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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:38 am

PATCH NOTES 12th November 2018

Patch Notes
Here are the patch notes for this week!

Achievement Bonanza
The dragonstone, dragonstone, dragonstone achievement can now be unlocked when using bolts inside a quiver.
Players that own the full Shamans Outfit are now more likely to play as a new familiar in Familiarisation to complete the 'A bit TOO familar' achievement.
Panic at the Disco achievement is now correctly marked as members only.
The "Gnome more, I'm full" achievement can now be completed by eating premade chocchip crunchies.
The "Bury All" achievement now specifies in the description that you have to bury/scatter manually rather than being able to use a bonecrusher or ectoplasmator.
Players with player owned ports armour that is either broken or stored in a play owned house will now being able to unlock the relevant achievements.
The "Treasure Hunter" achievement will no longer show as being completed repeatedly upon completing treasure trails clues
Players with all heist perks unlocked will now receive the cops and robbers achievement as expected.
Players that have fully upgraded the wicked hood should now receive the All Good achievement as expected.
The "I know you are but what am I" achievement can now be completed on metallic dragons.
Players that have completed the "you're it" achievement will no longer be able to complete it again.

Potion tooltips are here and yes, they also come with a toggle under Game Settings > Miscellaneous Settings > then scroll all the way down to Tooltip Options, if you're not fussed about seeing all our hard work. :)
Added a tooltip to the regular gem bag (the upgraded version had one already).
RuneMetrics no longer takes you away from the App to a website when attempting to upgrade, the only way to upgrade is to purchase with Bonds.
Fixed an issue with some 'From Tiny Acorns' quest items being unobtainable if lost through death. Talking to Urist after losing the dragon will now correctly reset the stall, allowing the player to steal it again.
Parcel's title had a tiny typo and now states Parcel title when unlocked.
Magestix now has a left-click "Trade" option.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:53 pm

PATCH NOTES 19th November 2018


Add Citadel tier to clan log
Add a right click option to Clan Log to broadcast the Clan Log stats (Visitors, Fealty, Cappers) that week (admin+ ONLY)
Permission restrict who can view the clan ban list to admin+ by default but allow a clan to toggle it so all recruits can see who's banned if they wish
Allow recruited members who left a clan chat then left a clan to be joined straight into a clan chat when recruited to a new clan
Add an additional warning to Clan Owners trying to leave a clan that they can just demote themselves to remain in the clan
Allow owners to demote themselves to Overseer or lower
Allow a clan member to click on the "time to rebuild" layer in the Citadel interface to broadcast to the clan how long is left until Clan Citadel resets
Push welcome back clan broadcasts to the respective clan chats
Push a broadcast out to tell the clan the name of the clan member who's moved the Clan Build Tick
Fix the clan avatar customise permission tooltip
Make the Citadel Tier upgrades actually show up as Green on the interface if you've hit the right number of visitors for your respective tier
Convert the Clan Noticeboard editing interface into an Overlay, allowing you to create/edit events while in combat/skilling
Add a event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 15 minutes to go
Add a event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 12 hours to go
Add a event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 24 hours to go
Add a clear all events button to the clan noticeboard (right click clear event to get to it)
Add a bank pin check on a Clan Login message
Add a broadcast to tell the clan what the Clan has been renamed to
Add a job title "Replacement owner" to allow the clan to see who would assume ownership of the clan if the owner stepped down
When right click examining a Clan Avatar, show that clan's information to the player in an interface
Allow Clan Avatars to contribute more clan resources every 20 - 30 seconds, for example a Tier 7 Storehouse will now have 15 clan resources added each time whereas previously it was 5
Clan Avatars can now be dismissed on the first attempt via the Pets interface
The Clan Noticeboard can now save events more reliably!


Fixed a bug that caused certain sections of the wider menu buttons on the Options Menu from being unresponsive to taps.
Overhauled the Expert Skillcape Shard Bag for both clients.
Updated the shards to use interesting colourful sprites that match the respective shard object.
Added skill icons to each shard to identify at a glance which ones are which.
Indication of which Expert Cape of Accomplishment has been unlocked.
Tapping a shard within the bag will inform you whether or not you have collected it.
Fixed an issue where the new choice select options were not displaying correctly for an interface we have zoomed in on.
We have removed the changing contextual button that changed the home teleport icon.
Instead we have returned the extra buttons at the bottom of the worn equipment interface, we have increased the size and spacing of these buttons noticeably. As part of this fix, rejoice for full access to the currency pouch has returned. Users can now access Oddments, Rare Item Tokens, Bonds etc... from the currency pouch.
We have made further improvements to the dungeoneering party minigames interface on both PC and mobile. Primarily around the size of buttons and the spacing of UI elements.
We have improved the Player-owned Ports Ships minigame interface elements so they are easier to tap and fill the interface better on mobile.
We have increased the size of the Hefin serenity posts minigame interface elements so they are easier to tap and fill the interface better on mobile.
We have increased the size of the livid farm minigame interface elements so they are easier to tap and fill the interface better on mobile.
Added a combat indicator (flashing red border) when you have an interface open that covers the full screen. This will let you know that you are in combat and being attacked. The speed of the flashing will increase as your health drops.
< 10 % health -> Flash every second.
between 10 and 25 % health -> Flash every 1.5 seconds.
between 25 and 50 % health -> Flash every 2 seconds.
> 50 % health -> Flash every 2.5 seconds.
We have added special drag and drop areas on the left hand side of the backpack on mobile.
Drop area is there by default for all users. This is also slightly larger. This is there as an alternative to right click to drop or destroy anything. It also serves as an indicator as to what you are doing. Dropping an item in the game world can be confusing.
At the relevant magic levels a low alchemy, then later a high alchemy drop area exists below the drop area.
Lastly once you have passed the point in the tutorial a disassembly drop area is added.
These are all sized so that they are all visible with the smallest inventory size on mobile.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

Dailyscape and Portnight achievements will no longer reset after completion if their respective streak is broken.
Fixed an issue where some achievements weren't counting towards total achievement completion.
You'll no longer get reminders about failing the achievement Source of Denial if you've already completed it while doing the new Sq'uirk achievement.
Pizzas can now be delivered to all highwaymen.
Players that have filled their toolbelt will now receive the 'Get tooled up' achievement as expected.
Players will now receive the 'Reverent Sculptor' achievement when talking to Copernicus Glyph with all five God chisels in their inventory.
'Hacks' achievement is now correctly marked as F2P.
Players that own a full set of superior player owned ports gear will now receive the related achievement as expected.
The farming skillcape perk can now be used to unlock the 'Smartest Harvest' achievement.
Ring of Kinship upgrade achievements will no longer be lost when the ring is reset.
Adjusted the grammar on some achievement titles and descriptions.
If you have the complete from Shield of Arrav before the quest rework was completed without finishing the quest, you can now properly complete the quest.
Resolved issue within the sentence displayed within the Quest Store when claiming more rewards.
Ironmen that come across stray parcels from the hedge will have them cleaned up when attempting to interact with them.


Hellion aura can no longer be reset with the Premier artefact.
Players are now able to enter the VIP worlds with Gold Premier Club 2019 active
Fixed an issue that prevented players who had previous Premier Club and the new Premier Club in certain combinations from being able to open Premier Club Tokens
The Premier Club artefact slayer boost will no longer activate when you haven't activated the boost.
Virtual levelling announcement now points to the correct place in settings.
Players can no longer spam click the confirm option on shops when buying over a certain value limit to buy multiples of items
The shadow barrows transmog rings now have the correct weapon models set.
Fixed an issue that prevented certain players from obtaining the Toy baby dragon during 'From tiny acorns'.
Slayer VIP Coupons are now free-to-play objects.
Achievements for Elite Dungeon boss kills have been combined for the purpose of reducing total requirements for the Final Boss and Insane Final Boss metas. Solo kill achievements remain untouched, but are removed from FB/IFB.
Clicking on the Treasure Hunter button in the lobby now opens the interface as expected.
Added some blocking to the rocks in the Araxxor cave at the end of path 3.
Players will no longer log in to being stuck in the river next to Gunnarsgrunn if they hadn't logged in since the river widening.
FIxed a graphical issue when turning into Linza with Ring of the Disgraced.
The skybox & filter options, access from the world map button's right click menu, has been reworked.
Skybox can be selected in one tab
Filter can be selected in another
In Advanced, various settings can be set and saved as a preset. Beware, you may cause some strange looking effects. Sun colour, sun ambience, fog colour and depth as well as volumetric light colour and density can be set to custom values.
Added antigriefing to all of the Skillchompas hunter areas.
Visually updated the bug reporter, additionally included support center links for specific bug categories.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:09 pm

PATCH NOTES 26th November 2018

Multi-bite foods once again show healing information on their tooltips.
Bleeds will no longer deal 1 damage on their first hit in PvP.
Kal'Gerion demons can now be damaged while charging their special move.
Instance creation player limitation now works correctly for certain boss fights.
The Tsunami ability now casts in the direction of your target rather than in the direction you are facing.
No longer able to restore negative prayer points using spirit prayer pigs.
The Provoke ability can no longer be queued whilst queuing isn't active.
Removed some blocking which prevent Araxxor from being able to move between phase 2 and 3, whilst on path 3.

Kal'Gerion demons can now be damaged while charging their special move.
Shortened challenge scroll lead up dialogue with Izzy No Beard after the first time you've done the clue.
Hidey holes can now be filled while the objects to store are still worn.
Mutated barge, fury and flurry codex drops will now broadcast to friends.
Messages noting urn partial fill thresholds are now caught by the chat spam filter.
Ali Morrisane has a right-click Trade option, which bypasses a lot of dialogue and allows quicker access to the shops.
It is now possible to close the on screen Treasure Hunter button when you have other interfaces open.
Arcane, elysian and divine spirit shields now list their passive effect on the object tooltip.
Moved the ready and leave options on the Dungeoneering floor complete interface to larger more obvious buttons on the bottom.
Toned down the amount of fireworks displayed when levelling multiple skills to milestones simultaneously.
Increased the pack yak's summoned timer from 58 to 64 minutes, to better account for instance length handling.
Aquarium building materials obtained from prawn balls may now be disassembled.
Araxxi's fangs, webs and eyes may now be disassembled.
Attempting to open the door behind a locked door glyph in Daemonheim now unlocks the door (provided your party has its key) instead of telling you that you can't reach the door.
Resource information in now shown on the each of the Wushanko regions on the Ports Management interface.

Small area near sheep pen in Lumbridge will now have correct texture.
A small area in Lumbridge with out-dated textures has been updated and is now consistent with it's surrounding environment.
Removed force walk tiles by rock in north Lumbridge.
The golden cane will no longer cause clipping with the icon on some Retro Skillcapes
Removed floating tile in Games Room.
Fixed a gap that appeared when players equipped Dragonbone Gloves and Plate.
Some torch particles have been updated in Yanille dungeon.
Fixed some graphical issues near Digsite.
Fixed an issue with main and off-hand items not recolouring correctly.
Removed the strap on the steel hatchet when its sheathed.
Fixed a graphical issue with a structure inside Tower of Life.
Fixed some texture issues on Bronze Platelegs.
A Willow tree (near the Tower of Life) has had their branches surgically re-attached.
Bronze plateskirt no longer stretches in combat when worn by a male character.
Fixed an issue with the floor texture not lining up with the buildings above the Dwarven mine.
Fixed a graphical issue with yak plushie and Ozan outfit.
Adamant maces are now sheathed onto the correct hips
Added geometry to the back of the chest plate on the bronze platebody.
Some force-walk tiles in the south of Draynor have been fixed.
Removed invisible blocking from a house in Rimmington.
Fixed corrupt chainbody alignment on female characters.
Graphics options with dropdown boxes will now displaying correctly if the resolution dropdown is opened first.
Fixed a tree near Ardougne mill so it no longer loses its canopy when remove roofs setting is applied.

Fixed a typo with ingression fragments from GWD2 when used outside the heart.
Fixed a typo on the naming of Magic Tree Stumps
Fixed a typo on the rewards interface for "Blood Runs Deep"
Corrected the examine on the Shifting Tombs Reward Enhancer.
Removed the word 'farming' when adding items to either the Tool Leprechaun's farming store or Lady Ithell's Crystal Seed storage. They both had the word farming in the phrase when storing items because they ran through a similar check, but it's pretty obvious which one you're looking at so there's no need to mention farming!
Updated the reward text after completing 'Evil Dave's big day out' - 'Eating spicy stews now have a better chance of giving you positive stat boosts and will always boost the stat by 2 when a positive boost is given.'
The 'Use all' option for prismatic stars + cancelling out no longer gives incorrect messaging.
The examine text for Unferth's patch no longer says 'potatos' instead of 'potatoes'.
Changed the text to during Family Crest quest when talking about how to defeat Chronozon - it now specifically states Blast spells are required.

Chat messages for destroying herbs with Herbicide and when attempting to use a spell without the required runes are no longer duplicated.
Malignius Mortifer no longer has chat option about magic secateurs before you start the Fairy Tale quests.
An incorrect Wisp spawn location has been removed from the Wisps of the Grove DnD in the Lost Grove
Fixed an issue with text running outside the limits of interfaces at shops
Fixed an issue that was preventing daily parcels from being consistently given out. (HOTFIXED)
Fixed an issue where new players in legacy mode were unable to find the path system interface
Closing the Treasure hunter Item Information interface now returns you to Treasure Hunter.
Information text is no longer cropped when attempting to sell more bamboo reaching your sell cap with the Bamboo Merchant on Waiko.
If a pet you owned is no longer unlocked, it will now be removed from the summon cycle when you add a new pet to it
The 'Nowhere' option on the Ring of respawn no longer teleports the user to Lumbridge.
If you have you dominion medallion keepsaked you can now reclaim it from the strange face in the dominion tower.
Arcane, elysian and divine spirit shields now list their passive effect on the object tooltip.
Compacted silver jewelry will no longer degrade to dust.
The message for a grapple breaking no longer appears when using the grapple on the toolbelt, since it cannot break.
Reduced the painted down area of Manor Farm which was covering a wider area than it perhaps needed. This meant farm checks were running when you walked from places like the Ardougne lodestone to the Fishing Guiid. The areas have now been tightened up to only cover the the outskirts of all pens and the hives.
You can now chat to Granny (or access via a new right clcik option) about which Contract buyers should turn up. Timing restrictions will still apply, in that you'd have to wait until the next day for them to turn up. Doing this will overwrite the standard game mechanic, but that can be turned back on by chatting to Granny at any time. Small, Medium and Large buyers can now each individually be set.
Players who were in a bad state during "In the Branches of Darkmeyer" due to a reset and could not get the required mysterious medallion can now search the coffin to have their variables corrected and receive the medallion as normal.
Two tiles in the north-west paddock of PoF should no longer cause the player to be stuck under certain circumstances.
Pirate treasure quest reward no longer references unlocking pay-fare option on sailors.
Players are now directed to the correct settings interface to access any bought loot beams from death.
Added banana pizza to the cooking skill guide. (Still don't know why banana pizzas are added to the game. Thank you Mod Shogun...)
You can now visit another player's uncharted isle, with this update you'll also be able to toggle restrictions on who can visit your Island
- Speak to Quartermaster Gully (Island Options) to travel to another players Island
- You can also toggle Island settings on Island Options and allow everyone to visit your Island, friends only, or no one.
- When visiting another player's island you will not be able to use the skilling resources there nor pick up the Island customations, however you will be able to catch any birds/implings there
- You will also not be able to loot Treasure Chests on claimed islands
- If you log out on a Players island you will be teleported back to Waiko
If a player had their Barrows entrance set to Akrisae's sarcophagus but have since lost access (eg by a defense reset), they can now access the Barrows through Verac's sarcophagus.
Spirt yaks from summoning and zygomites from farming will now be able to be harvested with a full inv, where one of your items (yak pouch or a mushsroom) will be replaced as it reveals itself to be a creature.
There was an erroneous check for contract buyers that meant if you're first login of the day was on a free to play world, the buyers wouldn't refresh when they were supposed to. Now, if you're a member, on your first login of the day, despite what world you log into, the contract buyers will correctly refresh.
A number of safety precautions have been added to players who are in the new character name interface.
Adjusted values of shiny-boosting traits to Sparkling (+1%), Glistening (+1.5%) and Radiant (+2.5%) (which is an increase overall if you stack all three on the same animal).
Removed a guaranteed drop of ghostly essence when the As the Rooster Crows POF animal perk is active; now only increases drop chances for an amount of kills after you hear the rooster's crow, as described.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:05 pm

PATCH NOTES 3rd December 2018

Patch Notes
This week we've got a wild variety of patch notes for you.
Capitalised the 'g' in 'grove' from the Solak item log title.
Updated the message when the player is caught trying to enter Entrana with prohibited objects, to be more specific as to what's not allowed.
Corrected the news post categories displayed in the lobby.
The super restore potion tooltip now correctly shows the number of summoning points it will restore.
Extreme skilling potions now show the correct level boost based on their respective skill level.
The juju hunter potion's tooltip now correctly states that its duration is 10 minutes.
The Super Antifire tooltip now states the correct duration.

The buildings, camps and bank area are removed
Items related specifically to play mobilising armies have been removed from players
Investment and reward credits have been converted back into coins.
unused enhancers have been swapped out with unfocused enhancers
Related teleports remain with new names; South Feldip Hills
Players' rank hi-scores remain for posterity
Titles and clothing have moved to the thaler store
Locators are now created with Divination and can now locate elder trees
Ring imbues are now at Soul Wars. New imbues for high-tier rings are now available at the Liberation of Mazcab rewards trader
Music tracks can be unlocked by visiting the old site of M.A.
Quest kits are no longer available as they don't fit their intended purpose

Improved the size of the Thalassus hunting mini-game interface on mobile.
App will no longer crash when double tapping the Treasure Hunter banner.
The Player Owned Ports Archipelago Map now displays region and island information when tapped.
The game world brightness is now a 4 option drop down menu instead of a fiddly slider bar making it easier to set the desired brightness.
We have added buttons on the one-time popup at the login screen that link to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
Changed the Player Owned Ports Ships name change button from a cog to an improved version of the pencil it had before.
Increase the pinch-to-zoom distance on mobile, you can zoom out further than before using the Modern Camera mode within the general gameplay settings.
Disabled the ability to interact with the world when the View Controls interface is open.
Removed the information button that was causing problems on various interfaces.
Combat interface when controlling Vanescula during The Branches of Darkmeyer quest now scales nicely on mobile with easy to read text.
The penguin suit emotes interface used during the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest now scales on mobile along with changing the icon buttons to wide buttons with the icon and a text label to identify the emote.
The interface for controlling the Zomboat during the A Clockwork Syringe quest is now more readable with centralised buttons and increased text size.
The Circus Agility mini-game interface now scales nicely on mobile along with changing the icon buttons to wide buttons with the icon and a text label to explain what it does.
When creating a new account the mobile controls panel will no longer flash before the loading screen, it will appear once you've selected your RuneScape experience.

Players with Intel HD systems should now be able to see textures that weren’t previously being rendered properly
Optimized animations to free up memory and improve game performance
Fixed a bug causing taps to occur twice
Fixed a bug with taps not registering when user is prompted their game client needs updating
Fixed a bug with metamorphosis causing enemies to respawn as their modified version
Fixed a bug where users wouldn’t reconnect under certain circumstances
Known Issues
Resizing the client on a Mac will most likely crash the game. We're already working on a fix for this.

Drop rates of codices in the Dragonkin Laboratory have been improved. (HOTFIXED 30/11/2018)
Instakill darts will no longer work on familiars in the wilderness.
Some blocking has been removed around the outer-ring of the Grand Exchange.
Players that encountered blocking issues at the Prifddinas Waterfall bank chest should find the issue resolved.

Players will no longer be teleported out when fishing at Deep Sea Fishing.
Hearts of Ice are now correctly reset during loot duels.
Fixed an issue where Golden Nymph wasn't gilding pickaxes under certain conditions.
Menaphos raw fish (desert sole, catfish and beltfish) can now be added to the troughs at Manor Farm.
Rimmington has been cleared of slime.... for now.
Sea Salt now requires level 90 mining rather than 91, to match the skillguide.
The revive option on Isafdar's mushroom patch now works as expected.
Fixed a heightmapping issue where players sank into a hillside between Pollnivneach and the Desert Mining Camp
Removed combat stats from specific broken dyed items that had them and prevented them disassembling into nothing, rather than their broken state.
Corrected heightmapping for the Pollinivneach cliffs.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:05 pm

PATCH NOTES 10th December 2018


Fixed a minor graphical issue with the investigator's jacket collar appearing on the chat head when it was not equipped.

Fixed a minor graphical issue with a manhole in West Ardougne.

Fixed some underlay issues in Yu'Biusk.

The low wall just south of the east Varrock bank has had it's collision altered to now block movement as intended.

Fixed a graphical issue with Princess Astrid.

Fixed an issue where several NPCs had patchy skin.

A tile on Taverly bridge is no longer missing.

Objects will no longer float when you drop them at the top of the Heroes guild stairs (top floor)

We've now added a part of the missing roof of the Power Station on Ice Mountain.

Fixed a graphical issue with lion belly top.

Fixed labeling issue with El Padre de la Luz mask.

Fixed Cap'n Izzy no-beard's chathead.


Keybinds 1 to 8 have now been added to the Tirannwn quiver's teleport interface.

The Make-X window will no longer list skilling outfit pieces after its full set has been completed.

A bank area has been added to death's office to allow passive healing over time.

The toolbelt button on the equipped items window now has shortcuts to stored tools' individual settings via right-click options.

Ethereal heads (Blood, Death, Law, Infinity) can now access the Wicked Hood's "Teleport Latest" worn op.

Combined monkey greegrees now also have the swap option while equipped.

Bob Barter specific potion dose decanting is now a menu choice as opposed to manually entering a number of doses.

Digsite pendants now have right click options to teleport to it's various destinations when worn.

The wilderness Chaos Altar now has an Offer option on right-click.

The Follower details window will now list stored summoning scrolls as well as those stored in the inventory.

Most Tirannwn quiver teleports can now be used an unlimited amount of times. The Death Altar teleport is still limited to 5 times per day.

The factory outfit is now reclaimable from Diango/Bank reclaim.

Enhanced replenishment potions are now a slightly different colour to help differentiate.

We've now made it made it more difficult to get pulled out of chat by combat NPCs when speaking to the Messenger at Graveyard of Shadows and Swordsman in Edgeville Dungeon during the Curse of Zaros miniquest.

Rune guardians pets will no longer need to be re-energised at rune altars periodically.

Alchemical Onyx

Seren spirits will no longer spawn and immediately disappear when performing actions like picking Arc mushrooms or Deep Sea Fishing.

Players can no longer attempt to add 0 charge teleport compactor items to charge Passage of the Abyss (even if you have other items of the same type in your inventory).

The Ring of Duelling teleport via the Passage of the Abyss now states South Feldip Hills where Mobilising Armies used to be.

Players can no longer use the Grace of the Elves teleport to the Runespan... while inside the Runespan.

Using the max guild teleport options from the Grace of The Elves uncovered an issue that never previously presented itself. As a safety check we've added a quick teleport animation to the Grace of the Elves when using max guild portal teleports.

Seren Spirits now only appear for the player who spawned them!

Enchantment tablets can now be used to enchant the new onyx jewelry


If all pens of a certain size are built, Farmer's Market will now display "owned" for animal pen kits.

Home teleporting no longer stops poison effects being removed from the player.

You should no longer be able to fill gizmo bags past their limit.

Free players can now call (and more importantly dismiss) their pets on free words.

Evil Bob will now steal the correct amount of summoning points from the player in Shattered Worlds with the "Catastrophe" mutator.

It is now possible to stay inside the godwars dungeon with levels lower than the required level to enter the dungeon.

Player moderators should no longer have the possibility to accidentally toggle the temporary mute option when reporting a player within the Report a Player system.

The ingredients list for the Supreme Overload Salve on the skillguide now correctly states you need a Prayer Potion (rather than a prayer restore).

An option to turn on legacy map icons has been added to the Miscellaneous->Legacy Modes section of Gameplay Settings.

The Elf mushroom patch will now correctly work with Morytania Elite Diaries when the Farming Skillcape perk activates or when using Patch Bombs.

The Fruit Bat's fly option will now work again correctly.

Fixed an issue where corpses in The Death of Chivalry quest could be destroyed by a ring of recoil, stopping players that do not directly engage in combat from continuing the quest.

The Chivalry prayer will now correctly state the Defence requirement as 65.

The 'Bottoms up' achievement can now only be completed using attack potions.

Batwing gloves no longer appear twice in the Crafting skill guide.

Warning message that appears when augmenting polypore staff no longer mentions that players will not be able to cast polypore strike.

Fixed a typo for the Runecrafting option on the Retro Skillcapes toggle interface.

The Fight Cauldron Coffer will now accept donations up to and including the full 60 minute of buff duration.

It is now possible to toggle between barbarian and normal fishing after having completed the barbarian training miniquest by talking to Otto.

Ice strykewyrms will no longer instantly disappear if they do not have line of sight to their target after burrowing.

We've now removed "Mobilising Armies" from the world list interface that had them listed as an "Activity", with this, we've now decided to change the following worlds:

w25: Mobilising Armies -> Community Farming Training

w58: Blast Furnace -> Community Smithing Training

w71: Lava Flow Mine & Penguin Hide & Seek -> Lava Flow Mine

w76: Mob -> Community Summoning Training

w79: Soul Wars -> Community Divination Training

w83: Community Smithing Training -> Living Rock Caverns

w84: Living Rock Caverns -> Portable skilling

w88: Shades of Mort'ton -> Elite Dungeons

w91: Mage Training Arena -> Heist

w100: Group questing -> Treasure Trails

w138: Minigame spotlight -> Great Orb Project

Tweaked Zone of restoration spawns in Shattered Worlds.

Killing certain creatures with Lootshare active will now correctly award experience in various combat styles.

One of the cutscenes for the You Are It quest will now correctly work in JAVA.

NXT: Fixed a resizing window bug on Mac causing RuneScape to become unresponsive

NXT: Fixed another bug with trees not having leaves


Old style dialog boxes on mobile are no longer displayed during the incantation section of The Light Within quest.

Stat globes are no longer overlapping on Mobile and Tablet devices.

We have removed "left-click" terminology from the Summoning globe menus and interfaces.

The health globe now displays the correct amount of hitpoints when in legacy mode.

Brink of Extinction egg puzzle interface has been improved for use on mobile. The buttons have been made larger and have had their spacing improved.

The interface when purifying the wisdom shard during the quest The Light Within now scales nicely on mobile.

The interface for the riding skill used during the Gower Quest now scales nicely on mobile.

Fixed an issue where the Achievements Path interface could end up with two vertical scroll bars.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:26 pm

Patch Notes 17th December 2018

Premier club tokens will once again work correctly for those whose Premier Club membership has ran out. Items added in the upcoming year will not be available to those who have not purchased the 18/19 Premier Club.

Items from Seren Spirits will now more consistently be sent to your bank if you already have the item in your bank.

Updated the Dungeoneering outfit on the Inventor's workbench to show the correct icon.

Imbued versions of Hazelmere's signet ring and the ring of fortune now drop their respective Un-imbued versions in PvP.

Wearing a full ethereal Runecrafting outfit should now allow you to enter the Dagon'hai shortcut to the Chaos altar without needing an extra talisman, as intended.

Reflect damage will now correctly progress the Underground pass quest in the fight against Kalrag.

The Unstable glacyte once again shows as bright red with textures turned on.

Imbued variants of Hazelmere's signet ring, Ring of death, Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves, and the Asylum surgeon's ring will now show their correct value in the wealth evaluator.

From RuneScape's 18th birthday, balloons will spawn at various lodestones.

Players that have somehow managed to find themselves blocked during the in aid of myreque quest should now be able to continue as expected.


The font colour for your ships status within the ships Player Owned Port interface has been changed to match desktop.

You will now be able to tap to open the Resources and Visitors sections within your Player Owned Port.

Game Lobby banners will take you to the correct place when tapped.

Removed external website links and some PC terminology on mobile when buying a bank booster in-game.

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Re: Patchnotes! 2015-2018 - Archive

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 20, 2019 6:10 pm

PATCH NOTES 20th May 2019


The Digsite has had a graphical refresh!

The globetrotter outfit now teleports you directly to a certain underground clue if you have completed Dig Site quest, not just to the winch.

The player character will no longer sink into the ground around the site.

The winches on the surface now properly match up with the relative positions of the caves below.

There is now a tool cupboard in the exam centre to replace any tools students or workmen might have misplaced.


Examining other players now correctly highlights their boosted/nerfed skill levels, rather than highlighted those of yours that are currently affected.

Can no longer use Ring of Coins in the wilderness.

Items that are non-alchemisable will no longer display a high alch price when being examined.

Stopped crafting robust glass from defaulting to potion flask when trying to craft Ogre flasks

Reduced the frequency of Ripper Demons special attack slightly.

Uncharged augmented chargebows will no longer bypass their damage cap when using arrows with an effect.

There is now an interact option when using the summoning medallion for Revenant pets.

Revenant Pets will now display a kill count when examined.

Converted any noted items placed in the bank to their un-noted version.

Both God Wars Dungeon 2 and Elite Dungeon bosses now award more Reaper points and Slayer XP when killed in challenge/hard mode.

Changed the examine information for the Hellhound Revenant pet, to better reflect the pet's origin.

Revenant vampyre pets no longer sometimes cease to follow you. Revenant hobgoblin and ork pets will now be dismissed properly.

The prestige counter for Revenants will now correctly show the amount of prestige players have with Revenant kills.

Trimmed Masterwork Armour will now appropriately upgrade alongside its current degrade percentage when being custom-fit by Elof

Various broadcast messages no longer incorrectly link to Twitch or Youtube.

The Elite Woodcutting Outfit has been added to the portable trader's store.

Players can now open the RS Wiki in your web browser by typing "/wiki" in chat.

You can visit specific pages, or do a search on the RS Wiki by typing "/wiki [searchterm]"

For example, to reach the page for our latest quest Desperate Times;

/wiki desperate times

Challenge Mystery bags will now award the respective skill's resources when a daily challenge is completed by an Ironman.

When trying to access McGrubor's Wood, a message will now appear in the chat bar suggesting you should look around for another way in.


The Digsite quest has been improved!

Hint boxes have been added to the quest.

Digging spots can now just be clicked on (no more "Use tool on soil" with a tiny click zone).

All hand-ins are now handled via left click interactions (no need to "Use item on NPC", though these still work).

The role of the curator has been replaced with a new NPC - Seth Minas - to keep students on-site throughout the quest.

Cups of tea will now spawn in one of the new buildings in this area.

Groundskeeping work means that there are now fewer bushes to search for lost objects.

You can now carry multiple panning trays and fill them all up before having to check them.

If you try to pan with only full panning trays in your inventory, you will automatically check and empty one of your full panning trays first.

Pickpocketing is now the default option (for members) on Varrock Dig Site workmen.

The components of the chemical compound used in the quest can now all be found in the caves to better make use of this area.

Ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine are now identified on pickup, and do not have to be taken to archaeological expert Terry Balando (though he is still able to identify any unidentified items you might still have lying around).

Leather boots and gloves are no longer required to dig at archaeological grids. You will still need the relevant qualification and tools.

Examiners will now provide the appropriate tools for each qualification, in an attempt to reduce theft on-site.

The Dig Site quest journal has been updated to reflect the changes made to the area.

The Needle Skips quest has also been improved!

During The Needle Skips, keywords will now be coloured in the chatbox:

Red if the keyword is not valid.

Light green if the keyword is valid and has been newly discovered.

Dark green if the keyword is valid but has previously been discovered.

During The Needle Skips, if a new keyword has been discovered, the subchapter it belongs to will flash around the portrait.

During The Needle Skips, if you guess a correct keyword, the list will update immediately, allowing you to see if it belongs to the section you are currently viewing.

When searching for keywords in The Needle Skips, the search box will re-highlight if you guessed an incorrect word, saving you a click.

After uncovering a memory, the keyword interface will reopen with the search box highlighted.

During The Needle Skips, if you click on the search box within the keywords interface and close it, the search box will be re-highlighted once the interface is reopened.

During The Needle Skips, if the replay button is clicked in the keywords interface, the search box will be automatically highlighted.

During The Needle Skips, guessing a keyword will bring up 1 of 3 messages:

You have already discovered the word [keyword].

The word [keyword] doesn't reveal anything.

You have discovered the word [keyword].

When replaying chapters of The Needle Skips, players now have the option to leave the instance by selecting the 'Return to normal time' option.

A cutscene during the Desperate Times quest was incorrectly altering the players Sliske's Endgame quest progress. This has now been fixed.

Players that have been affected by this should now find themselves in a state as close to previous as possible. Players may find they have to repeat parts of the quest that they already had previously.

Players that had already completed the quest will now find themselves at the start of the boss fight on a non canon quest play through.

Corrected the required items for the Desperate Times quest from runite bars, to rune bars in the quest journal and quest dialogue.

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