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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:21 pm

PATCH NOTES 13th August 2018

Skillcape Perks

Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering boss selection ignoring level requirements.

Teleporting to the Glacor Cavern via the Master Quest Cape will now apply the Stone of Jas boost.

The hooded Max cape will now show activatable perks when worn.

The Master Quest Cape will no longer be disabled from your keepsake after logging back in.

It is no longer possible to detach a Dungoneering hood from it's skillcape within a dungeon.

Hooded dungeoneering capes will no longer be removed when leaving a dungeon.


Ironmen are now informed why they cannot open Umbral chests if they're unexpectedly obtained.

You will no longer be able to infinitely stall adrenaline by using a spell that you do not meet that requirements for.

Fixed a typo stating that new unlocks in the Skill Guide said above instead of below.

Players with certain construction level will no longer disconnect when attempting to enter a Player Owned House in free-to-play worlds.

PoH kitchen beer barrels no longer fill beer glasses on F2P worlds, to prevent access to members-only objects. To prevent access to members-only objects, the PoH kitchen shelves and larder can no longer provide objects on F2P worlds.

Sawmill operator once again sells construction supplies.

Void Knights Commendations can now be traded for XP again.

The incorrect end date of the Hellion Aura has been adjusted and is now available again for Gold Premier members.

The Kuroryu pet quick chat now displays as originally intended.

Hotfixes Last Week

Players can once again consistently hit the XP reward milestone in a low-tiered Clan Citadel.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:32 pm

PATCH NOTES 20th August 2018

Skillcape Perks

The Thieving Skill Cape Perk now correctly notes triangle sandwiches.


The Ancient elven ritual shard can now be dropped by Solak at a rate of 1/1,000 per player

A news broadcast has been added to the Ancient elven ritual shard drop when received from the Grove creatures or Solak.

A news broadcast has been added to Cinderbane gloves when received from Solak.

We've changed the following items and how they broadcast in-game:

Dormant anima armour will no longer broadcast in-game at all when dropped
Dragon Claws will now broadcast to friends only
Abomination cape will now broadcast to the world you're on


Resolved an issue with the Zombie head in Pieces of Hate where they player could restart the interrogation after agreeing to help.

Elite Dungeons

It is no longer possible to pull the Black Stone Dragon outside of his arena.

Channeled abilities will no longer cancel when standing under an immobilised target.

Teleporting with chests and through doors in elite dungeons no longer requires you to be out of combat.

Added blocking in Astellarns boss room to prevent the player accessing certain tiles.

Prevented a crash that occurred when the Black Stone Dragon was defeated in group mode, but the group wasn't aligned to the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Prevented Verak Lith and players from damaging each other when the player is not in the arena.

Verak Lith's barriers now go up earlier to prevent players escaping back across the bridges after aggroing him.

Damage stored for soaking Verak Lith's richochet'd breaths is now cancelled when the player is removed from the arena (such as via death)

Acolyte of Seiryu headdress can now be saved correctly in a preset.


Players once again can teleport to another clan's citadel using Relationships signpost.

Fixed an issue with the Grand Exchange search bar experiencing random spacing between characters

Minor spelling change on Sandy Clue 7.

Karate-Chop fletching is now correctly showing the animation.

Dungeoneers will no longer have to wait for skeletons to finish dying before progressing when facing the Divine Skinweaver boss in the abandoned floors.

Ironman accounts can now buy clue scrolls with Thaler.

Using magic notepaper on a rune spear will now correctly note it.

Filtered game messages will no longer cause the Guest Clan Chat tab to flash incorrectly.

Luthas will now advance the sandy clue scroll when outside his house.

Players can no longer use Deathtouched darts on the Mega Duck. - Why would you want to do this in the first place? You Monster.

The Sakadagami headdress will now properly save as part of a preset.

Drinking Guthix restores no longer overwrites any longer active antipoison duration

Players can once again enter the Oo'glog pools with a familiar summoned. Now you can go about and have a nice spa day, while bringing along a pet.

Crossing down the walkway from the wilderness agility course as another player enters the gate will no longer cause you to be placed on a tile which allows you to run back through the gate onto the walkway incorrectly.

On a F2P world, the members' only dungeon prompt has been removed when walking down stairs in a Player-owned house.

Dragging and dropping Granite blocks now correctly drops them instead of opening the make-x interface.

Players are no longer given an incorrect message when harvesting harmony moss pillars.

The skill-guide no longer lists agile armour as having level requirements.

The 'Food' text in the Pets interface is now positioned correctly.

Players can now use all logs to repair the spinning wheel during The Giant Dwarf quest.

Curator Haig Halen has commissioned a group of builders, and now the windows in the Varrock museum are now all aligned.

The broken version of the Noxious Staff will now display the correct attack speed consistent with its used and new variants

The Phoenix Necklace will no longer remove the buff icon for the ultimate ability Immortality if it's effect activates whilst Immortality is still active.

Item charge will no longer display on the tooltip for new tradeable ports gear.

Players can now keepsake pieces of the Infected zombie outfit from Walk like a Zombie.

Typo corrected in Tales of Nomad mini-quest.

Quick-traversing on the barrier to the Twin Furies encounter now checks for Zamorak kill count rather than Zaros.

Receiving an Elite clue from the shades gold chest now displays the correct chat model.

Players can now only plant bloodweed seeds in the wilderness herb patch.

Uncut Emeralds now work correctly with magic notepaper.

Off-Hand Mithril Scimitars are no longer smuggle-able from The Rock during the Rocking Out quest. - I mean, if you were doing this, you probably should have been in the Rock jail anyway...

Players who have already unlocked the Samurai outfit will no longer have the option to unlock it again with the Premier Club reward tokens.

A typo on the Divine Herb Patch 1 info box in the Skills interface has been corrected.

Fixed a grammatical error when the charge pack runs out of charge.

Fixed a typo in artisan's workshop chat message.

KC and other interfaces in Barrows have received a slight graphical improvement.

Ninja Fixes

Blocking/Preferring tasks now immediately adds them to the list on the interface.

Creating/rejoining a Kalphite King instance no longer makes the player wait if they recently left.

Added climb top floor and climb bottom floor right-click options for the staircases in the Slayer Tower.

Batches of Dungeoneering reward tokens looted from combat and thieving are now all auto-redeemed.

Added a "Don't ask me again" option to adding potions to potion reservoirs.

Removed confirm/cancel menu for tortle portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles.

While in a group players can invite others from the friends chat list right-click options.

The Botany bay area, and trial announcers around the world have been removed.

Summoning will now visibly display as 990 and the summoning stat will not be drained when using summoning pouches.

Worshipping the ectofuntus now accepts all available bonemeal, ashes and ectoplasm in one continuous action.

Packs of feathers have been added to the following shops:
- Frawd's Gift shop
- Ava's Odds and Ends
- Gerrant's Fishy Business
- Island Fishmonger (Fishmonger)
- Etceteria Fish (Fishmonger)
- Shantay Pass Shop (Shantay)
- Fremennik Fishmonger (Fish monger)
- Fishing shop in Lumbridge
- Fishing shop in Shilo village
- Fishing guild
- Fishing shop in Menaphos

Wyson the gardender now accepts noted mole skins, claws and noses.

Removed a tree that blocked the view of the bank chest near the harmony pillars in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas.

The mole shield yelping chatbox message is now filtered.

Goebie bankers in Kanatah, Otot and in the Liberation of Mazcab raid now have Bank as their left click option, moving them in-line with other bankers.

The ladder into the hidden gem mine in Shilo Village can now be descended while the player is carrying Karamja gloves 3 or 4 in their inventory - rather than needing to be equipped.

Attacks' hitsplats rounded down by Legacy Mode no longer display zero damage when actually dealing very small amounts.

Easter carrot sound effects now only play for the player engaging in the whacking.

Extended delay between rescuing Ilona and the fade out to leave the Lumbridge Catacombs in The Blood Pact.

The weapons dropped in The Blood Pact now have tier 1 lootbeams.

Corrected autocast spell outline positioning.

Group invite options can be selected upon receiving an invite from another player;
- Default to the Accept/Decline interface
- Dropdown for invite permissions

The interface for receiving a teleport other has been updated and now includes the invitation settings.

Rubber chicken sound effects now only play for the player engaging in the whacking.

The Mizuyari now appears in the Attack skillguide.

The Sixth-Age circuit's teleports now appear as right-click options when worn.


A slight graphical tweak in the Missing, Presumed Death quest should make some areas easy to see.

Parts of the Grand Tree structures were missing undersides to their models, these have now been added.

That's all folks! Happy Monday

Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:14 am

PATCH NOTES 28th August 2018

Dormant Anima core drops have been removed from broadcasts.

Abomination cape drops now broadcast to the current world.

Added the respective monster name to the Champions Scrolls broadcast (i.e. 'Mod Meadows has received a Champions scroll (Goblin).')

The Reprisal ability can now be manually triggered again after using it, to return the damage to your opponent earlier

Havoc and Smash's shared cooldown is now shown correctly in ability icon cooldown clocks.

Cleave's cooldown clock is now displayed correctly when activated by its shared cooldown with the dragon halberd special attack

Fixed an issue where Tuska's Wrath would go on cooldown even if a player had not selected a magic attack whilst using magic combat.


Fixed a typo in Pieces of Hate quest.

It is no longer possible to get an excessive amount of 'The Stuff' from looting Pirate Implings

Zimberfizz' chathead will no longer appear after finishing Soul Wars game if you have completed Nomad's Elegy.


Corrected a typo in Daya's dialogue during the Eye for an Eye miniquest.

Typos in Grondaban's Stalker notes resolved.

Change prayer cape perk description to say offering bones instead of burning bones.

The maplink at the entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves has been moved closer to the entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Birhday Cake The 15th anniversary cake is now known as the anniversary cake and as such the text prompts have been adjusted accordingly.

The Clay Quality column of the Stealing Creation - Creation Kiln interface no longer remains pressed down when the Clay Quality is changed.

Removed a part of the fence and added a path into the Wizards' Guild's west entrance.

Fixed some spelling and grammar issues with the Agent of the Eldest set.

The Auto Disassembler and Auto Alcher should no longer hold reclaimable items such as rune pouches, which was effectively allowing players to receive multiples of these items.

Added Runecrafting level to cyclone and mind storm nodes, and air and mind esslings examines.

Elite Unspeakable Horror can no longer spawn in the cave wall.

Players may now summon pets in the dangerous clan wars portal.

The torn grimoire page examine text has been updated.

A spelling error with the examine text of the Guthix dragonhide vambraces has been fixed.

A grammatical error in the Last Riders book has been fixed.

An antipoison already in effect message no longer appears when drinking Guthix rest potions while another antipoison source is active.

A grammatical error in "The Story of Phodopis" has been corrected

Rare item store shown prices now correctly reflect the actual cost.

The rock in the south west corner of the Grand Exchange will no longer be able to be walked on or over.

Redeeming small xp lamp from Brimhaven Agility Arena no longer shows same message twice.

Fixed examines for seeds in the Mrs. Winkin's shop.

Players will no longer freeze where they stand in certain instances when teleporting to the Rune Essence mine

Players who have toggled beneficial boosts off will no longer receive pulse core buffs.

Sloane will no longer refer to himself as Yadech when attempting to recruit him for While Guthix Sleeps

Players can now use favorited memory strands to teleport to the Guthix memorial

You can no longer place kick-able objects in the wilderness.

Player is now unable to teleport to house while the POH is currently being loaded.

The trapdoor lever in a PoH throne room can now only be manipulated on members' worlds, to prevent F2P from being dropped into a dungeon room to which they do not have access.

Some teleport locations and warnings for the Superior Locator have been updated so it will no longer teleport players into inappropriate places and will provide appropriate warnings for locations in the Wilderness

The check-requirements OP on master quest cape will no provide feedback if you meet all requirements.

Fire spirits that spawn whilst using protean logs will now grant rewards based on your firemaking level.

Players are now prompted to complete the "Wanted!" quest in order to start "Devious Minds".

Players currently unable to continue the Devious Minds quest will have to complete the "Wanted!" quest to continue.

Corrected an issue with the beginning cutscene during the Giant Dwarf quest.

Corrected an incorrect XP listing on Make-X for wrapped oomlie.

Fixed an issue in NXT during the cutscene of Garden of Tranquility where a roof was blocking the view of the tree.

Some hooded capes can now be stored in PoH cape rack.

Loot beams and in-game messages will now show the correct drop amount at Nex.

The Paterdomus beacon has been graphically updated when in the "warning" and "emergency" states of the All Fired Up minigame.

The Pet interface now defaults to the correct type of pet when opened with a pet summoned.

The loot message for the Onyx Bolts bolts drop from Kalphite king has been adjusted to better represent the amount given.

A ring of recoil will no longer stunt your progress in the Royal Trouble quest.

A small hole is tuskas back has been patched over. Poor guy.

The Mask of Mourning now correctly states the ground floor of Morytania Slayer Tower instead of the first floor

The Love story quest overview was still using a legacy combat level in it's description. This has been changed accordingly.

The text that appears when attempting to buy from a shop with a full inventory now correctly fits in its box.

Made several changes to instanced sections of quests to show more of the surrounding game world in an effort to make the scenes feel more immersive. Quest included in this update are Let them Eat Pie during the confrontation with Rollo and Plague's End during the Mourner HQ and Ardougne castle segments.

Fixed a typo in the dialog when handing back the wedding ring to Angof.

Fixed a typo with the Almost made in Ardougne achievement.

Jeremy Servil has been renamed to Sammy Servil.

It is once again possible to plant various seeds in the Wilderness herb patch.

Fixed a typo when the fishing skillcape perk activates.

Fixed a typo with Captain Bleemdage in the One Small Favour quest.

Fixed a typo 'prayer prayer' when activating curses quick prayer when on standard prayer book.

A few tiles in the Wizards Guild have had unnecessary blocking removed from them.

Players that have encountered a bug that stopped them from accessing pest control landers now have their access restored.

Crystal trees now move locations at a specific time, starting at 0:00 game time, moving once every two hours.

When winning multiple Sombrero's from Treasure Hunter, players will now correctly receive coins instead of duplicates

The Zanaris cow wheel had a graphical issue which has now been fixed

Trying to equip Player-owned-Ports armour when not having the Defence requirement will no longer change the item lose charge.

A grammatical issue in the Kindred Spirits quest in relation to Sliske when talking about Guthan's secret has been fixed.

The Hellion Cape now has had some graphical adjustments and should now look much better with dual wield sheathed blades.

Fixed a grammatical oddity in the enchanting interface when enchanting multiple ruby necklaces.

The Rune Capers event interface now correctly references if a cloak is unlocked or not.

Rune Capers Mystery boxes are no longer dropped when received if the player has a full inventory.

Players that couldn't complete their skilling outfits can find that they'll now be able to get the required fragments if they couldn't before.

Resolved an issue with the camera sometimes facing downwards when teleporting into Prifddinas.

A login check has been implemented to make the camera face North without requiring any strange camera rotations whilst logging in.

The in-game calendar will no longer flash on each login for players who haven't accessed it yet.

Fixed a typo with the partially filled jar in the Hall of Memories.

Evil Dave Quest rewards XP is now given out in the form of lamps.

Fixed numerous typos in the Evil Dave's Big Day Out quest.

Corrected typos on the tooltips for Mutated Flurry and Mutated Fury.

Elite Dungeon 2 music tracks now unlock more consistently when playing in group mode.

Kuroryu pet now has 'Send home' option.

Chaos boots now correctly list the Shabby book as a requirement instead of the Notched book.

Players that suffer with arachnophobia will now have the option to flip the arraxor puzzles.

The buff bar will now display the correct amount of charges when a player is using a 'Sign of the Porter' to collect Mort Myre Fungus.

"Work on your Artisan" achievement will now correctly unlock requirements corresponding to the players reward shop unlocks

'Do not Elite' will no longer be incorrectly achieved upon completing the quest Do no Evil.

Corrected a typo in Sliske's Endgame quest.

Ninja Fixes

Adjusted clickzones for crawling corpse torsos in the Lumbridge catacombs.

Burthorpe Games Room, Giant Mole, King Black Dragon and Chaos Elemental are now listed as F2P in the Grouping System.

Beneath Cursed Tides, Gower Quest and Let Them Eat Pie are now listed as F2P in RuneMetrics on the RuneScape website.

An issue with the worldmap quest icons for these quests (that prevented them from being toggled off) has been corrected: Impressing the Locals, Sliske's Endgame, The Jack of Spades, Gower Quest.

The tooltip for Drakan's medallion now lists remaining teleport charges.

The digsite pendant can now to be used to teleport to the Exam Centre, to the south of the dig site.

Tamayu now has option to trade for spears.

Fairy dossier (Fairy Tale 3), Economy building for dummies (Do No Evil), Philipe's note (Carnillean Rising), Ballad (Spirits of the Elid), Dusty scroll (In Aid of the Myreque), Ransom letter (Some Like It Cold), Report (Within the Light) are now reclaimable from the PoH bookcase.

Armadyl communiqué is available to those who received it after the betrayal route of Temple of Ikov.

Made Necrovarus' Notes and Letter from King Raddallin available to everyone.

The Desert Amulet 4 now has the ability to teleport the player to the Ruins of Uzer.

The original Nex encounter will now count towards the 'God Wars - Like a Boss' daily challenge.

Removed references to FunOrb in quick chat options and Stronghold of Security questions.

Buckets of slime can now be emptied.

King Black Dragon boss instance timer no longer remains after teleporting out.

Corrected an issue with requirements to start Legends' Quest.

The guard outside the Legends' Guild will now display the Legends' Quest overview screen if you don't meet all of its requirements.

Wolf bone arrowheads and flighted ogre arrows now have a "Tip" option, opening Make-X for Fletching.

Updated some of the interface elements around Divination craters to streamline them with modern interface styles.

Brought the divination crater interfaces to be aligned between the surface world and dungeoneering versions.

Updated the Wisp Colonies map.

The drag sensitivity on the lodestone interface and abilities & items on the actionbar has been reduced.

Skill tutor icons in Burthorpe/Taverley now display a tooltip when hovered on the worldmap.

Players with non usable 'enchanted slayer helmet' will now be able to convert the item to regular slayer helmet.

Fixed a typo on corrupted egg's examine.

The Ardougne cape thieving effect now correctly stacks with the Master Thieving skillcape and Max cape when the perk is stored in it.

Divine Spirits once again give xp when wearing a firemaking cape.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:51 pm

PATCH NOTES 10th September 2018

Player Owned Farm

The servants have come back from their brief holiday - although they're not too happy about the farm that's just moved in!

If you get a black dragon egg (unchecked) from Queen black dragon it will now appear in its correct form.

Beehives now have a right-click option to display what flowers they have stored inside.

Attribute boosting Honey at the Player Owned Farm is now produced at a faster rate.

The floor from the upstairs of the servants guild has been re-installed, luckily the builders ignored the Ardougne Health and Safety Rules.

Players can now walk away from beehives to stop collecting special honey.

Any new rabbits you breed will now be bankable and tradeable. There were some very strange cases where if you kept your original tutorial rabbits in the breeding pen, then a majority of other bred rabbits would be classed as tutorial ones and therefore not bankable and tradeable. Apologies, but this fix will only tend to new rabbits. You'll have to sell any other untradeable ones you might have in a pen to the Rabbit Buyer.

The Squash option on Grand Tree seed pods once again work's as expected.

Noted flowers can now be used on beehives to create special honey.

Fixed a number of spelling errors with various farm related entries.

Players can now purchase an upgrade that allows animals to breed inside small, medium and large pens.

Rabbits killed in the Elf Lands will now only drop Common brown rabbits (rather than a chance at Rellekkan ones)

Players picking from their own Grapevines will once again be given a variety of god grapes, rather than just Grapes of Zamorak.

Hotfix: Milton the Miller has now returned to his mill.

Gloomshroom zygomites can now be successfully sold to Zoe the contract buyer.

Various types of animal waste (dropping, manure etc) can now be seen on your minimap as red dots. Do you even manure?

Beehives will now only take the amount of flowers desired.

Players can now click away from the beehive while storing flowers.

The Ardougne task achievement, Green Fingers, can now consistently be completed.

Hopping worlds on the farm will no longer make your animals appear to be invisible for various lengths of time.

Trading any farm animal between players will now select the correct animal, rather than whatever (of that type) appeared earlier in the inventory.

Adding pathing to the NW and slightly to the SW for world map purposes

The correct contract sellers for your animals should now appear on your farm.

You can no longer get grey chinchompas from Grenwall hunting.

Elite Dungeons

The spacing has been fixed on the "the Elite" title.

Minor fix to the text in the Dragonkin research book.

Kuroryu pet now correctly shows killcount on examine.

Temple of Aminishi NPCs are no longer generated as potential Slayer contract targets from Sojobo when the player has chosen to only get contracts for targets on uncharted islands.


Silverhawk boots are no longer destroyed as part of the nimble outfit set.

Player Owned Ports special voyages now display the correct scroll graphic icon for the scrolls the player has focused on.

The dismiss button on cats will now show the correct icon.

Players will be notified if they have remaining lamps in Broken Home temporal chests. "Challenge Maria" achievement now correctly requires all 3 challenges to be completed in addition to collecting all the lamps.

The Jungle Strykewyrms information in the Slayer Creature kills tab will no longer be out of the alphabetical order.

Achievements for the Thieving Guild mini-quests will now correctly unlock after each mini-quest.

Guthixian Cache memories will now display the correct walk animation when held, no longer being affected by override animations.

Players will no longer be able to attempt to trade 0 Stealing Creation points for 0 bonus experience in a given skill.

Fixed an issue with the messasge when locating the Hellfire bow if it's situated in the centre of the Wilderness.

Exiting the secret tunnel in Ahrim's crypt via the rope will now return you to the correct variant of Ahrim's crypt if you have completed the Kindred Spirits quest.

You are now able to use the hatchet in your toolbelt to make a boat as per Rantz' instruction during Skrach's rescue in the Recipe for Disaster quest.

A new category for Skill Training has been added to the Activities section of the world map, with an icon for all non-elite skills. The Agility, Combat and Hunter training icons have been moved into this category and re-labelled for consistency.

The Construction Tutor icon at the Lumbridge crater beach has been replaced with a Construction Training icon.

A Combat Training icon has been added to the Lumbridge Combat Academy.

The Divination Tutor icon on the Islands That Once Were Turtles has been replaced with a Divination Shop icon.

Bandos boots will now give a broadcast message (as the other items do).

Equipping Cyrisus with a Dragon Med Helm will no longer show him as wearing a Dragon Full Helm in the Dream Mentor quest.

The ring of death now correctly activates when at 15% charge.

An oddity causing several items to interact awkwardly with Magic Notepaper has been resolved, making Magic Notepaper function as expected with more items.

Players with the 6 month summer special membership package can now open the player owned farm bonus chest at the Grand Exchange (after completing the farm tutorial).

Fixed a typo in a feedback message when attempting to eat great gunkan at full health.

Fixed a typo in mountain camp emote clue in relation to Jokul's tent.

Removed a force walk tile in the wilderness dungeon.

Removed force walk tile next to the Grand Tree.

Players will no longer disconnect when trying to disassemble Doc's Spare Parts while wearing the Invention master cape.

Players that have virtual level 120 will now correctly show as having everything unlocked in the skillguide.

Fixed an issue where the Ectoplasmator is not recognizing ashes from Nechryael or the Death spawns they create.

Gu Ronin's lifepoints will now display as 10,000 rather than 1,000. There hitpoints continue to scale off of your combat level, though this only updates one you attack them.

The Salty title requirements listed in the achievement interface now correctly includes activating all the Arc tortle portals.

An out of place grass tile within the Warriors Guild has been correctly replaced with the appropriate floor tile.

The storage options for the Tool Leprechaun have been slightly tweaked, making item retrieval default from storage to un-noted with a right click option to retrieve noted items where applicable.

Ninja Fixes

Removed confusing fade out on individual audio settings when global mute is active.

Better described the effect of Ancestor Spirits in the aura interface.

After completing Observatory Quest, players have access to a quicker way to get back into the observatory.

Going forward, Orlando Smith's hat is now tracked by the clue scroll log with an accompanying quick chat message.

Favourited D&Ds and Minigames on the ingame clock's reset cooldown are now coloured red or green depending on their ready status

Columbarium keys can now be used continuously in one action, so long as the player has space in their inventory for further rewards and can also be used in faster succession.

Graphically improved the Earth Altar.

The tool leprechaun at the Lumbridge hops patch now appears in f2p worlds.

Players no longer need additional space when transmuting driftwood into sliced mushrooms.

Jade vine seed is now retrievable from Horacio with a right-click option.

Added "Clue Scrolls" and "Treasure Trails" as bank preset name options.

Added Solak killcounts for the blightbound lasher and Perdita pet examines.

Converted the Constitution XP reward of the Missing my Mummy quest into an XP lamp.

Moved a shrubbery near the Oo'glog lodestone one tile south.

Polished the audio settings interface.

Changed the XP rewards from Mourning's End part I until reward XP lamps.

Gemstone mine has had graphical improvements.

Added a few more names to the bottom of the preset names list for you.

The stat buffs received from god emissary banners will now consistently remain boosted.

Added new daily challenges for Fishing and Cooking involving green blubber jellyfish, blue blubber jellyfish and sailfish.

Listed each impling's level requirement on the Menaphos impling collector's toggle interface.

Added a worn option to the wicked hood that allows the player to quick teleport to the last location they used the hood to reach.

Sliding puzzle boxes can no longer consume multiple puzzle-skipping tickets when the puzzle has been completed.

Special Slayer Delivery is now correctly unlocked when you've bought all of the required learnings.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:56 pm

"Players can now purchase an upgrade that allows animals to breed inside small, medium and large pens." <--!!! 🐾
I hope I will not be forced to sell my left arm to get that upgrade. 😜
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Jax » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:06 pm

Twirlindana wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:56 pm
"Players can now purchase an upgrade that allows animals to breed inside small, medium and large pens." <--!!! 🐾
I hope I will not be forced to sell my left arm to get that upgrade. 😜
Since we can do that where are the squabbits?
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:38 pm

Jax wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:06 pm
Twirlindana wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:56 pm
"Players can now purchase an upgrade that allows animals to breed inside small, medium and large pens." <--!!! 🐾
I hope I will not be forced to sell my left arm to get that upgrade. 😜
Since we can do that where are the squabbits?
The video is not available for me.
Ah never mind, it is if I go on yt :p
When he's thinking about how to combine the squirrel with the rabbit you can see Schrodinger equation lmao
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:18 pm

PATCH NOTES 17th September 2018

Player Owned Farm

Added Balthazar to the player owned farm.

A grammatical oddity when inspecting female animals in the "Add/Remove Animals" Player Owned Farm interface has been fixed.

The "Destroy empty buckets when farming" will now factor in interactions between the new buckets of Player Owned Farm manure and compost bin. Tick it if you want to get rid of your buckets, untick it if you'd rather keep them!

Removed force walk tile north of Ardougne.

The player will no longer get trapped in the windmill while completing The Chosen Commander quest.

You can now use noted raw sailfish on feeding troughs at your farm. Sorry about that.

Removed two forcewalk tiles next to Ardougne beehives.

Fixed a patch of ground outside of the Ardougne Mill that was using old textures.

Changed the Ardougne Lunar spell to be outside the breeding pen.

Also tweaked the Ardougne cloak teleport to not be around the compost bin, but closer to the herb patch and breeding pen.

All the new farmer outfit pieces now have a retrieve all option on them, when reclaiming from Diango.

Granny Potterington now sells animal pen kits on the farmers' market.

Royal dragons can now only be bred using super secret farming methods
Hotfixed - the catch up now correctly works when it comes to increasing happiness and health of your animals.

Payments in the Herblore Habitat farming circle are now properly reduced whilst wearing the Master Farmers outfit.

The chinchompa buyer will now correctly purchase any type of chinchompa, even if it's not the variety they are after.

Carnivorous chinchompas have been changed to omnivore status and will now eat everything, like every other chinchompa.

White lillies can once again be planted without vanishing, while wearing the master farmer outfit.


Grand exchange sale history has been doubled in size to now store 20 transactions.

Activated spirit gems that have yet to use any charge can now be converted back into unactivated variants.

After a GE offer is resolved (either finished or cancelled), the player can now press a button on the item's resolved screen, or right click the Grand Exchange offer square, to collect items and create a new offer with the same details as the previous offer.

Selecting an item in Grand Exchange search no longer immediately closes the search.

Ring of fire, flame gloves and inferno adze can now be reclaimed from King Roald if lost without having to replay the All Fired Up game.

Players can now right-click on an entry in the GE history and access ops to repeat that offer. "Immediate repeat" immediately creates an identical offer, whereas "Detailed repeat" brings up the offer creation screen with the relevant details filled in (in case you want to tweak some of the parameters).

You can now add your pets to a cycle of up to 10 that can be summoned on rotation by using the checkbox on the Pets interface.

Re-added the event information tooltip to the in-game clock.

Added a Drop-X option for cooked Daemonheim food.

The Pathfinder armour has received a graphical update.


Updated the layout of reward shops such as the Waiko and Elite Dungeon Rewards Shops to allow them to be more usable on mobile.
Reward shops will now have a standard layout size, allow scrolling and increased font size.

Updated the breakdown of the invention items levels in the Check Invention item interface.
Press the "Level information" button after you have Checked an augmented item to view item level information.

Replaced desktop terminology on mobile for Clan Chat and Guest Clan Chat windows when you are not in one of these chat channels.

Swiping action bars to cycle through them was not working for users in both out internal and external play testing.
We have removed the swiping of action bars in favour of buttons to select which bar is displayed. Numbered from 1 to 10. Tap the small numbered display button to bring up the selection bar.

Fixed an issue in the mobile client that was causing examine boxes / info boxes / error boxes etc... to render behind interfaces.
For zoomed in mobile interfaces these were not visible, they now should be.

Fixed an issue that was forcing the minigames side window open constantly on mobile. For example in dungeoneering while on the backpack, opening a door, solving a puzzle, defeating an enemy etc... any action had a chance to open the dungeoneering interface panel. The same was the case using Make-X in the POH (flatpacks). The side panels should now behave on mobile correctly.


The Ancient Artefact drop, unlocking the Bombi pet from Vorago has been added to the Runemetrics activity drop log.

The abilities on your action bar will consistently light up if they're off cooldown.

Void Knight mage helm is no longer listed as the ranger helm in the commendations store.

Fixed a typo in Vicendithas' Scribblings.

Fixed a typo in the Player owned ports helping hand event.

Catspeak amulet interface can now be closed via the red x.

When cast on a location other than a farming patch, the rapid growth spell now displays the error "Rapid growth can only affect herb, tree and fruit tree patches." instead of "This patch has already been enchanted with rapid growth today. Further casting would kill the plant."

Destroying Lucky Barrows items, won from Treasure Hunter, will no longer give a misleading prompt before informing players that they can receive the items from Diango (as a broken variant).

An issue causing unexpected sounds to be played in the upstairs of Yanille's Dragon Inn has been fixed.

A typo when asking Morvran about tips on fighting Airut as your slayer task has now been corrected.

Fixed an issue where private messages appeared in public chat under certain conditions.

Offering stackable items or offering-X items in a trade will no longer offer the entire stack.

Drezel will no longer skip over earlier quest dialogues if the player has managed to have started a later quest.

Divine simulacrums will no longer give energy or portents when "Shared Knowledge" buff is active.

Entered text no longer disappears if you hit certain character limit.

The Hive Mind of Master Farmers and Olivia the Seed Merchant has been broken up and she will only know if you have pickpocketed Martin recently.

The World Wakes achievement now unlocks as expected.

Boosting your Divination level past 99 will no longer reduce XP gained from Cursed Wisps.

Players chat charet will no longer jump to the start while they are typing a message.

Due to a bug, Oldak coils and Kinetic cyclones can now be reclaimed from Nulodion near the entrance to the Dwarven Mine, if Nulodion cannot find your registered cannon/coil/cyclone on your current world. THIS FIX IS TEMPORARY

Killing monsters in a Sinkhole will now instantly remove their interaction options, allowing you to collect your loot and move on much quicker.

The Crystal Capsule Shadow Gem reward tokens are now bankable

Coins gained from Smashing Relics will now properly go into your coin pouch rather than your inventory.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:11 pm

"Entered text no longer disappears if you hit certain character limit."

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:54 am

PATCH NOTES 24th September 2018

Player Owned Farm

Corrected a message when buying the bank chest upgrade on the Manor farm.

Chocolate milk from cows is now correctly certed when gathering produce.

Milton the Miller (North Ardougne Mill) now has a farming shop icon once again.

You can now correctly teleport to Manor farm using the master farmers outfit.

Buttercap mushrooms now appear as Buttercaps when adding mushrooms to troughs on your farm.

Small tweaks have been made to increase the odds of a shiny animal.

After unlocking the bank chest at the Manor Farm it will now provide bank functions like auto-healing, keepsaking, the ability to activate the Magic skillcape perk and so on.

Unchecked eggs for dragons and spiders now have a lootbeam when they are received as a drop.

Potions newly introduced with the player-owned-farm can now be decanted manually.

Players can now add Jellyfish (blue and green) to food trough.

Players can now empty buckets of flavoured milk.

Carnivorous chinchomps are now further confirmed as eating everything (rather than just meat).

Collecting honey from the Manor Farm apiary will now contribute towards filling your Farming Urns.

Some animal breeding messages have been updated in player owned farm for consistency

There was an error in the breeding log for Golden sheep, where the log wouldn't recognise the birth. This is now fixed. Many apologies.

Missing blocking has been added to the west side of Granny Potterington's farmhouse.

You no longer get a message that you need inv space when opening the farmers market with a full inv. This was caused by a redundant check on the farm totems and we've instead moved the check to a requirement for buying the totems. As a result, totems will now appear locked if you don't have space to buy one.

A typo in one of the health checks for PoF animals has been fixed.

We've slightly improved the chance to breed a Daemoncap Zygomite

Ninja Fixes

The key ring now appears on the toolbelt, allowing players to store keys on their toolbelted key ring.

Upon converting a spirit gem back to its unused form, players will now be informed if it is a combined gem and given the option to either gain the extra charges as separate gems or discard them.


The World Map zoom feature has been updated to be more gradual on mobile while utilising the pinch gesture. The zoom buttons on the world map remain unchanged.

Contextual Keyboard has been added for Android. This means that the keyboard will automatically change based on the input field (e.g. Withdraw X will bring up a numeric keyboard).


Member pets are no longer spawned from the PoH menagerie on F2P worlds.

Pets can no longer be stored in or removed from the PoH menagerie on F2P worlds.

The member pet rock can no longer be spawned on F2P worlds when entering the PoH.

Elemental balance in a PoH can no longer be spawned on F2P worlds.

You will no longer log out upon trying to enter Hets hidden room in a F2P world.

Fixed an issue on the French translation of the game that was causing a crash. Quest linking (clicking a prerequisite quest from within the journal of another) is disabled from within the quest journal for certain quests.

Various in-character references to 'RuneScape' in quest content have been changed to 'Gielinor'.

Opening world map while in Zanaris Fairy HQ no longer crashes the client.
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:28 am

PATCH NOTES 1st October 2018


The settings menu has been significantly overhauled

Quest Point Shop

A destroy warning will now mention if item can be reclaimed from Quest Point Shop storage chest.

Players will no longer have to pay for their first ever reclaim of the Armour of Trials outfit - the subsequent claims will be full price.

The pirate lorehound skin now has poly colours when in minimum detail graphics.

The Armour of Trials now applies the correct hybrid armour level reduction.

The Necklace of Charos will no longer be available at the quest storage chest if you do not meet the full requirements to obtain it - instead you can retrieve the Old necklace, as initially intended.

The purchase button in the quest point shop should no longer occasionally lose it's functionality.

The secondary lorehound skin will now display it's owners total quest points when examined.

It is no longer possible to use the lorehound familiar skins as familiar overrides if you have not unlocked them.

Reward chests from Meg will no longer provide multiple rewards incorrectly.

Player Owned Farm

Farm totem perks and skilling potions buff bar icon can now be toggled on/off.

Players can no longer light fires inside pens in Player Owned Farm.

The farming skill guide will now correctly show farming fragment rates at level 120.

Players can now gather and weave Ancestral energy from uncharted islands with boosted Divination.

Players can activate the Tortle Portals on the islands that once were turtles with boosted Divination.

RuneScore is now recorded correctly for Player Owned Farm achievements.


The new key from Mounrning's End Part II can be reobtained again for players that don't already have it on their keyring.

Evil Dave's spellbook can now store up to 1,000 each Watchtower, Camelot, Falador, Ardougne, Lumbridge and Varrock chipped teleport tablets and can now be equipped the pocket slot.

Added climb-top & climb-bottom options to the Lighthouse and windmills that have three floors.


Added in game error messages when the client has failed to connect properly

RuneScape will no longer cause Spotify to cut out on mobile

Players will now see a visual confirmation when performing an action in the game-world

We have adjusted some of the Tutorial Island instructions and dialogue to remove more PC terminology on mobile.

Fixed some issues with the games tutorial when playing it through on mobile.

Fixed an issue that was causing the minigames interface button on the ribbon to appear in the setup interface when it was active on mobile. This was causing a variety of issues with the ribbon setup and the ribbon itself.
The minigames window will no longer appear on the ribbon setup, instead it will always occupy the top spot when it needs to be active.

Some right click menus (OP lists) called from an interface component were inverted on mobile (Think the chat filter settings / world map settings etc...)
These have now been corrected to be listed in the same way as on the PC client.

Resolved an issue that could cause the mobile targeting frame / target info panel to become combined with the chat and rendered unusable.

The worn equipment screen aura slot can now be interacted with while no aura is equipped to open the Aura Management interface.
Opening the mini menu here will have a list of your favourite auras.


Fixed a bug with items appearing black within player inventories

Fixed a bug with Rune Essence cave rocks not rendering

Improved water reflections and effects

Fixed an issue where taps would be offset on mobile devices

Improved memory performance on mobile devices

Known Issue:: Some mobile devices may experience slow moving textures on animated in game locations


Players once again can teleport to another clan's citadel using Relationships signpost.

Araxxor's special attack count will reset to zero once you start phase 3.

Prevented damage from Vengeance ignoring various damage reduction/prevention effects.

Spiders spawns on path 1 of Araxxor will now spawn faster when on phase 2. This now works the same as it does whilst Araxxor is on phase 3 and still has spiders to spawn.

The anima rain mechanic on phase 2 of the Solak fight will now end as soon as the fight transitions to phase 3.

The XP tracker popup is now more consistent at levels over 99.

Grammatical issues in the Last Riders lore book have been amended.

The quest log now correctly updates when the player starts the Shilo Village quest.

A grammatical error on page 4 to 5 of the Last Riders book has been amended.

Attempting to disassemble bakriminel bolt shafts will now give an appropriate response that you can't disassemble them.

Fixed a typo in the message that appears when super edimmu spawns in co-op slayer task.

Fixed an issue on mobile where, the scrollbar within the skill guide would not appear upon leveling-up a skill. The font size within the guide has also been increased for this.

Emir ali will now stop impersonating Osman when you talk to him about Sq'irk juice.

At a player's request, changed text in Lord Daquarius' dossier from Wanted! from "unanimously voted into leadership after the *defeat* of Lord Sulla" to "unanimously voted into leadership after the *exile* of Lord Sulla".

'Met Het yet' and 'Under croc and key' achievements now complete correctly.

'Only going forward, we can't find the reverse', 'Ready? Trek!' and 'Trekkin' ain't easy' can now be completed more reliably.

You will no longer be continually notified of meeting quest requirements for While Guthix Sleeps and will now only be notified on the level that you meet the requirement.

Players with certain construction level will no longer disconnect when attempting to enter a Player Owned House in free-to-play worlds.

Reclaimable items from the quest storage quest can no longer be disassembled.

All players should once again find they can teleport using the memory strands from the currency pouch in the inventory and from the main currency pouch itself. Should this still not work, we recommend un-favouriting any memory strands you already have and re-adding it.

Certain tooltips no longer overlap in the God statues D&D.

Switching tabs while setting up an offer in the GE will no longer remove and items examine info.

Damage from Mutated Barge's DoT proc will no longer persist after a finished duel.

Made colour adjustments to Shadow and Third-Age dyed Sirenic and Elite Sirenic armour.

Some incorrect height mapping in the Nex Angel of Death boss room has been corrected.

Players can now store tools with tool leprechauns by using objects on them.

Using up bonus xp recently obtained from a Refer a Friend bonus will no longer notify you every time.

Insect Repellent can now be added to the toolbelt.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:36 am

PATCH NOTES 15th October 2018

Patch Week
Here’s what you can expect this week!
The inventory icon for uncharged hammer-trons has been fixed to show the correct icon
The hidey-hole on the crossroads of Draynor has been returned to its rightful place.
Hotfixed last week - The trapdoor to the thieves guild was accidentally removed, and has now been replaced.
Respositioned the model view to better represent augmented Torva legs in the inventory icon.
The falling urn inside the warped chamber will no longer appear translucent.
A graphical issue with the Steel Kiteshield has been fixed.
Adjusted the colours on the adamant gauntlets model to match those on the adamant platebody.
Virtus robe legs will no longer try to attach themselves to an Imperium core when in a combat stance.
Flaming sword effect will no longer appear when player equips a 'mount'.
Volatile and Blightbound lashers will no longer turn transparent during their attack animation.
Tweaked ectophial model to make it brighter.
Fixed the constitution skillcape's inventory icons.
A graphical issue with the female torso when wearing the Samba outfit has been fixed.
The Replica Infinity robe top no longer stretches when used with the sad walk animation.
The Holy symbol no longer clips when worn by a female character.

Skills, D&D and Minigames
Tainted shard charges are only awarded from the Twitch loot crate when the contents are given to the player.
You will now be prompted when attacking Soulless armoured zombies summoned by the Soulless necromancer in the 'Til Death Do Us Part hallowe'en event that Death's soul rift is better suited to dealing with them.
Slayer xp is now gained from all of the Soulless unarmoured Zombies around the rift in draynor.
You are now prompted if interacting with an un-toggled tainted shard in your inventory whether you would like to focus spending your charges on stabilising rifts faster or gaining more XP whilst stabilising rifts.
Removing rooms in the POH now correctly updates the room count in the House Settings interface.
Variety mush can now be added to player owned farm food troughs through Make-X
The examine on the Chaotic Cloud in RuneSpan will now state the correct level requirement needed to siphon from them.
The tokens option interface in the Warriors guild now correctly states the correct method of obtaining attack and defence tokens.
You can no longer place hunting traps in your animal pens at the player owned farm - you cruel, cruel, monsters.
You can no longer plant mithril seeds in your animal pens.
You can no longer drop objects in your animal pens.
Fixed a typo on a chat message when Monkey Trinkets give an XP lamp
Fixed a typo in Hunter skillpet's examine.
Reduced damage taken in Elite Dungeon story modes further, down to 10% of normal mode.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements
Prevented sanity checks from the hallowe'en event catching players out when re-entering the climax of Nomad's Elegy.
Fixed a typo in the quest journal for "Let Them Eat Pie"
Completing certain achievements will no longer trigger the irrelevant meta-achievement messages.
A bug that prevented the quest Priest in Peril from being completed if you did not have space to accept your rewards has been fixed.

Hiding your username on login will now make it stay hidden when typing
Death will no longer order you to enter the rift when you can't.
Hotfixed last week - The Sign of Life now activates correctly on death.
Augmented polypore staff can once again be used to cast polypore strike.
You can once again drag items from your worn gear to an action bar.
When using radial targeting in conjunction with ability queuing, abilities wouldn't activate when combat is initiated - putting the ability on cooldown without firing. This how now been fixed.
The wording for the teleport option to the Digsite's Exam centre on the Digsite pendant has been corrected to be more consistent with other instances of the wordage around the game.
Certed items are now correctly referred to as noted items in the tokens option interface in the Warriors guild
Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when trying to withdraw two of the same outfit in quick succession from Diango.
An issue causing unaugmented Shadow dyed Malevolent Greaves to not be recognised on the invention bench has been fixed.
Uncut Onyx drops from Solak are now noted.
Added Solak killcount to Perdita's and blightbound lasher's examine text when overriding familiars.
Removed a full stop from the imbued bark shard object's name.
Capitalised the 'g' in 'grove', from the Solak item log title.
Dazzling two, three and four leaf clover necklaces no longer remove two charges upon activation.
Added a ton of new foods (88) to the player owned farm food trough options.
Hovering over a clan member in Clan Settings will now display the date they joined your clan. (Note: This only tracks back to the release of Clan Chat channel update - 12th of April 2011).
Hazelmere signet ring will now give a chance to double rare loot from Solak.
You now have an option to press "do not ask me again" when the are you "sure you want to log out" box appears

Ninja Fixes
Players can now choose to not be asked again in the confirmation dialogue for jumping down into the Nex fight. This can be reset by talking to Ashuelot Reis.
Additionally there are right-click ops to skip the initial dialogue asking whether they want to enter the encounter or use custom encounter options.
Added a magic shop icon for Wizard Jalarast.
Spring cleaner springs now have an "Add all" op that adds all of the springs for the chosen operation (charge or upgrade). Similar ops have been added to the "Add springs" and "Quick upgrade" buttons on the spring cleaner interface.
Players can now mute the Spring Cleaner's sentience speech.
Added the four balloon animals from the old Prison Pete random event as follower pets. These can be unlocked at the Falador party room.
Mousing over items in the GE search now displays their tooltips, showing information such as combat stat bonuses for weapons or healing amounts on consumables.
The statue bag interface can now remain open during gameplay.
Friends, world and global broadcast message colours can now be customised in the Chat Customisation settings, found within Gameplay > Social.
Added a mushroom patch teleport to the Tirranwn quiver. Players must have completed the hard tier of Tirranwn tasks to use this option.
Vials of water and coconut milk now have a Make option, calling a Make-X interface for unfinished potions.
Seedicide now works when trapping Jadinkos at Herblore Habitat.
Converted Sparkles, Mackers and the Corgi from object to interface pets.
The interface for retuning the portals in the Max Guild's garden have been updated.

Unskippable chatboxes will no longer have an arrow on them
Chat based menus will now automatically close when you minimize chat
The Make-x window will now move based on the chatbox size.
The "escape" to skip a cutscene has now been replaced with "tap here to skip"
The back button on the keyboard will now close any prompt on the login screen instead of closing the RuneScape mobile application
Your actions bars setup on mobile will no longer affect your action bars on desktop
The switching of your action bars has been improved

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:28 am

PATCH NOTES 22nd October 2018

Here’s what you can expect this week!


Rotated ancient elven ritual shard inventory model to give clearer distinction between the item and the Magic stone used for construction.

Missing flooring has been re-added to a house south of Granny Potterington's farm.

The ramp on the north side of Granny Potterington has now been fixed and can now be walked upon as expected.

Leather body (class 3), Bow (class 3) and Bow (class 4) no longer stretch when worn.

A gap above the scrollbar of the chatbox in Legacy interface mode has been removed.

Removed the monthly oyster's longer closing animation, to prevent the top and bottom halves of shell clipping through each other.

Skills, D&D and Minigames

Leaving 'Til Death Do Us Part event area with War's javelins equipped will now reset your combat style back to melee.

Fixed a typo in warning message you receive when clicking on pillars during Til Death Do Us Part event.

Rift particles now draw correctly when teleporting to the Halloween event from an instance.

Tweaked wobbegong fishing locations to make sure they do not deplete too soon.

The Farming skillcape perk message now correctly reflects the master farmer outfit's ability to clean herbs.

Players will now correctly return to the expected Player-owned Port portal entrance when they use the Exit function at their exit portal.

Signs of the porter will now work in conjunction with collecting clean herb from patches (via the Farming outfits) as well as collecting the Player Owned Farm honey varieties from the Apiaries.

The Crystal tool siphon will now only work on tools, as it was intended.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Sick-looking sheep (2) can now consistently be prodded during the Sheep Herder quest.

Fixed an issue where the Rag and Bone Man quest could not be completed under certain conditions.


Block incoming share offers toggle now works correctly.

Mobile-specific options no longer appear in the options menu while in the tutorial on the desktop client.

The 'destroy plant pots' and 'destroy buckets' settings once again operate as expected.

A typo in the message given for destroying items in the settings interface has been corrected.

A typo within the settings interface in regards to sell value when interacting with vendors has been fixed.

Grammatical inconsistencies on the choice selection for a new account have been fixed.

Ninja Fixes

Recharging god books and Erethdor's grimoire can now be done using either object on the other.

Dramatically sped up Ugthanki respawn times.

Multiple woad leaves can now be bought from Wyson with a right-click option, at a slightly inflated price.

Improved the clickzone for glacors, covering a wider box that just the model itself, to allow for more leniency with it's oddly shaped model and wide sweeping anims.

Dominion mines now have buff bar timers, denoting when you can re-place your first and second mines.

It is now possible to pick up dominon mines with a full backpack if you are already carrying a stack of them.

Removed the Options tab from the Soul Reaper reward interface, as all of the option had been previously migrated into player settings.

Moved "Add to pouch" to the left click option for coins, and added a new "Add X to pouch" option.

Added a "Don't ask me again" option when confirming requests for slayer tasks from a Slayer Master that feels you're too strong for them.

Essence pouches now display degradation state in the tooltip. Those strengthened with Lunar magic may go above 100% repair.

Added a stepping stone to cross the river in Mos le Harmless.

Added remaining charges to the big book o' piracy's tooltip.

Seismic activities in the Asgarnia ice dungeon have opened an agility shortcut between the entrance and the skeletal wyvern cavern. 72 Agility is required to traverse it.

Reworked the check-items interface for signs of the porter.

It's now possible to create blurite off-hand crossbows and blurite 2h crossbows.


Fixed an issue that was causing client dead states (black screens) when users go from a dialogue cutscene (such as the introduction dialogue to Firemaker's Curse) to a player choice and back to the cutscene.

We have improved the responsiveness of the swipe / drag / hold interactions in the app.

You should find swiping as responsive as before and notice an improvement in the game detecting if you want to drag an element around the interface (moving items and abilities is a primary example of this)

Finally opening the mini-menu (press and hold aka right click) is significantly more responsive and will open faster than before.

Updated some placeholder art in the graphics settings on mobile.

Fixed a bug that was causing an unwanted "press to continue" prompt when returning to the game after using the store on mobile.

Players utilising Legacy combat Mode on mobile will no longer experience the shortening of the inventory.

We have made further improvements to tooltips that we have re-enabled in the game (not all are enabled yet). These changes include;

Improving the draw appearance of the box.

Fixed some issues with tooltips for combat abilities not displaying correctly.

Some further optimizations to the tooltips.

Fixed an issue that mean the prayer globe border that lights up when a quick prayer selection is made was not being deactivated if the prayers were turned off individually (rather than toggling quick prayer to disable them).

Users are now able to scroll the bank interface using an empty space within their bank.

We have updated the art for the four globes - Health, Adrenaline, Prayer and Summoning.

The Adrenaline globe artwork is slightly different as it is divided into two parts, this is to indicate that at 50% you may start using thresholds.

We are aware that the prayer globe is not quite the same colour as on PC.

Fixed an issue that was causing safe areas to not be accounted for on notched devices when the user is interacting with an interface that has been made full screen (bank / powers interface / rewards shops etc..)

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:29 am

PATCH NOTES 29th October 2018

Corrected inconsistent colouring on Achtryn's skin.
The Zaros Godsword special attack animation will no longer disappear upon the death of a NPC that's been targetted by it.
Tweaked diviner's outfit to make it less likely to clip with capes.
Fallen Nihil leg-guards no longer applies incorrect skin tone.
Players using the flaming skull item or overide now appear correctly in chat heads.
Removed yellow trim from Lucky Ahrim's robe top right hand sleeve.
Golden Armadyl legs have been correctly aligned on the female player model.
Lucky Bandos godsword is now compatible with the flaming sword enchantment visual effect.
Camo top no longer has noticeable gaps on the lower end of it's model.
Corrected a colouring issue with the male chathead with lucky Guthan's helm.
The oxidised plateskirt now uses the updated model for a plateskirt.
The crystal chisel will now be held in the correct hand while cutting gems.
All variants of Dharok's maul now have the retro held position, so that they rest on your shoulder.
Fixed the flame effect of a torch on Entrana.
Fixed the stretching when wearing Dulcin gauntlets and holding a lucky coin.
An issue causing the Shadow Cat Legs to not register the player's skin colour in certain scenarios has now been resolved.
Fixed some minor graphical issues with a bridge in the Fremennik Isles

Skills, D&D and Minigames
Accounted for a specifc odd state in the Invention tutorial that could potentially cause a loop of impossible requests.
Players can now purchase "Compressed anima" for 45000 Shattered anima each from the Shattered worlds reward shop. This can be used to recharge sigils (acting as the equivalent of 45000 shattered anima), and can also be traded to other players and on the Grand Exchange.
Player Owned Farm contract buyers can no longer be dismissed.
Corrected various typos from the Temple of Aminishi and related content.
Making maki sushi rolls now fills your cooking urns.
Adjusted trait reroller code so that one is only deleted if a reroll was successfully performed.
Fixed a typo in a warning message you receive when trying to operate bathysphere in build mode.
The tree/master farmer outfits now correctly reduce the number of monkey nuts required to pay for spirit tree protection when using the right-click "Pay" option.
Made the error message consistent when you don't have a high enough magic level to cast superheat or High/Low alch spells (including using the Lumbridge Ring)
You can no longer place living things in the the treasure chest reward from Carnillean Rising.
POF animals added to the Party Room chest will be reclaimed direct to the player's inventory rather than spawn on the ground.
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Quests, Challenges & Achievements
Fixed a typo in the "I'll Pulverise You!" Elite Dungeons achievement
Fixed a typo in one of the elite Varrock achievements "Red, Red Pies of Summer"
Fixed a typo in Evil Dave's Big Day Out quest.
Malignius Mortifer no longer has chat option about magic secateurs before you start the Fairy Tale quests.
In the "Around the World in Six Ways" cheevo, Taverley is no longer misspelled as Taverly.
Highlighting errors of completed objectives in the quest journal of Blood Runs Deep, Carnillean Rising, A Void Dance, Dishonour Among Thieves, Troll Stronghold, Firemaker's Curse, Birthright of the Dwarves, Prisoner of Glouphrie, Hero's Welcome, The Hunt for Red Raktuber, Children of Mah, Crocodile Tears, Royal Trouble, Regicide, TokTz-Ket-Dill, One Piercing Note, Bringing Home the Bacon, Missing Presumed Death and The World Wakes have been corrected.

Fixed Wording issue in one of the CS week clue scrolls
Fixed a typo on the examine of Priests in the Sophanem Church
Corrected various typos from the Temple of Aminishi and related content.
Tweaked death lotus meditation rest tooltip on the Oddment store.
Icons in the currency pouch favourites will now line up correctly with the box they're in.
The Fremennik shipmaster at Daemonheim no longer speaks talks about the Xmas15 content.
Corrected a typo in a confirmation message received after purchasing Scurvy pet from Oddments store.
Fixed a typo in the loot duels promo information.
Erethdor's Grimore's tooltip will now correctly display the charge of the item.
When visiting Ports your side panel will now display an ETA for when your ships will return.
When kicking a guest from your Clan Chat it will now mention "guest" instead of just user.
The message that appears when first attempting to skill in the Clan Citadel has been removed as it caused confusion.
Fixed a typo in Redacted Dragonkin Research book.
Fixed a typo on the premier club token when redeeming an Ornate Katana.
Fixed some typos in the Stronghold of security book.
Fixed a typo in a message when unlocking recolours for Death Lotus outfit.
Added a full stop to the examine message for Thora the Barkeep.
Mutated Fury 100% crit chance effect will no longer be consumed when invention perks proc.
Fixed an issue that allowed Bladed Dive to be used by Free to Play players.
The wilderness bandit camp leaders are now a bit more open to talk, if you can make yourself welcome there.

Ninja Fixes
The region surrounding the goebie supplier in the midpoint of the Liberation of Mazcab raid now counts as a bank area.
It is now possible to empty rune pouches whilst the bank interface is open.
Existing compacted jewellery can now be charged with noted fully charged jewellery.
Digsite pendants can now be noted.
Rune pouches can now be dyed red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink and black.
An option to toggle Barbarian fishing on or off has been added to Otto Godblessed.

Certain interfaces on mobile were not correctly restoring the game state when closed from full screen. This required an app restart to restore. The following interfaces have been fixed.
Clan broadcasts.
Clan settings.
Statue bag.
The aura management UI.
Seedicide configuration.
The "select left-click option" for familiars, this interface is accessed from the summoning globe.
Herb burner configuration.
Bonecrusher configuration.
Quick prayer setup.
Fixed an issue with the mobile NPC chat layout where certain chat lines were not being handled correctly.
Fully disabled and cleaned up some more code related to swiping to swap action bars on mobile as we have a more robust switching system in place now.
Increased the size of the font and some of the other elements in the minigames side interface for the Guthixian Cache D&D to improve usability on mobile.
Increased the size of the elements in the minigames side interface for the Warriors Guild defence minigame to improve usability on mobile.
Increased the font size for scan clues to improve readability on mobile.
Increased the size of the elements in the minigames side interface and the minigames top interface for the Troll Invasion D&D to improve usability on mobile. The top interface has also had an overhaul on all clients.
Increased the size of the elements in the minigames side interface for the Heist minigame to improve usability on mobile.
Increased the size of the elements in the minigames side interface and the minigames top interface for the Fish Flingers D&D to improve usability on mobile.
Reworked the God Statues D&D interfaces for mobile to improve visibility and usability.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:36 am

PATCH NOTES 5th November 2018

Patch Notes
Typo fixed in Pestilence's dialogue
Attempting to use a target familiar scroll on the game world will no longer cause a disconnection.
Large rune pouches now have a Lv66 Magic requirement to use.
It is once again possible to equip large rune pouches via the bank interface.
Pestilence no longer has a tiny chathead when leaving the event with a Vial of Bile.
A typo when the player converses with Famine has been resolved.
Players can no longer take rune pouches into Barbarian Assault.
Frank now has a chat head animation when asking for a different reaper task
Titles are now re-enabled, please note that your title will not currently appear on the RuneScape forums and will be fixed in a future update.
Lumbridge Easy achievement 'Artisan Crafting' now mentions that it needs to be completed using pottery oven in Draynor.

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