapons quickly will now auto-switch to the correct action bar.

Increased the damage threshold that spawns Manifestations on Solak phase 4, so that they don't spawn so frequently.

Worn Tetsu can no longer be traded.

The Amare Pumps (Purple) should now appropriately be visible on the wardrobe

Twitch prime loot will no longer get delivered whilst inside the broken home quest

If you have a full inventory when claiming Twitch Prime it will now also show an info box to to better display the info needed

The slider puzzle in a clue scroll will now update reliably

Gorajo team cards now work properly for Dungeoneering.

Caviar can again be used to make barbarian mixed potions.

Smithing a bronze dagger on Tutorial Island has been updated to account for bronze bars now requiring 2 tin and 2 copper ore, and a bronze dagger requiring 2 bronze bars.

The quest journal now has next and previous buttons to cycle through previously viewed quests.

The hitpoints of gem rocks have been reduced.

Depositing full superior death lotus to the PoH Armour case via the bank will will no longer delete the boots & gloves when reclaiming.

Attempting to load a Crystal tool seed from a preset slot will no longer disconnect the player

Loading a bank preset with a noted object in the beast of burden inventory will no longer attempt to drop the item to the floor.

Fixed an issue where you could not mine living rock remains another player has killed after the one minute timer.

If destroyed after retrieving it from Zemouregal's pedestal in New Varrock, heart in a canopic jar can now be reclaimed from Ernie.

Trading Rune Bull Rush scrolls will not reward a more appropriate amount of Spirit Shards

Using a farm animal on the paddock entrance will no longer cause a disconnection.

Trapper farmhands will no longer occasionally be unresponsive when interacted with.

Dwarven miners in the Empty Throne Room have now heard about the rework to the Mining & Smithing rework, and should no longer flail madly at the place where dark animica rocks used to be.

Changed PoF trapper's animal gathering timer from 30s to 6 hours.

Removing animals from the storm barn can no longer cause a disconnection.

Corrected values of (kp) spears in relation to their base variant.

Custom fit masterwork armour checks for being on reaper or slayer task have been tightened and should no longer degrade whilst on these tasks.

Fixed an issue with Solak's kill timer not tracking and settings records correctly.


With this update, the quest system has had a script cleanup which has made things much nicer, additionally you're now able to do the following!

Note: Big shout-out to the Localisation team, who over the last few months steadily worked through the *quarter of a million* word count this project added to the translation system due to all the migrated data.

Quest List

The quest list can now be sorted by:

the area where you start the quest. (eg Lumbridge, Draynor, etc.)

release date. Within a year they are listed in the order they were released.

fifth/sixth/ambiguous age. Within an age they are listed in the order they were released.

combat difficulty. (Into bands of highest NPC combat level.)

quest series. (Myreque, Pirate, etc.) They're in approximate chronological order.

timeline. (For those that want to complete the quests in roughly chronological order (5th age before 6th age, banded by difficulty).

The quest list now displays names in proper alphabetical order to match their position in the list. eg "Lost Tribe, The" instead of "The Lost Tribe".

Missing quest list entries for the Recipe for Disaster subquests have been added. These are hidden in the quest list anyway, but it allows them to be referenced by other systems eg achievements.

Quest Overview/Accept/Complete Screen

The following information has been added to quest overviews: quest series and episode (where applicable), age, release year, recommended, voice-acted, members, length.

Rewards are now listed on the quest accept screen and quest complete screen in a consistent manner.

Quest rewards that the player will not be given (such as combat lamps and Treasure Hunter keys on a repeat playthrough after a quest skill/pure reset) are no longer displayed on the quest accept/complete screen.

Quest Start Icons

Fixed a persistent bug where the most recent quest start icon couldn't be removed from the world map if you toggle off quest icons.

Quest Guidance

The Latest Content lozenge on the Featured tab in Adventures now has a consistent automated breadcrumb strategy when the latest content is a quest.

The Set Active feature of the quest journal can now consistently breadcrumb to the start point of almost all unstarted quests. The button now also has a distinctive look when toggled between active and inactive states.

The quest point shop portal previously just teleported you to the start of the latest quest without warning. It now checks the requirements for the latest quest and notifies you of where you'll be teleported.


Fixed various typos and inconsistencies in quest items, reward text, quest complete headings, and quest journals.

Improved dialogue of Ilona who replaces Xenia at Lumbridge catacombs after Heart of Stone (her dialogue hadn't changed to account for being a different character).

Removed 6th age dialogue on the dwarf king in Birthright of the Dwarves and made the quest ambiguous age.

Ikadia the exile's 6th age dialogue topics now only appear after you've completed Birthright of the Dwarves.

Removed 6th age dialogue on King Lathas in Plague's End and made the quest ambiguous age.

Changed 6th age dialogue (World Guardian reference) in Beneath Cursed Tides to only appear if completed the World Wakes, and made the quest ambiguous age.

Re-classified the age of various other quests in collaboration with players.

Added suggested requirements of Nomad's Requiem and Nadir (unabridged) saga to Dishonour Among Thieves.

Added suggested requirement of Dishonour Among Thieves to Evil Dave's Big Day Out.

Added suggested requirements of Rune Mechanics (because Kipple is a rune guardian and a player felt strongly about this) and Fate of the Gods (because elder gods for the same reason) to Heart of Stone.

While Guthix Sleeps

While Guthix Sleeps currently has several requirements intended to increase its prestige at the time, but which aren’t needed for any narrative or mechanical reason. Inflated requirements make it difficult for us to build on existing stories, and many more Grandmasters have since been created, so this project trims back the requirements to what the quest truly requires.

Removed the following redundant requirements from While Guthix Sleeps: 270 QP, Mourning's End II, Recipe for Disaster, Summer's End, Swan Song, Zogre Flesh Eaters.

Added Wanted! as a requirement to While Guthix Sleeps, as it's needed to talk to Sir Tiffy and be redirected to Akrisae.

Added Nature Spirit recommended quest (for druid pouch recharge to make Ancient Guthix Temple puzzle easier).

Added a 25 Agility req to While Guthix Sleeps, as you need it to jump onto the roof of Lucien's chaos temple. (Defender of Varrock / Legends' Quest ensure you'll have 50+ Agility anyway, but added for safety's sake.)

Updated a requirements check on Radimus Erkle when starting Guthix Sleep which was inconsistent with the quest's requirements. (The check for access to the Warriors' Guild now passes if you have 99 Attack or 99 Strength.)

The option on Ivy Sophista to continue 'While Guthix Sleeps' is now clearly marked, instead of being an 'Other' topic.

Improved the hinting from Reldo to find the hunting expert in the jungle north of Oo'glog.

You now have a knife on your toolbelt, so removed the message that says you need a knife when you need logs to set up a pitfall trap.

Thaerisk was charging over 20,000 for his snapdragon seed. Set the price to a fixed value of 100 coins.

Corrected Required Items in quest overview screen to more accurately reflect what items are needed.

Removed this post-quest dialogue from Idria: “You should be proud...Since our lord Armadyl has returned to Gielinor, and defended himself against the murderous intentions of Bandos, such unity is more important and more fitting than ever before!” Since Idria dies during RotM, she cannot know about the Bird and the Beast event in the Sixth Age.

The elite Khazard guards in Movario’s base are aggressive again, as was the case pre-EoC.

Graphically updated the version of Turael recruited into the ground-floor octagonal room east of Akrisae in Falador castle during While Guthix Sleeps.

Children of Mah

This Grandmaster Sixth Age quest is required for Sliske’s Endgame, and currently requires Koschei’s Troubles, a miniquest which requires Ritual of the Mahjarrat, a Grandmaster which requires most Fifth Age quests.

This effectively means that Sliske’s Endgame requires most of the Fifth Age, defeating the point of starting a new age to reduce pre-requisites. To resolve this:

A 6th age version of Kharshai has been added at the tip of the frozen area north of Rellekka, a reasonable distance from Koschei’s area, and a player can start Children of Mah by talking to him if they meet the quest’s requirements.

Due to Balmung, Kharshai is associated with bane weapons, and when the Mining & Smithing project is released, this will be the primary banite mining area. He may also be used as the tutor for tuning bane weapons.

Koschei’s Troubles is now a recommended instead of required quest for Children of Mah. You can still start the quest and access his dialogue from Kharshai in Rellekka as before.

Updated Children of Mah’s quest journal where it refers to Kharshai’s location.

Kharshai now offers to teleport the player into the ritual site instance (which if you haven’t completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat is the only way to access the ritual marker). Clicking the ritual marker returns you to Kharshai if you haven’t unlocked the ritual site.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:54 pm

PATCH NOTES 19th February 2019


Auto-regenerate will no longer give you a message that it has failed to activate if no adrenaline is available.

Ex-members in free-to-play worlds will no longer be able to use shield abilities whilst still wielding a members only shield.

Prevented teleporting using a PoH mounted amulet of glory on F2P worlds.

Players can now use magic notepaper to note dark bows.

Corrected main hand blurite sword's damage value.

The Super Prayer Renewal buff will no longer display the wrong icon after the player teleports via a Lodestone.

Checking the special rewards, within the beasts tab of the adventures interface, that you can get from a monster with many drops will no longer cause odd behaviour when subsequently inspecting a monster with not many drops.

Secondary action bar keybinds will now function when the main action bar is minimised.

The Ripper demon jumping mechanic will now consistently fire when they reach maximum adrenaline.

Interfaces that grey and lock the use of keybinds will no longer show keybinds as available if the action bars are updated.

When looting Solak and rolling on the Torn grimoire page droptable, you will have another chance to roll a second page.

Mining and Smithing

Artisans' workshop respect enhancer will now consume one charge and double the respect for each 0.25% respect earned when an item is made in the workshop.

An ore box can now be used on a deposit box, in a similar fashion to a (spirit) gem bag or coal bag, to empty the ore box's contents into your bank without depositing the ore box.

The Resourceful Aura will once again display a text message if you've gained an extra Crystal-Flecked or Red Sandstone when mining

Options to toggle off getting sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic geodes has been added to the Settings interface.

In-progress Smithing items can now be used on forges to heat them up instead of displaying the "nothing interesting happens" message.

The hitpoints of lower-level gem rocks have been reduced in line with earlier fixes to Prifddinas gem rocks. (hotfix)

Mining crablets no longer depletes stamina, so they can be mined AFK as before. Their hitpoints have been lowered so that a crablet is typically mined in a little under 5 minutes. The XP from mining crablets has been reduced to compensate.

Fixed an empty cell in the Mining skillguide.


Players will now receive a unique message when damage reducing items (such as defenders or warpriest armour) proc from environmental damage.

Master skillcape keepsake overrides will now consistently stay active when logging in to a F2P world.

Issues causing players to not be able to reclaim their Family Crest gloves have been resolved.

The shadow gem battleaxe override now appears in the axes filter, rather than daggers/

Diango has thrown out the 'fleshy parchment' bingo card.

An issue causing some players to not be able to combine the Death, Law and Blood ethereal leg pieces has been fixed.

The Divine-o-matic vacuum is now always lost on death.

The flame sword enchantment no longer appears on swagger stick at all as it was causing issues.


Some grammatical oddities around the Amulet of glory (c) have been resolved.

A typo in the dialogue with the Jungle Foresters has been fixed.

Removed unnecessary comma from 'Search a barrel outside the mill in Taverley' clue scroll.

Improved messaging when not having met the requirements to force a task with a slayer mask.

The "forward" and "back" tooltips on the quest interface are now translated.

Updated the login message for Postie Pete when he has lost property that you can claim to include that it can be obtained from the letter, to avoid confusion when Postie Pete has left.

Phil and Delphie will have something to say once the post quest content is completed after the new Chef's Assistant quest - they were oddly quiet beforehand.

Corrected some grammar inconsistencies on (c) teleport items to state 1 charge remaining (rather than 1 charges) and 2 remaining charges etc.


Changed position of text 'floor' on dungeoneering floor selector interface.

Tweaked DG floor select interface to make it clearer.

Fixed an issue that blocked the quest accept screen from being displayed for the Mourning's End quest meaning the quest could not be started on mobile.

Various UI improvements and bugs fixed found after launch of POP interface reskin.

The icons for Gunpowder and Black Slate have been corrected, previously they had swapped.

The Captain's Log once again defaults to Ship Status when opened.

Moved some text on Ship interface (In the voyage information at the bottom).

Moved the crew information to the right hand side so you can still see resources.

The crew drop-down is now taller so the information fits better inside the frame.

Made text boxes bigger on ship parts to improve visibility.

Moved 3D captains head down 10 pixels on the Crew Roster interface.

Added a divider line in the voyage frame to separate the name of the voyage from the information.

Resized the voyage interface down slightly.


Corrected a quest giver NPC focus issue that prevented the Pieces of Hate and Spirit of Summer quests from being started.

Players will now be able to use their POH butler to escort guest to their throne room.

Twitch Prime packages will no longer be delivered in Stealing Creation

Updated the colour on the message from cyan to blue, when catching a blue wisp in the Wisps of the Grove DnD.

Changed a message to inform players they have chopped some bamboo rather than logs.

Players will inform Aminishi maoi that she well be taken to Waiko instead of Aminishi.

The options menu in legacy interface mode will now close when using the ESC key.

The Event tab on the community interface is now correctly appears locked during event down times.

An issue where a player wouldn't be correctly assigned to a team during Stealing Creation, which would then disconnect them every time they were killed has been fixed.

Renamed a timer in Death's office.

The screen will no longer fade to black when trying to enter the cave on white wolf mountain on a F2P world.

A Frog Spawn fishing spot in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves has been moved to a more appropriate location than it was previously at

The tooltip for the Redemption prayer now mentions its Prayer point draining effect.

Added some of the latest quests to the Featured tab on the Adventures interface.

Players should now correctly be able to call follower pets that are stored or appear in the PoH menagerie via the Customisations interface.

After completing the Elder Kiln and Brink of Extinction quest, you can now reclaim the quest's combat lamp from TzHaar-Mej-Jeh/TzHaar-Mej-Ak in TzHaar City plaza if you destroy it.

Added chocolate cake to A Tail of Two Cats quest overview required items section.

Made a change to Shattered Worlds that should stop rifts from spawning on inaccessible tiles

Additional checks have been implemented to try and minimise or eliminate the chance for clues to swap or progress into the same clue.

There is now a confirmation option when entering a deathmatch lobby via the Edgeville PvP hatch.

Celebration lamps now have the "use all" interface enabled.

Fixed an issue where "null" was appearing when using Eagle's Peak Lodestone keybind.

Brought summoning pouch & scroll trade-in interface up to standard.

Updated the magic spellbook for visual consistency with other icons of the same type, like those found on the ribbon.

Scan clue scrolls will now re-open again when leaving a carpet ride.

Blocked tiles in the earth altar have been removed.

Using clue scrolls on Zaida now allows you to downgrade more than one clue scroll at a time, up to the normal cap of 25 clues of the target tier.

We've fixed inverted checks on six hard clue scrolls which, if you now have the requirement for them will appear when doing hard clues, details below

Riddle for General Bentnoze (must have completed Dragon Slayer)

Riddle for Lord Iorwerth (must have completed Underground Pass)

Riddle for crossroads in eceteria (must have completed Fremenik trials)

Riddle for Shadows of Mort'on (Have access to Morytania)

Riddle for Shilo Village (requires Shilo Village access)

Riddle for Ranging Guild (requires level 40+ range)

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:02 pm

PATCH NOTES 25th February 2019

A shorter load of patches this week, simply due to the time our release team has taken on Elite Dungeons 3 to make sure the update has been fully covered!

Updated the redirect link when following the Lost Items link in the bug report system.

The Membership sign-up offer will now only appear for players who have less than 14 days of membership remaining

Botanist's mask add-on has been re-added to Flash Factory Rewards interface.

The Premier club chests have been removed from the Grand Exchange, if you still haven't claimed the rewards from 2018 you can speak to the Vault Guardian to claim them.

You can now convert clue scrolls via the downgrade option beyond the soft cap of 25 per tier (hotfixed last week).

Fixed the Carnillean rising treasure chest setup interface.

Added a warning message about misusing the bug reporting system before entering a bug.

Corrected an issue where the reworked Demon Slayer quest couldn't be started if an old version of the quest had been completed.

Corrected a case where the Coin of the Realm quest was not flagged as a replayable quest, and therefore its one-time rewards were given on replays.

Beneath Cursed Tides, Let Them Eat Pie and Perils of Ice Mountain are once again correctly classified as F2P in the quest list.

The Eagles' Peak quest's starting area has been corrected from Ardougne to Ardougne Zoo.

Recipe for Disaster's combat description has been updated to briefly describe the combat in its sub-quests.

Sliske's Endgame's combat description has been updated to refer to NPC combat level.

The headings in the Combat Difficulty quest sort have been changed from "Combat level" to "NPC combat level" to clarify that the quests are sorted by NPC combat level, rather than player combat level.

The festive snow in the developer's console has been disabled.

Fixed a potential crash in busy areas

Fixed the camera rotating when using teleport crystals

Fixed a bug with world map backgrounds not appearing as the correct colour

We've now Improved information when updating the servers to those in the lobby

We've optimised animations in the client

Fixed a bug with the camera in Conquest and Elemental Workshop 3

Fixed a crash happening when recycling resources

Fixed an issue where items on the floor could sometimes not be interacted with

Fixed a crash in Elite Dungeons when using the Java client.

Server restarts should now be handled more gracefully on mobile devices

Fixed a bug causing NPCs to be invisible on low end mobile devices

Fixed a bug when swapping from WiFi to celluar data kicking users to the login screen

Known Issues:
your client might crash if you resize your client

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:01 am

PATCH NOTES 4th March 2019


Fixed an issue with the "Report Offensive Player Examine" option within the player report interface. It is now passed through the correct flow that asks if you wish to temporarily ignore the player.

We have also fixed an issue that this system could fire off a report even if the player had no information in their My Examine, these things combined both help to combat these reports being spammed / false reports.

Fixed some double spacing issues with text on Tutorial Island.

Fixed a variety of colour highlights on text around the game to make it more visible on the mobile client.

You can now view the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Software Licence from the login screen.

The following changes have been made to the bug reporter to improve it's usability on both PC and mobile clients.

We have split the two fields, Description and Reproduction Steps into two screens. The intention behind this is that on mobile, the on-screen keyboard would cover the bottom text entry box so splitting them into two resolves this
As part of the above, we have relocated the remaining characters counter to the top of the entry

As it is now split into multiple screens, there are now additional navigation buttons to allow you to go back and make a change to your report if you require it.

Fixed an issue that was not disabling access to the "Hide title bars when locked" setting under interface customization. This was causing an issue that showed title bars for interfaces (such as Backpack & Worn etc...) in legacy mode.

Fixed an issue that caused an FPS drop when viewing the Ports Captain's Log on an Android.

Fixed an issue on mobile that was preventing tooltips for the legendary pet special abilities from displaying. You can now view these by long pressing on the icon (similar to combat abilities).

Updated an old style frame and button on the Hefin Cathedral shop interface when you need to confirm your cleansing crystal purchase.

We have done more work to fix the issue where your NPC chat and multiple choice dialogues could end up squashed into the middle of the screen.

We thought we had resolved this but thanks to the efforts of you awesome beta testers we have managed to get a more accurate reproduction on the issue and resolved it!

Fixed an issue in the POP crew recruit interface that was not clearing your previous selection highlight on mobile.

We have made some further improvements to the mini-menu navigation and scrolling. You should notice the mini-menu is less likely to close when you are trying to navigate, and also you are less likely to lift your finger early and select something prematurely.

We need loading screens on the mobile client, as a result the following changes have been made to make sure they are doing what they are designed to do.

The graphics option to disable loading screens has been removed on mobile. PC is unchanged.

The option to disable loading screens (from within a loading screen) has been removed.

The following changes have been made to the Screen Sizing section of the graphics options to improve

Renamed 'resizable' to 'windowed' (alongside the removal of "fixed") this reflects an established PC standard naming convention. 'Fullscreen' is unchanged.

The resolution drop down field was only relevant when in 'fullscreen', to reflect this, the drop down has been placed within the 'fullscreen' button.

PC specific terminology has been removed from these descriptions, in favour of more ambiguous terms, so that it is mobile compliant.

Fixed Window restricts the game size to be 800x600 (4:3 aspect), a feature only used by 1% of NXT and Java players. In the future, we want to fully support 16:9 as our new standard for both desktop and mobile, which adds unnecessary complication to the code if we keep supporting Fixed Window mode. From today's update, this option has been removed from the game.

Fixed an issue that was causing a line of pixels on the side of certain Ports interfaces on mobile.


Chargebows now take into account arrows equipped or held in an equipped quiver, so special effects like those of dragonbane and black stone arrows can be used with them. Damage will be reduced to the lowest tier of the arrow or chargebow. Chargebows will work as usual when no arrows or another type of ammunition is held in the ammo slot.

Using an augmentation dissolver on ice dyed Drygore weapons will no longer remove the dye from the weapon.

Fixed a mobile issue with the Grand Exchange Buy Item display. Also resolved an issue with the mobile on-screen keyboard in the Grand Exchange (and some other text search fields).

Players will no longer be kicked to the login screen when talking to Wizard Mizgog under certain circumstances and not accepting the Imp Catcher quest.

Fixed an issue where the quest overview for Regicide was displaying it as complete a step too soon. If you're having trouble starting Roving Elves, first speak to King Lathas to complete Regicide.

Some legacy code at the start of the Devious Minds quest has been tidied up.

Fixed an issue where accepting the Desert Treasure quest skipped a couple of initial quest states.

Friend broadcasts will no longer always appear in the colour selected for world broadcasts.

Added some inventory checks when smithing various items.
Players will once again receive an error message when trying to mine a rock higher than their mining level, and can once again use boosts to mine rocks above their mining level.
You will no longer receive chat messages about making progress towards achievement 'It's Mine! All mine!' after it is completed.

Tier 3 Urns have been renamed to Plain Urns to prevent some confusion with Daily Challenges

After killing the Ambassador, the dungeon progress is reset as expected.

Hotfixed last week: The Ambassador's drop table has been slightly buffed. This change also notes the rune salvage drops.

Killing the Crassian Leviathan now correctly awards killcount if you kill it after it has swapped sides.

Improved the interactions with loot drops from monsters

The stack value pop-up when a monster drops an item will now show a list (max. 8) of objects that dropped on mobile.

On PC the stack value remains and is now colour coded.

The stack value pop-up is uses a more easily legible font.

Improved the drop log font so it is more legible on a mobile device.

The RuneMetrics Drop Log has a button to open the AoE looting interface.


Fixed a potential cause of crashes or incorrect rendering on Linux

Resizing the game window should no longer cause the game to crash

Added multi-threaded shader compilation system for modern GPUs/drivers, which should reduce stutter when playing

Fixed UV animation bug on mobile causing them not to function correctly.

Fixed bug with HBAO causing visual artifacts to appear in the game world

Minimap should now show things like rugs, the floor at the GE, etc., and should not show ground decor (sometimes visible as speckles on the current minimap)

Fixed a bug with SSAO causing it to not work on the Samsung S6.

Fixed a bug with the minimenu closing when opping NPCs in instances

Display names in clan channels are ordered alphabetically, regardless of case.
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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:04 am

PATCH NOTES 11th March 2019


Players can now mine coal rocks in Miscellania for approval rating with a full inventory.

Pikkupstix now mentions Drakolith rather than Mithril, when locating Pikkenmix.

Fixed a typo with the alchemical onyx on the invention skill guide.

The Voice of Seren icons can once again be clicked through on Desktop; when on mobile, players are shown the information for the buff tapped.

The Bug Report interface will now remember text entered should you close it and then reopen it.

The Drunken Dwarf vs The People court case reward text now correctly displays 20x gold stone spirits instead of 20x gold ore.

Diving to the sunken tutorial island without a fishbowl helmet will no longer cause a disconnect.

Carnillean Rising now displays a proper quest complete screen when Philipe Carnillean completes his quest.

The IFB title will now be reliably rewarded once hitting a combined total of 100 kills across group and solo mode as well as having the Ambi pet

It is now easier to see where the barrier will appear during the Ambassador encounter.

It is no longer possible to view the Waiko cutscene while in certain areas.

Fixed an issue with Quest Journal that was causing issues in Java.

Updated Ug Thankee Kindly Desert achievement steps list to improve clarity.

Some typos when talking to Seren in the tower of voices have been resolved.

The Smithing levelling benefit for smelting extra Bane bars was missing from the Smithing skillguide, and has now been added.

Butter is now correctly labeled as F2P on the Cooking skillguide.

As Shooting Stars can now be mined at any level, their milestone entries on the Mining skillguide have been removed.

It is now possible to fletch Black stone arrows on a portable fletcher.

Callia the farmhand collector will now correctly collect animals from the breeding pen if you were to leave the area with less than the max amount of animals inside the pen.

You will now correctly be informed if the collector can't collect an animal.

The Trimmed Masterwork armour will now no longer get stuck ticking 0s under certain circumstances

During Chef's assistant, cheesecake connoisseurs will no longer take bites out of whole cheesecakes, if an already-nibbled cheesecake is in your inventory.

Stats boosted with an extreme skilling potion will now be correctly set to your base level when the duration runs out.

The in-game skill guide for Dungeoneering now correctly lists floors 1 through 35 as F2P.

Requirements to fight in the Dominion tower now sync correctly with the quest list.

Players will no longer get Crafting daily challenges that requires a Crafting level higher than their current level.

Hearts of Ice will now correctly retain which categories are frozen when logging out and back in.

'Override Familiars' checkbox choice on the pet interface is now remembered correctly on close and reopen.

An unreachable fishing spot in the Morytania swamp has been fixed.

Churning milks into cream cheeses was giving experience different to the experience given listed on the interface, this has now been corrected.

The Imp horn wand has been added to the Crafting skillguide.

Removed a bush in the Heist minigame to avoid the player getting stuck when getting up off a bench.

The Mithril vein in the Haunted Mine, used for the Polterheist achievement, has been moved slightly to improve visibility.

The Turkey book and Magical bunny notepaper can now be retrieved from the player-owned house bookcase when destroyed.

Players can once again leave the PoP random events if they wish via the "Exit to port" button.

Augmented crystal hatchets can now be used to chop down the trees during the Mountain Daughter quest.

The friends list will now no longer automatically open when leaving the underwater Mudskipper cavern.

Free-to-play players will no longer receive ceremonial sword plans whilst Smithing.

Removed the word 'Elemental' on a few occasions in the Elemental Workshop III quest journal to avoid confusion on what body needs to be made.

A number of tiles south of the Artisan's workshop no longer force walk the player north.

Bane burial sets can no longer be made on regular anvils.

Map icon in Haunted mine now correctly displays Phasmatite instead of Luminite.

F2P players can now produce cheesewheels and slice them into cheese.

The Make-X interface now correctly shows the amount of XP to be received when Crafting unfired urns.

Removed force walk tiles from an area north east of Observatory.

Cash Bags have been adjusted to always be kept on death.

Compressed Anima recharge costs for Shattered Worlds sigils have now been fixed.

Skipping a specific cutscene in Diamond in the Rough quest will now work correctly

Fixed a force walk tile near Digsite.

Removed a tile in Spirit of Summer spirit realm that counted as Wilderness.

The following messages now get filtered:

"You cannot attack that familiar in single-way combat."

"A divine charge container is 25/50/75% full."

"Your backpack is full." (When mining, foraging)

"Your backpack is full. You can store ore in your ore box."

"Your crystal shield lifepoints have been depleted!"

The following get shown once and are then filtered for 10 seconds:

"Stomp is currently invulnerable!"

"The Luminescent ice fiend is encased in ice and cannot be harmed!"

"Barricade blocks all damage!"

A +2 Prayer bonus has been added to the Masterwork gloves and boots.

Working with Protean Bars now correctly plays smithing audio.

Easy and Medium Treasure Trail clue rewards will now reward their equivalent in type and size of salvage for rewards that would previously be smithable items.

There is now a right click option to teleport to other fairy rings than Zanaris from the max guild skill portals (when it is set to the Zanaris fairy ring).

The Hunter's outfit will now have the option to destroy the entire outfit after destroying a single piece, in the same manner that other skilling outfits do.

Herbs from Divine Locations will now be picked as Clean rather than Grimy when wearing the full Master Farmer outfit.

Suqah leathers now correctly benefit from the perk of the Crafting Skillcape.

Corrected various typos found during the Mining & Smithing rework.

A 'inspect' feature has been added to the grouping system, you can use this feature to monitor the backpack, worn equipment and items stored in a group members beast of burden.

Corrected a typo in the Book of the Underworld.

Players can now opt to select their favourited fairy ring locations from the interface via keybinds 1 to 8.

The description has been updated on the Medium Ardougne task 'A natural thief' to better reflect which of the chests are applicable for the achievement.

The Runecrafting skill guide now correctly displays the level requirement for the Runespan high-level entrance portal as 66 Runecrafting.

Fairy rings now have a new map icon. After discovering each one's transport code it can be viewed again via a tooltip on the world map.

Sacred clay butterfly net can now be used to catch butterflies.

Familiars will no longer attack players in a safe zone during a goebie supply run.

Opening a Dungeoneering door using the store skill boost and/or a juju potion will now display a more accurate message.

Your selected magic spell will no longer unset itself when exiting a Dungeoneering floor.

Luck rings no longer have a chance to proc when they are not worn.

Made a number of improvements to the World Select interface:

The refresh button on the world select screen has functionality again

Activity and location have been separated. All worlds will now display their location rather than using the RuneScape symbol if they have an activity.

Worlds without an activity will display a dash.

Increased the overall size of the interface.

Increase the height on the rows to be bigger on mobile.

Increase the majority of text size on mobile.

Increased the spacing between the settings for easier selection on mobile.

Widened the settings bar and panel.

Removed some PC terminology.

Toggle world-hop confirmation will be toggled ON by default on mobile.

The world-hop confirmation toggle is now independent to each platform, so toggling on/off on one doesn't effect the other.

Extended the select region on the filters in the header bar across the text and to the toggle world-hop confirmation check box, so that they're easier to select.

Added tooltips over players names in both the Friends Chat and Clan chat list which displays information about the world they're on.

An issue was fixed that was causing names on the ignore list to stack under each other rather than form a list correctly.

Non-combat items now correctly prevent player duels.

The Tuskas wrath ability will now deal the extra damage on Nihils, Muspahs and Glacors slayer tasks.

Added a short wall as an Agility shortcut on The Island That Once Were Turtles.

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Re: Patch Notes 2019

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:05 pm

PATCH NOTES 18th March 2019


The Lumbridge Strikes Back achievement can now be completed correctly.

It is once again possible to complete the "Pot Stop" achievement from the Varrock easy tasks.

It is once again possible to complete the "Staff on Stryke" achievement from the Desert elite tasks.


Voice Over has been added to The Magister boss fight.

The barrier into the Crassian Leviathan fight will no longer re-open during the fight.

Bounty Hunter removal (post-release)

The revenant spirit pet item now appears with a loot beam when dropped.

Mandrith's location has been added to the Slayer skillcape's teleport options.

Magical threads are earned less frequently when crafting fewer runes in an interaction. (Hotfixed last week)

A message warning you that Mandrith slayer tasks aren't being counted outside of wilderness now only appears when fighting that specific task's creature. (Hotfixed last week)

It's not longer possible to get a social slayer task from Mandrith if your partner doesn't meet his combat requirements.

Adrenaline crystals dropped from the wilderness rare loot table are now noted.

Updated where messaging appears when failing to earn points for bounty emblem upgrades.


Corrected the flag shown on the friends, friends chat and clan chat interfaces on non-English worlds.

Squoggoth's chat head had issues with looking too dark in certain graphics settings - this has been resolved.

Corrected a typo in thief guild Robins chat.


Added a missing apostrophe in concentrated blast's description.

Added new spells to both Lunar and Ancient spellbooks to allow direct casting to a spellbook, e.g. 'Spellbook Swap (Standard)'. The existing Spellbook Swap spell has not been removed.

Spellbook Swap can now be used off GCD from the action bar.

Supreme potions have had their tooltip updated to correctly display the boost received when consumed.

Black stone arrows are now consumed as expected within the Tirannwn quiver.

Black stone arrows will now correctly deplete in PvP

Grand Exchange

The Iron figure object is no longer available on the Grand Exchange.


A client error when opening the quest accept/decline screen on the Mobile client has been fixed.

We've added an option from the minimenu to completely close the minigames interface from the ribbon. This will only work for non area related minigames interfaces (such as the Dungeoneering party interface).

Operating the Ring of Kinship to start a Dungeoneering party will now correctly open the minigames interface (rather than just populating it on to the ribbon).

Removed some PC terminology in favour of something more generic in the authenticator input box on the login screen.


A couple of typos in the Void Knights Commendation Rewards shop have been corrected.


We've added an option in the UI Customisation section of the General Gameplay settings that will allow the user to toggle the display of the Summoning Globe between Summoning points and Familiar special points.

The Huge Urn option on the Ring of Urns has now returned from its Holiday and is now taking its rightful place as a transmog option.

The Ring of Trees and Ring of Coins can now be accessed by the Transmogrification interface if they have been added to your PoH storage.

Fixed an issue where some tall and narrow windowed mode layouts could cause issues with the bank and the interface overlapping in legacy mode when the window was resized.

Player Owned Ports

Removed duplicate buying options from PoP traders.


The ransom note in the Stolen Hearts quest will no longer appear in the area loot interface, as it cannot be picked up in this way.

Lumbridge Catacomb statuettes will no longer reference Xenia after her demise.

A reference to iron in regards to the mine in Rimmington within the Animal Magnetism quest has been changed due the mine no longer containing iron rocks.

Corrected a typo with the vial of orange mist's destroy message in Dimension of Disaster.

Gertrude's chat tree has been rewritten to centralise the flow of dialogue.


The Grace of the Elves will now show a debuff when deactivated and the buff when active to help distinguish which state it is in.

Assisting a player with Crafting certain items will now correctly give the experience gained to the player assisting, rather than the player receiving the assist.

Players are no longer spammed with a warning message if they have boosted their Smithing level to start a project they no longer meet the requirements for.

A full stamina bar is no longer displayed (if enabled) above the player's head when they start to mine a node which does not deplete stamina (such as crablets and sandstone).

Attempting to cast an alchemy spell on an unfinished smithing item will now return the correct message rather than the prior message which was inaccurate.

Added missing smithing sounds to the anvils in Dungeoneering.

Uncut Onyxes are no longer obtainable from mining Prifddinas Gem Rocks (Hotfixed last week)

The reward shop benefit with the Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit no longer requires you to wear the outfit to get the reward shop discounts/skip floors provided you own the outfit.

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