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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:44 am

PATCH NOTES 30th April 2018


Catching Hell-rates barehanded no longer uses the animation for catching Implings.

The female Runecrafting guild Wizard should now work as expecting when performing her animation

Some pathing has been corrected north of the observatory.

Added some blocking to a section of the Falador Garden wall.

Fixed an issue that caused the background frame layer of the ribbon to not be affected by the legacy recolour.

Chat options specific to the RS3 interface will no longer appear whilst in legacy interface mode.

The scrollbar in the collection logs for bosses and clue scroll once again functions as expected.

The list of options from the community button on the ribbon have now been split into two rows.

Various graphical issues have been fixed around Lumbridge Castle.

The Natures Balance swords has been fixed to work with the flaming sword override

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

The Constitution XP awarded by the Song from the Depths quest is now given in the form of a lamp.

Fixed the colour of some text in the Rag and bone man quest log.

Fixed a grammatical error with Dimintheis's dialogue at the start of Family Crest.

Corrected a graphical text issue on the Deadliest Catch harpoon plans.

A black rectangle will no longer appear in the centre of players screens when entering certain areas during While Guthix Sleeps quest

Fixed an issue in Hero's Welcome quest that meant the player was unable to progress even if they gave the correct answers about V.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Hollow trees will now give the correct amount of xp when successful while used in conjunction with porters.

You will no longer unlock the title 'The Statuesque' when handing in golden rocks after already completing the achievement.

Your interfaces will no longer be closed in Dungeoneering when someone goes through a door.

A typo in the tooltip when right clicking 'toggle' on Nihils in the slayer store rewards interface has been fixed.

Fixed an issue with share xp with fishing whilst Dungeoneering.

Amended lifepoint restoration rates for Daemonheim filled potatoes


Logging in with a minimised slayer or reaper counter will no longer crop text when counter is expanded again.

Ring of Fortune should now correctly display that it helped you get an item rather than the Ring of Wealth in certain situations.

Obtaining the Sceptre of the Gods whilst wearing a Ring of Fortune or better will now display a luck message.

Luck messaging for obtaining a Pharaoh's Sceptre will now display the correct amount of charges.

Clan Rank icons now appear next to the players name in Clan Settings

The Clan Setting interface is now an overlay, as a result you can now kick/assign rankups in your clan without worrying about your interface closing each time you do so.

Resolved an issue with clan member entries clipping through the bottom of of clan interface and clan settings interface.

Fixed an issue that was closing information boxes on the toolbelt.

Corrected an issue where destroying certain lucky items asked if you want to drop them.

The augmented strykebow special attack will now deal the correct amount of damage.

The Magic Carpet (Golden) will no longer appear on the follower pets tab if unowned.

Activating the farming skillcape perk or a patch bomb on grape vines should now correctly inform the player how many produce they received

Corrected a typo when confirming that you wish to teleport with the Modified farmer's hat.

Renamed Kharazi jungle to Kharazi Jungle.

Players no longer can kill cave goblins under Lumbridge castle through the wall with range.

Dungeoneering token bags are now redeemed automatically when pickpocketing Meilyr workers.

Improved legibility on the Meilyr potion recipe shop for potions with multiple effects.

The 'I don't know' button now appears correctly on Bank Pin interface.

The letters 'I' and 'B' no longer behave as keybinds when searching for an item to buy in the Grand Exchange.

Fixed an issue where targeting a Vitalis NPC during the Vorago encounter that was not assigned to you could show the incorrect name of the NPC.

A disconnection when selecting recipes you don't meet the requirements for has been resolved.

The players name is once again centred in the player examine interface.

Fixed a typo on the Priffdinnas waterfall fishing agility shortcut cliff examine.

Bladed dive can now be used when under the effects of the Metamorphosis ability.

Ninja Fixes

Teleporting with the Ectophial will no longer empty it.

A back door has been added to the kitchen within Lumbridge castle similar to Old School. This door will be open permanently.

A teleport to Rellekka market has been added as a Freminik set Elite task reward for the Freminnik sea boots 4.

Added a Game Time clock to the Lobby

The Spin Flax spell no longer requires you to target an item in your inventory to cast.

The World Icon in the lobby will now take you to the World Select tab in the lobby.


Fixed audio crashes that could occur when using USB headphones.

Windows XP support has been removed from the NXT installer.

Fixed an issue whereby large NPC’s lower bodies would sometimes reset back to their default idle states.

Fixed an issue whereby the game would show black textures under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue that caused textures to not load in properly for some players. (A cache re-download may be required.)

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Twirlindana » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:51 pm

"Teleporting with the Ectophial will no longer empty it."


Once or twice or maybe more than that, after teleporting I didn't auto refill the ectophial and when I found out about it later I was forced to run back to Phasmatys to refill it!!! Walking or running in RS is not good for the health!
Nice to see they solved the problem. 😛
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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue May 08, 2018 1:02 pm

PATCH NOTES 8th May 2018


Vannaka's sword override weapon now is correctly held as a 1 handed weapon in legacy combat mode.

We've done some masonry work on the walls at the back of Lumbridge castle to fix some unusual superfluous walls.

Fixed an animation issue during the cutscene where Holgart fixes his boat with swamp paste as part of the Sea Slug questline.

Removed some strange floating rocks from the Hydrix and Onyx caves.

Corrected some incorrect textures used around the Silvarea beacon.

Prevented being able to walk inside the solid walls at the summit of Jaldroacht pyramid.

Added missing blocking to the Mazcab beacon.

Some tiles in the King Black Dragon instance will no longer block the player from using the Surge or Escape ability.

Force walk issue next to stool in Maggie's caravan no longer occurs.

Updated the model of a cooking fire in Daemonheim.

It's no longer possible to attack through the walls of Dorgershuun mines using Ranged and Magic.

Two random barrels in the sea, east of the Wilderness Volcano, have been removed.

The Dungeoneering Map will now appear in a set location on Legacy mode

Crystal implings no longer fly through blocked map tiles in Priff (fixing the issues players had near the Crwys farming patch)

Blocked a wall in Zaros's throne room that you could stand in.

Fixed a minor issue with the chat input line divider height

Fixed an issue with the Seal of Passage not sitting correctly on the player.

Fixed a minor graphical issue with each frame within the 'Skills' interface.

Cleaned up the lava-filled path to the Ourania dungeon.

Additional carpets have been updated in Player owned Ports to fix some Z-Fighting

Added some missing textures to the tiles around beacon next to Odd Old Man.

Fixed a gap in a wall in Elder Halls.

Removed floating tile above ladder in Wizards' Guild.

Items dropped on bridges in Tirannwn are no longer hard to see.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

Fixed several achievement issues with safe cracking.

Added a missing apostrophe in 'Thats all, thanks.' chat option when talking to Safe-cracking trainer.

There is now a 'hand-in' option on Darren Lightfinger to fence all of your safecracking valuables for pilfer points or coins. This will hand in any items you are carrying all in one go, you will need to speak to him to hand in a partial amount.

Loot bag upgrades for safecracking are now permanent unlocks and the highest tier bag you have purchased will be replaced if lost.

Reclaiming a doctor or nurses hat from the Apothecary will no longer reset A Tail of Two Cats quest progress.

Fixed an issue that stopped you from receiving an achievement diary reward if the previous reward was stored in your keepsake.

Players will no longer be able to receive duplicate Ghost Hunter pieces if the set is stored in a Player owned House

The Required Items list for In Aid of the Myreque has been updated to include 10 Bronze Hatchets

Players who meet requirements to start Dealing with Scabaras will now be able to start the quest even if their skills are drained.

The Do No Evil quest overview now show how many Quest Points are awarded upon completion.

Fixed a typo in The Fremennik Isles quest.

Fight Cauldron is correctly spelt in the Tokhaar-Mok achievement description.

Removed reference to Stealing Creation being in the Wilderness in Temple of Senntisten post quest dialogue with the Assassin at the Dig Site.

Rocking Out quest reward overview no longer shows thieving as a requirement for catching pirate implings.

Added Shades of Mort'ton as a suggested requirement for In Aid of the Myreque based upon player feedback.

The Stolen Hearts titles - Artful Dodger, the Enforecer, Don, the Swindler - can now be accessed within the wardrobe.

Dialogue that incorrectly referred to the icyene home world of Hallow as New Domina has been corrected.

A typo in the quest overview screen of Back to My Roots and My Arm's Big Adventure have been corrected.

The Professor will now prevent you with a correctly 'worded' Shield-bow at the end of the Observatory quest. The item itself was a Shield-bow but it was referred to as an older style longbow.

The toolbelt mithril grapple now works for The Curse of Arrav quest

Fixed an issue where Dark Arrows could not be used on the Guide Rope in Underground Pass.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Statue collection bag now uses legacy graphics whilst using legacy mode.

The toggle on/off option in the assist interface is the left click option once again

The message when you obtain golden rock (melee) has been corrected.

DG toolbelt now displays the correct owned pickaxes/hatchets.

Player Owned Houses can now be reset at Estate Agents. Players will still retain their pets, aquarium and Butler should they wish to rebuild their menagerie, aquarium and additional bedrooms respectively.

Amended the options on squares in the Towers puzzle so that right-clicking allows you to select between incrementing the value, or directly selecting any number from 1 to 5. Left clicking will increment as before.

Free to play can now investigate the spike traps puzzle room in Dungeoneering.

Improved the POH Treasure Chest interface with a menu that separates items by tier of treasure trail. This has been updated to include Master tier following clue scroll update.

Effigies bought from the travelling merchant in deep sea fishing will now be correctly set up when used.


Clan Admin broadcast messages now save and display correctly.

Enchanted silver jewellery will now correctly display it's charges remaining.

Added the waiko hunter outfit to the Clean-up filter in the bank.

Fixed an issue that would cause certain interfaces to appear behind others (e.g. Bank Pin Entry behind Aura Management) when opened simultaneously.

Fixed a minor issue that caused certain instances of multiple choice options to be to spaced out.

The "Make" button in the make-x interface will now correctly display it's custom text again.

Yakamaru cowardice projectile anim will now appear correctly.

Postie Pete now offers alternate delivery options that allow you to choose where you want to have your parcels sent as a priority. You can choose to have them sent directly to you or sent to your bank.

Postie Pete's parcels can now be banked.

Postie Pete's postage stamps can now be stored in the currency pouch.

Removed a reference to JAG from the lobby.

Fixed an issue where a message when hopping world with an active gravestone didn’t correctly fit in the message box

Players names in Clan/Friends chat will no longer appear in a bright white and has been reverted to the previous colour.

Clicking abandon all loot at raids fetcher but not actually abandoning it will no longer remove the option to re-roll.

Opening the currency pouch in the inventory will no longer cause interfaces to close.

Augmented hatchets will now correctly work when chopping Maple trees in Miscellenia

Aura name will no longer appear in chat box when activating an aura via the right click option.

Fixed an issue where an interface was not being closed with Esc.

Corrected an error in mature grotworm's drop table which meant super restores never dropped and Saradomin brews dropped too often.

Changed the name and inventory icon of damaged driftwood to better distinguish it in your inventory from normal Driftwood.

Sir Vyvin's examine now has the appropriate grammar.

Removed (used) from some weapons names for consistency with the majority of other used gear in the game.

Corrected a typo when splitting a scrimshaw of corruption.

Locking and unlocking interface customisation will now close certain interfaces.

The 'Override Familiars' option no longer unchecks itself on specific pets.

Teplin Macagon will no longer drop noted flasks to the floor if the player has a full inventory when decanting

Knockback abilities can no longer drag wall beasts out of their dens.

Lava Hawk pet interact OP now correctly plays emote.

The Fire verb on cannons has been changed from a Crafting cursor to Attack, Ranged or Magic cursor, depending on the type of cannon.

It is no longer possible to use bladed dive when transmogrified into certain NPcs.

The book of death will no longer occasionally cause a disconnection when activating.

Fixed an issue where inspecting combat abilities in the Powers interface was showing the incorrect abilities descriptions.

Increased the minimum size of the bank interface (within edit mode) so that the bank will now show the full worn inventory rather than having a scroll bar because the window wasn't large enough.

Players can now correctly make multiple clockwork penguin suits through the make x interface provided they have enough materials

Fixed an issue where dwarf cannons could continue to decay when repaired.

Added some rocks to the burthorpe rune shop's north wall to prevent some poor pathing when attempting to trade with Apprentice clara

Ability cooldowns are now reset at the end of a fight in the duel arena.

Unfinished potions now have "Mix" on left click when held in your inventory when you have both components in your inventory.

You can no longer reset your Hellion Aura with your Hellion daily reset (did we say Hellion enough?)

The Gravite shortbow is now a Gravite chargebow.

Fixed a typo on Aura Management interface.

The fountains inside of the grand exchange can now be used to fill Evil Dave's empty stew satchel during the quest.

Augmented staff of limitless fire/water/earth/air/lava/mud/steam no longer show item charge.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 14, 2018 1:21 pm

PATCH NOTES 14th May 2018

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

It is no longer possible to repeatedly start the graveyard cutscene during You Are It when repeatedly attempting to dig.

Tweaked text in Garden of Tranquility quest.

You will now get Treasure Hunter keys on completion of the You Are It quest.

Players will now be able to reclaim any lost trinkets after You Are It quest.

Fixed an issue with the "Bad advice" cutscene in the Path of Glouphrie quest.

Fixed an issue that stopped the progression of devious minds.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Slightly tweaked the message given when attempting to open the chest at a Shattered Worlds checkpoint.

You can no longer disassemble Lily of the Valley objects for Invention Components

Sealed clue scroll objects can now be distributed through lootshare, with respect to each players' individual clue scroll soft cap.

Blue will now output your total clues completed when using him as a familiar override.


In preparation for Solak's release at the end of the month, blight bolts have been added to the drop tables of the Lost Grove creatures. Blight bolts will be the ammo used in the new tier 92 blightbound crossbow.

Removed some "Your pouch is full" and "Your pouch has no essence left in it" messages from Runecrafting pouches.

When an item is below 5% item charge it'll now tell you what percentage charge it has remaining when it is equipped.

New players will now go to Tutorial Island by default instead of Ashdale if they select the New or Returner option at character creation. New players that elect to skip the Tutorial will still go to Burthorpe.

Pack pig, prayer pig and war pig familiars' lifepoints will now scale with level.

Hitsplats which you can toggle for other players ability damage will now slightly be faded to help yours stand out a bit more

A Purple hitsplat has been added

Stuns are now cleared when transitioning Telos from phase 4 to 5.

Resolved an issue that would allow the use of bladed dive without meeting the level required.

Added extra code for date of birth checks

It is no longer possible to receive actionbar share offers containing lodestones you have not yet unlocked.

We have updated the icons for 'Group Chat' and 'Group Chat List'.

The Lily of the Valley has disappeared for another year!

Recharging your jewelry at the legends guild totem pole while having charged combat bracelet or skills necklace will no longer revert them back to uncharged versions.

Standardised naming conventions and fixed some grammatical oddities for the gnome cocktail objects.

Floor 60 now has a chance to drop M. and Thok Letter Part 10 as well as Mysterious Chronicle (Part 30).

The Tiny Death, Twitching Orb, Anima Creature, and Abyssal Hound familiar overrides now all output their usual examine text when overriding familiars.

Non-member accounts with less than 150 total level are now unable to enter friends chats.

Gaps will no longer occasionally appear in the chat box in legacy interface mode, or in the chat input field in non legacy interface mode.

The reward for completing the post-quest activity for You Are It is now keepsakeable.

You Are I-n the know. The quest journal for You Are It has been updated with information


Fixed numerous client crashes that could occur in specific situations.

Fixed an issue where Ping was missing from the displayfps console command.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon May 21, 2018 10:03 am

PATCH NOTES 21st May 2018


Lodestones have been graphically updated, alongside this blocking has been removed from around the lodestone.

Added some light to Slayer Tower as the environment was a bit too dark.

Fixed an issue with Warden of the Mind outfit not appearing correctly in the wardrobe.

Removed any force walk areas that used to exist on lodestones.

Prevented lighting a fire in front of Solomon's store removing it.

Fixed an issue with an unblocked tile in the Karamja Resource Dungeon.

Items dropped on a tile in Edgeville no longer float.

Fixed some map height issues to the east of digsite.

Fixed a graphical bug with the sparkling pool in the Mage Arena.

Objects dropped beneath a canopy on the Port Sarim docks no longer appear on top of it.

Fixed a small issue with remove roof also removing some of the city wall in the Falador chain mail shop.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

The End of Gara-Dul book can no longer be disassembled.

Carrying skillchompas will no longer cause a disconnect when mining the rubble during In aid of the Myreque.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

You can once again add Cabbage Facepunch abilities to ability deck.

Fixed a typo with checking Dominion Factor points on the Dominion Tower Chest.

Lunar armour level requirement has been corrected in the Magic skill guide.


Your auto attack delay can no longer move backwards read more here

Removed a lobby change that fixed an issue that caused parts of the lobby interface to appear raised / hidden behind other elements.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the drag and drop functionality of icons in the 'Ribbon Setup' interface.

The "Forgotten your password" button text will now correctly display within the button bounds.

Ribbon layout for new players no longer prevents them from completing path system.

The Gravite chargebow now deals the correct amount of damage.

Ice dyed augmented Seren godbow, Zaros godsword and Staff of Sliske will now show their correct value in the wealth evaluator.

Fixed an issue with info boxes and error boxes not being re-positioned if the game world was resized via edit mode.

Aligned text on hop world settings interface.

Some combat abilities have been reverted to just using messages instead of an info box.

Ninja Fixes

The location of the circus barker vendor is now displayed in the Minigames tab when the circus option is selected to view.

Players can now configure the left click option of Divination rifts to choose the convert to xp/wisps option. If the player has completed the divination tutorial, the current convert option will flash in the configure selection screen.

Tears of Guthix has been made less clunky to interact with the various streams and streams will stay in position for a longer duration.

An item to teleport to the Elf city waterfall fishing area has been added to Mhistyll's shop.

It is now possible to teleport to the Varrock Grand Exchange by speaking to the exchange clerks in Menaphos banks.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Tue May 29, 2018 2:26 pm

PATCH NOTES 29th May 2018


An oak tree next to the Ardougne lodestone once again has its canopy attached to the tree trunk.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Players can no longer kill Arhats without meeting the 96 slayer requirement.

Protean planks are now consistently used as crafting materials when using a clockmakers bench inside a player-owned house.

Updated the warning message received when resetting a player-owned house at an estate agent to more fully explain what is or isn't lost.


Fixed an issue that occasionally caused scroll bars to break when swapping between legacy and non-legacy UI modes.

Having fragment arrows or bolts equipped no longer applies their damage bonus when using a thrown weapon.

Casting certain spells on interface components via the action bar will no longer cause players to disconnect.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:44 am

PATCH NOTES 4th June 2018


The follower details interface no longer has blue components in legacy interface mode.

The flaming sword override can now be used with dyed Khopesh weapons.

An issue with the positioning of a sheathed ice-dyed noxious scythe when performing different animations has been fixed.

Updated a texture on a tile north of Seers' Village.

Updated the shadows in the Arposandra Sewers.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

The Master lockpick now works correctly for chests in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Using an elf thieving reset token will no longer occasionally block players from pickpocketing elves.

Grinding mud runes now works correctly if a player has a charged wicked pouch equipped.

Snakeskin now shows the required ranged level to equip as an additional requirement in the defence skillguide.

The Escape option has been removed from the exit of the Phoenix Lair, as it was functionally identical to Exit.

Players in an even-sized Dungeoneering group who do not use melee to attack a Dungeoneering boss can now receive lore book drops. As discovered by Shauny and his new wife.

Players can no longer access various interfaces in Tears of Guthix to prevent wasting time by forcing a log out.

The discard button on Treasure Hunter is now correctly named convert for free-to-play players.

Prismatic stars no longer drop to the floor if looted from a Treasure Trail reward casket with a full inventory.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

It is now possible to start Eadgar's Ruse with only the pre-rework variant of Druidic Ritual completed.

The world map marker for Druidic Ritual is now in the correct place when setting it as the active quest.

Crafting dragon leather boots no longer counts towards the craft dragon leather vambraces daily challenge.


The minimum and maximum amount of reaper kills assigned for Solak has been lowered.

The lifepoints on the Manifestations of Erethdor on phase 4 of Solak's group mode in the overworld has been lowered from 45,000 to 25,000.

Another magical mushroom has appeared near the fairy ring in The Lost Grove, which acts as a shortcut down from the hill.

An option to exit the arena before the fight has started has been added to Solak.

The Burst of Nature attack will no longer deal damage to players at the end of phase 4 if Solak has been killed.

A purple spotanim that plays around Solak will now clear at the start of the next attack.

Solak will no longer attempt to insta-kill players who have left a previous Solak fight and entered a fresh battle.

Weapon poison now tracks correctly when dealing the final blow to Solak's limbs.


A Menaphos gift box is awarded on login to players who have completed Jack of Spades to celebrate Menaphos' 1st birthday.

Soul obelisks and Scarabs now spawn at double the rate, until July 4th.

Menaphos reputation can now be gained at an increased rate based on completion of various quests:

Jack of Spades: 1.25x

Crocodile Tears: 1.5x

Our Man in the North: 1.75x

'Phite Club: 2x

A cursed ushabti can be created by combining cursed Amascut sand to a regular ushabti, providing a +50% catch chance. Cursed Amascut sand is dropped by Ripper demons, Living wyverns, Camel warriors, and Acheron mammoths.

Menaphite gift offerings are now stackable in the backpack and can now be deposited into the bank.

Grand Exchange clerks have been moved to stand with the bankers in the Menaphos bank.

The rug merchant near Sophanem has been moved closer to the entrance.

Urluk is now accessible using the NPC Contact spell.

Made the following tweaks to the Agility Pyramid:

200 Menaphos reputation is awarded per Pyramid top handed in to Simon Templeton.

Handing in more than 1 Pyramid top to Simon Templeton without elite desert achievements completed will now award the correct amount of coins.

Handing in Pyramid tops to Simon Templeton with the elite desert achievements completed will now give 10,000 coins per top.

NPCs will no longer vanish when climbing to the first level of the Agility Pyramid.

The skybox will no longer change when climbing to the fifth level of the Agility Pyramid.

NPCs in the south-eastern desert area will no longer be moved/hidden when climbing the Agility Pyramid.

The ground textures in the south-eastern area of the desert have been updated.

It is now possible to see various NPCs in the area south of the desert when climbing over the fallen pillar to a higher floor.

A shortcut icon has been added at the east wall of Sophanem.

The water fountain in Menaphos leading to the soul altar now correctly displays a water source icon.

The remove roofs graphics option will now include hiding the chandeliers within a slayer player-owned dungeon spawn area.

Ninja fixes

Large amounts of summoning enchanted headgear has been removed and if owned, replaced with the un-enchanted version.

The corrupt slayer helmet will now provide a 5% bonus chance to catching souls and has the option to view the slayer codex.

It is now possible to combine all 4 godwars soulstones near the altar east of the rope exit within the God Wars dungeon to create an omni soulstone which can store all God Wars boss kill counts.


The Settings tab will remember the last tab opened and open on that tab.

There is now a quick enter option on the Combat Training Camp gate via a right click option.

Updated some dwarf multicannon ownership checks to prevent the owner from being told "This isn't your cannon!".

Changed the tooltip on the special attack for some Godswords to reflect their actual damage percentage.

Godbook special attacks will no longer carry over damage at the end of a player duel.

The option to reset personal best hard mode times for bosses that don't have a hard mode has been removed.

Combining multiple crystal keys at once no longer plays the combining sound repeatedly.

Hotfixes since the last update

29/05, 12:00 UTC: Merethiel's stave override is no longer unlocked for all players.

30/05, 10:30 UTC: Added a check to nerf poison damage when Solak reaches his phase hitcap.

31/05, 08:10 UTC: Vengeance now has a maximum damage cap.

31/05, 09:30 UTC: All damage types no longer bypass Solak's HP cap on phase 3.

31/05, 10:30 UTC: Applied the above HP cap fix to duo-mode Solak.

31/05, 14:00 UTC: The binding crush mechanic on phase 2 of Solak will now draw a player back into the arena if placed outside of the playable arena.

NXT client update: 31/05

Fixed the white texture issue when logging in while the client is pre-loading shaders.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:20 am

PATCH NOTES 11th June 2018

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Trapper outfit can now be correctly purchased from Vic the Trader.

An NPC named Bruce can be found walking the streets of Edgeville, complaining about the tourist destination. And a book has been added to the Edgeville Furnace.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Messages that relate to the easy desert task rewards now correctly refer to Hassan as being in Menaphos now he has Al Kharid after the events in The Jack of Spades.

Fixed an issue with the tier 3 fused slayer helmets not behaving correctly in the worn inventory.

Carrying a god wars soul stone will now correctly allow you to enter the pre-boss doors within god wars dungeon.

The "Staff on Stryke" achievement has been updated to require a full slayer helmet instead of the now removed fully charged variant.

Corrected out of sync Zanik killing guards animation during Death to Dorgeshuun quest.


Solak no longer loses focus on the tank after he performs his root attack on the tank on phase 2, and after a rune has been completed on phase 3.

Solak will now reliably hit all players for the instakill attack if players allow Withered Solak to die with a group member in a different instanced area.

Charms will no longer be awarded to another player when claiming Solak loot if your inventory is full, and will be sent to your bank if your inventory is full.

Defensive abilities will no longer be reset during Solak phase transitions and when traversing from the mind to the overworld.

An issue with Solak awarding double KC has been fixed.

Portents of restoration can no longer be used to heal the players inside Solak's minds.
Calorie bombs can no longer be placed inside of the mind of Solak.

The blight percentage on phase 2 of Solak will now be drained at a faster rate.

The blight percentage drained from completing the Binding Crush mechanic on phase 2 of Solak has been increased.

Players will now always be moved from underneath downed Solak at the end of the fight.

Some audio from the Nex Angel of Death encounter has been removed from Solak.

A right click 'Claim loot' option has been added to Merethiel at the end of the Solak fight.

The damage cap on Solak will no longer come into play early than it's supposed to.


Corrected the spelling of receive when fencing items.

Fixed some issues with legacy mode interfaces.

Selecting ironman game modes in account creation when using the Java client will now correctly apply the selection.

Fixed an issue where some TH prizes could not be claimed correctly.

Fixed typo when charging the Brilliant Amulet.

Ninja Fixes

Rune Mechanics no longer requires Rune Mysteries and Wolf Whistle.

What Lies Below no longer requires Rune Mysteries.

Lunar Diplomacy no longer requires Rune Mysteries.

A Void Dance no longer requires Rune Mysteries and Wolf Whistle.

Fairy Tale III no longer requires Rune Mysteries and Wolf Whistle.

Deadliest Catch now requires 3 Herblore instead of Druidic Ritual. (Because you brew a sea legs potion.)

Meeting History now requires 3 Herblore instead of Druidic Ritual. (Because you name the Herblore skill.)

Heart of Stone now has a suggested requirement of Rune Mechanics (because you make use of a modified rune guardian) and the Elder Kiln quest (due to references to the TokHaar).

Heart of Stone's Azzanadra post-quest dialogue that mentions his mission from Zaros now also requires Fate of the Gods.

An warning message about forfeiting rewards when entering Yakamaru after defeating Beastmaster Durzag will no longer incorrectly appear.

It is now possible to teleport from Telos' arena once it has been defeated.

Being ineligible to vote in a poll will no longer display you as having voted in the poll.

The Grand Tree quest now awards an Agility, combat and Magic lamp.

The Royal Trouble quest now awards an Agility, Slayer and Constitution lamp.

The Death to the Dorgeshuun quest now awards a Thieving and combat lamp.

The Observatory quest now awards a Crafting lamp and potentially a Strength, Defence, Constitution or Attack lamp.

An agility shortcut to enter the Tree Gnome Stronghold has been added near the Eagle's peak lodestone, requiring 61 Agility.

A buy-x feature has been added to rewards shops.

Removed the Menaphos gift box login as the week bonus is now over.

Logging into certain item restricted areas will no longer cause the Menaphos birthday gift box to be lost.

Tweaked Prifddinas lodestone colours to better match surrounding area.

Handing in a Relic in menaphos will now show you the correct amount of reputation you are going to gain.

You can now destroy clockwork cats from your inventory.

You can now attack Vyrewatch when they demand tithe so long as you have an appropriate weapon equipped such as the Ivandis Flail.

It is now possible to teleport to the Airut within Kuradal's dungeon with the mask of the airut

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:52 am

PATCH NOTES 18th June 2018

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Bruce's bad break book title now has apostrophe in the correct place.

All Divination daily challenges have had their first step updated to include the colonies location

A new miniquest section has been added under the Miscellaneous section in your Achievements

Clan achievements have been moved from Exploration to the Miscellaneous section

Achievement numbers will now correctly add up.


Erethdor's Grimoire will now consistently obey its cooldown time.

Fixed a typo on Erethdor's Grimoire examine (now mentions the correct % of prayer it restores overtime).

A player will now be resurrected by the power of the grove should they die after freeing Solak.

A location has been added at the end of the Solak fight, so they can return to Merethiel and Solak should a player not get transported back.

Phase 1:
Failing the Lockdown mechanic in duo mode will now spawn one less Blightbound lasher.

Both the arms and legs during the Lockdown mechanic now have timer bars

The click radius on the arms and legs during the Lockdown mechanic have been reduced

The Volatile roots and Solak's arms and legs will no longer return to their full lifepoint amount should a player stop attacking them

The Volatile roots, Blightbound creatures, Blight afflicted core, and Solak's arms and legs can now be stunned

Phase 2:
The click radius on the Anima eruptions has been slightly reduced

A message will now consistently display when the Anima storm has been fully depleted

The click radius on Solak's arm during the Binding crush mechanic has been reduced

Phase 3:
Erethdor's lifepoints has been reduced from 500,000 to 250,000 in duo mode

Erethdor's stats have been increased

Hall of Memories

Fixed several typos in Hall of Memories.

The makeX for memory shards now use their own crafting menu.

Multiple players can no longer catch the same knowledge fragment and core memory in the Hall of Memories.

The Memorialised More Than Once achievement description has been updated due to the release of an additional perk slot from the Hall of Memories.

The Data Recovery and Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets achievements now correctly award runescore.

The knowledge fragments in the Hall of Memories no longer flicker when the last ones spawn.

The core memory now has an minimum time cap of 30 seconds before it next spawns

The special memories have had their examines updated to include their outburst tier

Both Aagi and Seren's success chance when harvesting has been modified to better accommodate for lower level Diviners

The master clue scroll skill riddle for gathering a radiant memory can now be completed in the Hall of Memories

Divination daily challenge for Luminous and above can now also be completed in the Hall of Memories


Changes have been made to the edit mode feature for controlling the toplevel interface.
3D World Editing, Minigame HUD Editing and Gameplay HUDs Editing check boxes have been removed in favour of an Advance Options button.

Pressing this button now opens a list of check boxes for each of the editable components. These are listed alphabetically.

All of these can be toggled on to display the component to move it.

The following are enabled for editing by default; Buff Bar, Crafting Progress, Debuff Bar, Minigame HUD and XP Popups.

Hiding the majority of them by default helps to keep the edit mode layout from feeling cluttered and overwhelming.

Combat Target Window check box will only appear if the Combat Target Window is undocked from above a targets head.

Two options are hidden until they are needed.
Split Private Chat (Renamed from Private Chat) and Combat Target Window.

Split Private Chat check box will only appear if Split Private Chat is enabled in settings.

Abominations accuracy is now scaled to your equipment rather than your defence level.

Added boss tactics and information to The Magister section of the beasts tab.

Telos kills will no longer be added twice to your adventures log if killed above 100% enrage.

Active polls will now correctly count down their time displayed on the interface.

Ga'als health bar will now correctly clear from your HUD if failing the fight pit section of the Elder Kiln quest

Attack op will now work correctly for Safalaan boss during River of Blood quest.

Getting a component drop via Scavenging will now display a "xp drop" informing you of the components you've just gotten.

A tooltip has been added to the Necklace of Binding which allows you to see how many charges you have remaining

Added time remaining info when using the clockmakers bench in a PoH

Made some improvements to gelatinous abominations:
Crush op has been removed.

On getting the NPC down to 1 health, the player will automatically run in to finish them

Ensured attack is always the leftclick option

Improved messaging about spiked gauntlets.

The dialog box for joining a friendschat will now correctly close if the Favourites function is used instead.

Ninja Fixes

A boss healthbar has been added to HarAken in the fight kiln.

Corrupt, regular and superior Statius' warhammers can now be stored in a keepsake box.

The message received when you have the maximum amount of memory strands stored is now filtered.

A bank healing area has been added to the Thieve's guild bank.

Teleport destinations on the skull sceptre are now available as right click options when worn.

Deathtouched darts can now be stored in a keepsake box.

The text colour when checking wisps caught with the wisp jar will now display the blue wisp in blue text.

The area when starting The Firemaker's Curse quest has been slightly widened to prevent the world area looking cut off.

The confirmation message when activating the herblore skill cape perk has been removed.

The ranging guild ticket exchange interface has been updated.

Patchy's performance equipment shop interface has been updated.

Golden godswords have been graphically updated to appear more golden.

Destroying a piece of golden mining outfit will now offer the option to destroy the rest of the outfit similar to other skilling outfits.

Crystal triskelion keys are now considered as a bonus drop on the same table as Araxyte pheromone and Araxyte arrow.

The Giant Dwarf quest is now started by talking to Commander Veldaban in Keldagrim. (You will need to first travel to Keldagrim via the dwarf boatman and complete Keldagrim's introductory cutscene.) This allows skillers to enter Keldagrim without meeting the quest's requirements.

A right click option for lost & found has been added to rug merchants.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:40 pm

PATCH NOTES 25th June 2018

The clockwork cat will now recognise the "Hide familiar options" checkbox correctly.

The track "Thieves' Guild I" no longer incorrectly unlocks during the Prisoner of Glouphrie quest.

Burning chompies now correctly add to existing stacks.

Fixed an issue that stopped you from keepsaking a used Superior Statius's warhammer.

Corrected an issue in which Crossing Over VI wasn't shown on the requirements for the Final Boss achievement.

Switching between legacy interface and EoC will now be consistent with the 'Always show target information' checkbox.

Blocked the ability to cast Alchemy and Disassemble on the free weapons given to you during the Heart of Stone quest.

Reduced cost of XP scrimshaws from 10 ancient bones to 4

Reduced cost of gathering scrimshaws from 10 to 2

Added superior scrimshaws of sacrifice, aggression and corruption to the ports scrimshaw crafter.

T90 Sirenic armour has received a visual update.

The Max Guild boss portal can be tuned to travel to Elite Dungeons.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:13 am

PATCH NOTES 9th July 2018


Off-hand augmented blood and third-age dyed blightbound crossbows now use the correct model.

The orb on the Shock Eye Battlestaff override now remains attached to the staff.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Fixed a check at the end of Royal Trouble quest to ensure the quest can be completed.

Players can no longer use any stackable logs (Protean Logs) to build a pyre during the Summer's End quest. This is to prevent an entire stack being taken at once.

Jack of Spades quest start icon has been moved to correct location.


For the short term while we wait for the Avatar Rework we've increased the resource buff that a Clan Avatar attuned with the skill plot bonus can give you (previously 10% now 100%).

Rocktail Soup and Sailfish soup now count towards the Ocean's Bounty Prepare a feast task.

Clicking out of the congratulations message for completing a clue scroll will now complete the clue scroll task in Oceans Bounty correctly

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to not have their task swapped out correctly upon logging in to a new day

The message that your divination outfit has enabled you to get another memory is now displayed correctly when using divine-o-matic vacuum.

Using Tier 92 armour will no longer degrade it or use charge while inside the Temple of Aminishi.

Toned down the flashy effects on Seiryu's transitions between conscious and knocked-out states.

Removed dummy objects for Aminishi cosmetics from GE visibility.

Elite sirenic hauberks now be created with a full repaired sirenic hauberk, 420 ancient scales, 3 algarum thread and 5 chaotic spikes. Dyed ones can be made with the same process.

Corrected model view for superior scrimshaws of aggression, corruption and sacrifice on the scrimshaw crafter's make-X interface.

Fixed a typo in Forsaken Graakh companion examine text.

A player will now be resurrected by the power of the grove should they die after freeing Solak.

Bladed dive can no longer be used whilst in the Castle Wars waiting area, to prevent people diving as a sheep.

Fixed an issue that caused certain combat bonuses gained from gear to block progression to phase 2 of the Agoroth encounter.

13 Defence is no longer required to use the fairy ring network.

Ninja Fixes

Quest start tooltips on the world map now always state if they are member's only when on free-to-play worlds.

A "Yes, and don't ask me again" option has been added when progressing through each difficulty of Temple Trekking. This warning can be re-enabled by talking to Hiylik Myna again.

Attempting to reclaim member's only items on a non-member's world will now show an extra confirmation warning with lots of red text.

Divination memories have been re-coloured to match their wisp equivalent.

Friend-only broadcasted achievements will now display in your own chat box as well to indicate a broadcast was sent.

The Agility arena rewards interface now uses the standard shop interface with a wider range of purchase options.

Claiming & using the Knight's Sword quest reward Smithing lamp is now a requirement for the Master Quest Cape.

Skyboxes and outer mapping have been added to Zanaris and the Enchanted valley.

A lightbeam within Eagle's peak has been updated to not be a solid looking model.

The river through Edgville and Barbarian village has been widened to be more river-like.

The ground blending between the digsite area and Silvarea has been improved.

The ground blending in the exit from Falador has been improved.

The bushes in the Silvarea have been updated to newer models.

It is now possible to combine degraded silver jewellery at Murky Matt in the Grand Exchange area.

Cursed ushabti is now valued at a minimum of 1M to ensure it protects over much lower valued items on death.

Lodestone tooltips will now display a quest requirement to be unlocked.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:37 am

PATCH NOTES 16th July 2018


Fixed some windows in the house with the Thieves guild trap door.

Removed force walk tiles by guardhouses in Lumbridge castle grounds.

The melee and ranged armour stands at the Lumbridge combat academy have been swapped so they're arranged back in melee, ranged, magic order.

Temple of Aminishi

Nex:AoD, Solak and Seiryu's boss pet threshold modifiers are now at one fifth of their base random chance.

It is once again possible to re-equip the insane final boss title when all the requirements are met.


Jackie the Fruit will now also sell un-noted herbs from the agility arena store in Brimhaven.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to use lower grade pyre logs than intended when burning Vyre Corpses in the Colambarium

It is no longer possible to use bladed dive when transmogrified into certain NPcs.

The fishing spots at Gunnarsgrunn can be reached again.

Added an option to choose or cycle between targeted NPCs. Head to the controls settings interface to customise the keybinds.

Performed maintenance on approximately 300 interfaces across RuneScape in preparation for mobile, such as Burthorpe Games Room, Pest Control rewards shop, Remote Farm, and much, much more.”

patchweek like an iceberg
This week update is slightly different than usual. This update is like an iceberg, a lot has changed but only very little is visible for all of you. The usual patches are accompanied by many changes to accommodate for RuneScape mobile. This does not mean we are close to release, but we are taking a big step in the right direction for sure.
Patch notes
The tip of the iceberg, also known as the patch notes, can be found in full detail above.
Mobile Changes
Last week we released a dev blog about RS mobile. In this dev blog we talked about what we have been working on recently and what we want to do next. Some of these changes are coming to RuneScape this week. Because these are changes for mobile you will most likely not be able to see them. Rest assured they are in today's update.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:38 pm

PATCH NOTES 23rd July 2018


Fixed an issue that caused the minimap quick prayer button graphic to become incorrectly displayed.

The ribbon in Legacy mode will no longer show highlighted icons when an inventory is not open.

The pier across the River Lum is now reflecting onto the water correctly.

Fixed an issue with the text in a magic logs examine extending outside the examine box.

Certain sand tile at Airuts no longer hides noted drops.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

Removed the skill requirement to rub the following quest XP lamps:

* 40 Defence & 40 Strength - Dragon Slayer

* 35 Strength - Haunted Mine

* 28 Smithing - The Knight's Sword

* 14 Cooking - Gertrude's Cat

* 10 Combat - Vampyre Slayer

* 10 Prayer - Priest in Peril

* 4 Attack, 4 Defence, 4 Strength, 4 Crafting - In Aid of the Myreque

* 4 Constitution, 4 Defence - A Soul's Bane

* 3 Constitution, 3 Defence & 4 Crafting - Nature Spirit

Fixed an issue in Sliske's Endgame Replay where the interactions tab would appear to be clickable when the player had not selected the interactions tickbox. Some small QOL changes were made to the menu itself to improve it's interaction and look in Legacy mode.

Fixed an issue where the luck message for receiving a sealed clue scroll could be given even when you were already at your soft cap for that tier of clue.

'IM KROM' clue scroll challenge will now accept correct answer.

Adjusted 'Blow a kiss between the tables in Shilo Village bank' clue scroll area.

Fixed an issue with the goblin transmogrify interface from the Land of the Goblins

Selecting a member of the Jury in Court cases will now correctly proceed with the trial

Fixed an issue that blocks progression of the Branches of Darkmeyer quest if a defence reset has not removed an item.

Fixed an issue with the decoder strips puzzle interface where a layer was hidden behind the background.

Moved quest start marker to correct location for Legacy of Seergaze quest.


The ability to claim your Ocean's Bounty rewards has been added to Diango until 23:59 on the 23rd of July.

The hexhunter bow's passive bonuses now work against Seiyru.

Death lotus darts and Elite death lotus darts no longer float when dropped.

Corruption shot and corruption blast will no longer aggro cockatrice when they are hit with the chained bleed.

The drop rate on the cosmetic items from Solak have been made more common.

Merethiel's stave changed to 1/500

Effigies changed to 1/100

Triskelions changed to 1/100

Clue scrolls changed to 1/100

Cinderbane gloves changed to 1/1000

Purple Mushroom changed to 1/500

Tweaked how tooltips behave so they should no longer block access to buttons, etc.

Fixed a UI spacing issue that had caused the Constitution abilities to become lost on the Legacy spell book panel.

Fixed an issue that caused additional action bars to appear in Legacy Mode.

The "Take" option in the Bind-setup interface in Dungeoneering now works correctly.

Fixed Price Checker search window.

"Configure" option for Divination rift now works correctly.

The combat academy will no longer allow you to access your strength abilities when teaching you about adrenaline.

The items kept on death interface will no longer list Demonic skull as a protected item.

You are no longer able to disassemble or alch scrolls of knowledge.

Full unlock hints have been added to over 70 pets in the Pets interface to give clearer information on where they can be obtained.

The imcando pickaxe auto-smelt ability will now correctly work in corrupted ore in Prifddinas.

Standardised a legacy quest requirement check in Brundt the Chieftain's dialogue when requesting a seal of passage during Lunar Diplomacy.

The TokKul-Zo will now display the amount of charges rather than percentage.

Ninja Fixes

The Eddy, Penny and Baby soulgazer pets will now show kill counts of their appropriate creatures when examined.

The King Black Dragon instanced boss fight now has a kill timer.

A warning will now appear when attempting to leave the agility pyramid without claiming the pyramid top reward.

Jugs of water packs have been added to Shantay, Beefy Bill and Jossik's shops.

The limited edition tab on the Thalar store is now hidden if there is nothing available.

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Re: Patchnotes!

Post by Cally Raven » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:59 pm

PATCH NOTES 30th July 2018

Clans - Clan Broadcasts

Achievement broadcasts are now available for Clans!

You can customise your Clan achievement broadcast settings in the Clan Settings tab, changes are automatically broadcasted to admin+ to ensure your clan can track changes.

By default anytime a player in your clan triggers an achievement broadcast (For example, has received a spider leg top drop!) it will now output this to your Clan

If you are guesting in a clan chat you will also be able to see Clan Achievement broadcasts from that clan in your Guest Clan Chat

The clan's name will be shown when a Clan Broadcast fires, this can be prefixed via the Prefix Settings located in 'Chat Settings'

If a clan member logins in for the first time after 30 days, a message will go out to the Clan to let them know and welcome them back.

Clans - Clan Avatar

The Avatar Warden Job title is no longer required to summon an avatar

You can now activate your weekly buff at your Avatar Control Stone located near your Avatar Habitat, once activated you can choose between a base XP boost of 3% which can increase up to an additional 3% XP if your Fealty is rank 1, 2 or 3 OR a Skill Plot Bonus which increases the clan resources gained from that Skill Plot by 50%, whichever buff you choose lasts a week and can be switched out and/or renewed at any time (Note: you do not need an Avatar out to benefit from either of these bonuses), however if you wish you'll be able summon the Avatar as a pet via the Follower Pets tab if your buff is active.

The buff icon for a Clan XP boost now only shows one icon and the total % of additional XP you're getting.

Clans with a Avatar Habitat are no longer capped to three Avatars, each player can now have one each if they wish, the Clan Avatar is now accessible via the Pets > Follower Pets window (Note: You need a Avatar Habitat active, as well as activating your weekly boost to see this)

You no longer need to pay for Clan Buffs, as a result you will no longer be able to collect Anagogic Orts, you can still check them out in your Currency Pouch.

The Avatar Gather resources action can now be accessed via the Avatar Control Stone at your Avatar Habitat.

You can now customise your avatar options via the Avatar Control Stone located near your Avatar Habitat, once you've confirmed your Avatar changes you'll be informed that your Clan will receive your changes shortly.

Clan admins can customise the clan's avatars' appearance at the control stone

Avatars will gather while summoned as pets in the Citadel, gathering the currently set resource, up to a weekly maximum shared by the clan which scales based on the Habitat tier

If you store the Clan Avatar in your Menagerie it'll have a special appearance for the time it's there

A buff icon has been added which shows when your Skill plot bonus is active

The following clan avatar buffs have been removed

Heal Over Time

Familiar Faces

Auto Ort

Random Resurrection


Clans - Clan Citadel

The following Clan Citadel skillplots have had their XP increased by 20% from level 80 up to level 99:






The active obelisk at the summoning skillplot will now switch every 30 seconds (previously 17 seconds)

You can now train at Citadel skillplots with skilling urns in the corresponding skill.

The chance to break a root while training at the Citadel woodcutting skillplot has been reduced

Based on the amount of Orts you've earned prior to the Avatar Rework update we've given you Citadel boosters! Details below:

1k > 9.9k 1 booster

10k > 49.9k 2 boosters

50k > 99.9k 3 boosters

100k > 200k 4 boosters

The Woodcutting, Mining and Firemaking Skill Plots will now grant more clan resources when skilling on them.

A clan broadcast message has been added (which can be toggled) which'll tell you when your clan has hit your target goals for your resources, as well as telling you when all clan resource goals have been met

Your Adventurer's Log will now have an entry added for when you reach Clan Fealty rank 1, 2, 3 or maintain Fealty 3.

Furnace full & skill plot locked messages will now appear in a red infobox for easier visibility

When you first skill on a plot a message will come up reminding you when skilling with fellow clan members at the same time in the Citadel, the resource gain will be slightly increased, the more members you gather resources with at once, the better the gain! (Note: this message appears once per login to avoid spam)

When skilling with fellow clan members at the same time in the Citadel, the resource gain has been slightly increased, the more members you gather resources with at once, the better the gain!

Clan Resource gain is now shown in the XP popup alongside the XP drop you've gotten

The Summoning Obelisk will now recharge your Summoning Points when using it

Updated the plot names in the clan citadel.

Updated the text on the tooltips when teleporting to a location in the clan citadel

The reliability of the broadcast text for "has visited the citadel this week" has been improved.

The weekly member requirement to upgrade a Citadel has been decreased, new numbers below (old numbers are in brackets)

Tier 1 > 2 : 5 (7)

Tier 2 > 3 : 7 (10)

Tier 3 > 4 : 12 (15)

Tier 4 > 5 : 15 (20)

Tier 5 > 6 : 20 (25)

Tier 6 > 7 : 25 (30)

Clan Changes

Using a Clan Vex or Clan Cloak on a Clan member will now give you the option to give it to them

When leaving a Clan you are now prompted to provide a reason why you left the Clan, ranks with the right permission to see the "has left the clan broadcast" will be able to see the reason provided by the leaving Clan member.

You can now decide if admins or higher can now kick members from the Clan (previously it was locked to admin+ by default).

You can now set a specific value for Colour on your Clan's Motif by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting set colour.

You can also get the current value of that colour in case you want to share it by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting get colour.

A +12:30, +13:00, +13:30 and +14:00 option has been added to the Time zone menu in Clan Settings

If you decide to rename your clan you can now check if a clan name is available before taking it

When you recruit a clan member the name of the recruiter is added to the join message allowing clans to track who's recruited who

A pop up box appears when you're invited to the clan initially (you still need to click the message in the Chat box to accept the invite)

If you decide to remain in your clan after pressing the leave button it'll give you a clan specific message.

If you decide to continue as an owner after pressing the leave button it'll give you a clan specific message.

The Clan Admin Broadcast settings interface will no longer appear behind the Clan Settings Interface.

Clans - Clan Log

A clan log has been added accessible to Admin+! When inside your Citadel right click the 'I' icon in Clan Chat and click 'Clan Log' and it'll provide you the following details (these numbers reset when the Citadel rebuilds itself at it's specified build tick).

Size of your clan (how many members are in your Clan currently)

How many members have visited the Citadel this week

How many members have capped at the Citadel this week

As a result of this, the broadcast message that goes out when you cap will now tell your clan how many members have capped at the Citadel this week.

How many members have hit Fealty at the Citadel this week.

Clans - Clan Login Message

A clan login message has also been added!

Accessible to Deputy Owner+ via right clicking the 'I' icon in Clan Chat, this allows you to write up a custom message to display to clan members if they've been logged out for more than 6 hours when they next login (Clan members who don't want to see this message can toggle off the message if they don't want to see these anymore via chat settings).

When setting a login message you will get a chat message which shows you what it'll look like to a clan member when they login.

Upon recruiting someone to your clan they will see the login message set by your Clan.

When editing the login message a broadcast will be sent out to the ranks that are specified in Clan Admin Messages that the login message has been edited.

Clans - Clan Chat

Clan Chat has been significantly rewritten across the board, it should now be smoother to use and for us much more optimized, with this comes the ability to finally mute your own Clan Members from Clan Chat via Clan Settings, details below!

An option to mute individual clan members has now been added to Clan Settings

Known issue: The Clan Chat muting will only work in-game, if they're still being a pain, kick them!

If said clan member has been muted they will now have an icon displayed to the right of their name in Clan Settings (as a result of this change the old Rated Clan Wars icon has been removed).

When muting a clan member a broadcast will be sent to Clan members who are admin+ informing them of the player who's been muted/unmuted

Clan Chat now shows total number of players in the chat

Clan Chat now shows the total number of members in your clan on hover over of your clan name

Clan Guest chat now shows total number of players in the chat

The chat list when guesting in another clan should now update dynamically without you having to leave and re-enter to see who's joined/left since then.

The Clan Ban List now shows number of players banned

The Clan Ban List will now give you a message telling you if your clan ban list is full when trying to add a ban when at your cap.

Clans - Clan Noticeboard

The Clan Noticeboard has had a load of quality of life fixes done to it! Full details below

The Clan Noticeboard no longer shows the status of Avatars and the Players holding them (as there are no Clan avatars anymore, only player ones).

Your Clan Noticeboard will automatically broadcast a reminder to your chatbox when the event has 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or 5 minutes to go.

The Clan Noticeboard and Clan Noticeboard Broadcast interfaces have had a text revamp and clearup

The Clan Noticeboard now only uses game time to stop confusion of clan vs game time in events.

If you haven't logged in for over an hour and log in when an event has less than 60 minutes to go until it starts you'll get a reminder message in your chat box (This can be toggled off via Chat Settings).

The following has been added to the noticeboard

Raids & Elite Dungeons have been added to the PvM category

Invention and Portables have been added to the Skilling category

Safecracking has been added to the Minigame category

Guthix Caches & Demon Flash Mobs have been added to the Event category

Borehole now says Vorago in the event place category

The following has been added to the event place category

God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses Helwyr, Vindicta, Twin Furies & Gregorovic


Invention Guild

Clan Chat

Combat Academy

Lost Grove

Eastern Lands - Waiko

Eastern Lands - Goshima

Eastern Lands - Islands that were once Turtles

Eastern Lands - Tuai Leit

Eastern Lands - Whale's Maw

Eastern Lands - Cyclosis

Eastern Lands - Aminishi

Deep Sea Fishing

Armadyl's Tower

Behind the Scenes

Gower Farm


All 27 RuneScape skills have been added to the "Place" category which will now allow you to determine which skill you want your clan competitons to be focused on.

When selecting the N/A option on the World tab it'll now display N/A in your broadcasts, noticeboard & clan flag instead of World 201.

Years 2012 - 2017 have been removed from the Noticeboard


Only 2 roots will spawn on phase 1 of the Solak fight, in group mode.

Each Blightbound crossbow has a 25% chance of saving a bakriminal bolt when their effect activates.

The blight percentage on phase 2 of Solak will now be drained at a faster rate. Should the hitpoints cap be reached, the rate of which it drains is then even greater.

Blightbound crossbow drops have been made more common from group mode Solak.

Erethdor's Grimoire is now a pocket slot item.

Erethdor's Grimoire now increases critical hit chance by 12% and increases the damage cap up to 15,000.

This now acts as the same as a godbook, requiring pages (Torn grimoire page) to recharge it. Each page recharges it by 45 minutes.

Torn grimoire pages are now dropped from Solak.

The Lost grove creatures creatures now drop an Ancient elven ritual shard, which works the same way as the Grimoire previously worked (restores 37% of your total prayer points over 30 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown). The drop rate is increased whilst on a Lost grove creature slayer assignment.

Elite Dungeons

Capped the number of crassians each cloaked zealot may spawn.

The Sanctum Guardian, Masuta and Seiryu in the Temple of Aminishi will no longer attack a player outside the arena.

The water spouts in the Masuta boss fight will no longer target a player outside the arena.

Black hand tendrils in the Seiryu fight will no longer target someone outside the arena.

The purple fire in the Sanctum Guardian boss fight will no longer target someone outside the arena.

The Crassian minions in the Sanctum Guardian fight will no longer target players outside the arena.

The Masuta clone can no longer attack players outside the arena.

Blocking has been adjusted and corrected on the barriers leading to Seiryu.

Masutas purple wave of magic will no longer AoE players outside the arena.


Removed a number of old login messages.

Sending private chat messages will no longer switch back to public chat when the friends list updates.

The first tab in the Stealing Creation interface now works as expected.

Coins collected from the Grand Exchange will no longer have text cut off when being added to the money pouch.

Fixed some issues with items and slot sizes in the 'Worn Equipment' interface and the 'Loot-All' interface.

Dragging items from your inventory to the disassemble icon or money pouch will now correctly attempt to disassemble or cast high alchemy on the item.

Added unlock hints to Solly and the Blightbound Lasher pets

Fixed an issue where it was not possible to continue Druidic Ritual quest under certain circumstances. Players in certain states will have the quest completed on login.

Fixed an issue with an interface during Catapult Construction.

Reworded the 'Reproduction steps' heading in the bug report interface.

Using a multi-code teleport with a portable fairy ring will now consume a charge

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Re: Patchnotes!

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PATCH NOTES 6th August 2018

Skillcape Perks

With this update we've updated some of the existing skillcape perks, here's the details:

Agility - No longer fail any agility obstacles (this has been rolled out to work on every obstacle in game)

Constitution - Retains the current effect, but the healing now continues to work in combat

Construction - Has a chance to save planks when building in your player-owned house

Crafting - Provides a chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once and provides unlimited thread

Divination - Wisps will now last a fixed amount of time when first harvested from

Firemaking - Fire spirits give better rewards and will act as a light source

Fletching - Provides a chance to make extra bolts, arrows and darts

Hunter - Increases the effective range of your traps by 2 tiles

Prayer - Retains the current effect, but acts like a First-Age Cape if owned

Thieving - All drops are noted, and stacks with Ardougne Cape if owned

Master Skillcape Perks

New master skillcape perks are here! And here's what you can expect

Invention - Gives an increased chance of receiving uncommon and rare components when disassembling

Dungeoneering - A chance to choose which boss you face; increased chance of lore drops inside Daemonheim and Elite Dungeons; and the ability to wear your cape inside Daemonheim

Slayer - Gives a chance to choose your task from a Slayer master each time you receive a new one

Master Quest Cape - Brings a range of lore-related teleports into a single item, allowing you to teleport to the Legends' Guild, the World Gate, Varrock Museum, the Empty Throne Room and several more

Skillcape Perks - Bugfixes and Improvements

The expert capes can now store two perks of their category each

When right clicking on the Max cape any perks that can be activated will appear on the right click menu

The Quest Icon now shows on the max cape tooltip instead of the all skills icon

Increased chance of getting strange and golden rocks when skilling with the relevant cape equipped

Bird nest drop chance modifiers now increase your chance even more

Multiple typos across skill masters dialogue have been tweaked

F2P Construction

For this update, we're bringing out Mod Stu's gamejam project which allows Free to Play to get a taste of the construction skill! Here's the full list of changes:

Alfred Stonemason near Taverley lodestone now has options to buy, move and redecorate a Player Owned House on F2P worlds.

Alfred Stonemason in Taverley now sells modest quantities of bronze nails, bolts of cloth, a watering can, and low-level garden plants to aid new players in starting to furnish their Player Owned House.

The Construction achievement path has been expanded to introduce making planks, removing furniture, and building a wider variety of furniture. Its Membership requirement has been removed.

The estate agent is now visible to F2P, also allowing access to options to buy, move (F2P areas only) and redecorate a Player Owned House on F2P worlds.

F2P can now buy a Player Owned House for the usual 1,000 coins.

F2P can now enter their Player Owned House.

PoH is now accessible on F2P worlds. Some members-only room features may still be restricted.

The garden supplier in Falador is now visible to F2P and they can buy bagged dead tree and bagged plant 1.

The Construction Guide book from the estate agent is now a F2P object, and has been updated to account for F2P Construction changes.

Sawdust is once again a F2P object. It's still useless.

The sawmill operator's shop (including the operator in Taverley) is now available to F2P.

The bolt of cloth is now a F2P object.

Bagged dead tree and bagged plant 1 are now F2P objects.

F2P can now build a garden (1,000 coins) and the following hotspots: Exit portal, Decorative rock, Dead tree, Plant, Fern.

F2P can now build a parlour (1,000 coins) and the following hotspots: Crude wooden chair, Brown rug, Clay fireplace, Torn curtains, Wooden bookcase.

F2P can now build a kitchen (5,000 coins) and the following hotspots up to level 5 Construction: Firepit, Cat blanket.

F2P can now read F2P books in a PoH bookcase for which they have met the requirements.

F2P can now sit on chairs and light the fireplace in their parlour.

F2P can now cook on the firepit in their kitchen.

F2P can now use their cat or kitten on the cat blanket in their kitchen to make them rest.

The following are now F2P in the Construction skillguide: Basic wood house style (2,500 coins), Daytime house lighting (5,000 coins), Rough grass grounds style (5,000 coins), Garden (Room), Parlour (Room), Kitchen (Room), Clay fireplace, Firepit, Crude wooden chair, Torn curtains, Wooden bookcase, Low-level plants, Decorative rock, Dead tree, Cat blanket.

The following challenges are now available to F2P: crude wooden chairs, wooden bookcases.

The menus for moving and re-decorating a house have been rewritten.

Fixed an issue where the option to build plants in the PoH was illuminated when the player didn't meet the Construction requirement.

The following features of PoH are now disabled on F2P worlds to accommodate lapsed F2P and house visits: spawning and storing of member pets in menagerie, pet feeder, withdrawing member equipment in costume room, study lectern, offering and burning incense at chapel altar, aquarium and dungeon access, scrying pool and portals to P2P areas, boxing ring, (clockwork) workbench.

The Beach

We've done some fixes, including the ability of stopping Clawdia being instakilled!

A tile of blocking has been re-added to the first floor of the Lumbridge fishing store.

Players will no longer be able to use Deathtouch Darts on Clawdia.

The starfish location used for one of the Beach Sandy clues is now visible in minimum detail mode.

Corrected a typo on Sandy clue.

Ranael now gives players their next Sandy Clue scroll regardless of if she's in her store.

Ironmen can now continue skilling at the beach event during happy hours and heatwave weekends with a maximum temperature gauge at 50% of the usual XP rate.

Players should now have their beach progress reset correctly if they log into a clan citadel on daily reset

Players who have eaten their fill of Ice Cream shortly before the heatwave weekends begin will now be able to eat the entitled increased amount.


Ancient elven ritual shard can now be traded and purchased on the GE.

You can now teleport out of the Solak fight as soon as it's over.

Reduced the amount of blight drained from Solak on phase 2 and removed the double damage when Solak pins a player.

Torn grimoire pages have been added to Solaks item log.


Post-release Clan changes are here, allowing Ironmen to contribute more to your clan, a way to track avatar gathering and pushing broadcasts to the right Clan Chat.

The Clan Muting broadcast can now be rank toggled via Broadcast Settings.

The "Clan Avatars for Members" and "Clan Avatars for Avatar Wardens" books are no longer available from a Player Owned House bookcase.

A chance to fire a double clan capping message has been fixed on the Cooking skill plot

Giving a clan member a clan cloak or clan vexillum will now check if they are still within a reasonable range of you before giving one.

Clan Broadcasts will now be sent to the Clan Chat Chatbox.

Clan Guest Broadcasts will now be sent to the Clan Guest Chat Chatbox.

When setting a clan login message an additional broadcast will go out to all online clan members at the time telling them what the message says.

If you are a deputy owner, you can now check what your current login message says by clicking on 'set login clan message' and pressing the check option.

Nex: Angel of Death, Nemi Forest and Well of Goodwill have been added to the place category on the Clan Noticeboard

You can now only give a Clan Vex or Clan Cloak to members in your clan only.

World 1 and World 200 will now broadcast from the Clan Noticeboard

The clan resources given to you from the Loom, Kiln, Furnace and Barbecue skill plots have been increased to make it in-line with the Avatar update.

Mining ore and precious ore in a Clan Citadel will no longer contribute to Stone player total.

Ironmen will now get a 50% skill plot boost when attuning to the stone in their Clan Citadel

Players can no longer go above their weekly resource cap at a clan citadel.

Checking your Clan Log will now show the progress of your Clan Avatar's gathering.

A clan system broadcast will be sent when you hit 100% of resources your Avatar has gathered to show the Clan's Avatar gathering progress.

Ironmen can now gather resources for your Clan using their Avatar.

Guest clan broadcasts will no longer display your own clan name when a player who hasn't logged in for a long time returns to the game triggers a clan broadcast.

Ninja Fixes

Ninjas have your back! Here's what they've done

Now when buying herb packs from the Void Knight at Pest Control, you won't be charged for more than you buy - alongside an updated tool tip.

Fixed an issue that was preventing mouse wheel scrolling from working on the Dungeoneering skip floors interface over locked floors.

Buttons on the backpack interface will display and work as intended when interacting with them in the Hero interface.

Players are now able to filter between free and members content for each skill within the Skill Guide.

1 Castlewars game is no longer required to view the chat option on Lanthus to obtain the "How Many Games?" achievement.

The dungeoneering tightrope no longer rotates whilst attempting to walk across it

Quick Prayer Preset tooltips from the actionbar will now display prayers selected for that preset within the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where the players name, title and quick chat bubble, along with the "[Press Enter to Chat]" line have been adjusted to sit centrally within the chat entry box.

Updated the shop interface to bring it in line with modern interface standards.

The Beast tab within the Adventures menu has been updated in Legacy mode to remove the inconsistent elements.

Players will no longer be able to start Legacy of Seergaze without completing Darkness of Hallowvale.

Graphically updated the Quests interface

Remove the old graphics, buttons and frames and replaced them with a more modern version.

Updated quest journal , quest overview, quest start. (Visual and positional changes)

Updated the font on the quest list.

The Beast tab within the Adventures menu has been updated in Legacy mode to remove the inconsistent elements.

We've made code optimisations to the Prayer skill, including the way they work.

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