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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:40 pm

PATCH NOTES 21st August 2017


Extended Death's Swiftness animation to last longer when using Planted Feet perk.

Butterflies have had their model realigned in the hunter skills interface.

The lobby background dropdown menu is no longer cut off slightly at the bottom.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The Strykebow is no longer listed twice in the Defence Skill Guide.

You can now use teleport and skill spells while wielding a ranged weapon, if you have the correct runes in your inventory.

You now cannot unlock raid abilities until you have the corresponding level.

You can now disassemble Superior void top and bottoms.

Fixed an issue in the Divination skill guide regarding transmuting divine energy.

Corrupt Statius's Full Helm now degrades correctly in combat.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The Oily Fishing Rod can now be redeemed from Gerrant during and post completion of Heroes' Quest.

Players will now no longer have cutscenes skipped automatically during Brink of Extinction if they have a familiar out.


Anima rates from Shattered Worlds have been increased significantly. Worlds 71 and above now reward 29m-37m+ an hour anima depending on your own personal combat ability (and the other random factors).

Amount awarded for completion challenges have now increased:

Bronze - 250,000

Silver - 1,000,000

Gold - 7,500,000

Price of the Huge Slayer lamps from the Shattered Worlds reward shop has increased to 6m to account for the new and improved anima rates.

Four new override options have been added, magic off-hand and shield overrides for basic and illuminated god books. Complete one book or illumination to unlock the override. Completing all of the illuminating books will unlock their colours as recolour options, and completing all six books will unlock the ability to use other recolours (including prismatic dyes).

Fixed an issue where using aura on aura refresh ignored the tier of aura refresh.

Players can now equip the necklace of hearts from the Queen of hearts outfit via the neck slot.

Resolved an issue with some teleport tablets not giving Wilderness Warning to players and updated the warning screen.

A floating wall torch in Pollnivneach has been fastened down in accordance with Kharidian safety guidelines.

Corrected the spelling of 'Dagganoth' to 'Dagannoth' in the Slayer codex.

Resolved an issue with the Max Guild skill portal menus when a player used a keybind on a locked menu item.

Ninja fixes

The toggle to Interface Options that disables shortcut keys closing windows is now enabled by default for new players.

Free to Play Players can now receive and equip off hand drops from bosses within Dungeoneering.

P2P off-hand equipment from bronze to rune that isn't otherwise locked behind membership (such as darts, throwing axes, claws, defenders and some low-level shields) can now be equipped in F2P.

P2P mainhand claws, darts and throwing axes from bronze to rune can now be equipped in F2P.

Steel studs can now be smithed by F2P.

Livid Farm - Repair pouch spell has reduced it's rune cost to 1 Astral, 1 Cosmic and 1 Law rune from 2 Astral, 1 Cosmic and 1 Law rune.

Livid Farm - Increased the XP rates across the various activities by 50%.

Araxxor's % for Wall Health, Burn and Acidity level will now always display on the progress bar.

Livid Farm: Bundled produce, logs and planks are now stackable in the player inventory.

When finding an elite skilling outfit fragment it will now state how many you find.

Livid Farm - Random events will now award the player Produce Points instead of runes upon completion.

Fixed an issue with pathing when trying to enter the Keep within the Clan Citadel.

The North Ardougne Teleport Lunar Spell will now transport the player to the Ardougne farming patch north of the city.

The Currency Pouch has been reworked to be more convenient to use and has increased the number of favourites available to the player.

The South Falador Teleport Lunar Spell will now transport the player to the Falador farming patch south of the city.

Updated the Tirannwn Quiver to add how many arrows your quiver contains after topping up/picking up arrows.

Resetting Skeletal Horror now resets the completionist cape teleport correctly.

Tool Leprechauns can now refund players 90% of the paid value for unused Compost and Super Compost.

Tortleshell bowls can now be crafted in batched of 60 instead of 10.


Fixed a number of cases where the game view may partially freeze or display artefacts.

Fixed a situation where inventory icons may display incorrect textures or incorrectly display everything as the same item.

Fixed a crash when minimising on compatibility mode.

Fixed incorrect water rendering on older GPUs or compatibility mode.

Fixed a case where the world could end up fully in shadow.

Fixed a case where the world could end up at an incorrect brightness level.

Fixed a case where objects could end up extremely dark at certain angles.

Improved performance of minimising and restoring compatibility mode.

Player picking area tweaked to not be so wide.

Reduced RAM usage by approximately 90 MB.

Fixed terrain not appearing on some lower spec Intel devices.

Fixed an issue with black screens and red mini maps on certain low-end devices.

Reduced memory and CPU usage of UI system slightly.

Fixed a few issues with occlusion culling.

Fixed a heap memory related crash.

Fixed a freeze that may occur while loading in map squares.

Fixed potential crash on exit or connection loss.

Last week's hotfixes

Monsters that don't give any combat xp now won't roll for scavenging or looting perks.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:05 am

PATCH NOTES 4th September 2017

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The Meilyr Recipe Shop no longer shows some unlocked recipes as locked.

Crystal skillchompas are now listed as requiring level 71 in the relevant skill guides.

Skillchompas no longer mention pickaxes in the Woodcutting skill guide.

It is now possible to decant mature moonlight mead from a brewing vat.

Adrenaline will no longer occasionally fully drain when fighting in Clan Wars.

Killing multiple ice demons at the same time in the Khazard and Lucien Dominion Tower fight will no longer stop players from completing the fight.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The 'Order of the Slayer Master' achievement is no longer randomly reset.

Players can now claim Falador Shield 1 through 4 again, but must still do so in the correct order from Redbeard Frank, Rimmington Chemist and Squire Asrol.

The 'Seven Colours in Their Hat' achievement now works with a keepsaked hat.

Players in localised versions of the game will now find some achievement titles fit better on the Achievements interface.

The 'Koschei's Cache' achievement will no longer spam players when they use a gem on the NPC.

An issue that was causing reputation achievement messages in Menaphos to spam players has been fixed.

The 'Final Boss' achievement counters will now correctly check both Hard mode & Normal mode kills.

The 'Sphinx Now' faces the correct direction during a conversation in a cutscene in the 'A Tail of Two Cats' quest.

An issue where Sir Owen could go missing from the Black Knights' Fortress during the Death of Chivalry quest has been fixed.

Dying to Count Draynor during Vampyre Slayer will now consistently remove him from the crypt.

Agoroth will no longer deal damage to players after they kill him in certain rare scenarios.

The 'Dealing with Scabaras' quest marker has been moved to the correct location.


The base Reaper points received from completing bosses in the Heart of Gielinor in Challenger mode have been increased by 2.

The base Reaper points received from defeating Telos has been increased by 1.

The golems in the Telos encounter will no longer hit players after Telos begins his death animation.

The Skill Level display on the Player Inspect interface has been reverted to display the icons in a 3x9 layout.

Lent weapons which don't require a target to use the special attack will now correctly drain adrenaline/special attack energy.

The legendary pet life-saving ability will no longer activate in practice mode boss instances.

Players can no longer attempt to use Moia's device or a disc of returning on an instance-only world.

Nex: Angel of Death no longer targets another player who isn't the tank when restarting her attacks.

Nex: Angel of Death will now restart her attacks if a player targeted with the Icicle slam attack dies before it hits them.

Players who have been pinned under the icicle during the Nex: Angel of Death encounter will no longer get hit by shadows if the icicle pins them after the shadows start.

A typo on the Golden Palace door examine in Menaphos has been fixed.

It is no longer possible to equip an offhand weapon with a 2-handed weapon equipped by using a non-bankable 2-handed weapon.

A spelling error formerly seen when trying to pick more than 50 lunar lumber has been fixed.

Players can no longer use Freecam after activating the Enchanted Bunny Egg and other magical eggs.

Attempting to enter a clan citadel using the left-click option on the Prifddinas portal will no longer return the player to the Clan Camp when exiting.

Last week's hotfixes

29/08, 11:15 UTC: The Menaphos amnesty check to the Slayer skill when attempting to wear a Completionist cape was reinstated.

29/08, 12:15 UTC: A fix was applied to prevent disconnects when examining another player with a certain achievement setup.

29/08, 13:55 UTC: The 'Boys to Menaphites' achievement no longer spams a completion message when gaining reputation.

29/08, 15:10 UTC: Speaking to Vanligga Gastfrihet no longer constantly states that the 'As Taxed as a Yak' achievement is completed.

29/08, 15:10 UTC: Players will no longer be given Meilyr potion recipes after unlocking them all.

29/08, 16:25 UTC: Clawdia now awards players with a Clawdia balloon when defeated.

29/08, 16:25 UTC: Players are no longer spammed with completion messages for the 'Slay Bells Ring V' achievement.

29/08, 16:45 UTC: The 'Brothers in Arms' achievement will now correctly track if Akrisae has been defeated.

30/08, 09:00 UTC: Applied a further fix to players being disconnected when inspecting others.

30/08, 09:00 UTC: Tweaked some script when initially loading the achievements interface to prevent disconnects under certain circumstances.

30/08, 14:50 UTC: Players can now claim their Wilderness achievement set rewards.

30/08, 16:00 UTC: The golden Final Boss title once again unlocks correctly.

31/08, 08:40 UTC: Corrected an issue that was disconnecting players when clicking on certain achievements.

31/08, 15:30 UTC: The 'Classic Rock' achievement can now be completed by anyone in a Vorago group.

31/08, 17:00 UTC: Corrected an issue with the Barrows-dyed Staff of Sliske.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:09 am

PATCH NOTES 11th September 2017


The loading screen will no longer constantly reappear in the Poison Waste Sewers when using the NXT client.

Some blocking around the foliage surrounding Yakamaru's shark pool has been removed.

An incorrectly coloured tile in Linza's tomb in the Barrows has been fixed.

A floor tile near the zoo in Ardougne has been fixed.

A minimap icon for the World Gate has been added, where relevant.

The Tarddiad World Gate now has a Gielinor symbol like the other World Gates.

Players can now change their Skybox/Filters in Dungeoneering, the Uncharted Isles and the Player-Owned House.

The icons in the Clan customization window will now display the corresponding building.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Players can now teleport to their house via the Arc Islands' 'House' cosmetic when their teleport arrival location is set to 'Portal'.

By correcting a typo, there are now double the number of possible variations for straight tiles in Shattered Worlds.

Scrollbars that would show in the skill guide when a page had too few entries to require scrolling have been fixed.

A typo when transforming sacred clay weapons has been fixed.

Ironmen can now participate in Flash Powder Factory minigame, but cannot buy the XP rewards.

Elen Anterth in the Max Guild now plays the Invention skillcape emote.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The Kindred Spirits quest points reward is now displayed on the quest overview screen.

Sophanite and Menaphite dialogue has been tweaked, depending on the progress made in the Jack of Spades and Contact! quests.

A typo in a Menaphos city quest has been fixed.

Viking beer now counts towards the Open Bar achievement. Kegs still do not count.

Players can now consistently collect their Tier 3 Tirannwn task reward from Arianwyn.

Inspecting a player's favourite achievement now works correctly.


A world broadcast has been added when a player receives a lucky dragonkin coin drop from the Motherlode Maw.

The following changes have been made to Living Wyverns:

The radius of the fires warming effect has been increased from 1 tile to 2.

The fire is now 4 times more effective.

The environment freezing effect now takes twice as long to build stacks.

The wyverns' attack speed has been reduced.

Players can now use the Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to the Memorial to Guthix.

The bleed and darkness effect from the shadows on path 3 of Araxxor will now clear at the end of phase 2.

Araxxor's spiders' spawn speed has been increased.

Right-clicking the collection button in the Beast tab no longer states travel.

The Runemetrics loot log now records items that are auto-collected or auto-converted.

An action bar popup that appears for new members has been removed.

A disconnect when trying to place coconut milk into vials with some ingredients stored in a beast of burden has been fixed.

Adding a rune which has previously been deleted from a rune pouch will now work correctly.

The Augmented abyssal wand and orb can now cast Slayer Dart.

Bank PIN protection has been added when attempting to destroy a completionist cape.

The adrenaline debuff timer will now display on the debuff bar when drinking a Super Guthix Rest potion.

Four new Ironman/Hardcore Ironman quickchat messages have been added under Community -> Ironman.

A debuff icon has been added when being frozen by a skeletal wyvern.

Players can now claim a Clan vexillum from the Head Guard in a Clan Citadel.

A clan broadcast message can now be toggled that'll display the name of the Admin+ who disallows/allows Guests to enter or talk in the Clan Chat channel.

The Clan job title of 'Ancienter' has been replaced with 'Alternate Account'.

Visiting a Clan Citadel for the first time each week will now send an Adventurer's log update.

An Adventurer's Log update will now be triggered when capping at a Clan Citadel.

Last week's hotfixes

04/09, 11:15 UTC: Some checks were implenented to ensure Terrorbird racing did not start.

05/09, 10:05 UTC: The date displayed about the Menaphos amnesty period when equipping a Completionist or Master Quest cape was corrected.

05/09, 15:05 UTC: The loot beam trigger values will no longer be reset in certain circumstances while playing Shattered Worlds.

07/09, 11:05 UTC: It is once again possible to change the Public Chat setting back to On when in Legacy interface mode.

Ninja fixes

Players can now see their current streak and loot while in the middle of a streak at Telos.

Clicking the Quest tab in Legacy interface mode will now open the Quest child window instead of the larger parent window.

The buy limit has been increased from 100 to 1000 for bronze to adamant weaponry and armour, allowing better synergy with Invention.

The 'Moving House' menu accessible via the Estate Agent has been improved.

Pies, cakes and pizzas will now stay in the same inventory slot while consumed instead of jumping to the first free slot at each stage of eating.

The Wilderness Gargoyles have relocated to the ruins east of the Wilderness Volcano.

The player's camera will no longer be slightly zoomed in after the Araxxor phase transition to Araxxi.

The messaging given when trying to craft various Elemental Workshop equipment if the player does not have the relevant book with them has been improved.

Ferocious rings now have a loot beam value of 50,000.

The Prifddinas gnome glider now uses the same left-click options as other glider points.

Players can now use bamboo and golden bamboo to fletch tortle traps at level 96 Fletching.

Scrimshaws of lower charge can now be combined to fully restore charge. For example, combining two 3 hour superior scrimshaws will create one fully charged scrimshaw (4 hours) and one 2 hour scrimshaw.

Degraded Goliath gloves can now be combined together to restore charge in a similar style to scrimshaws.


Saved approximately 70MB with some interface optimisations.

Increased the amount of hit makers that can appear on the player or npc at any one time.

Fixed potential crash in Windows custom cursors.

Added support for FPS capping.

By default your maximum FPS will now be set to 10 above your monitors refresh rate.

By default your maximum FPS will now be set to 30 if RuneScape is not your focused window conserving power and GPU usage.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:31 pm

PATCH NOTES 18th September 2017

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Invention tools now work in Clan Skilling Plots.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Boss collection achievements will now unlock correctly across the board.

The achievement pop-up for completing Our Man in the North now displays the correct quest title.

The Lumbridge Strikes Back achievement now specifies that you need to kill both Araxxor and Araxxi.

Bronze crossbows and the bronze halberd can now be used to complete the Lumbridge Strikes Back achievement.

Last week's hotfixes

11/09, 15:07 UTC: Catching a single creature in the private hunting ground no longer deletes multiple tickets.

12/09, 15:32 UTC: The Ultimate Quester title is now only available to those who have completed all the quests.

12/09, 16:19 UTC: Lumbridge Strikes Back will now register the use of bronze equipment throughout the duration of the fight.

13/09, 11:29 UTC: Clan avatars no longer unintentionally skull players.


The refactored chat system is now more efficient.

Memory usage has been reduced by approximately 70MB.

RAM usage of the script system has been slightly reduced.

The disk cache/loading performance has been optimised, especially in the case of non-SSDs.

Various minor CPU optimisations have been put in place.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:42 am

PATCH NOTES 25th September 2017


The green skill chip in the Runefest in-game event has been corrected to be red.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

A Divine-o-Matic vacuum with no charge no longer prevents players from receiving divine memories.

The Divine-o-Matic now absorbs enriched memories produced by enriched springs.

It is now possible to teleport to Zanaris directly from a portable fairy ring. This uses up a charge as usual.

Portable fairy rings now consume a charge when entering an incorrect code that teleports within Zanaris.

The Invention guild bank chest area can now fulfil formerly bank-only functions, such as healing and keepsaking.

Players can now activate a portable fairy ring or spirit tree re-rooter if it's the last one in their stack and their backpack is otherwise full.

Various Invention batch 2-related typos have been fixed.

The Nature Sentinel outfit no longer uses Bonus XP modifiers on non-members' worlds.

Players can now enter the Clan Wars area with a legendary pet (but still cannot enter any of the portals).

The promotion information section of Treasure Hunter now displays the cash-out value of the whole stack of items, instead of individually.

Filling wax buckets when your backpack is full no longer drops them to the ground.

Players must now be wielding a relevant augmented item at a Citadel skill plot to receive item XP.

Various items that would formerly drop to the floor when crafting them with the Make-X system will no longer do so.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The 'ladder' in the Witch's House is now correctly referred to as 'stairs'.


Players are no longer able to 'Whack' others in the Wilderness with fun-styled weapons, to prevent people being tricked into skulling.

PvP damage reduction no longer applies to the cosmetic versions of Vanguard, Battle Mage and Trickster gear.

The Exiled Kalphite Queen will no longer spawn multiple times inside a boss instance if the final hit is dealt by the Dark Magic aura.

Players are now able to change outfits correctly after reopening the Wardrobe interface after closing it with the recolour palette open.

Non-Ironman accounts can no longer search and use the 'I am an Ironman btw' and 'I am a Hardcore Ironman btw' Quick Chat messages.

Abilities and spells now correctly light up when they are available on the ability bar.

Last Week's Hotfixes

18/09, 13:40 UTC: The Invention Guild instancing system, was deactivated, as the guild was not appearing correctly when instanced.

18/09, 14:00 UTC: The Biting perk was deactivated, as it was triggering too often.

18/09, 14:00 UTC: The potion drinking delay was restored.

18/09, 15:15 UTC: [Coldfix] Ring of slaying (8) can be noted once again.

18/09, 15:15 UTC: [Coldfix] The Invention Guild's instancing mechanic was fixed and re-enabled.

18/09, 15:20 UTC: The activation rate of the Biting perk was corrected, and the perk reactivated.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: Ironmen no longer benefit from the Invention Early Bird Bonus.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: The checks behind creating a tier 2 machine to ensure the tier 1 is already built were tightened.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: Compacted combat bracelets no longer revert to a non-compacted variant when using the Cadarn well.

18/09, 17:00 UTC: An issue with the Devotion perk was fixed.

18/09, 17:00 UTC: A message about having no charge now only appears if a player has unlocked Invention.

19/09, 10:30 UTC: An issue with the 'withdraw products' option on a machine was fixed.

19/09, 14:40 UTC: The Ring of Slaying and Games Necklace right-click options now all work consistently.

19/09, 16:00 UTC: An issue where machines were not running correctly was fixed.

21/09, 12:40 UTC: Several checks for machine charge usage were fixed.

22/09, 10:20 UTC: Machine batch disassembly now does multiple batches per machine tick.

Ninja Fixes

Carrying cursed energy or memories will now prevent players from teleporting, and will now ignore the Wilderness level restrictions to allow anyone to attack them.

A new dropdown menu has replaced the checkbox in the interface options for the Slayer Counter. Players can now choose the direction in which the slayer counter will expand when the skull icon is clicked, and players using Legacy interface mode can now turn the interface on and off.

The Bank PIN interface to be more in line with the visual style of other interfaces.

An additional clay rock has been added to the Menaphos dig site to help with Menaphos pottery oven runs.

The total amount of currency held in the currency pouch, such as rare tokens, will now be displayed in the chat box when that currency is added to the pouch.

The Quake, Decimate and Assault ability descriptions within the Powers interface and the Augmented Vine Whip's special attack description have been updated to improve their clarity.

The message given when opening prawn balls is now filtered under the Game Messages option in the chat window. Players will still be notified of golden crackers and golden eggs.

The Twitch button has been removed from the Ribbon.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:15 pm

PATCH NOTES 2nd October 2017


The Clover pet now uses the correct model when overriding a familiar.

The Clover and Vinny pet sizes have been reduced.

Transitioning between the non-combat and combat stance with a parasol equipped no longer delays the player.

The floating grass has been removed from Lumbridge Swamp.

Exercising penguins no longer clip the ground.

Butterflies no longer move completely in unison.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Item rewards that are unique to treasure trails are now tracked, similar to the boss collection log. This log will be viewable in-game via a new book object when the Clue scroll rework update goes live.

Crafting combination runes will now fill urns and give a chance to receive Ethereal fragments.

The Pyramid Talent Scout has been moved to a more lizard-friendly spot to stop players missing out on his opportunities.

It is no longer possible to protect Poison ivy bushes planted in Prifddinas, as they cannot be diseased.

Missing skillguide entries have now been added for the lab coat, lightbulb hat and Professor title unlocks.

Smelting gold ore will now correctly fill smelting urns.

The skill selection side interface now has a 'Use all' button which allows playets to consume all stars and/or lamps at once.

Slasher demons can no longer get past the barriers in a Player-owned Slayer Dungeon.

Ironmen can now buy the Flash Powder Factory outfit with Thaler.

The Combat Dummy MKII now runs the correct destroy script.

The system that checks for free inventory space when adding or topping-up stacks of an item in the plank maker and potion producing machines has been fixed.

It's now possible for the Refined perk to trigger on Woodcutting & Mining clan skilling plots. This provides a chance to prevent resource depletion.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The darkness overlay has now been removed from the peace treaty cutscene in Lost Tribe.

The K'rilow achievement will now unlock when using willow blackjacks.


Blocking has been added to one of the trees and to an area near the moss golems in The Lost Grove.

The typo in Bub's dialogue in The Lost Grove has been corrected.

Khopesh blessings are now made in order automatically: sand -> sea -> sky. If you have multiple versions of one blessing then the others will be prioritised until you have an equal amount of each.

Players with two or four scraps of scripture will receive additional scraps next time they open a phylactery, rounding their total scraps to a figure that's divisible by 5.

The Magister can now phase while stunned.

The Magister's defence has been slightly reduced, and base hit chance against him increased.

Players can now teleport in safe areas outside of the Wilderness while carrying Cursed Energy.

Clan avatars are now treated as a familiar in PvP combat. This means that abilities such as aftershock (and other AOE abilities) won't skull players.

Auto-retaliate now functions correctly when avoiding damage from dragon fire from the King Black Dragon.

Ironmen will now consistently receive drops from camel warriors.

The tooltip for the Onslaught ability on the Mazcab ability codex's interface has now been fixed.

Blocking has been added to one of the benches in the Lumbridge Combat Academy.

Desert music will no longer play in Lumbridge.

Adding notes to players on the ignore list now works correctly.

The 15th Anniversary party hat can now be keepsaked.

Deathtouch bracelets will no longer be referred to as withering bracelets.

The typo in the unlock tooltip for the Tirannwn quiver teleport has now been fixed.

New clan noticeboard entries have now been added for the four Menaphos districts, the Sophanem slayer dungeon (under places) and the Shifting Tombs (under activities).

Daemonheim, Tirannwn, and Wilderness options have been added to the noticeboard sub-type dropdown for Tasks.

An issue that caused the end of the sub-type lists on the clan noticeboard to display or save events incorrectly has now been fixed.

The spawn point for one of the unicorns has been relocated so that it will no longer spawn on the Catherby allotment patch.

You can no longer bypass teleport checks with the Portable Fairy Ring

Telos fonts are now poison immune.

Last Week's Hotfixes

25/09, 11:10 UTC: Players trying to unlock Vinny will now receive the correct pet.

25/09, 11:30 UTC: The spawn location for one of the mossy heads has been moved somewhere reachable.

25/09, 12:10 UTC: Teleport checks on the portable fairy ring have now been fixed.

25/09, 12:50 UTC: The colour of the text warning for gathering energy from cursed wisps has been fixed.

25/09, 15:00 UTC: Cursed energies and memories in a Beast of Burden now block teleportation.

25/09, 15:00 UTC: The quantity available to craft in the Make-X system for protean items, corrupted ores and junk refiners has now been fixed.

25/09, 15:50 UTC: Cursed energies no longer work with area looting. This means that players will no longer be able to remove Wilderness level checks for unsuspecting players.

26/09, 07:40 UTC: Further amendments have been made to the Make-X system to ensure the quantity being crafted is correct.

Ninja Fixes

Using a prawn or golden cracker on another player will now automatically open all crackers in the inventory.

The Golden Akrisae armour set can now be stored within the armour case in player-owned houses.

The canoe interface has been updated to be more consistent with other menus within the game.

The animation issue triggered by climbing over low walls has now been fixed.

Minigame interfaces such as the Menaphos reputation and Port interface are now aligned with the top of the screen in Legacy Mode.

The crystal tinderbox message for fire spirits can now be filtered under game messages in the chat window.

Ganodermic creatures now display their weakness on the slayer counter.

Chat messages that players receive when an augmented item levels up are now shorter.

Lodestones can now be dragged onto the action bar and activated as a quick teleport.

The healing area has been extended within the Max Guild in Prifddinas.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:32 am

PATCH NOTES 9th October 2017


The issue preventing retro skillcapes from activating has been resolved.

Lau'ra's chathead now consistently animates while speaking to her.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The measure of progress for blueprint discovery has been improved with the addition of 'Very Good', placed between 'Good' and 'Excellent'.

Players now stop pulling prawn crackers once they are destroyed.

Ninja Skill Fixes

Green, blue, red, black and royal dragonhide boots have been added, available in a similar manner to the corresponding vambraces.

Basilisk, turoth and kurask boots are now power armour instead of tank armour, to differentiate them from dragonhide boots.

Hard leather cowls and chaps have been added to complete the hard leather set of armour.

Conversation options on sawmill operators have been rewritten to loop back to the start of chat.

Limestone bricks and mystic armour have been added to the Crafting skill guide.

Studded leather can now be found in the leather crafting category.

The soft and hard leather sets can now be purchased from: the gnome shopkeeper in Burthorpe, Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock and the Ranging Guild. The latter two also sell the studded leather set.

The carapace armour set now includes a capapace shield.

The spider silk armour set now includes a spider silk shield.

Players can now craft a black strip of cloth from balls of black wool. Neither strips or balls are destroyed once dropped.

Sheared sheep now take drastically less time to regrow their wool.

The sheep in south-east Taverley no longer wander from their pen.

A herd of black sheep has assembled between the Dark Wizards' Tower and the Makeover Mage's house.

Strips of cloth now require two balls of wool instead of four.

Wizard armour can now be crafted from strips of cloth, as can the wand and book.

Black wizard armour can now be crafted from strips of black cloth.

The wizard armour set has been completed with a set of level one wizard boots, which have been added to the same drop table as the wizard gloves. The level 20 wizard boots have been redubbed as the 'Wizard boots (t)' for the sake of clarify.

Black wizard gloves and boots have been added to the black wizard armour set.

Wizard (and black wizard) shields have been added and can be crafted by free players.

The wizard, black wizard and imp hide magic armour sets can now be purchased from: the gnome shopkeeper in Burthorpe, Zaff's Superior Spellcasting in Varrock and Betty in Port Sarim. The latter two also sell the spider silk set.

Shields in the Defence skill guide have been moved into a Shields sub-category.

The cutscene in which Sten demonstrates how to make Artisan's Workshop tracks and burial armour now correctly fades in from black.

Players can now speak to Suak in the Artisan's Workshop to find out how many pieces of burial armour are still needed by Doric.

Mystic cloth has been added to the drop tables for regular and elite Ankous, the Giant Mole, the King Black Dragon and the Chaos Elemental.

Blue mystic armour on drop tables has been replaced with an equivalent amount of noted mystic cloth.

Ninja Skill Fixes: Fletching

Fletching is now a free to play skill!

Free players can now fletch equipment with wield requirements up to level 50: bronze, blurite, iron, steel, silver, mithril, adamant and rune crossbows, arrows, darts and bolts (up to diamond bolts inclusive); normal, oak, willow, maple, teak, yew and magic shortbows and shieldbows, and up to bovistrangler in Daemonheim. The exception is when such equipment is either locked behind members' content or situated outside of the free to play area (such as smithing dart tips, which requires Tourist Trap).

Free players can now pick and spin flax into bowstrings.

Free players can now spin sinew into crossbow strings.

Free players can now cut gems, from opal through to diamond.

Free players can now craft mithril grapples.

Teak logs, mahogany logs and magic logs are now free to play objects. However, some trees can still only be found in members' areas.

Green dragonhide, green dragon leather, blue dragonhide and blue dragon leather are now free to play objects.

The smuggler in Dungeoneering can now sell bowstrings to free players.

The Fletching pet, Flo, can now be acquired in free worlds.

The special effects of the Woodcutting outfit (burning logs for Firemaking XP and fletching logs for Fletching XP) now work in free worlds.

Evil trees are now free to play. As such, the the Woodcutting outfit can now teleport to (but not spawn) evil trees in free worlds.

Dungeoneering equipment up to and including T50 (Zephyrium, Bovistrangler, Spinoleather, Duskweed, Empowered Water staff) is now equippable and craftable by free players.

Dungeoneering T60 equipment (Argonite, Thigat, Gallileather, Soulbell, Empowered Earth staff) isn't craftable for free players, but is still equippable and can potentially be acquired through drops.

The Icy Bones dungeoneering boss can now drop throwing knives for free players.

Ninja D&D & Minigame Fixes

The games necklace possesses a teleport to Agoroth when A Shadow over Ashdale is completed.

A filtered message has been added to display points added to the currency pouch when defeating animated armour in the Warriors' Guild.

Ninja Quest Fixes

The anger mace from A Soul's Bane is now wielded and named as a two-handed maul. The anger axe has also been made two-handed to better suit the model.

Cosmetic overrides for the anger sword, anger battleaxe, anger maul and anger spear can now be unlocked by completing the A Soul's Bane quest.

The skill checks in Perils of Ice Mountain are no longer boostable.

The member skill level requirements for Perils of Ice Mountain have been reduced from 10/11 to 5 to accommodate the member skill cap for free players.

The XP reward for completing Perils of Ice Mountain is now given in the form of a lamp.

A quest accept window has been added to Perils of Ice Mountain.

During Gertrude's Cat, only the crate containing Fluff's kittens will jiggle, and only once Fluffs has been fed.

A list of recommended quests has been added to the accept window for Missing, Presumed Death.

The quest information for Death Plateau no longer asks for a pickaxe, since all players now possess this in their toolbelts as a default item.


Count Check has resumed his residence of the Stronghold of Security's first level. Players who have upgraded their security settings should seek him there to claim rewards.

Customer Support week clue scrolls and scroll boxes have been tidied up, with the exception of unopened caskets.

Balthazaar has taken his raffle to pastures new once more.

The healing area at the Grand Exchange is now larger.

The area at the Grand Exchange that hides familiars is now smaller.

The Tuska Warpriest's armour effect will now only work when three or more pieces are equipped.

Changing the elite void armour colour will no longer replace keepsaked superior elite items with non-superior versions.

The entire Lava Maze has now been restored to single combat only.

The client no longer crashes when the window header is placed over the ribbon in edit mode.

Players can now map a keybind for the Achievement Tracker and Achievement Paths. These can be found under Windows and Navigation in the Controls settings.

Machetes now display correctly in the toolbelt when selected.

Improved likelihood of receiving low chance components when auto-disassembling while logged in, to better match chances with regular disassembly.

Last Week's Hotfixes

02/10, 11:15 UTC: The lodestone interface now functions correctly regardless of whether the action bar is locked or unlocked.

02/10, 12:45 UTC: The Defender of the Mind outfit has been restored to players who had already unlocked it historically.

04/10, 13:55 UTC: Attempting to target a lodestone icon (through disassembly, for example) no longer causes a disconnect.

Ninja Wilderness Fixes

Free players can now pass through the high-risk Wilderness wall, which remains intact. The wander range of the Chaos Elemental remains unchanged.

Blue dragons have been added to the Wilderness north of the Forgotten Cemetery to provide a source of blue dragon hide for free players.

Red dragons now drop between one to eight rune darts. Eight is no longer guaranteed.

The deep wilderness is now accessible to free players, as is the deep wilderness dungeon (accessed south of the Pirates' Hideout).

The south-east corner of the Wilderness (west of the Morytania Slayer Tower and north of Silvarea) is now a free area.

The Mage Arena cave (accessed from a lever north-west of the Mage Arena) is now accessible to free players.

Gundai the banker and Lundail the rune seller are now visible on free worlds in the Mage Arena cave. However, Kolodion is not visible.

Free players can now use the lever in the Deserted Keep to teleport to Edgeville. Members using the lever are still teleported to east Ardougne.

The lever in Edgeville that teleports players to the high-risk Wilderness is no longer blocked in free worlds.

Green dragons are now available for free players.

William and Ian cannot access free player banks in the Wilderness.

Red dragon isle is now accessible to free players.

Red dragonhide is now accessible to free players via red dragons. However, it still cannot be tanned, crafted into leather or equipped on free worlds.

In free worlds, Blue dragons no longer drop the bass. They drop lobsters instead.

The Chaos Elemental is now accessible to free players and has its own free to play drop table.

The boss pets for the Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole and King Black Dragon can now drop in free worlds. However, the King Black Dragon boss pet still has a 99 Summoning requirement.

The Last Riders book now drops from the King Black Dragon in free worlds.

Achievements for the Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole and King Black Dragon no longer display a member requirement.

Ninja Free to Play Fixes

The following quests are now all available to free players: The Perils of Ice Mountain, Gertrude's Cat, Priest in Peril, A Soul's Bane, Missing, Presumed Death, Song from the Depths and Broken Home (although the Asylum Surgeon's ring reward remains members only).

Remora's necklace, the coral crossbow and coral bolts, the first level of the grotworm lair and the royal cape dropped by young grotworms are now all free to play.

Kittens (from Gertrude's Cat) are now free to play. They can grow into cats, become overgrown, and can even become a purple cat upon completion of Swept Away.

Free players can now complete the Varrock achievements to choose the colour of their kitten. They can also obtain a cat training medal from Gertrude by killing 100 rats.

Swept Away's post-quest content (excluding the Sorceress' Garden and members area rewards) are now available to free players.

The first four tasks from Doric and Boric after What's Mine Is Yours are now available to free players.

The Shooting Star and Evil Tree D&Ds are now available to free players.

The Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe is now available to free players.

The area south of Paterdomus and north of the Duel Arena is now available to free players.

The members fence east of Varrock has been removed to allow unrestricted access to Silvarea (the area east of the Lumber Yard up to and including Paterdomus). The eastern border of the free area is now defined by the River Salve.

The barrier east of the Mage Training Arena has been removed.

The fences and blocking between the Mage Training Arena and the Exam Centre have been removed.

Free players can now enchant, wear and trade sapphire jewellery including the ring of recoil, bracelet of clay and the games necklace (sans teleport) in addition to the amulet of magic.

Free players can now pay a sawmill operator to convert regular logs into planks.

Coifs can now be crafted by free players, and have been redubbed as Studded leather coifs. They can be crafted by adding studs to a leather cowl.

Free players can now smith bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune pickaxes after completing The Perils of Ice Mountain.

Free players can now smith all blurite items following Knight's Sword.

Free players can now smith crossbow limbs up to runite.

Free players can now craft T50 mystic armour from mystic cloth.

Limestone, crafting limestone bricks and even the humble 'rock' are now available to free players.

The Empowered Water Staff can now be dropped by Unholy Cursebearers for free players in Dungeoneering.

A confirmation prompt has been added when free players upgrade or try to use lodestones in member areas.

Bronze and iron nails are now available to free players, as are saws and bracelet moulds.

The pestle and mortar, rake, seed dibber, gardening trowel, secateurs, rod clay mould, sextant and seedicide now correctly reflect their free status in the toolbelt.

Although inaccessible, the bottom section of the Shattered Worlds entrance in Lumbridge Swamp has been marked as a free area to better mark the perimeter.

Death Plateau has been marked as a free area so it can be seen on the world map to aid navigation while playing the eponymous quest. It still requires 15 Agility.

The Odd Old Man is now visible in free areas for the sake of Missing, Presumed Death.

Hura's crossbow shop can now be accessed by free players.

Strange fruit can now be eaten in free worlds, and can be obtained by defeating the Chaos Elemental.

Free players can now bury dragon bones for Prayer XP.

Looms can now be used by free players.

The strip of cloth used in Regicide (crafted from balls of wool) can now be spun in free worlds. The required Crafting level has been reduced from level ten to level one.

The default loot beam option is now the initial option for new players.

The maximum total level milestone message for F2P has increased from 1656 to 1750 now that Fletching is a free skill.

The following errors in the skill guide have now been corrected: free players can stop burning rabbit at cooking level 34; Marrentill is now marked as members only; the wooden shield, salve, protoleather and novite armour in Daemonheim have been added at Defence level one, as well as soft leather armour; the tangle gum shortbow and longbow, the novite arrows and protoleather equipment in Daemonheim are now accessible at Ranged level one; mentions of wizard, imphide, spidersilk, batwing, splitbark, mystic and grifolic shields have been removed from wand/orb/book entries, since shields only require Defense.

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Re: Patchnotes!

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PATCH NOTES 16th October 2017

Ninja Fixes

The artefact at the Edgeville wilderness wall that teleports to the King Black Dragon lair can now be activated on free worlds.
The cost of mystic armour has been lowered to rebalance its alch value.
The cost of mystic cloth has been increased to reflect the value of mystic armour.
The examine for the museum guard where the Varrock east fence used to be has been updated.
Added updated models for carapace, spider, wizard and black wizards shields and black wizard gloves and boots.
Wearing a splitbark body will no longer hide a players amulet.
The loom in the Falador cabbage patch can now be used on free worlds.
Blurite ore can now be smelted into blurite bars on free worlds.
Corrected the dropdown menu titles for Batwing and Carapace when using the Crafting make-x interface.
Fire runes are now given instead of blood runes and soul runes when dungeoneering on a free world.
Baby dragon bones are now non-members objects.
Kamfreena in the Warriors' Guild no longer tells free players that they can get dragon defenders from the cyclopes.
Fire giants now drop batwing wands or books instead of fire battlestaves on free worlds.
Yew trees are now correctly marked as non-members in the Woodcutting skill guide.
A segment of the east Varrock fence near Tolna's rift that survived the purge has been eradicated with extreme prejudice.
Logging into a free world inside the Mage Training Arena will now teleport players outside of it.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Players carrying only 1 defender in their backpack will no longer have their Warrior Guild progress with Kamfreena reset.
Antifire, weapon poison, aggression potion and wilder pie effects no longer stay active on free worlds.
Free equipment from a player-owned house combat room can no longer be disassembled.
Players can now use a right-click fill all option on a Divine-o-matic Vacuum.


Players can now define their maximum foreground and background FPS in the NXT client via the graphics settings interface.
The click radius on a player when using the Completionist & Trimmed Completionist emotes have been reduced to be the same size as the normal players click box area.
The NovtumberFest host Johanna no longer shouts 'Thanks!' during cart events.
The NovtumberFest bar crawl dialogue no longer obstructs quest dialogue.
Updated the highwayman's stats near the makeover-mage to match his pre-Mega May incarnation.


Fixed the hair colour of several NovtumberFest NPCs.
The Warden of the Mind cape now appears in the preview window.


Reduced cache churn.
Pointlights now affects terrain lighting in instances.
Reduced high frequency noise visible on newer (normal-mapped) models when viewed close up.
Reduce RAM usage in the shader system by around 20MB.
Optimised some animation states.

Last Week's Hotfixes

09/10, 11:00 UTC: Players with 100 filled keepsake slots can now log in consistently.
09/10, 13:20 UTC: Players can no longer get trapped within the NovtumberFest Ogre activity.
09/10, 13:20 UTC: Added the NovtumberFest random event messages to the game spam filter.
09/10, 13:30 UTC: All NovtumberFest activities now give Charity tokens.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: Wolly Wolpertingers no longer delete themselves when picked up.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: The Chaos Elemental's F2P drop table has been improved.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: The drop rate of mystic cloth from ankou has been reduced.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: The Giant mole now drops a minimum of 3 mystic cloth (so it can be shared between 3 players).
09/10, 17:15 UTC: Removed the members item drops from Young grotworms, replacing them with 5 bronze javelines, 2 trout, or 2 anchovies.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: Green dragons now drop 2 lobsters instead of bass on free worlds.
09/10, 17:15 UTC: Cyclopes in the Warriors' Guild can no longer drop dragon defenders on free worlds.
09/10, 18:45 UTC: Fixed an issue that was preventing members from picking up cats.
09/10, 18:45 UTC: Fixed an issue where lapsed free players are unable to call or dismiss their follower after dropping a cat or kitten.
11/10, 13:25 UTC: The Evil Tree D&D now resets correctly for free players.
11/10, 13:25 UTC: The Evil Tree and Shooting Star D&D buffs now restart correctly upon logging in on a free world.
12/10, 10:15 UTC: Fixed an issue that was preventing newly bought auras from being activated.
12/10, 15:20 UTC: Nex: Angel of Death no longer occasionally switches target after using a special attack.

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Re: Patchnotes!

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PATCH NOTES 23rd October 2017

Ninja Fixes

Surge and Escape are now usable during the global cooldown period, similar to Bladed Dive outside of PvP areas.
Quest requirements on the quest information screen in the quest journal will now link to the appropriate required quest when clicked on.
The Holly Wreath headpiece has received a graphical update to give it more visual character.
Hans now has a right-click buy option for Veteran capes on free worlds.
Seagulls on the Port Sarim docks now drop feathers.
The maximise/minimise actionbar button has been returned to the original larger size.
A 'Check Progress' option has been added to Menaphos soul obelisks.
Red sandstone is now unaffected by the furnace perk when mining with an augmented pickaxe.
The Fishing spots inside the Menaphos VIP area have been moved closer together and will now only spawn on the west side of the pool.
A Fish Flingers fisherman has arrived in the Menaphos VIP area.
White Knight gloves have been renamed to gauntlets.
The skill name has been added to Strange rocks and Golden rocks.
Strange rocks are now sorted alphabetically in the statue collection bag to match golden rocks.
The Ring of stone interface in legacy mode has been updated to improve the clarity of the text.
Guthix Rest potions and flasks are now all a consistent colour
The Wildstalker helmet now increments kills on free worlds.
A warning has been added to the safe area in the Wilderness to inform players about demonic skulls and luring.
The bonecrusher upgrade can now be bought from Boni in Waiko without owning a bonecrusher as part of the Arc achievements. Players still require the original bonecrusher from Daemonheim in order activate the effect.
The Fish Flingers fisherman in Piscatoris has moved to the north-eastern shoreline.
Items can no longer be dragged from the Collection slot on the Grand Exchange interface.
All doors in Miscellania Castle except the bedroom and throne room doors are now open by default.
The farmer's wander range away from the bank chest in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas has been adjusted.
The Balloon Travel Map interface has been updated to bring it in line with other interfaces.
The Varrock teleport will now teleport players slightly closer to the Staff shop (depending on Varrock task completion settings).
The Lumbridge teleport will teleport players closer to the Combat Academy.
A right-click option has been added to select the destination on various fairy rings throughout the game world without having to first visit Zanaris.
The Toktz-ket-xil shield once more uses an older model variant.
The Varrock Museum display case interfaces have been updated to match the current interface style.
Suqah hide can now be traded in for suqah teeth by Skulgrimen in Rellekka on a 1:1 ratio after players have completed the hard Fremennik achievement set.
The arcane capacitor necklace is no longer a requirement for the Borrowed Power spell in the Lunar Spellbook, instead now only requiring 3 astral runes. The spell can be unset and subsequently reset within bank areas.
The confirmation dialogue when attempting to enter or leave the Grand library of Menaphos has been removed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The RuneMetrics interface is now visible during Kegger, Racing, Table dancing and Zapper minigames at the NovtumberFest event.
The Constitution and Defence level requirements to wear the Agile top and legs (not to be confused with the Nimble outfit) have been removed.
Cutting Menaphos sandstone or granite now generates 1 Crafting XP.
Bamboo can now be used with a portable fletcher for convenience, but without generating additional resources. This is to ensure that the Waiko grill and portable range saving chances are not affected due to wobbegongs' comparative rarity.
Players can now use Constitution abilities in Champions Guild fights that have specific melee, magic or ranged only requirements.
The Trapper from player-owned ports now correctly shows as unlocked in the skillguide at 90+ Hunter.
Players now have a higher chance to receive the lifeboat reward from the Player-owned Port Seasinger Umi and Black Marketeer events.
Players can no longer use firecrackers to increase their mining speed.
Evil trees will no longer give clue scrolls on free worlds.
The tooltip for the Hefin Voice of Seren has been tweaked to give a better explanation of the Agility/Prayer buff.
The Luminous energy skill guide entry no longer mentions dealing with the desert heat.
The last mural for the Sunken Pyramid will now unlock at 110 souls captured instead of 90.
The rewards chest inside the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon is no longer called 'Menaphos Dungeon Chest'.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

The quest marker for the Lost City quest giver has been updated to reflect his current location in Lumbridge Swamp.
Bluebox highlighting for the phlegmatic imp during the Imp Catcher quest has been updated to reflect his current location in the Lumbridge Swamp.
The world map names for the Underground Pig Pen used in Bringing Back the Bacon have been updated.
Rerolling a daily challenge will now only consume vis wax after confirming the reroll.
Member skill challenges up to level 5 can now be progressed by free players.
The chat for Icthlarin's Little Helper on a pet cat can no longer be triggered on a free world.
Players can once again teleport from the top of the Citharede tower.


The spider minions in the Araxxi fight will now die at the end of her death animation.
The right-click options on Barrows brothers spawned by other players have been removed.
The click radius on the Gravity Field in the Vorago boss fight has been increased.
The Max Guild boss portal has been updated to show all options on one page.
A 'Set arrival' option has been added to various bosses for the Max Guild boss portal.
A 'Don't ask me again' option has been added when prompted about the 100k coin charge for re-tuning the Max Guild boss portal.
The following items will now always show a lootbeam: Ghost hunter equipment, Ancient emblems, Perfect chitin, Camel journals, Magister journals, Adamant dragon journals and Attuned crystal seeds.
Players are now prompted with a warning message when equipping a demonic skull and when crossing the Wilderness wall with one in their backpack.
The Book of Death now works against Runite dragons.
Players can now use keepsake keys and the Magic skillcape perk at the Shattered Worlds bank.
Players can once again switch graphical toolkits when using the Java client.
The customisations tab will now close itself if opened in the buffer zone of the Wilderness, up until level 3 of the Wilderness.
A number of issues with delayed player animation on the wardrobe interface have been fixed.
Players can no longer place hunter traps in the Wilderness buffer zone.
Several Suqah spawn locations have been moved to tiles accessible to players.
Players can no longer get stuck inside of the Oo'glog pools.
Players can now use magic notepaper on dragon boots to note them.
Entering the Wilderness via Daemonheim will now cancel players' walk routes so that they only walk one tile into the Wilderness.
Typos in the Nex: Angel of Death reward curse descriptions have been corrected.
A message issue where items which couldn't be noted were described as noted items has been fixed when other players harvest a Divine simulacrum.
Filled rune pouches now show the correct value in the wealth evaluator.
Fully recharged scrimshaws will now stack in the bank with brand new ones.
Ghouls no longer spawn within trees in the Canifis graveyard.
An issue that allowed players to retrieve unlimited Mad necklaces from Diango has been fixed.
The Wise Old Man will no longer lie about 'storing' burnt meat when, in fact, he is throwing it away.
The music player filter now works correctly on the audio settings parent interface.
Players can now reclaim the Gielinor Games rings from Diango if destroyed.
The boost and activate options on the action bar for equipped skill capes have been swapped around.
Augmented Obliteration, Annihilation and Decimation no longer leave a copy of the item after keepsaking.
The XP amount shown when using an Ancient effigy now uses numerical separators.
Ironman accounts can no longer purchase brawling gloves from Mandrith.
Helwyr no longer drops loot outside of the arena.


The Spooky Spider and Nautilus outfits now work correctly with recoloured skintones.
An option has been added to toggle the Nautilus necklace with the neck slot in the wardrobe.
The animation for female characters wearing the Nautilus outfit has been corrected.
Using the nightstone effect directly after the bloodstone effect will no longer cause a black and white effect.
The animation for equipping Elemental shields has been updated.
The walk animations for sea snake hatchlings and sea snake young have been updated and smoothed out.

Last Week's Hotfixes

17/10, 12:50 UTC: The Invention tutorial can now be consistently completed.
18/10, 09:10 UTC: The Mysteria banner now appears correctly with the Hearts of Ice sub-interface open.
18/10, 14:40 UTC: The correct Mysteria banner promotions are now shown when Treasure Hunter is opened without any remaining keys.

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Re: Patchnotes!

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PATCH NOTES 30th October 2017

Ninja Fixes

A tiny section of the fence east of Varrock - lone survivor of the great purge - is no more.
Logging into the Wilderness agility course in a free to play world will now remove you from the area.


Free players can now take part in table dancing at NovtumberFest for Prayer XP.
The Dimension of the Damned login screen is now available.
The bonfire Skybox has been removed from the Skybox/Filters menu.
The Paterdomus and Menaphos (Desert) Skyboxes have been added to the Skybox/Filters menu.
The Hallowe'en 17 filter has been added to the SkyBox/Filters menu.

Last Week's Hotfixes

23/10, 16:15 UTC: The option to collect items from GE now works as expected.
23/10, 12:25 UTC: Teleporting to Araxxor via the 'Inside hive' option on the boss portal now allows players to enter a fight if they had already completed a fight.
23/10, 12:25 UTC: Challenges can no longer be rerolled for free with Vis Wax.
25/10, 14:10 UTC: The open chest animation no longer blocks the player from earning their free 600 Ghostweave.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:17 am

PATCH NOTES 6th November 2017

Ninja Fixes

The ability to quick travel to Temple Trekking is now available on the Mort Myre Swamp entrance gates via a right click option instead of a toggle.

The highest tier of Menagerie pet houses now have 30 slots, up from 25.

Players can now dismiss pets directly from their Menagerie.

Coins obtained via the Queen Black Dragon loot chest will now move to the money pouch when claimed.

Flameburst defenders now provide the effects of a real defender.

The interface layout presets have been updated to better resize and handle tertiary interfaces, such as the the slayer counter for both standard and legacy modes.

XP lamps awarded for completing Heroes' Quest are no longer non-member objects.

Sixth Age quests are now marked in the quest journal, with similar messaging to Fifth Age quests.

Several "agnostic" quests have been re-categorised as Fifth Age quests.

The quest list now has an option to categorise quests into Fifth/Sixth Age.

The Progress category in the quest list now displays Completed quests at the bottom of the list instead of the middle.

A quest accept interface has been added to the following quests

The Hand in the Sand

Haunted Mine

Horror from the Deep

Hunt for Red Raktuber

Icthlarin's Little Helper

In Aid of the Myreque

In Pyre Need

In Search of the Myreque

Kennith's Concerns

Legacy of Seergaze

Legends' Quest

Lost City

Lunar Diplomacy

Meeting History

Monkey Madness

Mountain Daughter

My Arm's Big Adventure

Nomad's Requiem

Olaf's Quest

One Small Favour

The Path of Glouphrie


Recipe for Disaster

Rocking Out

Royal Trouble

Rum Deal

Rune Mechanics

Scorpion Catcher

Sea Slug

Shades of Mort'ton

Shadow of the Storm

Shilo Village

The Slug Menace

Smoking Kills

Spirit of Summer

Spirits of the Elid

Summer's End

Swan Song

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Tears of Guthix

Throne of Miscellania


The Tourist Trap

Tree Gnome Village

Tribal Totem

Troll Romance

Troll Stronghold



What Lies Below

Witch's House

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Clock Tower

Monk's Friend

Observatory Quest

Dwarf Cannon

Eagle's Peak

Elemental Workshop I

Elemental Workshop II

Fishing Contest

Rag 'n Bone Man

Fur 'n Seek

Murder Mystery

Perils of Ice Mountain

Merlin's Crystal

Holy Grail

King's Ransom

Tower of Life

The Feud

All Fired Up

Animal Magnetism

As a First Resort

Back to My Roots

Between a Rock...

Blood Runs Deep

Cabin Fever

Cold War


Creature of Fenkenstrain

Darkness of Hallowvale

Dealing with Scabaras

Devious Minds

The Dig Site

Dream Mentor

Eadgar's Ruse

Enlightened Journey

The Eyes of Glouphrie

Fairy Tale I

Fairy Tale II

Family Crest

Forgettable Tale...

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

The Fremennik Isles

The Fremennik Trials

Garden of Tranquillity

Ghosts Ahoy

The Giant Dwarf

Glorious Memories

The Golem

The Great Brain Robbery

Grim Tales

Plague City


Sheep Herder

Waterfall Quest

Making History

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Underground Pass

Regicide (no confirmation, as this quest starts when the messenger appears)

Roving Elves

Catapult Construction

Mourning's End Part I

Mourning's End Part II

Within the Light

Gertrude's Cat

Recruitment Drive

A Soul's Bane

Priest in Peril

Nature Spirit

Goblin Diplomacy

Pirate's Treasure

Vampyre Slayer

The Knight's Sword

Dragon Slayer

The following quests now award XP lamps containing the quest reward XP:

Goblin Diplomacy now awards a 200 Crafting XP lamp.

Vampyre Slayer now awards a 4,825 Attack XP lamp, requiring 10 Attack.

The Knight's Sword quest now awards a 12,725 Smithing XP lamp, requiring 28 Smithing.

Dragon Slayer now awards two XP lamps worth 18,650 Strength and Defence XP, requiring 50 Strength and Defence respectively.

Gertrude's Cat now awards a 1,525 Cooking XP lamp, requiring 11 Cooking.

Recruitment Drive now awards three XP lamps worth 1,000 XP each in the Prayer, Herblore and Agility skills, requiring level 8 in the respective skills.

A Soul's Bane now awards two XP lamps worth 500 Defence and Constitution XP, requiring 4 Defence and Constitution respectively.

Priest in Peril now awards a 1,406 Prayer XP lamp, requiring 10 Prayer.

Nature Spirit now awards three XP lamps worth 3,000 Crafting XP and 2,000 Constitution and Defence XP, requiring level 4 Crafting and level 3 Constitution and Defence respectively.

In Search of the Myreque now awards five XP lamps worth 600 XP in the Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution and Crafting skills, requiring level 4 in the respective skills.

In Aid of the Myreque now awards four XP lamps worth 2,000 XP in the Attack, Defence, Strength and Crafting skills, requiring level 12 in the respective skills.

The Haunted Mine quest now awards a 22,000 Strength XP lamp, requiring 35 Strength.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Every Summoning scroll now has a tooltip of what the effect is.

The following Summoning scrolls have been updated:

The Abyssal drain's scroll now heals up to 50 prayer points, up from 5.

The Spirit dagannoth, Desert wyrm, Minotaur and Arctic bear scrolls now bind the target correctly.

The Lava titan's scroll now drains 5% adrenaline correctly.

The Stranger plant and Swamp titan scrolls now poisons for up to 200 damage, up from 20.

The Tz-Kih's scroll can now damage up to 5 targets, up from 2.

The Vampyre bat's scroll now heals the player for 50% of damage dealt, up from a fixed 100 lifepoints.

The Bloated leech's scroll now won't heal if health is below 600, up from 60, and deals 100 damage, up from 10.

The Spirit scorpion's scroll now works by applying weapon poison to the player for 30 seconds.

The Luck of the Dwarves ring now affects the chance of receiving an off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian from treasure chests inside a Shifting Tomb.

Players can now jump over the Strange Floor agility shortcut in the Taverley dungeon when on the west side, standing south of it.

Corrected the spelling of ethereal components.

The Sophanem Slayer Dungeon chest will now warn players when discarding a single item from it.

The Shooting star and Evil Tree are no longer displayed as members-only on the Minigame spotlight interface.

Obtaining a strange rock will now consistently state the rock skill name when acquired.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Fixed an issue where members logged into a free world could not open reward chests in the Broken Home quest due to the member skill cap on free worlds.

Completing the Dragon Slayer quest no longer displays an Ernest the Chicken achievement.

Players can now reclaim a Desert amulet 4 if they already have one keepsaked.

Corrected a debug name for Aristarchus from appearing occasionally during the Our Man in the North quest.

Corrected a typo when Crondis speaks to the player during Crocodile Tears.

Corrected the spelling of Legio Secundus on the 'Stand your ground' achievement.

The 'They All Fell Down' achievement can no longer be completed in a group.


Added a popup message when the Queen Black Dragon does her extreme dragon breath attack if the player is carrying an unforged royal crossbow.

The auto-setup action bar option once again checks for empty slots and collapses the abilities to the front of the action bar.

The auto-setup action bar option no longer adds trout to the action bar except when undertaking Combat Academy training.

Players will no longer miss two abilities when using the auto-setup action bar option.

Extra blocking has been added to some tiles north-west of the Mage Training Arena to prevent players getting stuck.

It is no longer possible to consume a Great Gunkan when the player has more than the maximum number of lifepoints.

Players can now destroy a whole elite skilling outfit set from the backpack at once.

Fixed a typo on the Adamant Dragon entrance barrier within Brimhaven Dungeon.

Corrected a typo in the Karil section on the Beasts tab attack descriptions.

Players can now right click 'Enchant' via Thormac.

Players now have an enchant all option via right-clicking on the images within the Thormac enchant interface.

Corrected a typo on closed poll booths.

The Staff of the Mind is now correctly found under the Staves filter in the Wardrobe.


Fixed some stretching on the climbable wall on phase 1 of the Vorago encounter.

Teleporting out of V's ancient cave now clears the skybox.

Graphically updated the Wilderness warning interfaces. These warnings can be toggled on or off in the Game Settings > Doomsayer Warning Settings interface.

Updated the Port Resource Crate interface to be a lot cleaner and easier to read.

Graphically updated Thormac's Battlestaff shop.

Last week's hotfixes

30/10, 12:20 UTC: Balloons now drop around the Catherby lodestone.

30/10, 14:15 UTC: Putting items on the table in the Daemonheim puzzle during Ghost Stories of Gielinor no longer deletes the item, potentially requiring restarting the story.

30/10, 16:25 UTC: Ensured that the fourth puzzle in Ghost Stories of Gielinor advances as intended. Anyone who was stuck after following the ghost can click on the stairs in the Rising Sun Inn to force the ghost outside to update.

30/10, 16:25 UTC: Adjusted the voted screen on the Ninja Survey poll to no longer display the skip option, as the percentages shown with the skip option was misleading.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:12 am

PATCH NOTES 13th November 2017

Object tooltips

An item charge tracker has been added to the following equipment degradation categories (including Augmented T90 degrade-to-dust armour). The text will change colour based on the charge remaining (Green - 100% > 65%, Amber 65% > 25%, Red 25% > 0%).

Nex armour (Pernix, Torva, Virtus)

Ascension Crossbow (+ all dyed variants)

Ports armour (Death Lotus, Seasinger, Tetsu + Leviathan Ring)

Drygore weaponry (Mace, Rapier, Longsword plus the offhand variants + dyed)

Barrows Armour (Ahrim, Akrisae, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag, Verac, Linza + the golden variants)

High-level Slayer mob equipment (Ripper claw + offhand, Camel staff, etc)

All equipment from The Heart (Seren, Zaros, Sliske, Zamorak + the weapon variants)

All raid armour

All Araxxor weapons (+ the dyed variants)

All Vorago equipment (+ the dyed variants)

All Telos weaponary (+ the dyed variants)

All Barrows: Rise of the Six equipment

Blood Necklace (+ other variants)

All Crystal armour and weapons that use the 100k charge system

All Dungeoneering equipment

Hydrix equipment (Ring of Death, etc)

Dominion Tower gloves

Ancient Warrior equipment

Scrimshaws and God Books now have a tooltip to display their time remaining when they're in their inactive state. When the timer falls below 1 hour the text will turn red.

Urns will now display the percentage filled in their tooltip.

The upgraded Gem bag will display the number of each gem inside the gem bag.

The charges remaining on a Frozen Key is now displayed on its tooltip.

The following items now display the type and number of items contained inside:

Spring Cleaner

Rune Pouch (small + large)

Tirannwn Quiver


Blood Essence

Coal Bag

Silverhawk Boots

A filtered warning message will now display when a degraded item hits 5% item charge or is equipped with less than 5% item charge.

A filtered warning message will now display when a Ring of Death hits 20% item charge (as it costs 15% charge when dying).

A filtered warning message will also display when equipping an Augmented degrade to dust item that is out of charge but has yet to hit item level 10, thus making it unusable.

A tooltip has been added for the following items to display their passive effects:

Asylum Surgeon's ring

Ring of Death

Reaper necklace

Amulet of Souls

Deathtouch bracelet

Forsaken amulet

Dragon Rider amulet

Arcane/Brawler/Blood/Farsight Amulet of Fury

Superior Leviathan ring

Ring of Vigour


Ushabti now display the soul of the monster inside them on their tooltip.

The Tokkul-Zo ring now displays the number of charges remaining on its tooltip.

Brawling Gloves now show the amount of XP remaining on their tooltip.

Pulse Cores now display the amount of XP remaining on their tooltip.

The following Invention Devices now have information displayed on their tooltip:

Portable Fairy Ring (Charges remaining)

Portable Spirit Tree (Charges remaining)

Div-o-matic (Empty and Divine Charges stored and a % indicator to track the current charge container being filled)

Flatpack disassembler (Charges remaining)

Potion Reservoir (Displays the potion in the reservoir and the doses remaining)

The Grim Gem now displays the current Reaper assignment and how many left have to kill on its tooltip.

The following have been added to all Slayer masks:

Kills against the relevant slayer creature

'Days until task can be forced' (for masks with a three day cool down). This will appear when first using the mask to force a task.


Several graphical issues with an Animal Magnetism quest cutscene have been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

The Dungeoneering map has now been separated into its own top level interface layer and can be moved around via Edit Mode > Gameplay HUDs Editing.

The Dungeoneering map will now remember if it was previously opened when starting a new Dungeoneering floor.

Opening the Treasure Hunter prize management interface will no longer cause disconnects.


Ghosts around Gielinor have now been laid to rest permanently, leading Closure to also depart from the realm of the living. Their stories will forever live on through the adventurers who heard them, and can be reclaimed via Diango.

The Novtumberfest music track is now unlocked automatically on login.

Players can now choose whether or not Revolution activates basic, threshold or ultimate abilities in the Combat Settings interface.

The Cleave ability can now be used by Revolution while action bar slot 6 has a queued ability.

The missing level 55 Defence requirements have been added to Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix godbows.

The Natural pet house now correctly displays that it it can store 30 pets instead of 25 when examined.

Players can no longer access the customisation interface via the summoning icon in the Wilderness safe area.

A cabbage in the Falador cabbage patch that took some time off during Easter 2017 has returned, feeling refreshed and no or more less delicious. Brassica Prime be praised.

Strange rocks stored in a statue bag can now consistently be removed.

An issue was resolved when players activating Vulnerability used the Borrowed Power spell in the Lunar spellbook.

A misplaced apostrophe in Vicendithas' Scribblings has been removed.

Last Week's Hotfixes

06/11, 13:10 UTC: Revolution will no longer trigger special attacks.

06/11, 13:10 UTC: Revolution will now continue to trigger abilities after using a stun-based threshold or the Salt in the Wound ability.

06/11, 16:45 UTC: Destroying items won from Treasure Hunter will no longer cause a disconnect.

07/11, 14:00 UTC: The Menagerie within a player-owned house will now correctly allow the player to store up to 30 pets.

08/11, 10:00 UTC: Empty inventory space no longer dictates the number of apples or cogs that can be used on an Apple Jubilee hopper.

Ninja Fixes

A permanent gold accumulator has been added to the Daemonheim rewards shop.

The Quick Prayer interface may now be used in combat.

Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing resource generation in Dungeoneering on free worlds is now capped at tier 6 (zephyrium, bovistrangler, spinoleather, duskweed, web snipper) instead of tier 5 (fractite, spinebeam, dromoleather, bryll, short-finned eel). Spinomastyx monsters can now also spawn.

Hides in Dungeoneering are now stackable.

Cooldown for signs or portents of life or death and the Defence skillcape now continues while logged out.

Acadia logs can now be crafted into arrow shafts.

Options to immediately climb to the top and bottom of Lumbridge Castle have been added to the stairs.

The slayer reward shop has been graphically updated to be more in line with current interface standards.

The assist interface has been graphically updated.

The Mage Training Arena shop interface has been updated to match other interfaces.

Players can now augment the Wilderness sword 4.

Prawn balls can once again be opened quickly by rapidly clicking on them.

There is now a "Pray-at" option on the Cadarn altar in Prifddinas.

Free players now have the option to utilise Summoning creatures within the Duel Arena (Spirit Wolf and Dreadfowl). This option can be controlled within the challenge interface via the Enable summoning toggle.

Goebie supply runs and Daily RuneSphere hand-ins are now be displayed on the D&D tracker.

Wilderness restrictions have been added to the Edgeville dungeon entrance to the Wilderness.

Entering Darkmeyer after completing The Branches of Darkmeyer will no longer switch a player's title.

A 'bank all' button has been added to the barrows loot interface.

Luck rings and items now state which items were received (including items from the rare drop table) when informing the player that the item shone brightly.

Tier 90 boot component drops from Rune Dragons and Elite Rune Dragons are now more common.

Luck messaging will now display in Nex: Angel of Death, God Wars Dungeon 2 and other areas.

Araxxi will now generate loot drops when clicking on her corpse instead of when she dies to bring her in line with other boss drops.

The skill guide now includes ability unlocks as a filter for Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic and Ranged entries.

XP rewards from The Restless Ghost, What Lies Below, Defender of Varrock and The Fremennik Trials quests are now given in the form of lamps.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:30 pm

A cabbage in the Falador cabbage patch that took some time off during Easter 2017 has returned, feeling refreshed and no or more less delicious. Brassica Prime be praised.


A permanent gold accumulator has been added to the Daemonheim rewards shop.

Ohhh! :x
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:15 pm

PATCH NOTES 20th November 2017


The Skeletal Horror has now packed up his disco, leaving the environment behind him consistently lit.

The shadows on snow have been toned down.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

Using the mix option on a regular or shiny tortle shell bowl without the required ingredients will now open the correct make-x category.

A redundant 'Pie' category has been removed from the Cooking make-x interface.

Using the Borrowed Power wish from Pauline will no longer disconnect the player if using the wrong spellbook.

Players who have not read some post-quest dialogue after Shilo Village can now attack Hydrix dragons in the Sunken Pyramid.


The Sunspear item charge tooltip now accurately updates.

Regenerate is no longer triggered by Revolution.

Revolution now fires combat abilities when stats are boosted.

Items will now consistently appear in a Beast of Burden when using the 'Give BoB items' option.

The Dungeoneering map will now correctly save in the third interface layout preset. Note: You'll need to save a new preset over preset 3 to fix the issue.

Last Week's Hotfixes

13/11, 17:00 UTC: Coins are now consistently dropped when a gold accumulator is placed in the tool belt and disabled.

14/11, 14:25 UTC: Staircases in the Beneath Cursed Tides quest area will no longer force players to climb too high or low when using the climb to top or bottom options.

14/11, 14:25 UTC: Players will no longer receive messages about luck when completing clue scrolls and not wearing a luck-increasing ring.

16/11, 11:00 UTC: An luring issue was resolved concerning a Clockwork Lemon at the Wilderness wall.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:14 pm

PATCH NOTES 8th January 2018

The Strongarm woodcutting animation override now animates with crystal shards rather than wooden splinters when chopping crystal trees.

The ground in the instance of the Lumbridge God Statue has now been fixed.

Small and large zombie monkey bones have been adjusted to ensure that large bones appear bigger than small bones in the backpack.

Character stretching issues when cancelling an active duel while a goebie disguise kit is active have now been fixed.

Dropped versions of gemstone armour have been mended so they no longer float in the air.

The magic carpet no longer duplicates when taking off and landing at magic carpet stations.

Orla's wisp colony map has been updated to account for changes made with the Menaphos and Sophanem expansion.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

Examining a party member while Dungeoneering now shows the correct stats.

5kg Sandstone no longer cuts into six 1kg Sandstones.

Tuska's Wrath is now marked as members' only in the Constitution skill guide.

Wolfbane's level has been corrected in the Attack skill guide.

Web snippers in Daemonheim are now marked as non-members' in the Cooking skill guide.

The examine text for supreme overload salve has been updated to mention the wyvern fire protection.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

Evil Dave's Big Day Out is now listed as a 6th Age quest.

References to 'elite white knights' and the 'white knight's fortress' in Evil Dave's Big Day Out have been corrected to 'Temple Knights' and the 'White Knights' Castle'.

The requirements for Evil Dave's Big Day Out in the achievement system now matches those in the quest system.

The Elemental Workshop II quest start screen no longer appears after completing the quest.

Typos in the quest overview screens for Horror from the Deep and My Arm's Big Adventure have now been corrected.

Canopic Jars will now appear correctly during Icthlarin's Little Helper. Clicking on the doorway will force them to appear if any are missing.

The Squishing level achievement has returned to the Menaphos achievements list after a short hiatus.

A typo has been corrected in the Wanted! quest.

Crafting dragon leather boots will no longer count towards the 'craft dragon leather vambraces' daily challenge.

The Wilderness area achievement 'Chaosteo' is now tagged as members' only, as the chaos altar can't be used on free worlds.

The Varrock area achievement 'Jackanory' is now tagged as members' only.

Free players can now toggle max daily challenges in member skills at the level five skill cap. If a player logs into a members' world it will be toggled back off.

Daily challenges are now only assigned to free players if they also meet the secondary requirements, where previously these were only checked for members.

The Magic log daily challenges for Firemaking, Fletching and Woodcutting are no longer assigned to free players due to their limited access to magic logs.

The Herblore requirement for the 'clean tarromin' daily challenge has been corrected from eleven to five.

Urn daily challenges are now be correctly assigned to free players.

The 'Brown and Pointy' Fletching daily challenge will now only be assigned if the Smithing requirements are met (Smithing level five for bronze arrowheads or Smithing level four and Tourist Trap for bronze darts).

Low-level Fletching challenges that explained how to fletch now tell players to select 'Craft' then 'Knife' instead of selecting 'Fletch'.

The 'Changing of the Guard' combat achievement is now marked as members' only.

The 'Changing of the Guard New Varrock' achievement has been renamed to 'Guard is Dead'.

The 'Repressed Wilderness' area achievement now requires 50 cursed memories as intended.

The quest overview screen for Nature Spirit can no longer be accessed on free worlds.

All member quests now check if the player is on a members' world.

An issue with the requirements for starting Legends' Quest has now been corrected.

The 'Next to No Power' achievement will now complete correctly. Due to this change, it can now only be achieved in a bossing instance.

Missing achievements have been added for 15 Constitution and 102 Invention.

The 'Don't Stop Me If I Start to Ramble' achievement no longer triggers when completing a Temple Trek.

Non-milestone progress and progress reset messages have been filtered for the 'Careful, There Are Snakes' achievement.


It is now easier to consistently cast debuff and bind spells while revolution is active in combat. These spells still obey the global cooldown and may now be cast via ability queuing on the action bar.

The worn equipment interface now resizes correctly.

Using Dominion Mines no longer skips the tendrils mechanic during the Telos encounter.

The 'So Much Power' special attack in the Telos encounter will no longer deal damage to the player at the start of phase 5.

It is now possible to withdraw runes in a rune pouch when the same kind of rune is already in the player's (full) backpack.

The tooltip on a medium, large or giant Runecrafting pouch now displays the increased durability (immunity to degradation) bestowed on it by the Repair Rune Pouch lunar spell.

Feedback messages from the Repair Rune Pouch spell now display as information boxes instead of chat window messages.

A blue cape can once again be purchased from Scavvo's Rune Store in the Champions' Guild, as it's a possible clue in the Wanted! quest.

The broken fountains in Varrock have been fixed so that players can once more draw water from them.

Players will no longer repeatedly see the message: 'You cannot fight other people's followers here' when using AOE abilities with a clan avatar or Guthixian butterfly nearby.

The reference 'Zaros spellbook' on the Elven Grimoire spellbook swap has now been changed to 'Ancient spellbook'.

Feedback has been added when a player attempts to withdraw an item from the bank with a full beast of burden inventory.

The 'Select destination' option on fairy rings no longer opens the transportation interface on free worlds.

Snowboard trick emotes no longer stall player movement.

The bag of salt animation no longer stalls the player.

The aggressive monster warning from the max guild boss portal teleport to Dagannoth Kings has been removed.

An issue has been fixed which certain toggleable icons were still appearing on the world map when players attempted to hide all icons.

Mouseover text now updates for interactable locations which connect or change state, such as the Invention workbench and picked fruit trees.

Helwyr, Vindicta & Gorvek, the Twin Furies and Gregorovic can now have their boss kill count prestiged.

Hotfixes (since the last update)

18/12, 14:45 UTC: The 2017 ninja survey now correctly displays the last option on the results page.

18/12, 15:25 UTC: The 'You're Not My Real Mah' achievement now consistently completes when reaching 100 chronicles.

20/12, 09:20 UTC: The Twitch Loot Chest Cheer Hunter outfit date check was extended until 31st December 2017.

21/12, 10:40 UTC: Players can no longer place augmented items into an auto-alcher machine, as this causes them to lose their perks and item XP when the item is removed.

27/12, 11:15 UTC: The 1.1x XP interface no longer repeatedly reopens itself while logged in.

29/12, 16:15 UTC: The Festive box food date check has been adjusted to cover dates up until 19th January 2018.

Ninja fixes

The consistency of layouts across the Friends, Clan, Friends Chat and Notes interfaces has been improved.

There is now a counter for the total number of players in Friends Chat located beside the Friend Chat settings button on the Friend Chat info interface.

The Fish Flingers interfaces now uses the current interface style.

The magic carpet travel network is now accessed through an interface, allowing travel to any unlocked destination from almost any station. However, the monkey station still only connects to South Pollnivneach and Shantay Pass as it does not charge a fee.

The slow method of travelling by magic carpet has been removed to simplify magic carpet travel.

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