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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:02 am

PATCH NOTES 22nd January 2018


The correct information is now displayed when trying to log in with a temporary ban.

The hint marker now displays correctly.

Displaying null models on interfaces no longer causes client crashes.

Compiler flags have been improved for Windows builds

A potential cause for threading-related crashes was identified and fixed.

Hitmarks are now able to display different colours in the NXT client.

An issue that was causing certain character models to become invisible during animations has been fixed.

RAM usage has been optimised for Grand Exchange searches.

Some core interface logic was sped up.

The memory footprint of the Location system was reduced by ~10MB.

Interface system memory was cut down by ~15MB.

Items no longer appear invisible in player inventories and banks.


The cherry tree hotspot in a player-owned port now uses a cherry tree model instead of a maple tree.

Some broken windows were fixed on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle.

Some windows were adjusted in the Falador gem store.

Last week's changes to the retro polo neck basic clothing for female player characters were reverted.

A broken lava texture in the Wilderness was updated.

A leaf that used to clip the ground on the wishing well bush near the Monastery patch has been fixed.

Armadyl no longer appears before the tower south of Falador appears when viewed from a distance.

A modelling issue was fixed with one of the giant trees in the Crwys district in Prifddinas.

A stretching texture on a Runespan skybox has been fixed.

The cliffs near the Odd Old Man's bonfire no longer display sandy textures.

Floating green squares were removed below deck on board The Adventurous during A Clockwork Syringe.

The southernmost ship in Port Sarim now reflects correctly on the water.

A section of the cliff north of the Dig site is no longer untextured.

An issue with the underwater Tutorial Island skybox was resolved.

All sand tiles near the Airut area now render correctly.


A height mapping issue which was causing a dip in the ground south of Yanille has been fixed.

Players can no longer stand inside one of the banners on the Void Knight outpost.

A force walk tile was removed from beneath Armadyl's tower.

A force walk tile was removed from an area near Catherby.

An issue was resolved concerning an unblocked tile near the swamp cave entrance in the Lumbridge swamp.

A height mapping issue was fixed concerning the water and ground geometry south of Taverley bank.

Carpets in the player-owned port office no longer face clipping issues.

Blocking issues have been resolved with the small lava pits in the Wilderness, near the red dragon island and the lava maze.

The roof above an upper level balcony in Lletya will now remove correctly when the 'remove roof' setting is toggled on.

The roof in the Yanille Wizards' Guild tower will now remove correctly when the 'remove roof' setting is toggled on.

The Holy Grail is no longer visible when a player is on the level below it.

Players can no longer walk inside an ice outcrop on the Acheron mammoth iceberg.

Players can no longer walk inside one of the pillars in the underground digsite area.

Some blocked tiles were removed from in front of a bench in Catherby.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The Giant Ent bonus to harvesting fruit trees now works correctly in combination with the Farming skillcape perk or a patch bomb.

Splitting 5kg blocks of granite into 500g pieces now gives ten pieces instead of twelve pieces.

Players can no longer interact with some of the sawmill operators from further away than intended.

The Dungeoneering skillcape perk no longer displays a 'no cannon allowed' message when opening the teleport menu.

The dialogue box now shows level requirements of the door (if any) when using a lock melter in Dungeoneering.

Players will no longer receive black ibis pieces from Pyramid Plunder if the outfit piece is currently stored with Diango.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The Diary of Herbi Flax now only opens the Shades of Mort'ton quest overview when the quest has not yet been started.

The Some Like It Cold quest journal now correctly states where to craft the rock and pop outfits.

Unless unlocked during the quest, music tracks from Missing, Presumed Death will now unlock upon completion by visiting the Empyrean Citadel.

A barrel of cooked minnow has been added to the fishing area in A Shadow over Ashdale to help players who may not bring enough food for the crassian encounters.

Crassians defeated during A Shadow over Ashdale now drop three minnows instead of one.

Players now face the correct direction when using doors or stairs in the Lumbridge Catacombs.

Receiving Li'l Tuzzy will now unlock the raids feat title on the occassion that it is unlocked last.

The correct number of achievements is now shown under Boss Kills.

The 'Second Shrubbery' achievement is now marked as a non-member achievement, located under Miscellaneous.


Players can now buy each of the damaged god books from Jossik before completing prior books.

Augmented Bounty Hunter weapons no longer show item charge.

Certain player-owned ports armour pieces no longer show a broken item charge tooltip.

The used versions of a Zaros Godsword, Staff of Sliske and Seren Godbow can no longer be traded.

Rebinding the F7 hotkey will now correctly unbind it from RuneMetrics.

The Wilderness slayer contract tooltip no longer displays item charge.

Players can now use magic notepaper on the following items:

Dragon plateskirt

Dragon platelegs

Dragon sq shield

Dragon kiteshield

Dragon full helm

Dragon platebody

The Summit Clan has had its logo added to the Clan Motif editor for winning a Clan Cup back in 2015.

Shops will now only show options to buy in multiples based on the amount of items in stock.

The display of the overhead target information was rewritten in order to fix an issue with the background layer becoming transparent unintentionally. This rewrite also improves the responsiveness and accuracy of the health bar.

Players will no longer incorrectly receive a message saying that they have received a dragon plateleg/skirt from a bronze dragon.

Luck-increasing items now affect the dragon plateleg/skirt drop from iron dragons.

Luck messages no longer appear incorrectly from infernal mages.

The camera tutorial at the start of the Ashdale tutorial now explains how to zoom the camera.

Gudrik's opening dialogue at the start of the Ashdale tutorial has been reduced by removing his premonition.

A help button has been added to the World Map.

The World Map opening tutorial is now only one page long, as the tutorial can now be repeated by using the help button on the map.

The wilderness sword no longer prioritises itself over the Royal crossbow on death.

Onyx bolts (e) no longer trigger their heal effect twice.

Adding ammo to a Kinetic Cyclone/Oldak Coil will now reliably reveal a buff icon showing how much ammo remains. Note: This icon will not show if the ammo perk from Artisans' Workshop is unlocked.

Hotfixes this week

16/01, 15:40 UTC: Tier two of Sunfury now unlocks correctly after fully upgrading. If it is still Tier one with 35,000/35,000 sanctification points, it is possible to upgrade by gaining Prayer XP while having the Sunfury outfit activated.

17/01, 09:00 UTC: Ironmen no longer receive a login message about Vic.

Ninja Fixes

Icons have now been added to the World Map for Goblin Raids and Demon Flash mobs in the style of the WildyWyrm. This feature can still be hidden using the Doomsayer toggle system.

Dwarven multicannons now jam where they previously decayed. Players can repair the cannon in this state to reactivate it without needing to rebuild it. It will be destroyed as before if not repaired within 20 minutes.

Feedback messages for the dwarven multicannon now appear as information boxes.

The 34 Defence requirement has been removed from both main-hand and off-hand dragon maces and battleaxes, and from modifying house teleport tabs.

The 36 Defence requirement has been removed from teleporting with Drakan's medallion.

The opportunity to gain 30 Prayer XP from killing ghasts is now locked behind completion of Nature Spirit.

Tarn Razorlor no longer despawns if a player takes too long to kill him in his mutant and ghost forms. This is to allow for usage of a ring of recoil to defeat him.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:33 am

PATCH NOTES 5th February 2018


A cache issue causing crashes due to incorrectly saved data (such as near Captain Lawgof's camp) has now been fixed.

The client no longer freezes when players attempt to close it.

Item lists, such as the search functionality on the Grand Exchange or item lists in the Quick Chat system, now display the correct results.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Players now have a chance to obtain a soul talisman from looting a sarcophagus in Shifting Tombs.

On the rare occasion that the Fletching skillcape perk strings a bow for free while using a portable fletcher, which also makes an additional bow, both items are now sent to the bank.

The Slayer co-op potion ability now works inside the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The quest complete pop-up for Between a Rock... now states the correct quest name.

An issue preventing the achievement 'Unlocking Your Emotions' from completing has now been fixed.

An issue preventing the 'Gregore-Y V' achievement from showing up as completed has been fixed.

The taskmaster emote now consistently unlocks by completing the taskmaster achievement.


Hovering over an NPC while in combat now correctly shows their overhead bar.

'Provoke' can now be used during the global cooldown.

'Heal Other' and 'Heal Group' may no longer be used on targets in single-way PvP zones.

The Immortality effect now holds players in place for 1.2 seconds fewer once the ability activates upon death.

Attacking a Golem will now force it to appear over Telos when Telos is siphoning a font in Phase four. This will only happen when the minions are your active target.

Telos' anima bar will now reset correctly if a player uses Immortality and survives his insta-kill bomb in Phase five.

The required Defense level to equip a piece of armour now displays on tooltips.

Compacted jewellery no longer has a percentage-based item charge tooltip. The number of charges remaining still appears.

The backpack interface is no longer hidden when logging in with fixed-screen, legacy interface mode.

The Ironman achievements board has been updated to contain the latest achievements attained by some legendary Ironmen. Btw.

Lent Dragon claws now execute their special attacks to their full extent.

A bug causing various TzHaar area soundtracks to automatically unlock has been fixed.

The Poison purge Aura no longer depletes when the player dies outside of the Wilderness.

The Jack of Trades Aura is no longer placed in the backpack when equipping the Hellion aura.

Aura refreshers in Death's Store no longer state that only one can be used per day.

Last week's hotfixes

31/01, 15:00 UTC: The 'Insane Final Boss' title now correctly checks for 100 hard-mode boss kills.

Ninja fixes

Various depositing actions have been added to the following:

Players are now informed which items are allowed into Daemonheim and given an option to put all forbidden items in their bank when attempting to enter.

Players are now given the option to deposit all forbidden items when a Monk of Entrana searches a player, without needing to make use of a deposit box.

Players are now given an option to deposit forbidden items into their bank when travelling to Entrana using a hot-air balloon (or into a deposit box if travelling from Entrana, so as to not create a shorter banking route to Taverley's Summoning obelisk).

Players are now given the option to put all items in a deposit box when entering a Fremennik saga.

Players are now given the option to put all their items in a deposit box when entering the portal to New Varrock.

Feedback messages received when interacting with a wicked hood now appear as information boxes instead of chat window messages.

Right-click options for the the Wicked Hood interface now give feedback for the 'Make Runes' and 'Teleport' features when running out of either.

The colour of the Saradomin God Book has changed to better distinguish it from the Armadyl God Book.

Elkoy now has a 'Follow' left-click option if the player has started the Tree Gnome Village quest.

It is now possible to teleport directly from the Araxyte lair when Araxxi has been defeated.

Players no longer need to select the 'needle' option on the toolbelt when attempting to craft dragonhides.

Plant pot packs have had their price adjusted to closer match the price of unpacked versions.

The maximum stack value on a Beast of Burden has been increased from 5m GP to 15m GP.

The Crystallise spell can now be re-cast on the same target before it expires. Players can still only have one Crystallise target active at a time.

Magister kills now count towards the 'Slay Bells Ring' achievements for Corrupted Creatures.

Familiarisation now resets on Wednesdays instead of every seven days.

Generic combat styles have been added to action bar switching.

Entering Daemonheim now correctly changes the action bar to the bound weapon that is automatically equipped.

Sunspear (ranged) is now correctly recognized as a ranged 2h weapon when using automatic action bar switching.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:40 pm

PATCH NOTES and Mining and Skilling Beta 12th February 2018

Mining and Skilling Beta

Mining & Smithing Beta
To-do list for this week:
Get the new Amare outfit. Look drop-dead-in-the-Wilderness gorgeous while you...
...rack up prizes in the new Zodiac Festival event, without forgetting to... out Mods Jack, Deg, Tomb and Shogun by taking part in the Mining and Smithing Beta and letting them know what you think of the content!

Mining and Smithing Beta
At 3 pm today, unleash your inner critic this week for your first look at Mining and Smithing 2.0, chockablock with new core mechanics to tinker with to your heart's content. There’s the ore bag, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment, heating with the forge, non-competitive rocks, new tiers of metal and much more! We want your feedback on all of it.
No need to sign up and no need for membership. Just log in here (or below) with your regular account (requires NXT) and jump right in. Once you’re there, you can live your best life. Dreaming of 99? Here, you can be whichever level you like; what matters is getting your mitts on every bit of Mining and Smithing beta content we currently have on offer - no barriers, no restrictions. It’s all at your forge-hardened fingertips.
When you arrive in the beta world, you’ll find yourself locked into one small area with all the Mining and Smithing content you’ll need. You won’t have access to anything else, including the Artisans' Workshop, cannonballs, mining outfits, auras, familiars and the toolbelt as these haven't yet been updated.
Most importantly, we need your feedback. You can tell us what you think on the forums (hidden until the beta opens) and on the opinion poll, as well as on Reddit and Twitter

Patch Notes


The number of minimum requirements for the ultra water setting caustics effect has been slightly reduced.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Players can now consistently claim their Falador achievement set rewards.

Meta-achievements - such as 'Falador Set Tasks - Easy' or 'Completionist Cape' - once again pop up upon completion.


An issue preventing Premier Club Bronze and Silver members from upgrading their membership has been fixed.

Icons were added to the combat target interface for NPCs indicating whether they are affected by the Demon, Dragon or Undead Slayer perks (if the attacker has the relevant perk equipped).

The Purified Greatsword override is now consistently named across all occurrences.

The destroy message for loot chests received from the Mimic boss has been corrected.

Surplus wilderness tiles north of the Mind altar have been removed.

Playlist mode on the music player no longer plays incorrect tracks.

The game settings interface now properly closes when switching between legacy and non-legacy interface mode.

Zilyana and K'ril no longer incorrectly state that they can unlock Sacrifice, Devotion and Transfigure on the Beasts interface.

Players can no longer obtain duplicate outfit pieces from the Constructors, Lumberjack, Golden mining and Master runecrafter sets via a player-owned house wardrobe or Diango.

Items dismantled by a Spring Cleaner are now added to the RuneMetrics drop log.


The number of urns looted to complete the Pyramid Plunder daily challenge (previously 50-52 in most cases) has been reduced to 30-42 to account for the time taken to reach the deeper rooms.

The Big Chinchompa moth collection messages can now be filtered via the game message toggle on the chat window.

Various interfaces used during the Big Chinchompa D&D have been updated to match current interface layouts.

The Dungeoneering reward shop has been updated to bring it in line with other modern shop interfaces.

Players may now open the 'Select left click option menu' for familiars during combat.

The rope requirement for the crevice west of Nardah has been removed.

The Spinning Wheel door in Seers' Village is now open by default.

A leave option now appears on Beastmaster Durzag's corpse once he has been looted to take players to the front gate of the raid.

Deposit boxes now include a right-click 'Deposit All' option.

Nastroth now requires a bank pin and the seven day grace period when performing a skill reset, regardless of whether an account has an attached authenticator.

Skeletons and cultists in the Demon Slayer quest no longer drop bones.

Players can now quickchat their Hollowtoof kill count.

Slider puzzles have been updated to be much more responsive to control.

A 'check' button has been added to the slider puzzle interface to indicate which tiles are incorrectly placed.

It is now possible to invert the keyboard controls on a puzzle box using a checkbox on the interface.

Players can now open bird nests and divine eggs quickly by repeatedly clicking the last nest/egg in the backpack (similar to prawn balls).

All tiers of Aura refresh are now stackable.

Generic single-skill lamps now abide by the 'Gain XP from lamp warning' toggle in Gameplay settings -> General gameplay.

The 'Gain XP from lamp warning' toggle's state has been inverted so that it no longer displays the warning when unticked.

The amount of times a player can be caught thieving in Prifddinas now starts to cool down after being caught once.

Scrimshaws and God books can now be deactivated immediately.

A 'don't ask me again' option has been added when declining a special Slayer assignment. This can be re-enabled via dialogue options with the relevant Slayer Master when asking about special assignments.

Players can now store Hardened Penance armour in a player-owned house armour case.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by ArchmageEra » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:39 pm

Was really hoping that the avatar update would be today. Maybe next week.

I do like that there is a don't ask again on the special assignments. Morvran constantly trys to give me his stupid challenge.. I've completed it once.. I don't want to do it again XD
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:09 pm

PATCH NOTES 19th February 2018


Players no longer lose their heads with the Masquerade head override if changing genders with the makeover mage.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

Compacting teleport jewellery with a full inventory no longer disconnects players.

It's no longer possible to augment an already-augmented Sunspear (ranged).


The clickable area of the UI buttons within the Main Interface Ribbon now includes the entirety of the button.

Multiple items with emotes are now prohibited in the Wilderness safe zone.

The Hefin Agility emotes are now prohibited in the Wilderness safe zone.

The Wilderness safe zone west of the Black Knight Fortress now closes the customization tab.

Filled runepouches are no longer tradable.

Players are no longer able to teleport to Zanaris through fairy rings when carrying Warband supplies.

Wilderness Slayer Contracts no longer drop to the floor during PvP combat.

Players can no longer equip bolts/arrows using Tirannwn quiver if they lack the level reqiurements.

Combination potion effects are now correctly halved when using the potion sharing ability in a co-op slayer group.


Cannons decaying in instances which are no longer available won't disconnect players anymore.

The Illuminated Book of Wisdom is now coloured blue like it's un-illuminated version.

The Saradomin recolour of the God Books override now matches the new blue colour of the Saradomin God Book.

Last week's hotfixes

13/02, 12:06 UTC: Sharing an actionbar containing lodestone teleports no longer displays the wrong information and causes disconnections.

13/02, 16:18 UTC: Slide puzzles no longer produce null errors upon opening and completing.

13/02, 17:32 UTC: The 'Predator' Zodiac Festival task no longer interferes with chat dialogue and causes it to unnecessarily close.

13/02, 17:32 UTC: Ironmen can no longer receive Monkey trinkets and red envelopes.

14/02, 16:46 UTC: Players can no longer claim golden mining outfit pieces from Diango without previously owning them.

14/02, 16:46 UTC: Clan Iowerth's pickpocketing lockout now correctly resets for all players.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:06 pm

PATCH NOTES 26th February 2018

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

The number of clue scroll slider puzzle scrambles has been reduced to improve solving times. This follows the 12th February update to slider puzzles.

Support monkey trinkets are no longer deleted when completing a floor when Dungeoneering.


The bank note button no longer appears as active after first using the function, then closing and re-opening the bank.

Players can save a preset named 'The Magister' again.

'Active' has been renamed 'Activate' on the tooltip for the bank clean-up filter button.

Players will no longer receive the message 'You could not bank all items' when depositing all items into the bank with an active aura equipped.

Last week's hotfixes

20/02, 12:00 UTC: Bank preset slots can now be dragged to reorder them.

Clue Scrolls

A Treasure Trail collection log has been added to the Treasure Trail hub that tracks players' loot from every tier since tracking began on October 2nd, 2017. This functions much like the Boss collection log and can be used to quickly shout out players' progress and finds to various chat channels.

Clue scrolls are now completed when the casket is obtained, not when the casket is opened. This allows players to begin new clue scrolls before opening the caskets, and to save them up if desired.

Reward caskets (not puzzle caskets) now also stack.

Reroll progress is now given on opening caskets, as before.

A new set of options has been added to Gameplay settings under the heading 'Minigame settings'. The new options allow players to individually toggle whether they receive sealed clue scrolls from skilling or monster drops, and whether they see loot beams for clue scrolls. Guaranteed clue sources bypass this, such as the Aquarium, Skeletal Horror, Triskelion keys, or the Prosper perk.

Players can now trade down started and unstarted clue scrolls of a higher tier to a lower tier by swapping them with Zaida. This will clear any active progress on the clue being trading down from, where applicable.

All Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix wizards are attackable with left-click by default. There should no longer be any instances where a wizard cannot be left-clicked due to combat level changes in the Wilderness or due to familiars.

Drop options have been replaced with destroy options for all caskets, clue scrolls, challenge scrolls, scroll boxes, puzzle boxes and keys. Where applicable, the destroy message will indicate where to reclaim the item; however, in most cases the item cannot be reclaimed.

All existing clue scrolls that historically took players to the bandit camp in the Wilderness have been updated to point to nearby areas.

Clue scroll wizards and double agents are no longer familiar immune.

Clue scrolls are now dropped or looted as a new object called a 'Sealed clue scroll (difficulty)', which stacks and gives a new clue scroll of the same tier when opened. Players can only have up to one clue of each tier active at any one time, as before. There is a soft cap of 25 on sealed clues for each tier, but guaranteed sources bypass this.

Desert lizards are no longer aggressive to players who have completed Crondis' quest.

Feral vampyres are no longer aggressive to players who have been given Vanescula's blood mark.

Existing Treasure Trail cane rewards have been graphically updated.

Five new activity high scores have been added for lifetime clue scrolls completed of each tier. These can be accessed from the hiscores tab of the Community parent interface in-game, or from the hiscores page on the RuneScape website.

Instances on medium Treasure Trails where the target NPC continues talking after players are done on that step of the trail have now been fixed.

It is no longer possible to consume multiple emote skip tickets, as they require a second emote to be performed.

Four new teleport scrolls have been added to all clue scroll tiers that teleport players to the Lighthouse, the Clocktower, Gu'Tanoth entrance and to the Treasure Trail hub at the main Grand Exchange entrance.

Hard clue scrolls requiring an amulet of glory now accept any charged or uncharged variant.

Players wearing items can now use a costume-skipping ticket to bypass Uri's instruction for clues that require players not to wear any items.

Meerkat pouches now increase the scan range of scan clues by five paces.

Existing and future White Wolf Mountain scan clues have now been replaced with Menaphos scan clues. These have a range of 30 paces.

All dig locations for the Kharidian desert scan clue are now located east of the River Elid as intended.

An animation now players after selecting 'Scan' on a scan clue to indicate that the scroll is continually re-scanning. This graphic updates based on whether players are within double the listed range, or at any other distance.

Minor grammatical fixes have been made to the text on several emote clues.

Mud pies now always drop to the floor when thrown (where possible) instead of most of the time. Accidentally throwing pies at double agents should now be less of an issue.

New sliding puzzle images have been added to some of the hard and elite Treasure Trail puzzle boxes and puzzle caskets. For hard puzzles, the new images have replaced some of the old repeated images, but the old images have not been removed.

Upon first login after the update, players will be given Treasure Trail points based on their lifetime completed trails (since tracking began). Players can check their progress on completions for each tier via Quick-chat.

Players will be eligible to get one free sealed clue scroll on login from Zaida at the Treasure Trail hub by the Grand Exchange main entrance. The tier is decided based on the player's total level, ranging from easy to elite.

Gold Premier Club members are eligible to receive an additional free, sealed master clue scroll from either Zaida or the Vault Guardian for the first two weeks after the update.

The Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix wizards from Treasure Trails have been graphically updated.

The Saradomin and Guthix wizards now wield staffs and only use their Dragon dagger special attacks if players are in melee range.

Sealed clue scrolls can now be obtained when Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, or Diving, from most standard skilling activities. The tier of clue scroll players receive is weighted based on their level of the activity, with elites appearing at level 60 training methods and higher. There is always a 1% chance for a sealed elite clue to upgrade to a sealed master clue.

Several existing Treasure Trail rewards such as hats, masks and shirts have been made available in F2P.

Skip tickets have been created for the two new master puzzles and can be obtained from elite caskets or from Zaida's shop at the Treasure Trail hub.

Some old clue scroll hints have been updated or replaced to be consistent with the current game and environment changes.

The Elven Lands elite scan clue has been renamed to the Isafdar and Lletya scan clue to help differentiate it from the new Prifddinas scan clue.

The Gnome coach no longer gets stuck on a platform support and can now fully patrol the field without needing to resort to teleporting.

The Prosper perk still allows for an additional chance at a clue scroll while skilling, but now has a 1% chance of upgrading a sealed elite clue to a sealed master clue.

The Varrock elite scan clue now mentions that it also covers the Grand Exchange, for clarity.

The Kharazi jungle elite scan clue no longer has any dig locations inside or north of the Herblore Habitat; it is contained entirely inside the Kharazi jungle. The scan radius has also been reduced to 14 paces.

One of the easy clues has also been updated to correctly reference boxes rather than crates.

The basic versions of the Robin Hood hat, the ranger boots, and their recoloured versions, now all require one Defence and 40 Ranged to equip.

The sextant interface has been removed from Treasure Trails. Using the sextant option on a sextant or applicable clue scroll object now plays a short animation, then prints the player's coordinates as before. The sextant interface is still used in the Defender of Varrock quest as before.

The treasure chest in Player Owned Houses now has a fifth entry for Master tier clue rewards. This is also accessible via a bank like other costume room inventories.

Treasure Trail caskets have new graphics, and are coloured to match their tier. Sealed clue scrolls also match this new colouring.

Tweaks have been made to existing Treasure Trail drop tables, such as removing low-value seeds elite and improving coin values when failing to roll on certain rare rewards.

Basic coifs in clue scrolls are now referred to as studded leather coifs.

Upon completing a Treasure Trail, players now receive a message regarding total Treasure Trail points, in addition to the existing messages that shows total clues completed from that tier.

Uri and double agents from Treasure Trails have been graphically updated.

The type of Treasure Trail rewards broadcasted to world and friends has been standardised.

Wizards from Treasure Trails now teleport away when defeated, leaving some loot behind in the process (but no bones).

Yaktwee sticks are now configured as maces rather than swords.
Players can now obtain a second piece of Prifddinas worker attire if they have a piece keepsaked.

Players can now track their progress towards rerolls on all clue scroll tiers from an interface accessible from the noticeboard in the new Treasure Trail hub, or from the Treasure Trail collection log.

Players can now store up to three rerolls at once for each of the tiers by default.

Players now earn additional rerolls for each Treasure Trail tier with a new reroll token item obtained from caskets, or from Zaida's store at the Treasure Trail hub.

Zaida in the Treasure Trail hub now provides some basic information on where to obtain clue scrolls from each tier.

Zamorak wizards now only spawn when digging for hard Wilderness clue scrolls. Saradomin wizards will spawn when digging for any other applicable hard clue scrolls.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:51 am

PATCH NOTES 5th March 2018

Options menu changes

The options menu has been rearranged for a wider view.

The 'Quick Save Layout' drop-down menu has been removed from the options menu, and can instead be accessed via the 'Edit Layout Menu'.

The 'Log out from Facebook' option for those using Facebook single sign-in has been removed, as it was not working correctly.

The ‘Edit Mode’ button is now called ‘Edit Layout Mode’.

The individual settings buttons have been condensed into one settings button.

Feedback Buttons were added, enabling players to rate their current session and improving how we judge the success of our updates.

A 'Report Issue' button has been added which directs players to the bug reporting system.

The 'Presets' and 'Save as Preset' buttons within the Edit Layout Mode menu have been renamed as ‘Load Layout’ and ‘Save Layout’, respectively, to match the options menu.

The 'Logout' button in the top right-hand corner of the minimap now takes players to the options menu rather than a confirmation screen.


Second age legs are now better proportioned.

The flaming sword effect now displays correctly for off-hand chaotic rapiers.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

A warning confirmation message now appears when players start crafting Elite Robin Hood equipment and limitless staves, explaining that the items will become untradeable.

The click area for players who have turned into trees using a Ring of trees is now smaller.

Ice dyes have been added to the Treasure Trail collection log.

The Towers puzzle check button now recognises completed puzzles in all instances.

The dissolved clue scroll message no longer appears on all failed clue scroll rolls when that tier of clue scroll is disabled.

The 'dissolved clue scroll' message now only appears when a clue scroll would have been rolled.

The Towers puzzle check button now correctly handles various inventory and puzzle states.

Players can now purchase items from the Dungeoneering reward store with the Gorajan outfit equipped, even when they can only afford the cost of the discounted Dungeoneering token.

The Augmented staff of limitless steam now provides fire and water rune energy, not earth and water.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The 'Fill Them All' achievement no longer completes when building all hidey-holes without filling them.

All the pillars in the cosmic room now rotate correctly during Elemental Workshop IV.


Clicking on the currently selected bank tab now scrolls the player back to the top of that tab.

Last week's hotfixes

26/02, 17:50 UTC: Loot beams now appear for sealed clue scrolls if the setting is enabled.

26/02, 17:50 UTC: The Meerkats' 'fetch casket' special move now works with master tier clues.

26/02, 17:50 UTC: Puzzle skip tickets now work consistently for all hard tier puzzle boxes.

26/02, 17:50 UTC: The 'Digging For Treasure' achievement now consistently completes when using meerkats to fetch a casket.

27/02, 11:50 UTC: Using a reaper necklace or an amulet of souls on an ornament kit now works correctly.

28/02, 08:45 UTC: Duplicate stacks of treasure trail caskets now open as they should.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:28 am

PATCH NOTES 12th March 2018


Vorago's shadows during phase transition once again appear as expected.

The rod-o-matic spot animations no longer play while fishing for Sailfish. This makes the Swift sailfish spot distinguishable.

The Fury shark outfit animations no longer play when fishing for Jellyfish and Sailfish.

Skills, D&Ds, and Minigames

The whirlpool at the Deep Sea Fishing hub now tracks title progress correctly.

A 'Bang' option has been added to the ladders near the NPC Greg 'Groggy' Herring in the Deep Sea Fishing hub so that players can interact with him in Java.

The Fishing icon has been added to the mouse over on all the fishing spots in the Deep Sea Fishing hub.

The anti-griefing area has been mapped down at the Deep Sea Fishing hub, so cannons and similar items can no longer be placed.

The streak timer during Frenzy Fishing now refreshes when clicking the spot, rather than after successfully flinging a fish.

The 'message in a bottle' item now gives players the option to choose which boost they want, rather than applying one at random.

The Sea-monsters message has been updated to avoid confusion when using a raw fish in which he isn't interested.

Blue Blubber Jellyfish now heal for 750 per eat, not 1,000.

Prawnballs are now obtainable through all Fishing activities at the Deep Sea Fishing hub.

The left-click 'Use' option has been removed from the entry rowboat and replaced with the default left-click 'Bank'.

Raw great white sharks can now be used to feed the Sea Monster in the Deep Sea Fishing encounter.

The Deathbeard distraction at the Deep Sea Fishing hub now consistently gives XP.

The cooldown timer when fishing for Electrified Jellyfish can no longer be reset.

Sailfish now work with Calorie bombs.

Two previously problematic squares in the Fishing Frenzy area of the Deep Sea Fishing hub now display the Fishing Frenzy UI as expected.

Sign of the porters now works with the Deep Sea Fishing spots.

Ice dyes are no longer removed when repairing the Wand of the praesul, the Imperium core, the Khopesh of Tumeken and the Khopesh of Elidinis.

Exiting chat with an NPC after showing them a complete puzzlebox no longer re-shuffles the puzzlebox.

Players can no longer consume multiple puzzle-skipping tickets by accident.

Teleport checks no longer prevent players from teleporting with the Globetrotter outfit as intended. However, they still deduct a charge.

The puzzle picking code for elite clues has been updated to make puzzle boxes rarer and celtic knots more common, to be closer to the old chances. The distribution will be much closer to 50/50 now. The chance of a wizard has not been changed.

Using an augmentation dissolver on augmented limitless staves or elite Robin Hood gear now correctly retains the items upgraded state and just removes the augmentation.

Quests, Challenges, and Achievements

The following quality-of-life changes have been made to Rum Deal:

A sky box has been added to Braindeath Island.

A bit of fence has been removed from the side of the factory so that players don't need to run around the whole building.

The hopper and stagnant water pool are now left-click friendly.

The op has been removed from damaged farming patches.

The NPC's and zombies outside the factory now appear when you're on the first floor.

The quest conclusion now provides reward lamps instead of flat XP.

The following quality-of-life changes have been made to Cabin Fever:

Both cutscenes are now updated and skippable.

Rogue wooden floor textures were removed from the map edges during the ship battle scene. There is now also a skybox and an extended sea map.

Pirate NPCs are now aggressive on the enemy ship.

The custom interfaces within the repair and weapons boxes have been updated and now give players the exact items needed when clicked.

Planks from the repair box are now stackable.

The quest conclusion now provides reward lamps instead of flat XP.

A new left-click flow has been added to the gunpowder explosion when operating/repairing the cannon.

The plunder mechanic has changed as such: the barrel and box have been removed; players are now given a single lot of five plunder from the chest; players no longer need to wait for the chest to respawn; the chat and quest logs have been updated accordingly.

The 'When This Cavern's Rockin'..' achievement no longer completes when fishing rocktails during Deep Sea Fishing.

The Globetrotter achievement now correctly unlocks after purchasing the full Globetrotter outfit.


Filters now sort correctly within the World Select menu.

The Orlando Smith's hat broadcast is now global.


Animations were optimised for multi-core processors.

Players should no longer hear audio dropouts/crackling when playing on a single core machine, or when the CPU is under high load from another program.

An issue was fixed with flickering/disappearing particles on old/low-end AMD graphics cards.

An issue was fixed with a bug with the Avatar viewer.

Last week's hotfixes

05/03, 17:29 UTC: The Deathbeard distraction at the Deep Sea Fishing hub now consistently gives XP.

05/03, 17:29 UTC: Sign of the porters now works with the Deep Sea Fishing spots.

05/03, 17:29 UTC: The cooldown timer when fishing Electrified Jellyfish can no longer be reset.

06/03, 1424 UTC: Using an augmentation dissolver on augmented limitless staves or elite Robin Hood gear now correctly retains the items upgraded state and just removes the augmentation.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:21 am

PATCH NOTES 19th March 2018


Updated the skybox used in Beneath Cursed Tides.

Fixed an issue with a Cywir Wand, Cywir Orb or Kalphite Rebounders causing graphical issues with the surrounding environment with ambient occlusion enabled.

Skills, D&Ds, and Minigames

Receiving a sealed clue scroll from opening a lower tier casket now bypasses the 25 soft cap limit.

Players can now earn charges on their Globetrotter outfit pieces regardless of having the items equipped, banked, or needing to be reclaimed from Zaida.

Emote skip tickets are no longer consumed when completing an emote clue by using the Globetrotter outfit effect with a filled hidey-hole.


Players can no longer use an item on another player in the Wilderness in order to prevent a form of luring.

Mud Pies no longer occasionally disappear when thrown.

Swapping to a different monkey greegree via one that is not yet stored will now store that type as well.

Added a confirmation step when unlocking abilities from Scare Tactics.

Corrected a typo in the Pestilent Journal.

Updated some telescope examines.

Last week's hotfixes

14/03, 11:20 UTC: Telos can no longer occasionally be instantly forced into phase 2 with his lifepoints intact.

16/03, 10:00 UTC: Fixed an issue preventing an authenticator pin from being read when using Facebook or Google to log in. (coldfixed)

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:43 pm

PATCH NOTES 26th March 2018

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

If you destroy certain objects during Pieces of Hate at a specific point in the quest you're now able to reclaim them.

Corrected some disjointed body parts on the Dominion Tower Barrelchest.

Prevented the player from equipping the Barrelchest disguise in Pieces of Hate on certain tiles so prevent falling through a wall.

Resolved an issue where you could not reclaim plunder from the chest within Cabin fever if you somehow had not deposited 5 pieces within Bill Teach's chest.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Moved the Rimmington crossroads hidey-hole to avoid it being replaced by the circus ticket booth.

The flaming sword effect has been disabled on the cursed Arrav sword overrides due to compatability issues.

Hard clue scrolls from pickpocketing now correctly check against your clue scroll toggle settings.

The female guthix wizard defending elite caskets no longer has a male voice.

Corrected an issue with the un-augmented limitless staff tooltips not showing correct item charge.

Fixed an issue that prevented a simple easy clue, an easy emote clue, and an easy map clue from being given during treasure trails.

Ensured that all master clues, caskets and scrollboxes are blocked from disassembly.

The 'perform emote' option on the Globetrotter shorts now performs the second emote on a medium emote clue if you have already performed the first emote.

Withdrawing items from hidey holes will no longer need you to have an extra inventory space more than required.

Corrected all treasure trail wizards to play a teleport sound when they leave.

Fixed an issue where the luck message for receiving a sealed clue scroll could be given even when you were already at your soft cap for that tier of clue.

The Prosper perk text now mentions the chance to get a Master Clue scroll.

You can now examine Blue, the Clue Scrolls pet, to see the amount of total treasure trails you have completed. Other users examining your pet will show them your total.

Changed the confirmation message to a tooltip when adding items to a hidey-hole.

The flaming sword effect now correctly works with the Firestorm blade overrides.

Corrected an issue where quick-chatting some hard or medium Treasure Trail rewards would output the wrong item.

The 'Going For A Punt' achievement will now complete if you are wearing a gilded boater.

Fixed an issue that stopped the progress of a medium clue if Salt in the Wound was only partially completed.

Deep Sea Fishing - Players will no longer be able to attract fish to magical fishing spot if they don't have high enough fishing level.

Deep Sea Fishing - The broadcast when receiving a rare item from the treasure turtle will include the source in the broadcast message.

Deep Sea Fishing - The duration on the calm sailfish spot has been increased.

Deep Sea Fishing - The Sea monster encounter is now easier to complete.

Deep Sea Fishing - The Whale encounter has been made slightly more difficult.

Deep Sea Fishing - The Jellyfish encounter is now slightly easier to complete.

Deep Sea Fishing - All encounters are now easier to complete on less populated worlds.

Deep Sea Fishing - Your fishing streak when frenzy fishing will now be halved rather than lost entirely when failing to maintain the streak.

Deep Sea Fishing - The swarm of fish will now grant invention experience on fishing rod, rather than just the on the rod-o-matic.

Deep Sea Fishing - The locations for each of the fishing activities have now been labelled on the world map.


All Squeal of Fortune and Treasure Items that have a use and/or stats can now be Keepsake Copied, so you can use them as an override and still keep their abilities!

Outfits that can be upgraded via gameplay are no longer hidden in the wardrobe if the base outfit is owned.

Small and Medium Fletching lamps won from Treasure Hunter can now be used by f2p players.

The cancel button on the Solomon's Store purchase interface now closes the interface.

Fixed an issue that prevented new clan events from being saved.

Some items that perform emotes have been disabled in wilderness safe areas

The second page of teleport options on the master camo outfit can once again be clicked on to use them (they would previously only respond to shortcut keys)

Ninja Fixes

Added Enchanted Gem packs to the Slayer store for 75 gold a box. Each box contains 50 noted enchanted gems with a base stock of 5 boxes that restock at midnight.

Added skillcape perk icons to the tooltip of the max and completionist capes.

Re-aligned the rune icons in the tooltip for the rune pouch.

Amended an issue that was causing tooltips on certain items to display an incorrect amount of charges remaining.

An option has been added to switch the slayer counter into a reaper counter, by right clicking the icon. This will display all of the information that the slayer counter does, but for reaper tasks, additionally a tooltip over the kills remaining has also been added.

Buy limits per 4 hours are now displayed for the item being viewed on the Grand Exchange interface.

Friend chats can now be added to a Favourites Chats menu through the addition of a favourite chats button beside the chat settings button in the Friend Chat interface. Players can store up to 5 Favourite Chats within the menu.

Players can now Quick chat (Public, Friends, Group, Clan and Guest Clan included) if they've obtained skilling pets.

Praying at a God Wars altar will now display the exact time remaining until you can do so again.

Runed Fishing urns can now be stored as a stack within the tacklebox. Can store up to 4,6,8,12 and 15 per stack depending on the tackle box level respectively.

The coal bag, gem bag, enhanced gem bag and spirit gem bag can now be used on a bank deposit box to empty it's content directly into your bank.

The options on the various NPCs around Relleka now prioritise "Travel" to take you to their destination, and back to Relleka again.

Updated the Slayer Counter with an extra tooltip that tells you if you have yet to capture the target's soul as part of the Slayer Codex.

Vengeance spells & Disruption shield will no longer be affected by global cooldown.

You are now able to use noted artifacts to recharge the Pharaoh's sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:44 am

PATCH NOTES 3rd April 2018


Hajedy no longer has glitchy green hands over his gloves.

Fixed a broken animation in The Great Brain Robbery shanty recap.

Polycolours have been added to the Whale and hanging Sailfish at the Deep Sea Fishing hub.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to continue the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Added the ability to reclaim the reward lamps from the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat if destroyed, allowing the use of them at a later date.

Corrected Smith's description of Brass Hand Harry.

Corrected stat and animation visibility on Captain Donnie's crew zombies.

Teleporting to Braindeath Island via the dungeoneering cape and hoardstalker ring can now continue Pieces of Hate when required to visit.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

"Imp-hide hood" has been corrected to "Imphide hood" on a master clue trail.

A broadcast has been added when a player receives the Vinny pet, from the Wisps of the Grove DnD.

The wisps caught during the Wisps of the Grove DnD now have a left click option to catch them.

Achievement Fill Them All will no longer reset every time you remove items from hidey-hole.

Agility arena tickets looted from pirate implings are now placed in the currency pouch.

Changed Dagon-hai to Dagon'hai for the Master tier clues.

Corrected a grammar error in an easy clue scroll located in the Citharede Abbey.

Corrupted Ore will now open the Make-X interface when you click on a furnace.

Fixed a typo in the hidey hole location log where floor was referred to as floot where the Observatory was concerned, under the Medium section.

Fixed typo in Hidey Hole Location window for the Hidey Hole at Edgeville Monastery.

Removed a duplicate 'the' from the Heart scan clue text.

Wanging success messages can now be filtered.

You may now use a soul talisman, soul tiara, omni talisman, omni-talisman staff, soul talisman staff or the wicked hood (if you've unlocked the soul altar on it) to open the fountain to access the Soul Altar beneath Menaphos.


Stalker creature changes:

The damage against magic creatures when using the hexhunter bow has increased from 10%>12.5%

The base accuracy of the hexhunter bow has been increased by 10%

Elite soulgazers will now roll 3 times on the regular loot table

When attacking a monster which deals magic damage with your Hexhunter bow, it will now display an icon on the Monster Bar which lets you know that your damage bonus is working against them.

A missing description on the Augmented Tectonic robe top (blood) has reappeared in the More Info panel of the Invention interface.

Corrected a spelling error in the Brimhaven / Shilo Village cart transport system.

Drinking from a heated tea flask stored in the bank now works as expected.

Fixed an issue where Setting up action bars on the ability bar caused the game to still think you were on Tutorial Island.

Port armour now displays correct degrade tooltip.

Stopped Wilderness Slayer Contracts dropping to the floor in PvP combat.

Thank you web page pop up no longer appears on character customisation when you create a new character.

The special attacks refund will no longer be affected by adrenaline boosts.

You can no longer re-augment an already augmented item.

It is now possible for augmented items that degrade to an inert state (listed below) to reach item Lv20 by combining them with another copy to recharge them. The following rules apply;

Remaining charge of the two will be combined (and any excess lost).

Perks are retained/transferred (only one of the copies may have perks when combining)

The greatest Item XP of the two items is retained (they aren't combined). Dyed objects require the non-dyed variant, and the resultant object remains dyed.

Affected augmented items that you can combine;

Augmented sirenic hauberk, chaps and dyed variants.

Augmented malevolent cuirass, greaves and dyed variants

Augmented tectonic robe top, bottom and dyed variants

Augmented refined anima core bodies and legs of Seren, Zaros, Zamorak and Sliske

Augmented superior tops, legs and weapons of Zuriel, Statius, Vesta and Morrigan

Setting fires on Tutorial Island is now prevented by adjacent blocking.

Some blocking tiles have been removed from the survival skills area of Tutorial Island.

The Bombi boss pet familiar override can now be recoloured, this is done by right-clicking the pet in the pets interface and selecting the 'Recolour' option.

The Visualise option will now allow you to change your Skybox/Filter anywhere you like (except for Araxxor's cave).

The ice-dyed variants of the Staff of Sliske, Seren Godbow, and Zaros Godsword will now correctly show their untradeable wealth value in the wealth evaluator interface.

The master camouflage outfit will now display (in text by their name) how many strikes your elf clans have given you, when using it to teleport.

The mining tutor on Tutorial Island now checks your worn equipment for the bronze dagger you smith for him, in case you equip it before the worn equipment interface becomes available.

Ninja Fixes

A new Lunar spell "Spin Flax" has been added with a 81 Magic requirement after the completion of the Dream Mentor quest.

A permanent grappling hook can now be made with a Mithril crossbow, 5 Mithril bars, and a Mithril grapple. This can be added to the toolbelt.

Added a green system message when an aura comes off cool down.

Ahrim, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag and Verac the bobbled pets now act as familiar overrides.

A God Wars Dungeon II achievement path has been added.

An auto extend aura with vis wax feature has been added to the Aura Management interface.

A message to display when an aura has come off cooldown toggle has been added to the Aura Management interface.

Aura Management interface will no longer stop the keybinds from working.

Cosmetic overrides of task items have been added to the wardrobe. Keepsaked items have also been removed and a key refunded.

Key binds have been added to the Grand Exchange interface.

Numbers 1-8 will open the corresponding offer slot, or attempt to buy if empty

CTRL+1-8 will open the corresponding offer slot, or attempt to sell if empty

9 will retrieve any lent item

"i" will collect all to inventory

"b" will collect all to bank

King Black Dragon and Giant Mole now have boss health bars during their encounters. The Giant Mole health bar will display after its tutorial is completed.

More aura information is now displayed within the tooltip on the aura buff icon.

Neem Dupes now appear within the Loot Inventory when killing Ganodermic beasts.

Players will no longer be able to surge/escape through duel arena.

Removed "thee" tree at Incandescent Wisps colony.

The "I'm forever washing shadows" achievement will now display if you've finished depositing a certain type of shadow core to help track progress.

The Kingdom of Miscellania will now provide additional resources at midnight game time instead of 24 hours since your last collection.

The Mahjarrat aura can now be used at Telos.

The Tuska's Wrath ability has been changed back from F2P to members.

The amount of money stored in the Kingdom of Miscellania coffers is now displayed in the on screen the overlay.

The bank scroll bar will no longer be forced to the top when dragging an item into your inventory.

The locations you can teleport with the Wilderness sword have been added as right click options when worn.

The skill guide will now display skillcape perks in the 99 section of the skill.

The slayer shop in Burthorpe will now correctly stock slayer gem packs.

Slayer shops will now correctly restock slayer gem packs at midnight.

The toolbelt interface has been updated and reworked. The main focus of the update is to provide more useful information to the player as well as to better future proof the belt for additional items.

Tiny Death can now be used as a familiar override.

Updated the tooltip for Favourite button on Aura Management interface.

When getting your first Slayer task (gelatinous abominations from Turael/Spria), the slayer counter UI is now turned on.

The Enduring Glacyte will now be aggressive to the player when they spawn when fighting Glacors.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:47 am

PATCH NOTES 9th April 2018


Fixed an issue with Bubbles the fishing pet appearing as a blue box in java.

Fixed a graphical issue with Replica GWD (Armadyl) override where face skin tone did not match the rest of the body.

Removed alphas from Cogwheel, Kamil and Fayre Dancer outfits.

Added the correct model to the Adamant throwing axe when worn.

Fixed a graphics issue when wearing Navigator cuffs override

Edited the corners of the sunset skybox to make them less obvious.

Your head will no longer stretch while wearing the Agent of the Eldest outfit without a head override.

Fixed the positioning of the flame animation on an off-hand ice dyed khopesh.

The female tier 7 Citadel guard has had their ankles re-attached

Quests, Challenges and achievements

The level 8 skill requirement on the 1,000 Agility, Herblore and Prayer XP lamps awarded by Recruitment Drive has been removed.

Updated Carnillean Rising start point in quest information.

Removed a duplicate Surok from The Hunt for Surok miniquest.

Fixed a typo in New Varrock tasks reward description.

Fixed an issue with the achievement tracker having an empty slot which could not be used.

The South and West Side Story New Varrock achievement now correctly displays your progress to joining the Phoenix Gang and the Black Arm Gang.

Players will now automatically attack Jonny the Beard in Dimension of Disaster to stop him from turning invisible

The 5 Construction requirement (and 500 Construction XP reward) has been removed from the Perils of Ice Mountain quest. (If F2P gain access to a repeatable Construction training method, this may be reverted in the future.)

Skills, D&Ds and minigames

The Odd Old Man clue scroll will now be prioritised when the rotten journal is obtained and destroyed

Harvesting Potato Cactus should now correctly add to farming urns

The Wilderness swords once again have their action bars left click set as the Edgeville teleport.

Equipping a task set item will no longer force an override to be equipped.

The Ardougne cloak overrides can now be consistently equipped with the required tier of tasks completed.

Tiles that once had noticeboards will no longer block players while there is no active time limited event.

Teleport jewelry pieces combined with a teleportation compactor are no longer automatically lost on death.

One of the Piscatoris Clue Scroll scans has been adjusted slightly to no longer clash with the Big Chinchompa spawn in that area.


Cinderbane glove drops now show up on the Runemetrics activity page.

The T75 Tuska Armour will now convert to T50 in F2P worlds, when equipping the armour via presets.

Boosted the attack range of the Seren godbow to 9.

Stuns are now cleared when transitioning Telos from phase 4 to 5.

Void shifter now correctly teleports you when your lifepoints are below 10%.

Checking charges on the slayer helm now mentions teleports that are available to Morvran if the requirements are met.

Removed force walk tile from the Lumbridge gatehouse.

Removed the ability to use a legendary familiar with an infused BoB pouch inside the barrows area.

The 'Appear in Managerie' toggle for the Buddy pet should now work correctly

Mouseover tooltips for things like Elf City clan cooldowns (as well as combat buffs and debuffs) will no longer flicker on and off when you perform actions such as pickpocketing to gain more XP and giving and receiving hits in combat.

Elite Dungeoneering outfit will now work correctly in guardian sphere challenge room.

West Ardougne knights now show their correct weakness.

Potions will now have a 'Drink' option rather than 'Eat' when right clicking them in your inventory whilst the bank is open.

An issue with the customization tab still being opened at the Wilderness ditch which was being used to stall players has been fixed.

The shortcut into the Wilderness west of the Black Knights Fortress has been removed, therefore there is no longer 5 tiles of the safe zone, but instead 2 tiles.

The south docks of Port Sarim will now correctly play music

Fixed an issue where the food item pork pie would sometimes not be consumed when eaten.

Incorrect feedback message has been removed from the tune bane ore spell when you're using the exact number of runes.

Players should now be able to correctly build wall decorations in the PoH

Legendary pet information is no longer visible for other types of pets when reopening the pets interface.

Added blocking to a rock by the Edgeville monastery.

When elite dungeoneering outfit causes slayer creature to spawn the message will now state the name of the slayer creature.

Survey polls will now display the full length of the votes bar and provides indicators for the pass percentage required of each questions.

The Grand Exchange will now correctly use it's item guide price when buying and selling items.

The grapple tree south of the poison waste spirit tree will now correctly work with the toolbelted grappling hook.

Rise of the Six bobbleheads and Tiny Death overrides now correctly show kill count for other players.

Lootbeam messaged now state the item/s which has been dropped.

Ninja Fixes

You can now Quick Chat Goebie reputation through the Other tab under Combat phrases.

The Hellion Aura has been added to the Aura Management system. The reset mechanic for auras has been updated to now include both the Hellion Aura's reset and Soul Reaper Reward Refresh Auras as part of the Aura Management system.

The Rock of Dalgroth and the Rock slide in Heroes quest have had the prospect and mine ops switched around so that mine is now left click.

The size of the skeletal horror arena instance has been increased to include additional scenery in the distance.

The level 110 combat requirement from Dominion tower and dreadnips has been removed and is now a recommended combat level when talking to the Strange face.

The Dominion staff now has a 90 magic requirement

The Dominion sword now has a 90 attack requirement

It is now possible to change XP received from shifting tombs within the game.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:00 am

PATCH NOTES 16th April 2018


The Varrock hard and elite diary rewards will now correctly display as cosmetic overrides.

The gilded pickaxes have had their inventory models slightly adjusted.

The Skull Sceptre teleportation animation has returned!

Added missing textures on wooden posts in Ithell district.

Dragonhide boots inventory icons now fit correctly in the inventory.

Death's Hourglass has been increased in size and given a glow to better find it within his office.

Added some missing shadows to Varrock bridge.

It's no longer possible to keep 'reading book' animation if you close the book interface while turning a page.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

Fixed an issue that prevented players from collecting an 'Order journal page' from the Ascension Dungeon if they had a full inventory that included the 'History of the Order' book.

Removed retired achievement chat.

Azalea Oakheart's Talk and Glider options have now been corrected.

The "Baby Dragon Bones" prayer challenge is no longer assigned to F2P ironmen. (Since F2P can acquire baby dragon bones, but only through trading.)

Spelling in Smoking Kills quest description has been fixed.

Fixed a small typo in the quest journal for Impressing the Locals.

Corrected a typo in the achievement name for the Dagannoth kings boss drops collection.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Hopping over the bone style during the Skeletal Horror fight should now correctly remove players from the instance

The Liquid Gold Nymph in the Lava flow mines will no longer attempt to guild a crystal pickaxe, which would result in the icon for pickaxes changing to a bronze pickaxe.

The tooltip on the slayer counter now correctly tracks whether or not you've captured the souls of corrupted creatures and soul devourers.

A message showing your total penguin points has been added to the chatbox output when spying a polar bear agent, to keep you updated on your penguin points total.

Corrected functionality of desert strykewyrms' ranged attack.

If you have your borrowed power set to high alchemy you can now use the explorers ring to high alchemy again.


A typo when filling divine charge container has been fixed.

Fixed a grammatical error when the Divine-o-matic runs out of empty containers

Fixed a typo in the Rebuild Edgeville quest list.

Fixed a typo when nurturing trees in Edgeville.

Fixed an issue where the Jack of Trades and Wisdom auras could not be reset using the Hellion aura.

Having any summoning familiar active will no longer cause the Void Shifter passive to trigger.

The price of the Livid plant from the Travelling merchant has been increased from 500,000 to 1,000,000 coins to justify the amount of points it awards.

Fixed an issue that was showing duplicate auras in the favourites menu.

Collecting multiple of the same item across GE slots to your inventory will no longer drop an item to the ground if your inventory is full.

An issue where the Livid plant from the Travelling merchant was displaying the incorrect amount of produce gained has been fixed.

Corrected a typo in Tavia's Fishing Notes.

Players without the DotD 'Shaun' follower pet will no longer see him on their pet list.

Removed the chance for gaining pawya meat from a grenwall trap if none was used to bait it.

activating a new aura whilst you already have one equipped will now activate as it should.

Splitting granite into 10 pieces now awards the intended amount of XP.

Picking Morchella mushrooms now actually counts towards farming urns.

Certain xp lamps can no longer be disassembled or alched.

Dwarf multicannons are now built in a single step like Invention cannons, instead of 4 steps. (They still have four components.)

Added a slow timer that checks for your cannon and informs you if it's "self-destructed" (eg abandoned in a de-registered instance).

Added a confirmation when placing a cannon if you are eligible to reclaim from Nulodion.

Dwarf and invention cannons now have approximately equal weight.

Fixed an issue that stopped you viewing returned ships from the voyages tab inside Player Owned Ports.

The bank chest at the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza minigame in Grotto cave will now regenerate your health.

You no longer get a luck message about receiving a Raptor key part whilst killing Ripper Demons, Living Wyverns or Achereon Mammoths off task.

The drop rate of obtaining Raptor key parts from Ripper Demons and Living Wyverns has changed from 1/512 to 1/256.

Ghosts in F2P are once again able to drop the Cremation ability and ghost hunter outfit.

An infobox message has been added when unlocking the Cremation ability to make it easier to notice.

Added a missing space to the message given when the spendthrift perk activates.

Rare table drops and Keys to the Crossing drops will now prompt luck messages, should you have a ring equipped, whilst killing creatures in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

Ironmen will now correctly receive drops if Book of Death kills the NPC.

Ninja Fixes

The amount of damage taken from fire orbs during The Firemaker's Curse quest has been reduced slightly.

Having a line of fire between you and an exploding fire orb during The Firemaker's Curse quest will reduce damage taken by 75%

The progress overlay within one of Char's trials will now correctly display within the entire game window instead of only within the minigames window.

The progress bar during one of Char's trials is now more accurate.

Damage taken throughout The Firemaker's Curse quest has been reduced.

A right click option has been added to Flint during The Firemaker's Curse quest to reclaim the pitch can quicker.

Players can now left click funeral pyres to add their highest tier shade remains ready for burning.

Added a take all option to filled pyre log storage chests in Mort'ton.

The Slayer contracts and Social Slayer interfaces have been graphically updated.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:34 am

PATCH NOTES 23rd April 2018


Amended the lighting on the Varrock Armour tier 1-3 to fix some inconsistency with the player skin colour when wearing the armour.

The animation which plays whilst praying will now be cancelled if the player moves.

A scrollbar will no longer occasionally appear in the inventory when in Legacy interface mode.

The Imperium core now sits better in your hand when equipped.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

Fixed an issue where quest accept interface for Ratcatchers was appearing incorrectly after the quest was already started.

Prevented and corrected a situation that prevented progressing through Our Man in the North after committing to a pure reset at a certain point in the quest.

Stopped the player getting stuck in a sheath position whilst completing Children of Mah if legacy combat mode was active.

Removed an old achievement message from The World Wakes.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Clicking out of the All Fired up inferno adze reward message now completed the respective Tribal Task as expected.

Various fixes have been made to the Combat Academy to accommodate how the combat system and UI have evolved since 2012.

The default action bars attached to Setup Action Bar have been updated to suit Revolution++.

The Constitution level of food has been added to its tooltip.

The 2h and 2x icon for on the ability tooltip for magic now uses magic icons instead of melee icons.


We have significantly optimised our scripts on Interfaces that used old dropdowns, these dropdowns now use a dynamic version which should make things much smoother.

The Make-X interface, Herald Cape, Clan Settings and Clan Keywords have been visually updated

Fixed an issue where a scrimshaw could be activated and deactivated to preserve charges.

Hexhunter bow tooltip now correctly displays item charge.

The options to disable specific chat windows from the 'Chat Settings' interface have been removed. The chat windows can instead be closed as normal, and re-opened from the ribbon. They're available on a mouseover of the 'social' window, as well as possible to set on a custom ribbon.

Reduced the spam of warning message 'You are standing is a Summoning-free area.' in GE.

The keybind for searching in the grand exchange has been changed from enter to space bar.

You can now once again use the chat box whilst in the grand exchange. The Enter button will work as a keybind to enable the use of the chatbox.

Can no longer trigger the actionbar whilst in the grand exchange.

The 6th slot in the grand exchange is once again blue, rather than grey.

The search results when in legacy interface mode now appear on a brown background.

Missing blocking around Red Dragon Isle has been corrected.

Some map blocking in the Varrock area has been re-added

Some restrictions have been added to the safe-zone in the red portal, at clan wars.

A cross option has been added to the barrier in the red portal, at clan wars.

Fixed an issue where you could stack infinite run buff icons on your buff bar.

Fixed an issue where the Merchant district head override was not being saved to outfit presets.

Tier 6 Zephyrium arrows in the Smugglers shop within a dungeon have been increased slightly to bring them in line. Up from 293 gp to 515 gp each.

For some reason, they were cheaper than the Tier 5 Fractite arrows, which remain the same at 396 gp.

Fixed Hartwin being visible in Free to Play worlds.

You are now able to deactivate auras from the equipment screen within the bank.

The Advanced Sweeping achievement has been adjusted to complete only after all of it's criteria has been met.

Added some more post-quest rewards for completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out.

You can now catch Hell-rats with your barehands to get spices for spicy stew

When eating a spicy stew, you are more likely to get a positive stat boost and when you do, it will always be +2 to the stat

Examine on the spices caught from Hell-rats have been updated to tell you what sort of stat boosts you can make with them

You can reclaim Dave's spellbook and use it to "chip" certain teletabs using Evil Dave's unique "insight" in to teleportation

Ninja Fixes

Agility tops from Agility Pyramid now sell for twice the value upon completion of elite Desert tasks.

Renamed all of the blessed dragonhide armour items from Treasure Trails to better reflect that they're actually blessed dragonhide. They are now named "Blessed dragonhide armour (God)"

The Circus Barkers have retired and will no longer appear around the world to announce the location of the circus.

The interface when choosing token type usage within the Warrior's guild has been updated.

Players can now hide their username whilst logging in. This option is located beside the Remember Me checkbox on above password entry.

Players who don't own the oddball aura will no longer have it appearing on their right click favourite menu for auras.

Additionally, you'll no longer get false information if using the same client for multiple accounts that have different versions of the same aura. This in part, caused the bug where the oddball aura was appearing when it shouldn't have been.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:16 pm

"You can now catch Hell-rats with your barehands to get spices for spicy stew"

Lovely on sooo many levels 😂
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